Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 27, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1939
Page 4
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i. •',«.'".,•, 4 FOUR Godless Dictators Denounced by Pius Pope Blames Present European War on the "Denial ofGod" •CASTEL GANDOLFO, Bope Pius, in the first encyclical of his rcSgn, bterted "denial of God" for leading the world to war, and pleaded for peace. The pope appealed for peace treaties at the end of this war which would avoid the "sacrifices and sufferings" •which failed to bring lasting peace in the past , The pontiff criticized dictatorshisp Which assume "absolute autonomy, which belongs exclusively to the Supreme Maker." In a letter of more than 11,000 words to all Catholic Bishops, the pope criticized a form of government which puts itself in the place of the Almighty and elevates the state or group into the last end of life, the supreme criterion of moral and juridical order, and which therefore forbids every appeal to the principles of neutral reason and Christian conscience." , Transport Put Up (Continued from Page One) HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Hurricane's Handiwork it gave the transport the coup de grace with a torpedo. Qm'all arms drawn ready to use, the sub crew lined the U-152's deck chains as she cruised amid the,wreckage and waters strewn thick with torn bodies. The U-boat commander refused first aid to the wounded. Discovering that, men of German names were among them he administered a stern lecture for their conduct towards the Fatherland. Then, taking two officers prisoner on the submarine, he abruptly departed. The sub later returned safely to Germany, where the sailors revolted. The sea was rough. During the first night, a line b^ween the life-boat and the raft parted., Those on' the raft were never again seen. After four days and nights of torture, the 22 men remaining in the life-boat were rescued. U-Boat Sink 165,000 Tons That unequal and tragic encounter' only a few hundred Vniles off the port of New York, with its toll of 213 lives, was the most serious loss of the all- but-forgotten U-boat campaign in American waters during the World OCT. 23-28 Not Measured In Terms Of MONEY The trust you place in us in filling prescriptions has no dollar and ce'nts value. It is something priceless, which we endeavor to earn at all times. This is an appropriate time to again pledge that only quality ingredients, compounded by experienced pharmacists, shall ever go into a prescription filled here! Two graduate pharmists on duty. SEE YOUR DOCTOR When prescriptions are needed call WARD & SON The Leading Druggist "We've Got It" Phone 62 Motorcycle Delivery One of Harding's Casualty Cargo Battered arid broken furniture piled against the- ship's rail, above, as well as scores of injured passengers, testified to the havoc wrought when the liner President Harding ran into an Atlantic hurricane enroute to New York. More than 100 -were injured during the storm. ©— _ of ZA ranked 45th in the nation. No county in this district having exceeded 3.00 during the past year, a determined effort is to be made during the 1839 Roll Call to reach that goal and should Hcmpstcad county reach the goal set for it by the St. Louis office of 1100 it will rank considerably higher than during 1938. In addition to the ordinary needs for Jnior Red Cross work, life saving work, highway safety stations, drivers' training schools and disaster relief. the increased in all the armed forces of the United States and the uncertain military situation abroad make it imperative that the American Red Cross more than exceed the original goal for 1939 of an increase of one million members as set by national chairman. Norman Davis. The nightmare voyage of the liner President Harding, battered by the Atlantic's worst storm in 25 years, ends for Mrs. Alvarez Muniz of Havana, Cuba, pictured being borne from the ship oij a'Stretcher at_New York. She was one of those most seriously injured. war. The President's recent proclamation barring submarines from operations in American territorial waters recalls that after two visits by the "commercial submarine" Deutschland and one LION FOOTBALL BROADCAST 1:00 P. M. Saturday, October 28 UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS VS. VILLANOVA COLLEGE AT RADIO STATIONS KARK Little Rock . . . 890 Kilocycles KELD El Dorado .... 1370 " KFPW Fort Smith .... 1210 KBTM Jonesboro .... 