Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 5, 1942 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1942
Page 4
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Classified You can talk to only om i man Wont Ads talk to Thousands SELL, RENT, BUY OR SWAP All Wont Ads cosh in advance. Not taken over the Phonfc OM tta*—2c won, minimum JOe St* MntM—3< word, minimum 73c Three flmw—JVie word, minimum S<k On« month—18c word, minimum $2.70 Rat«s or* for continuous Irattfiont only "THI MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" For Sole SAVE BY BUYING USED FUHNI- ture from us! Chairs, Tables, Stoves, Beds, and many other items all in good condition with reasonable Jprices. Also highest prices paid for fttfcd furniture. FRANKLIN FUR- NITUBE CO., South Elm Street. 9-lmc. • MULES, PLOW TOOLS OF ALL -kinds. Plow gear. See A. N. Stroud, Washington, Arkansas. 10-lmp DODGE 4-poR SEDAN, EXCEL- lent condition. 5 good tires, new r$ngs. See J. .V. Moore. 3-3tp 200 . BUSHELS OF ROWDEN 41-A Cotton Seed and One Oliver Culti- ,-vator. West Bros., Hope, Route 3. _ 4-6tp 4 _ ROOM HOUSE, All CONVEN- Jences. Good condition. Location 996 West 5th, St., Price $1600.00. R. O. Bridewell, Agent 4-3tp GENERAL ELECTRIC REFRIGER- ator and radio. Call W. E. Brunei', 1020 E. Third St., Phone 868 or 11. 5-3tc For Sale Miscl. REGISTERED POINTER PUPPIES, best bloodlines. Cockers, Bostons. .Boarding. Stud Service. Padgitt's •Kennels. 2 Miles So. 6-lmo-p Furniture For Sale IDEAL FURNITURE STORE HAS moved next door to Saenger Theater for better prices on furniture see "8- 21-30tc Notice staf of Hope Star 'fe?^, ]*"'• Pr ? M " 2 ' / - Cornell- , • r ? doted January ]8, 1929. Published every week-doy after noon by ... .. Star Publishing Co. Inc. (C- E. Palmer and Alex H. Woshbum) at the Star building, 212-214 South Walnut street, Hope, Ark. .. c - '• PALMER, Prnldenf . H. WASHBURN, Editor and Publlther Entered as second" class matter of the Postoffice at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. ,opA,' A P.'— Mcor| s Associated Press (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n SuburlpMor Rote ^Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier, per week 15c; Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and Lafayette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. Member of The Associated Prei«: Th£ Assocrated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all news dis- pa 5fl es . f redited t° It or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. DON'T TAKE A CHANC1! BRING us your abstract work. MONROE ABSTRACT CO. Phone 10, WASHINGTON, ARKANSAS. 1-23-lmp Notional Advertising Representative— Arkansas Dolllc!. Inc.; Memphis, Tenn. S*?"ck Building; Chicago, 400 North Michigan Avnue- New York City, 507 F'ffh Avenue; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W Grand Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 414 Terminal DO YOU WANT A BETTER JOB? Then why wait? See Miss Mary Loggins in charge of our Hope, School located in the Carrigan I Building and ask about our Special Civil Service Course that will prepare you quickly for a Civil Service examination. The government needs thousands of stenographers. Perry Business School, Hope, Arkansas. 2-6tc Chorqes on Tributes, Etc.: Chorqe will be made for all tributes, cards of thanks JESnrt TV or mer T'o, riols ' concerning the fhk ™?' Comm ^ ri:l01 newspapers h6ld to , V "!, the , ncws col "mns to pro- reado " f fom a deluge of space- -nT 1 em ° rM l- T he Star disclaims res- ility for the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts MEN AND WOMEN, 1S-45 VITALLY needed by aircraft factories. You must be trained and in good physical condition. See our representative, Mr. Mills at Barlow Hotel. Thursday or Friday for full information. AIRCRAFT TRAINING SCHOOLS, Dal- las - 3-3tp For Rent ONE-ROOM FURNISHED APART- roent. Private bath. Adults. Mile east Hope Highway 67 by overpass. C. G. Cooper. 