The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts on August 24, 1963 · Page 10
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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts · Page 10

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 24, 1963
Page 10
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TEN THE NORTH ADAMS. MASSACHUSETTS. TRANSCRIPT Mrs. Welts, Peggy Miss Cunderson's USCA Reign Ends on 16th Hole at Taconic SATURDAY AFTERNOON. AUGUST 24. 1963 ^ Amateur Title The finals in the 63rd USGA Women's National Amateur tournament were exclusively a Stale of Washington affair today as Mrs. Anne Quasi Welts, 25, twice before a winner of Die crown, and Miss Peggy Conley, IB conlentled for the throne from which Miss JoAnne Gunderson of Providence, R.I. was ousted at the Taconic Club course in Williamstown yesterday. The 36-hole match between Mrs. Wells, whose home is in Mt, Vernon, Wash., and Miss Conley, second shot on Ihe 18th, Mi a junior al Lewis and Clark High conley's approach skidded over and take what was to be Ihe decisive lead on the 13th. After her drive off the tee and School in Spokane, was scheduled oCIHXJl III ;j}JUfciiJiC| ' Y "^ in.*".""•— mt; uaur. \jt me g* ^-^n, M«V »» ..-.-to start al 9.30, wilh 18 holes to cn j p placed her only a pull from New York . be played this morning and the j^e hole and she calmly made it Chicago ... second tour of the course to leave goo( i f or a f> V e which Miss Soren- Ballimore the tee at 2 this afternoon. Dramatic Matches The two qualified for the championship struggle by winning dra. matic semi-finals yesterday, Mrs, Welts turning back Miss Gunder- Wells turning back Miss Gunder- It unouey was an un son's bid for a fourth title, 3 and day for JoAnne Gunderson, but Washington 2 and Miss Conley preserving a she never lost her sense of humor llup lead on the 18th hole to defeat Missing a key putt on the Hlh Miss Carol Sorenson of Janesville, r Wj , The contest between Mrs. Weltz. winner of the title in 1958 and 1901, and Miss Gunderson was a renewal of a long-standing rivalry, as the two had five previous encounters in competitive play, wilh the Providence woman enlering yesterday's malch with a 3-2 edge. Mrs. Wells never was behind Miss Gunderson yeslerday, however, and the only hole she yielded came about through something rarely seen in championship play. Reaching the 9th hole 1-up, she apparently had sunk a- three-foot putt, but before the ball had settled definitely in the cup, she reached forward and tapped it with her club. It seemingly was an Impulsive, reflect action she was at a loss to explain, but it automatically cost her the hole. As matters turned out later, it was to be the only hole credited during the long afternoon to Miss Gunderson, whose magic with the puller in previous matches in the tournament deserted her yesterday. End For Champion The end came for the defending then made good with her second putt, a pulse-pounding four-looter. the green in three, it left her with a longish pull that she was unable to sink, and that was the end of her reign. the 12th and went 2-up on the Mlh with a superb putt for birdie two. They halved the 15th m ' evaporate wh'enMlss Sorenson a junior at Arizona intercollegiate champion last year, the Junior Division. prevailed on the 5th and 6th. Semi-Final Card Miss JoAnne Gunderson 5-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-S-S-4-5-4-3-4-S Mrs. Anne Welts ...» 