1200 " Sponsored By LION OIL REFINING COMPANY El Dorado, Arkansas by the U-53 before the U. S. joined the allies, six submarines played,havoc svith American coastal shipping in the sum'nier and early fall of 1918. All American coastal defenses on the surface, by aircraft and submarines, ivere vain, as the half dozen "untersce- bootes" sent 165,000 tons of shipping on this side of the Atlantic to the bottom. The U-boat sank an even 100 ships here—one-third of the total unarmed fishermen—with a loss of lives above 300. One of the six submarines, the U-155, was the former Deutschland, reconverted into a war submarine. Her peace-time skipper, shy, modest, Captain Paul Koenig, replaced by ter- roristic Korvetton-kapitan Erik Ecklc- mann, U-155 had a total score of seven sinkings, all torpccloings without warning, the largest the Dacia on which four of her crew were killed. NEXT: Comic Opera warfare undersea, BARBS Herbert Hoover would have the United States export only defensive weapons. Rifles shipped to belligerent nations would presumably bear tags reading: "To be used only when shot at." Hitler wants President Roosevelt to address Chamberlain about ending the war. Il would seem the fuehrer is not on speaking terms with the British prime minister. Hotel losses from souvenir hountcrs in this country amount to one million dollars annually. What would home be without the AstorbiH ashtray? The U. S. S. R. is determined to maintain peace in the Baltic states, even though it may be necessary to do so with armed force. Alternate claims and denials of war gains from both Germany and the allies are keeping the world hoplessly confused. An official scorckceper to record hits and errors might be helpful. Glittering Kickoft SYRACUSE — To help celebrate its golden anniversary of football this year, Syracuse will use a gilded ball for the opening kickoff of all home games. The ancient Chinese, jealous of their discovery of silk, imposed a death penalty upon anyone seeking to export the eggs, worms, cocoons, or anything save the fabric woven from the fiber, which brought its wegiht in gold. Fifflay, OctoEef 27, 1039 THE THEATER Making its local debut at the Saenger Theatre Sunday is "The Roaring Twenties, 1 ,' co-strring James Cagney Prlscilla Lane. The film which deals with the turbulent and eventful d-e cndc following the World War, is based on an original story by Mark Hcllingcr, ace columnist. "The Roaring Twenties" is the autobiography of a nation on n jng. The day f the flapper and the speakeasy, of mob rule, of fantastic prosperity — in short, the most glittering, gaudy arid fantastic ngc in history, is recreated on the screen as the background for a vivid and compelling story of a man who rises to the heights of power only to be smashed into the oblivion when the era comes to an end. In France, us the war ends, three soldiers (played by Cagncy, Jeffrey Lynn and Humphrey BognrO make joyful plans Mr their return to America. One plans! to go back to his job iis garage mechanic, (mother is going to start his Uiw the third, scoffing at talk of Prohibition, intends to go back to saloon-keeping. Cagney is also looking forward to mooting (he girl who has been writing him cheery letters throughout the war. But in the world to which they return their plans arc no longer feasible. Cagney, whose job has long since been filled, has to drive a cab, and this soon puts him on to the boot-legging racket. Meanwhile he has met his unknown sweetheart. lie has also made contact with his wartime buddies and Bogart, who has been working with a rival bootlegging gang, joins up with him. He retains Lynn to handle the somewhat shady legal end of his transactions. Riding on the crest of the wave, they all rise to the top with him but in the crash, Cagney goes under first. Brillinntiy directed by Raoul Walsh, who was responsible for that all-time hit, "What Price Glory' 1 ", "The Roaring Twenties" was adapted for the screen by Richard Macauhry and Jerry Walcl from the Hellingcr story. Besides (hose mentioned the cast includes Gladys George, Frank McHugh and Paul Kelly. F ootball Games Arkansas State Teachers vs. Henderson at Arkadclphia (afternoon). Arkansas Tech vs. Hcndrix at Conway (night). High School Memphis Central vs. Little Rock at High School Stadium. Catholic High vs. Blytheville at Blytheville. Warren at Fordycc. Hope at Camden Clarksvillc at Hot Springs. Forrest City at Joncsboro. El Dorado at Pine Bluff. Medico at Magnolia. DeWitt at Stuttgart. Texarkana at Nashville, Malvcrn at Gurdon. Batcsvillc at Paragould. Imbodcn at Rector. Wynne at Marianna. Augusta at Bccbe. Walnut Ridge at Newport . Morrilton at Scarcy, Amity at De Queen. Dumas at Sheridan. Ozark at Huntsvillc. Bentonvillo at Faycttcville. Clarlislc at Cotton Plant. Pocahontas at Corning. HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS Norris Foresees Grim Warfare Alfred Lief's "Democracy's Norris" IStackpole Sons: J3.50.I is a weighty, important document, a full picture of Nebraska's "lonely" liberal and of the laast 40 years of American political life as well. It take you behind the scenes in Washington as no book has done for a long time, revealing the technics and the tactics of Congress, the lobbying, the eternal .struggle between progressive and conservative Excerpted briefly here