5-3tp 2 ROOM FURNISHED APARTMENT Lights and water, on Highway 4, East 3% miles. Mrs. G. L. Johnson. ^^^^ 2-6tp 'THREE ROOM FURNISHED APART^- t , ment, 1 mile from city limits on SpringhUI road. See Mrs. John Sparks, near county and W. P. A. Ware houses, Spring Hill Road. . , • 3-3tp 'FURNISHED APARTMENT ON OLD 'Fulton highway. Inside city limits. , About 3 blocks beyond Pa'isley school. C, E. Whitten. 5-3tp ROOMS & COTTAGES. FURNISHED ^ for- light housekeeping. North of „ Hope -on Old 67, Just outside city .limits. Mrs. J. E. Schooley. Phone •fRONT BEDROOM. APPLY MRS vl'Roy Johnson, 204 North Hervey. 3-3tp "> f i ROOM COMFORTABLE HOUSE. „' Good water in yard, good garden. **• See G. W. White. Rosston Rt. 2. •j~ 3-ltp '?? ROOM FURNISHED APARTMENT for couple without children. 1017 •Foster Ave. 4_3t p WE SAVE YOU MONEY IN BUYING, Selling, and Trading, New and j second hand furniture. We carry NEW BEDROOM SUITES, Studio Couches, Occasional Rockers and Mattresses. "WE SELL FOR LESS" Located by Saenger Theatre. IDEAL FURNITURE STORE. 4-lmp THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT JESSE Braden, now operating Hoolchers Dairy, is producing Grade A milk, and his dairy and operations are approved by the State and City Board of Health. (Signed) Perry Moses, City Meat and Milk Inspector. Wonted to Buy GOOD USED COOK STOVE. TABLE- top or upright white prefered. Mrs. Anna Judson. Phone 925-J, 220 North Elm - 5-3tc Wanted HALF HANDS, DAY HANDS. HAY delivered for 30c. Rent houses. Mules for sale. Roy Burke. Hope Rt. 3. 28-3tp WHITE BOY FOR HELP ON DE- livery Truck. Apply Hope Creamery & Dairy Co. 2-3tc FIVE HIGH SCHOOL BOYS FOR part-time work. Can earn from 30c to 60c per hour. Apply Salesmanager 208 E. Division promptly at G:30 P- m. 2-ltp Refrigeration FRONT BEDROOM, CLOSE IN , Phone 510. 4.3tp -9 ROOM FURNISHED APARTMENT, modern. Southern exposure. 110 N. • Washington. See Mrs. Clopton or J A. Bennett. 110 N. Washington ' 4-3tc TWO ROOM FURNISHED APART- ment. Utilities paid. Phone 712J ; 402 North Hervey. 4-3 tp Wanted to Rent OR TO LEASE—HOME WITH THREE •- bedrooms. In good neighborhood. See Ted Jones or Call 766-J or 747. <5-3te H The average thickness of the ice cap in Greenland is 1,000 feet. REFRIGERATION SERVICE — WE repair anything Electritnl, Wiring, motors. Kelly Refrigeration Service. 112 Main. Phone 144. 10-lm-c Lost FROM MY FARM, ABOUT THREE miles out on the Centerville highway, one Poland China hog, weight about 350 Ibs. If found notify Mrs. Whitemore. 3-3tdh NOTICE • • • • W. B. WILLIAMS Has joined the personnel of the CAPITAL BARBER SHOP and invites his friends and customers to visit him CAPITAL BARBER SHOP Answer to Cranium Crackers Questions on Pago One 1. Hank Greenberg is in the army; Bob Feller in the naval reserve. 2. Bud Ward, amateur golf champ, joined tho Army Air Corps at Spokane, Wash. 3. Jimmy Stewart was advanced from corporal to sucond lieutenant. 4. Coach Emerson "Spike" Nelson of Yale resigned to join the U. S. engineer corps, and Bemie Bierman, of Minnesota, major in the Marine reserves, was ordered to report for active duty. 5. Philip Willkie, son of Wendell Willkie, joined the naval reserve. Mind Your Manners Test j/ottr knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. Does a husband kiss his bride at the end of a home wedding ceremony? 2. Should a good friend rush in and kiss the bride before she has been kissed by her own and her husband's parents? 3. Should the groom send the bride's mother a corsage to wear to the wedding? 