Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on December 12, 1957 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1957
Page 2
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Established in 1914 Published ewr}- Thursday morning at Fayette, Iowa SUBSCRIPTION RATES (YEAR) Fayette Cvir.-v $3.00 Outside Fayette C -:r.ty $3.50 SECOND CLASS MAIL PRIVILEGES AUTHORIZED AT FAYETTE, IOWA CREEK-BOTTOM COMMENTS by Reuben N A T I O N A £ D I T O R I A IA SSOC! T ATI "3 N 2_ nmzn DONALD L. KIMBALL JOSEPHINE BORCHERT WAYNE BARNES BUCK MAXSON MISS ANNA WILSON MRS. FRANK CUMMINGS MRS. TED LENTUS MRS. RALPH DICKINSON We whole-heartedly challenge the OELWEIN REGISTER editorial of December 5th. We think Adlai Stevenson has shown good common sense and personal dignity in NOT choosing to attend the NATO talks without authority, without "portfolio". There is NO logical reason why Mr. Stevenson should or would make the trip, "just for the ride". Mr. Dulles could very well use the Stevenson intelligence and per- s,x.ctjve, if he were not too arrogant and stubborn to accept Mr. Editor and Publisher Stevenson as an equal. That, in Assistant Editor it's self, would be almost an in- Linotype Operator dignity to Mr. Stevenson. Shop Assistant * • • • Fayette Corrsepondent Maynard Correspondent Last Friday Mr. Eisenhower Randalia Correspondent left Washington, for the Gettys- Lima Correspondent burg Farm, without taking any ENERGIES from The Wall Street Journal THE PRESIDENTS {This editorial taken 10 December 1957) President Eisenhower's renewed activity makes it pretty plain that he is not an invalid. Nevertheless' it is also plain that his latest illness means he must ration his energies and that this will accentuate the trend toward more delegation of the President's duties. Now there is nothing intrinsically good or bad in the process of delegating duties from a chief executive to his subordinates. But it can be very important which duties are delegated and which are retained. And here, it seems to us, there is a danger of mistaking the things that can be wisely delegated by the President. There are some signs that the White House staff— perhaps because of a political desire to impress the country with a show of vigor—are urging upon Mr. Eisenhower duties which he might well leave to others. The : IM!.> CHURCH EVtRY WEE *" PkAY EVERY DA y CHUHCH SCHEDULE Grace Lutheran Church J. D. Wangerin, pastor Sunday School 0:30 a.m. Divine Worship 10:30 a .m. First Methodist Church Paul U m Hutcher, Minfeter Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Morning worship 10:30 a.m Wesleyan Methodist Howard W. Johnson- Pastor 9:30 a.m p.rr. p.m paper work with him. So stated the news dispatch. Considering Sunday School the Eisenhower health problems, Morning Worship 10:30 am that was as it should have been. Youth Service 7:15 p .m. However, one important docu- Evangelistic Service B ment should have been prepared, p rav er Service Thurs. 8 signed, and left behind, that wasn 't. That would have been a - , properly phrased and duly signed rrancis Cnurctl resignation. If thin country ever F*«W John Rpsjcopf needed a FULL TIME President, Sunday Masses: 7:30 & 10:30 a. the time is now. If this country Weekday Mass: 7:15 a.m. survives the onslaught of the Contumlotw Russians and the Internal prob- until after January 20th. Randalia Methodist Gale Hawhee, Minister Sunday School, 9:30 a.m. Worship Service, 10:30 a.m. Sat. 7:30 tp 9 p.n 19GI, we can thank a kindly Providence. There will be little Eisenhower reason to thank the Team." Wo think the gpod women of ~ ~"~ ——• the Farm Bureau Women's Chor- *| r,fln ' ^ ddv > Schmidt. Absent — us, whose automobile was put in •™ e n rv ' Johnson, "hock" for SJ.50, have a very Minutes fl f last meeting ,-oad justifiable reason to be Indignant, <? nd a PProvod. Bills were read as The circumstances as they were, ""'OWs