i.s a speech Norris made in the Senate in 1917 against America's participation in the Nazi Death Traps District Red Cross (Continued from Page One) Red Cross. The percentages were: Hempstead 2.71 Columbia 1.53 Clark 1.49 Ashley 2.44 Bradley 2.40 Union 2.06 Nevada 1.72 Chicot 1,55 Ouch;t» 1.25 Calhoun 1.15 In the stale, Hempstead county rank-: ed 19th, its 863 members being the j greatest number ever obtained by the ' county according to figures released by the St. Louis office. Arkansas with a statewide average Chief among hazards encountered by French troops advancing into German territory arc ingenious land mines left by retreating fJazi forces to trap the unwary poilu. Above, French soldiers have fenced in a collection of these mines which have been ren- rlrrpr) mtr^}ivi . . . John Sharp Williams, of Mississippi, broke in—"If it be not treason it grn7.cs the edge of treason. . . . Others clamored to speak. Finally Bornh (spoke), "There comes n time when cevn the American people, with all their love of pence, will take up th gauntlt of war. ' ' It was 11 o'clock that night whn the rcsolutionp nssed, 82 to G.^in n trob- biiiB hush . . . Norris knew that the men who voted ng>iin.st war would bc-{| come outcasts. Russia leads till other countries in the number of horses within its confines, having 10,500,000 of tho 75,000,000 horses in the world. America ranks second with 11,500,000. World War. It is grimly prophetic. America hail not maintained strict neutrality and thal-sjiirl Norris—was why we were on the verge of war. Vast loans to the Allies liad helped create public opinion in favor of governmental action making producers, swollen with millions in profits, counted upon more millions from American participation. . . The senator coolly continued, "We are going into war upon the command of gold . . we are going to pile up a debt that the toiling masses that shall come for many generations after us will have to pay . . . "By our act we will make millions «f our countrymen suffer, and the consequences of it may well be that j millions of our brethren must .shed their lifchlfind, millions of brokenhearted wunicn must wep, millions of children must suffer with cold, and milti'iKs of liuhcs must die from hunger—and all because we want to preserve the commercial right of American dti/.ens to deliver munitions of war to belligerent nations." Senator James A. Reed, of Missouri jumped up tn interrupt. Norris went on: "I fell that we are about to put the dollar .sign upon the American flag." ^ Ili.sscs in the gallery . . Hostile mut- tcrings filled his ears as he sat down Shout* Auld ****« r- /TV fug* "' when it's so cheap to telephone? ' And here'* how cheap It U to call from— HOPE TO ... nay Night Oklahoma City, Okla. 95c 60c Clarksvillc, Ark 7l)c 40r. Comvay, Ark. 70c 40c Th»i» arc itatlon-to-itatlon ratal Niffflf rales alto appl/ otl day Sunday SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE CO. And time to let Magic Chef's great drive on old stoves save you money and hours of kitchen drudgery. SERIES 4000 This beauti ful Magio Chef with High-speed Oven. Swing-Out Broiler, and many other exclusive features. All MAGIC CHEP Burners are guaranteed for the life of the range. Special sale prices are in effect on all Magic Chef gas ranges in our stock during "Old Range Round-up". Stop in and >-* see these remarkable values. Never before could you get so much for your money in a modern gas range. The Magic Chef is as efficient as it is beautiful. It's the last word for fast cooking, convenience, and fuel saving. Liberal allowance for your old stove and terms to suit the most modest budget A FllEE range given away during this sale. Get details at our office. Get your new Magic Chef now and enjoy a tri- pie saving — save money, save time, save food. LOUJS14U& GAS CO, Chesapeake Bay OYSTERS Dressed Hens and Fryers Every Day Phone 767 CITY MARKET We Deliver Electrical and Refrigerator Service If others have failed, try us. Work guaranteed, Prices reasonable Graduate Coyne Electrical School AKTJJUK MOIJHJS Day ami Night I'lionc (ISC. "NIGHT LIGHT" REFLECTOR LAMPS Juit tliintc of it. TJj/i com* plelc modern Floor Limp wilK lire new "NITE-LITE" bate, Irirec-wiy lijtiU Inj reflector at lucK i iciw litionitly low price. 7-WAY REFLECTOR UHPl $7.95 mum win MI nut it M* 4-WAY STUDENT BRJDCE LAMP $7.25 •ill mi: Chalet, of (Jnfi/iMi. ANTIQUE IVORY. BRONZt Coma in *nd ic< ihttt twjP S'«»l Ump vilutt lodiy. Thtit gtnuint b«*oty «nj lint conttiuction m«l«« iHem ntcciliiy tnitmbU fo' ^ youi home. No* hive bttlif lighiiA) com'oit . • • *nd b«lUi lignL HOPE HARDWARE CO. QUALITY PIANOS Steimvay, HaddorIT, Cable, Wur- liUer. New Models $245 up, Terms. Drop us a card for catalogs. Beware of something - for - nothing offers. BEASLEY'S, Texarkana, Ark. HARVEY ODOiV] Local Representative

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