5-4-4-4-3-4.4-4-X-5-4-4-4-2-4-4 Mrs. Welts won, S and 2 Miss Carol Sorenson 5-5-4-5-2-4-5-4-3-5-4-5-5-3-4-4-3-S Miss Peggy Conley 5-3-3-5-3-5-5-4-3-5-S-4-4-3-4-4-3-5 Miss Conley won, 1 up u, e [, ac i( O f [h e green, but a neat son was unable U> surpass. laconic Tidbits Minnesota . Boston Cleveland .. Delroit Los Angeles It undoubtedly was an unhappy Kansas City she sauntered with a rueful grin toward the gallery and inquired "Anyone want to buy a puller?" • * * They'll be talking for weeks ..bout that incident on the flth hole in the Welts-Guuderson match when Mrs. Welts gave her putt a second tap just as it was about to sink into the cup. Mrs. Wells could offer no explanation for the gesture, but it looked as though she thought she had missed the shot and was waving her club in vexation. • « t Peggy Conley is the first 16 year old to reach the finals since Beatrix Holt did it in 1806. Her father is a dentist in Spokane. Mrs. Welts is a high school teacher n Mt. Vernon. Oddly enough, to add to the Pacific Northwest flavor, Miss Gunderson also is a nutive of the stale of Washington. • * * Prior to the start of play yes- erday it was noted lhat Miss Gunderson had changed her hair style. "Either she's not superstitious," remarked one observer, 'or she just doesn't give a darn." , com or ably n th between 18 and 70.' Among those in the gallery for the Gunderson-Welts match wa . The two women matched stroke Janis Ferraris, the 16-year old for stroke for the first four holes National Junior c ' la of the match, and then Mrs. Wells San Francisco who broke the ice by taking the 5th. to Mrs. Welts in the semifinals. Her automatic loss on the 9lh lefl them even al Ihe halfway mark c_t, nll | PI . I PflQUe but then she regained the lead on XhOUief League AM "" re wo. e The Stuart Schouler League wll and then the Issue was settled on close out its playing season Sun- -r 16th. Nip and Tuck Meanwhile, Miss Conley was locked in a nip-and-tuck battle -• "_ with Miss Sorenson. Only the umpires. The second as young as she to become a finalist in ths history of the National Amateur, Miss Conley lows: Stu - certain to be at least the senti- Wayne Worm, — certain to DC at least me semi- ••«,.«. .~- ..... -— - , nj : menial favorite today - took the Jim Robinson oT the Senior uivi_ he ay afternoon with an All-Mar * me - The Senior Division A1 . composed P J . will be B |line r , nffalr ' , The coaches' team is _as menial favorite today - took the Jim Roinson o _ Tlie season - s mga mumuum 2nd and third holes with sparkling sion, Joe Wolfe, representing the s!ngl<j game was capt , lre d by new - - iials John Preile of the urn --- ar Fiir] ^ tpx with a 23 7 score 2n an r oes w sa , , threes only to see that 2-up mar- officials, John Preile_ of the urn U1Uldl&| UWIIIJ * iw."~ _ CtJlIlCl J^«lil -EJOI^O KYI HI U *•«' ires, and Sandy Whitney, Tim T]le hjgll f our .g a me tolal s orenson pres, a e g our . State and Bergendahl and Willie Pilroff of c|iff Boilrdon ' s 8 20. O . . The All-Stars will either pitch Yankees, 613; In the Majors (lly the Associated Frcss) American League W. L. Pel. O.B 81 45 56 58 (13 In .6)3 711 56 .656 . 72 58 .554 . fi9 57 .543 81 65 .484 B2 87 .481 . 5S 66 .408 . 59 71 .454 . 