General We doubt that the "city fathers" danger in this is that it may leave the President with less »f the little college city will ever Fayette Insurance Co., strength to deal with the things he must. miK '° a ,'T^^^*?:^^'"' °i c ™ y " r P': 0 ^" 1 b " mt s . • • i u • r r M A -r r\ sllch a hlgh pi lce ln lack of good State Permit Board, A case in point is the I ans conference ot IN.A. 1 ,<J. public relations. We might ask, is State Bank of Fayette Some of the President's critics suggest that if he doesn 't business so good, that the good mayor 's bond go then thin will be evidence he isn't physically up to the Presidency. I his has brought pressure from inside his official family urging Mr. Eisenhower on to Paris as a demonstration of vitality and leadership. Well, it may be true that a fulyy recovered Eisenhower might give the Paris conference an extra lift. But his physical presence cannot be an essential thing; the conference succeeds or fails on the policies of the member nations, not on political personalities. A rested President at home delegating the powers of negotiation to tional experiences of an especial- F ayette Stone Co., stone trusted emissaries would be far better than a travel-weary ly thrilling gift or exciting event, Plxler"B Farm Store, President in Paris trying to make decisions in the heat of and we sometimes wonder why s "PP" e « w}t , ina J 6 our children react so differently ^.-^ Wooldndge, welding, the moment. to thp samp kind of OPCUrrence . keys 17.00 2.00 3.00 925 will of the Farm Bureau people Rose Maurer, election claim 10.50 doesn't matter ??? But we don't Leota Erion, election claim ]3.5(1 need ask that. One trip up W Mildred Earle, election down dear Main Street, moat claim 1Q-5Q any duy of the week, would on- Mable Porter, eleption claim 10.50 swer any such question. Mumo l* Cole, election claim A good example of im'pjactlcal academic achievement Is the young college woman who can compute the area of a triangle, but can't fold and pin one. tional experiences of an especial- Joyce Lumber Co,, materials D, E. Paul, parts Fayette Stone Co., 10.30 71.75 17.53 20.45 19.44 13.91 12 DECEMBER 1957 300,10 Debt Servico ,SI,-.t<- fi."'l. "I r'avHIr, l„,n<! in'. I''. I :il (l7 !i(l 3107.50 Sower Hovonuo Uond State M.-iiil'. "I Favllf. | )( „H |: mlrr.-sl XW.'.M 3312.50 Ftocrcnf ion Scc'y l'.:n«l Mi .lhfi:;, r/uinv .il (00. on 100.00 Total expenditures, S8,299.35 MOVIT by Krinn Mvondi'd liy Srhmidt Dial bills be allowed a-: yi'nrl. f '.n I ji-rl. Application fur class "It" herr permit was made by Caul and Helen Wendi'lch d/b/a Circle Inn. Motion by Adrly .seconded by Schmidt that permit be granted, and bond placed on file. Roll call, Adily. aye, F.rle.n, aye, Schmidt, aye. (.'anied. Applicvitioii for salvage yard lirense was made by Raymond Connor. Motion by Schmidt seconded hi Arldy that license be grantee! on payment of regular fee. Motion carried on unanimous vole. Adjourned on motion by Addy seconded by Krion. Attest Mamo h. Cole, Clerk REPORT OF SALE AND SALE OF REAL ESTATE IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF IOWA IN AND FOR FAYETTF, COUNTY IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF LILLIAN MAE EARL.fi To: Austin L. F.arie, Harold T. E«rlo, Donald D. Eurlo; Norman Erbe, Attorney General of Iowa; State Board of Social Welfare. State of Iowa; Arnold I loth. You and each of you are hereby notified that there is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Iowa, in and for Fayette County, a report of Sale of Real Estate made by Mildred E. Earle, as Adminis­ tratrix of the estate of Lillian Mae Earle, deceased, wherein she states that she has sold to Arnold Heth, subject to the approval of said Court, the following described real estate to-wit: "The East half of Lot twelve (12), Block two (2). River Ad- Professional & Business Directory WAMONDS .SII.VCHWAHL .M:WI:I.IIY AND I:I.