4. Should a man pick out his fiance's engagement ring himself or ask her to help select it? 5. Should a girl who is engaged to a young man in an army camp feel she must not have dates with other men? What would you do if — You do not like the setting of the engagement ring your fiance picked out for you— (a) Tell him so and ask him if he will have it reset or exchange it for another ring? (b) Feel this is one time when you should put sentiment ahead of frankness nnd don't let your fiance know you don't like the ring he chose for you? Answers Yes. No. 3. Yes. 4. Either way ho likes. 5. That is for her and fiance to decide. Better "What Would You Do" solution—(b). 1. 2. her Barbs When you rush your work too fast you may get through in time to do it over again. Florida pro says a good elbow .^ needed in golf. Especially at the nineteenth hole. Two hundred Oakland, Calif., wo men were sworn in to serve as policemen in case of emergency. If noth ing else, they'll arrest attention. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with .. . Major Hoople WHAT'S TK16 FOUU NEWS SLOW DOWN', SPLIT SWAG WAYS IF YOU'LL 3UST SHUT OFF THE. WHISTLE; BOLDLY MY 60AP-SPON6E IDEA; PASSED IT TO BUSTER, VOU PROFITED *25 APIECE/ , FLAGRANT PLAGIARISM. MAKES PICK" ROCKETRY APPEAR. A SCOOT VOU Bt/XeT VOUR UPPER PLATE 01= PLACH/ PEARL HARBOR WAS FOR. A , LMJSH: HOP t STAR, HOPt, ARKANSAS WASH TUBBS Thursday, Februory S, 1942 No Answer By Roy Crane <aooD? VBUT WHAT'S ON6 LITTLE \AJAPPLANE MORE PRE- JP0IM6 Mlftf« CAUTIOW, IP YOU PLEASE 0 WHERE ARE / <,O SORRY. CANNOT YOU TAKIWS USf AMSWER. youa coowTftv AT WAP M3U WILL 06S6RVIE THAT MACHINE <2>UW REMAIN VJELL POINTED. KIWDLV DROP PISTOLS IWSEA TO REMEMBER VICTOR QUESTIONS £^I££d.''. ^*S-.. J >.i<:r i «^r.x^.-* % a^..». Wimpy on Thimble Theater VA LOADS THE BOAJ SO" FULLA 4ER EATS THAT THEV UUASM'T MO ROOM LEFT FOR PUTTIM'IKJ OUR FOOD j —7-—— ——^ /MAV I , ALL i KIM TO 4OU IS THAT •SO I 4AM GO'MER. OVER ALL A HER FOOD TO TO THE OTHBR<i AM' THEM I VAM GO'MGR, RATIOW VA, -SO'S Klkl OMLS' EAT AS MUCH AS NOW BE^T IT! ^^ LUCKV I \ THAT AlM'T SLAPPlMVCOULD WOT ^ VA IM y--^ BE SO / T6RRIBLE AS •BLASTED MOOCHER-> HE MAKES MB -SO MAD COULD- , OLIVE, A -SHALL SURELV •5TARVB t- \^ r DONALD DUCK Wouldn't That Burn You Up? By Waif Disney UP, ...AS I WAS SAVINS, CHIEF...MOPERN M.<N TO RUg STICKS' TOGETHER TO MAKE FIRE! A GOOP D^Y'S• MOW, TO GET ?ACK TO THE TRUCK. FOP A NICE HOT SUPPER I FLICK OF WRIST AMP... PRESTO! BLONDIE His Favorite Scent By Chic Young ."'AGWOOR I WAN /OU'RE HOPELESS i ISPENO THREE POLLARS FOR A . BOTTLE OF PERFUME AMP VOU TELL ME IT SMELLS LIKE WAM ANJP CABBAGE YOU TO SMELL SEE IF YOU CAN TELL, WMAT SCENT IT IS j,- ,- PERFUME I "' "^ BOUGHT TOPAV BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Nice Going By Edgar Marrin RED RYDER The Plan Backfires By Fred Harmon READV, U\TTLE v^R.?l^HE TOWARD YOU ALLEY OOP Well, What It Is? By V. T. Homlin COULD SURE DO BUT THAT WOULD OH, FEE. CAT- SAKE...OF ALL TH 1 SILLY -THINJGS/ EMTIRE ARMV ^M IF OMLV 1 X IT 1P WE HAD A MARCHIWG .^•COULO THIMK \ COUPLE. Of EUTA1L A SUPPLY PROBLEM...FUEL.' OF SOMEWAY 1 PLANES... LIKE . OH, DEAR, IF DEMORAL-/™ 61 E OSCAR ' HOPE TO THEM WITH OUR AjROOPS/jlgi -> ^C^^J^^SS^T- . 1M2 BY NEA SERVICE. INcTt. M. REG. u! 6. PM FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Rehearsing By Merrill Blosser YOU ARE NOW GAZIMG UPON SHADVSIDE'S HONORARY MAYOR— wexr WEEK I START BEIWG THF BIG WHEEL / "'/ COME " IN. VOUR. HONOR! 5OT IW OK]'A LANDSLIDE. NUTTY COOK WILL EDIT THE HE'S GOSJNA BE CHIEFOFPOUICE- MATTER WITH YOU • THAT RED LISMT? ... ABOur AMD THE FIRST AND SELWVN is DISTRICT ATTORNEY/ LARD? I THINS HE DID WAS T£> Buy SILVER POLISH , FOR HIS BADGE / . 1M? BY NEA SERVICE. IMC. T. M. REC

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