The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 7, 1940
Page 3
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TUESDA'SDAY, MAY 7, 10JO Christian Mobilixer Chief i . Appears Bel ore Probe Body! BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUUIER NEWS A( ami Mussolini May Decide His Bombers Can Control "Mediterranean By THOMAS M. JOHNSON The allied movement of a battle .led to the Mcditcranneari is prob- ibly intended not lo "spread the **'iu'," but lo prevent Us spread to c Balkans and Near East, be cfi 1 ' 1<>r lllp lutalllnrinns are still the fj louc ' r prepared for great ualllt-t, of bii' lia " aic l)lc " mf * ar(1 " lcl1 1)0 '~ : I ,|T>'il>le allies—Rumania. Yugoslavia, \jrrcce and Turkey. And the greater (he unprcparcdncss ot Iliesc four .small nations, (he greater '.he allies' need to brace them, miiiiai'ily and morally, against surrender lo any of the following dangers: I-'rom Russia: invasion of Rumania or Turkey, perhaps ivllli Bulgarian co-operation; From Germany: invasion Yugoslavia and Rumania, ;;;1.;.|js with Hungarian and-or llaiiau of l>cr- IflSil. prom Italy: Trfl'.lli German '•""i'fltl) oi like ;i'!_.„„• Term" at 8: invasion ipcrhap-s ami Hungarian Yugoslavia and Greece, !>y attack on 1-Yance Jd Britain In (lie Mediterranean. VjUKS I1OU> KUGE Bcniiff' sl;A S'tfWKK -jj .j In (lie western Mediterranean ond b) 1 ':' would attack important Fran- ., ... , .., lal nfoBrilish supply Hues, also Tunis, [ appears before (be Dies crty er and Morocco, Here Spain join In. ^c eastern Mediterranean, coiivqiui the Dodecanese islands olf This is Hie photograph Dial show la'uling together, Ity THOMAS M. JOHNSON HKA Scivlcc Slall CorrC3|)OlldCfll NEW YORK, May C.-Onc of the mast spirilcd Trojan [ opor- Hting in the Unilcd Stales xvil) prance before the judges in WasU- uglon when Joseph E. McWilliiims Conunit- s McWillianib, left, anil Kulin tee. McWilliams is chief of the Christian Mobilizcrs, which, if not an actual Trojan Horse, is at leaM a provcttrkey, Italy could threaten the colt. McWilliams is also taking his cnch'-JSeis Canal. Slie could also harass I liorse for a trial heat Ijy running Aled tankers bearing oil from for Congress from the Mew York Iraq, and transport ami supply ships of (lie allied expedition from the Near East (o the Balknns, German distrirt of Yorkville, Bund stronghold. The "American Party" Is the name on which would be ihe most effective | horse's silks for ibis race. counter - move to AlcWilliams welcomes invcs Desli- the any of Ihe dangers just listed. ' lion liy the Dies Committee "or an expedition would' dc- [anyone else." *, .,™.''il -for success primarily on "I've taken no foreign money," he year from' Belied to the Dodecanese [ says, "but if Hitler offered me a Fradcnburg, Maw are based Italian j million I'd take it. I'd use If lo •irplatics. In Italy's ' save our country from Jewish---- : - — "ancsc arc a pistol British domination, nnri lo make it Bargains in used o )CM) of the Sucz | a N!Uionalist Anicl . ictl man gas stoves, 01 „ al!i( , ri admirals I M<-\V!I>MAMS I'llOXOCKAt'llDI) „,,,,.„ ,.. Kriy _ , a , [|N , CInillllng , 0 , la ,, e becn 1)0 ,,, ,„ Oklahoma of an Irish fatlicr and woul(t an crs and used ice an, b ., se in Egyi , t frigeralors. Call 22 <lay, (o , fro|11 Jt ,, |y . s a 1> '" 1 ' ______ jss be one of as SFF W About CHOICE bui * IH)' lot, ' cs; 0 """' Inrtinn mother, McWilliams 1>islol> i h<;il(is an ° r saniration whose mcm- nca " «' isciasci - v i " auK;u = «•»«' "•each "hone •>• ."• • ' -• I Ihc Christian Front us manifested series of iu the New York conspiracy case, duels .Ijj _ _' along the and, with the Bund. whole £. pei-iiiizcr, bic Mediter-j ^any members have from time r:uira '' Reasonable. Phq lo time been, in and out of nil Ihrcc sea duels? organizations. McWilliams has been photographed with Fritu Kuhn, ))rison-scnlenced Bund leader, iris The ot Probably V refrigerate For while Italy's subi.'ieap. Phono asl destroy- |:npital ships _ ,)heir accom- naval avhUion, in some nnl by the British ers arc nui.. are onlclassecr,^ 7 ^ pan.ving opinion. navy merely, but also by the French which, relatively uncelebrated, has made remarkable strides in preparing for war in these narrow seas. DOES nuci; SKK LESSON IN' NOinVAY? These seas are narrower even than the northern seas, where British sea power has just been largely stymied by German airpowcr, shore- based. This will be (he deciding factor lhal lakes Mussolini lo war, if to war he goes. For. what German airpower could do in the north, Italian airpower may hope to do in the south. Here, loo. the Franco-British must have expeditionary forces by water within reach of bombers operating Iroin laud bases. And the Italian mili- lary air force is one'of the best it: Europe, ^ind one of the biggest. To be'sure, the allies, can counter lightning Italian blows by bombs on the Dodecanese, on Pautcllcria. even \vilh shells on Ilaly — if their baUleships get close enough. Their btn'iy blow is blockade—but it may never be struck. Thai, Mussolini may think, is the