(;IN HAMILTON AND MUt.OVA WATCHES SABOE JEWELRY WI-ST UrMON, IOWA SCHNEIDER INSURANCE Li/n Aiiln (-'ire-Liability and Ho:, pit .il Insuranco 'Insurance you can depend on' I'HONL UI.Ui; 229 Foyolto Radio 8c Television SERVICE Schneider Electrical Appliance Store Cull 96 Fayetle, la. WAMONDS .SII.VCHWAHL .M:WI:I.IIY AND I:I.(;IN HAMILTON AND MUt.OVA WATCHES SABOE JEWELRY WI-ST UrMON, IOWA SCHNEIDER INSURANCE Li/n Aiiln (-'ire-Liability and Ho:, pit .il Insuranco 'Insurance you can depend on' I'HONL UI.Ui; 229 Foyolto WAMONDS .SII.VCHWAHL .M:WI:I.IIY AND I:I.(;IN HAMILTON AND MUt.OVA WATCHES SABOE JEWELRY WI-ST UrMON, IOWA SCHNEIDER INSURANCE Li/n Aiiln (-'ire-Liability and Ho:, pit .il Insuranco 'Insurance you can depend on' I'HONL UI.Ui; 229 Foyolto DR. PAUL F. GOURLEY CHIROPACTOR Monday and Friday Evenings By appointment, closed Thurs. Lady Attendant Phono 82 Fayetle " BELLES FUNERAL HOME Prompt CoiirtPoiis Servlco Ambulnnco Sfrvico Phone 199, Fnyetto Fayette and Maynard YOUR FULLER BRUSH DEALER E. A. Underwood 214 Linden Street West Union, Iowa YOUR FULLER BRUSH DEALER E. A. Underwood 214 Linden Street West Union, Iowa Gene Win. Singer PLUMBING & HEATING FAYETTK, IOWA Phono 247 for Your Plumbing Hoalinq & Wiring Needs Dr. Harry 1. Robinson OPTOMETRIST Hours: 9 a.m.—I pjn. Ph. 156 ofc. FaypUe Black 79 res, lawm Dr. Harry 1. Robinson OPTOMETRIST Hours: 9 a.m.—I pjn. Ph. 156 ofc. FaypUe Black 79 res, lawm insurance — Real Estate FAYETTE INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 14 BOB ANTHONY JOHN HOFMKVCR DR. E. J. DAHLQU1ST Veterinarian Phone 171 Fayette, la. BUY, SELL, TRADE or RENT With Leader Want Ads dition lo Fayette County, Fayette, Iowa". for the sum i' 1 .-'i -ven Hundred Fifty and no 100 K750.00) Dollars, a portion of which has been paid and the balani 'o of which is to be paid upon dilivriv lo said purchaser nf probate deed and an absti act of >hnwii\i; i;oocl and ineivhaiitabli- title to said premises. For furtluT particulars see the report of sale now on file. Yuu are further notified that said report of sale of real estate will come on /or hearine, before the Court in the Court Room in the Court House at West Union. Fayette County. Iowa, nt 10 o'clock A.M., on the 19 day i>l December. 1957, at which time an opportunity will be given in open Court for the making of any higher bids for the ipurchase of said real estate; and that unless objections are filed to the approval of said report of sale of real estate or unless higher bids ate made for the purchase of said real estate at the time of said hearing, said report of sale of real estate will be approved. HOFMEYER AND ANTHONY Attorneys for the Administratrix. Mildred E. Earle. Fayette, Iowa By: Robert L. Anthony So to choose the N.A.T.O. conference as one of the We'need 'to Vemember "that our Carl ZUftke and Sons, sand.^Q8 duties which the President himself must perform is surely children's world is not the one w - «"» en ' r •> ,„ a nr, ,n meaning . , i , TL . . . „ . • .1 we grew up m, a mistaken judgment. 1 his ts especially true since there of many eve nts is not the same fcanitajion. are other duties facing Mr. Eisenhower which he cannot for them as It was lor us. Xt Town of Sumner, sewer truly delegate to anyone. s ^ ems onl y neural, then, that pipe TI n* J iij M ,i i . , i t their responses to many things State Bank of Fayette, The Federal budget will be submitted next month. would be different from ours. service Its details, to be sure, can be left to subordinates. But it is 62 376.25 101.07 25.00 34.25 It is natural for u» to want our Zabriskie's Qarage, repairs in the budget-making process that the fundamental de- children to have many of the E d Campbell's Station, c J? r> * JL n excitements and adventures that g U 0 ji 89 9 cisvons of the Government are made—how the Govern- we remembe r so clearly, but it is Mid-Western Pest Control Co.,' ment