57 69 .452 46 81 .362 Friday's Results Boston 3, Cleveland 2 rungs) Detroit 17-6, Kansas City 2-2 Baltimore 14-6, Minnesota 4-2 Los Angeles 17, Washington 0 New York 7, Chicago 2 Today's Games Chicago at New York Kansas Cily at Detroit, Boston at Cleveland Los Angeles at Washington Minnesota at Baltimore (N) Sunday's Games Kansas Cily al Delroit, 2 Boston at Cleveland, 2 Los Angeles at Washington Minnesota at Baltimore Chicago at New York, 2 Monday's Game Minnesota nt Washington, twi-night Only game scheduled BMBBaw '••-' -r -*;•• -- c*m-=- -=PL * i\ _: - •-, - * t-^i -J£-V;#f- -K, , .?VP ^ v^j-S"-'^ ^^w-y^i: National League W. L. Pet. G.I5. Los Angeles .. 76 St. Louis 71 San Francisco Philadelphia . Milwaukee ... Cincinnati Chicago Pittsburgh ... Houston .603 .559 .551 .543 .523 .519 .512 .508 .367 .315 6',4 7V4 10 12 30 3614 New York 40 Friday's Results Chicago 6, New York 5 Philadelphia 4, Pittsburgh 2 St. Louis 4, Houston 1 Milwaukee. G, Los Angeles 1 San Francisco 11, Cincinnati 3 Today's Games New York at Chicago Cincinnati at San Francisco Pittsburgh at Philadelphia (N) St. Louis at Houston (N) Milwaukee at Los Angeles (N) Sunday's Games Pittsburgh a,t Philadelphia New York at Chicago St. Louis at Houston Milwaukee at Los Angeles Cincinnati at San Francisco ' Monday's Games St. Louis at San Francisco Milwaukee at Houston (N) Cincinnati at Los Angeles (N) Only games scheduled Bowling Mount Greylock Bowl Sunset League The Mels edged the Red Sox by one point in the final matches of the season. Final standings: Mets 25-20; Red Sox, 24-21; Cubs, 23-22; Yankees, 18-27. The season's high Individua rcvauea on uie oui HH« om. ine AH-aims win cnu^i )..*-.. ia u n ~*.", ~.~, -.- D -Miss Sorenson forged ahead on Gordie Edmonds or Jerry Tas Mels, 2,219; high averages. Dorm the llth, but Miss Conley rallied sone while the -—' " •"> "<- *™""> "« n >" Bou " !on to tven matters again on the 12th with Joe Wolfe, MRS. ANNE QUASI WELTS MISS PEGSY CONLEY Warren Spahn Halts Los Angeles Rush (liy the Associated Press) Graybenrd Warren Spahn, suddenly turning into a bluebeard ngainst Los Angeles, has laken another step loward his 13th 20- victory season while shaving the. Dodgers' National League lead lo 54 games. Given home run support by Eddie Mathews and Hank Aaron, Ihe 42-year-old Milwaukee left-hander posled victory No. 16 Friday night, scattering nine hits in a 6-1 triumph over the Dodgers. Dodger Killer Time was when Spahn got o paid vacation when the Braves met the Dodgers. He went into the season with an' 18-34 record against his worst tormentors, but has developed into a Dodger killer with a 4-0 record against the front-runners this year. Second-place St. Louis gained a game with a 4-1 decision over Houston behind Bob Gibson's five- hitler. Third-place San Francisco closed lo within fi'.z as Chuck Hiller and Tom Haller connected for homers and Willie Mays lashed a double and triple in an 11-3 victory over Cincinnati and 18-gamc winner Jim Maloney. Fourth-place Philadelphia, only . ,t back, defeated Pittsburgh 4-2 and the Chicago Cubs snapped a three-game losing slreak by edging the New York Mels 6-5. The American League leading New York Yankees belted the Chicago While Sox 7-2, Baltimore crushed Minnesota In a twi-night doubleheader 14-4 and 0-2, Delroit walloped Kaasas City in a pair 17-2 nnd 6-2, the Los Angeles Angels thumped Washington 17;0 and Boston defeated Cleveland 3-2 in 13 innings. For a while at Los Angeles, it looked like father and son night, with Spahn making his 601st major league start against Dick Calmus, a 19-year-old Dodger rookie starting for the first