lesson of Norway. late newspaper "The Christian Mo- bilizer" received advertising from sources largely German. Most of the income of the Mobil- izcrs comes from their 75,000 members, McWilliams asserts, though lie says occasional large checks drill in from rich men,. especially alter some particularly bilter allnch on the New Deal. The Mobili/.ers have generally -beci) considered (he "action arm of the Christian Front movement, though both are so loosely organiwd that the relationships, if any, are hard (o pin down. Though Father Coughlin has carefully qualified his relationships to both, they cleave closely to Father Coughlin. As to McWilliams 1 positive program, congressional investigators arc likely (o find a recipe somewhat as follows: take one part socialism, one part forced investment of idle capital, technocracy, and Town- sendisin. mix thoroughly witli anti- Semitism and Anglophobia, and serve. This recipe is to be .served. McWilliams insists, only in a ballot- box. Yet Ihc close connections between the r.."obilizcrs and the Front suggest forcible feeding. McWilliams studied oratory. Yoga, and Communism lo fit hi'iuscll for his present "kampf." He has fife mm wuffa CIVIC worked at many jobs, from farming in Oklahoma lo selling stockings. At public meetings he affects a background of UUIcrian banners bearing a device strongly .suggesting the Ku Klu\> Klan, though he denies any iroiuicrtloi). His trim, erect figure is surrounded by a bodyguard which never neglects to lead the applause as he proclaims sentiments like this: "America can never be without a leader as long as there is a copy of 'Mc-in Kampf." IH;NII;S IIE VI.ANS TKOJAN HOKSKl'I.AY Like Die Christian Kronl. (he Mobill/ers have actively sought iiieiubers among the New York police department, but McWilllums denies lhat he plans any Trojan horseplay or Fifth Columning. "The real 'Fifth Column'," he says, "is trying to get us into a war that does not concern our national interests. Should such a war come, Me- Williams insists, he would be first lo volunteer. But afterward—when America counts the cost—will come the chance for the Nationalist Revolution. "That is so sure." he insists, "that some of our members think we should slop agilaline aeainst this country entering the war. Maybe they're right, for after the war . .." It is estimated thai Texas, at one time, had prairie dog towns covering a total area of 90,000 square miles. The Spot ^lightvay Gl, I mites nurlli «f Osccoln. Diniufj and Dancing i:vt:itv HIGH CLASS CATERING A. DKIVKK Oivncr and Manager CMC owners report 15% lo 40% savings! Mileage Meter Tests PROVE that CMC SUPER-DUTY Engines, with their many exclusive, outstanding advancements, give most nuVci per gaffon— STZQ for size. Here's the truck "buy" of 1940. Ji'me poxmsnli LEE MOTOR 305 K. Main r own Y^A_C_P)on at Joweir ,, honc 32!> GASOLINE -DIESEL PAGE KVB-, $60,000.00 FIRE r- -• •.•••-.. of their fac.ori n h^Z any w ^^ ^u ^ ft* in their u P hol * e ' in * ^rtrnebU This department .Inl SWCfloSw 5, ?' S ' r VfT d he ^""Wer sy, t em to flood the lower floors where there was jmcni, 5>bU,UUU.UO worlh of up-to-date furniture. . K ;,»,-; ' WE WERE LUCKY $6 °' 000 5t ° ck ° VCr bef ° re iJ was sdect what We consi we wanted. VV £• Or^tJM 1 Ck DAYS lns P ectin 8> Picking and buying the cream of this enormous stock of WE BOUGHT HEAVY ""*'" * S| We could not resist the lemptalion to buy such merchandise at FIRE SALE PRICES SPRING SEAT ROCKERS Several hiMuh'.cd of Ihesc offerod ;,s l<w its $195 2 10 PLATFORM ROCKERS Volonr uiiluilsU'ry. Worth twice this low nritu 6 95 %M'AM 50 DAVENO COUCHES $0^.95 $<MV95 24 29 CHAIRS TO MATCH IF WANTED 70 CHIFFOROBES All .-in perfect tpptlilion \vit(i nurror (lotir.s iii)(l large siixcs, Sold in two lots f ( , r only $ 7 95 $ 17 95 The §?.!>,") CliilTonilie is our rcgnliir ^ )r ° bC ' TllC ' irC HUVCS V ""' OVCr llil " 9 PIECE DINING SUITES BREAKFAST SUITES !J-l'inre lirrfcc rablnr arm i c s:" ; ri^,^ <'"•<-'« ^ table, i-hairs nml I tair. A great saving apd them at bargain. Firo S.ile srll "a, Tabln ami (Jhatrs. All ptrfett inmllliim. (.'an you licat tills Flic Sain 1'rlcc'.' 59 9S 17 llreakfasl Suites, ur,w colors, while, oyster, cream and grrcn. Hiimn with Iciitlicrcltc uphpi- stcrcrl el)ii|rs. Most of thbm nllli extension taWos/ Perfect C'andltlon.1. KcautjfuUy deconit- fil. Can you beat ihJs low Fire Sale price? ! 5A95 n prc, THIS FURNITURE IS ARRIVING BYTRUCKS NOW Don't let itget away if you need anything. We boughtthe cream ofthclol. Come early and gel your pick. TERMS IF WANTED AT A SMALL CARRYING CHARGE WF! TVTT TQT 1 QPT T About as Jilst as !t comes in for we havc »' t si ^^ for alj thic mer- 11 w JJ A'iLJkJJi K^uJUJLl chandise. (ABOUT TEN CAR LOADS.) You know vye don't exaggerate eitKer in quantity, quality or price so come prepared. HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. t UF.GE&1 SE1DNG MPAICHI NVHlSKEV IN THE V.'OfilO BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. EVERYTHING DELIVERED

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