allocates its resources between this purpose and natural too for our children to service that governs what actually happens. want . the sa ™ e ki "^ o£ emotional w. L. Nading, V, ,j r i • t , i • . . experience from different event* The burden of making those decisions cannot prop- sometimes we give our chil- Cities Service gas oil erly be taken from the President by his staff. For if it is> dien things because we think carl Masters, police then it is the subordinates and not the President who thev ought to want them, or A. N. Hansen, police mS ke policy to, ,he Administration. THrES^St Jtfe SS5SJ%- Moreover, these are not decisions that can be made our children's strong deslrei. Martin C. Timm and enforced casually. They require of the President all Perha P s what made such gifts Ed Campbell's Station, i • r u- u u- j l • j . . . -r, seem so wonderful to us is that eaq n ii his faculties- all his energy and all his determination. The they fulfilled our strongest same is true of other policy decisions which must be made wishes at the time, or because • Well Drilling • Modern Equipment • Rotary Drill JOHN D. AKIN Ph. 2574 Day or Nite Lamont P. 2-58 PLUMBING HEATING WIRING BOTTLE GAS Gene Wm. Singer Fayette, Iowa PHONE 247 and embodied soon in the State of the Union message to thev seemed impossibly out of Municipal Enterprise r> AII a. ..^ £ i reach. Anna Conboy, wages Congress. All these matters are far more important to the Some t im es we realize that a A - Berv l Thompson, nation—and to the world—than whether a recently ill gift or an experience that we President goes to Paris or otherwise publicly displays his considered ordinary holds just UMlitie* J f 7 »»» that thri)1 fQr QUr children _ be . Interstate Power Co., 10.00 211.37 471.64 • 54.24 14.86 14.13 14.13 112.41 193.49 11.30 414.36 21.20 43.99 65.25 Vigor. cause it happens to meet their The Presidency has grown to be an office of such desires now. Remembering that magnitude that many of its duties probably ought to be mav hel P ^ choose S ifts that A ai \ dar o P 1 ! C ?" gas meet our our own. delegated anyway. So it is not disturbing that Mr. Eisen hower's recent illness means more of them may be per formed by other officials LIMA NEWS .But it will be disturbing indeed it the political pres- Mr. and Mrs. Will Earle, Mr. sures on Mr. Eisenhower are allowed to waste on second- and Mrs - Wayne Earle and Diane, ary matters the energy he needs for those primary tasks ,£\*ifi ™* which no President can delegate. ior Keig and Danny were UNDERSTANDING ISSL^-i^Sk ^'"t* 1UWA UilLDK&N ?l««t as a matter of course. The Russell Dickin8on mashed and tore the nail off the middle fin- service 221.73 Iowa Oil Co., oil 5.58 „ ... 8.98 children's needs, not A - A - Schubacher, refund 3.00 and it is healing nicely. deluxe bicycle one Christmas, however, the son took the gift alrost as a matter of course. The REACTIONS TO GIFTS DIFFER father Was , enorm <> usl y dlsa P- ...v. ...... v.. w. c ...mu.c mi- A few nights ago several f^anMrJSait'TS ^.o« his left hand last Monday friends were talking with us dren are unappreciative these . about gifts lor children at Christ- days. FAYETTE mas, Parents are often surprised, if pAUMflf PRAi'TproilfC One of them ruefully told how not always disappointed, at the Lviml/flj TRUWllil/inUJ the present of a bicycle had thrill- different realtions they and their . Council met in regular ses- ed him more than anfthing else children had to seemingly similar swn at Council Chambers at 7:30 he had ever received. When his experiences. We can frequently PM. November 4, 1957. Meeting own son was given an ultra- recapture almost the entire emo- called to order by Mayor R. S. Cousins. Councilmen present — :muinmiH!iiiiHUui!!!HiiiumH!!mnmiimmHiraHiiiHimiFjmHHmm!mminuanH !inii !miinii!!HmwniH THANK NITE $100. & $25. 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