time. Calmus lasted less than an inning as Mathews chased him wilh home run No. 19. Aaron connecled in Ihe ninth for his 33rd homer. Spahn, now 16-5, was touched for the Dodgers' only run in the first on a single by Maury Wills, on infield out and Tommy Davis' single. Old Timers League The Greylock Community Club drubbed The Transcript, 25-12, in a game at Braytonville last night that was hailed by darkness at the end of the fifth inning. Descoleaux led the Greylock attack with four hits in four trips, while Reeves and Barry hit homers for the Newsmen. Hinsdale Results FIRST — Isaac Morris (Foster) 13.60 6.00 3.60 Lullisab (Shea) 8.80 5.80 Mahlon's Gal (Fenno) 3.00 SECOND — R. W. Pick (Foster) 5.60 3.20 3.00 Lou Ann (Nason) 9.20 4.80 Coast Chief (DeWolf) 4.80 DAILY DOUBLE (8-2) — $85.60 THIRD — Ace Mon (Beckwilh) 6.40 3.80 3.00 Red Preak (Collelle) 3.00 2.80 Tina B. (Fenno) 3.80 FOURTH — High Sierra (Nason) 10.20 5.40 2.80 Kimrock (Houle) 3.80 2.80 Cedar Crest Jim (Plante) 2.80 FIFTH — John Ross (Gilmnn) 5.60 3.60 2.60 Torderline (Beckwith) 3.00 2.40 Oremus (Winters) 2.60 SIXTH — Jay Dillon (Harp) 5.40 3.60 3.20 Allan Gallon (Rankin) 3.40 2.80 D. Yankee (Fenno) 4.00 SEVENTH — Esquire's Kin (Nason) 8.GO 4.20 3.20 Shindig (Price) 7.20 4.80 Lullabbe's Son (DeWolf) 3.20 EIGHTH — Scar Way (Foster) 7.40 4.60 4.20 Calumet's Hazel (Drayton) 6.40 5.60 Flash Dnres (Fenno) 5.60 NINTH — Blue Waters (Oilman) »•<» 5.60 4,40 Scotch Brook C. (Hamm) «0 3.40 Gnit Way Vivian (Cullane) 6.00 Att. 3505. Handle $141,545. Yankees Hoist Lead To Eleven Games ti cs .. High team individual game ^^•^v^iS^I^S : '^»^Hife'' K '- : -^ ra>;i '^m- ^•'"i : - •'•••'**:. (By Utc Associated Press) No race, but a lot of running. That 1 was it in the American League Friday night as Delroit, Baltimore and Los Angeles scored runs like they were going out of style while the New York Yankees routinely added another length to lh«ir already commanding lead. The Tigers haltered Kansas City 17-2 and 6-2, the Orioles clouted Minnesota 14-4 nnd 6-2, and the Angels smothered Washington 17-0. Meanwhile, the Yanks pushed 11 games ahead with a 7-2 victory over their nearest challenger, the Chicago White Sox. Hed Sox Win In the AL's other game, Lu Clinton's 13th-inning homer gave Boston a 3-2 decision over Cleveland, pinning a tough loss on Pedro Ramos. The Tigers collected 27 hits in the sweep over Ihe Athletics, with Norm Cash the big belter. He had two homers in the opener, two singles in the second game, ami finished with five runs batted in. Dick MoAuliffe accounted for five Detroit hits, including a homer. Biillimore broke loose for 30 hits against Minnesota and climbed ver the Twins into third place, nly two percentage points behind the White Sox. Luis Aparicio and Jnckie Brandt led the attack in the firsl gnme with four hits each as the Orioles inocked off left-hander Dick Stigman for the fifth straighl lime his season. Russ Snyder rapped a tair of homers and beat out a bunt single for Baltimore in the second u ame, chasing in four runs, and Jim Gentile also homered. Milt Pappas nnd Robin Roberts each gained his 12lh victory, Ken McBride pitched six no-hil innings and wound up holding the Senators to three singles while the Angeles pounded a quartet of Washington pilchers for 19 hits. ?elix Torres paced the winners wilh two doubles nnd two singles. GALLERY WATCHES BIG ONI — StmMinali match b«Kv««n JoAnn* Gundenon of Providence, R.I., defending champion, and Mr$. Anne <? uat * Welts of Mt. V.rnon, Wash., twico holder of th* tilte, was big attraction to g«llery yesterday. In upset, Mrs. Welti turned back Miss Sunderson's bid for fourth national championship, 3 and 2. Her* Miss Gunderson, right, chips up fo green en llth hole. Mrs. W«lts waifs at left. EIGHTH GREEN Gunderson rests green «s Mrs. Welts putts, The putt was good. Pepilone Key Man Joe Pepitone was Ihe key man as the Yankees hung a loss on flulterbal! artist Hoyt Wilhelm in one of his infrequent starts. The <nuckleballer went four perfect innings before Pepitone led off the fifth with a single, triggering a rally thai produced two runs. Pepitone also singled in the clinching run offer a double and stolen base by Bobby Richardson in the sixth, and banged a two-run single as the Yanks made it a breeze wilh four runs off Jim Brosnan in the seventh. 24 Area Pairs In Father-Son Allied Tourney Twenty-four Northern Berkshire area father-jind-son combinations] are listed in the record field of entries for the annual Berkshire County Allied Father-and-Son Champioaship tournament tomorrow at the Country Club in Pills-' field. FIRST — Lea Coming (Sellers) Trip Home (Hernandez) Your Light (Gonzalez) SECOND — Night Final Saratoga Results 7.80 B.M 4,00 23.40 13.70 15.30 (Valenzue)a) 8.10 4.00 3.00 The Sigger (Sellers) 5.80 3.80 Blue Murder (Sorrentino) 3.40 DAILY DOUBLE (6-5) f}2.10. THIRD - Kampina (Aitcheson) 5.20 3.40 2.40 Swift River (Smithwick) 3.60 2.60 Hustle (McDonald) FOURTH — Vsen. Magnuson (Hernandez) 3.00 14.80 7.40 8,00 8.60 6.60 8,80 Sweepitup (Baleniuela) Big Bargain (Boland) FIFTH — Big End (Boland) 6.50 3.50 3.10 Ornamenlo (Baeza) 3.50 3.40 Cheshire (Adams) 4.10 SIXTH Audience (Ussery) 9.40 3.30 2.60 3.20 2.60 3.00 Match Wits (Baeza) Top Gallant (Adams) SEVENTH — Willi Rule (Woodhouse) 8.90 4.30 3.30 Quick Pitch (Sellers) 3.90 2.80 David K, (Baeza) 2.90 EIGHTH — One Union (Ycaza) 3.80 2.90 2.40 and Ralph Jr., Walt Shroeder and Northern Lights (Guslines) Bowling Meeting The area entrants are: Taconic Tyoneon (CombesU 5.30 3.60 Club, J. Norman O'Connor and J. Norman Jr., Mr. Bill and Jcfl Roberts, Mike and Jim Dowhan, Bill Leete and Bill Jr., Tony Plansky nnd Tony Jr., Ralph Fressola Monsieur,David (Ussery) 3.70 NINTH — Kid From Spain (Baeza) 6.20 3.60 3.00 Hildys Lou (Sorrentino) 4.80 4.50 6.70 Walt, Jr., Bing and Jim Hunter, Charles and Clark Boisvert, Pete and John Winant, John F. and Jim Collins, Dick and Andy Hunter, Stan and Mark Bubriski, Earl and Bob Esles, Steve and Lou lacuessa Wilson and Joe Roberts, and Ken and Mike Brown, Also, North Adams, Bill find Bill Carlton, Clint, and Jim Wbil- ucy, Paul and Jim Meaney, and Joe Girardi and Joe, Jr.; and Foresl Park, Adams, Fred Pielras and Fred Jr., Dick and Paul DuBois, nnd Wnlt and Glen Germanowski. Members of the NAAW Bowling League have been asked to meet Tuesday evening nt 7,30 o'clock sit the Valley Park Bowling Alleys, Curran Highway, to reorganize teams for Hie coming season. Any member of a team last season, who cannot attend the Tuesday meeting, may call a League officer if she still wishes lo be included. Interested women not now members, are also invited to the meeting. SMALL FRY GALLWY — Fascinated youngsters take it *asy under rope as they watch action on 8th green in yes- terday's semi-finals. (Transcript photos by Randolph Trabold) .

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