The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts on August 24, 1963 · Page 4
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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts · Page 4

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 24, 1963
Page 4
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FOUR THF NORTH XDXMS. MASSACHUSETTS. TRANSCRIPT SATURDAY AFTERNOON. AUGUST 24. WHY NOT Turn wail« ipacs in your home into a uiefu! room af a very iHlla etxpensfl- Transform your attic into * spur* room. ll can be done very easily. We do building and remodeling of all kindi. Fouf genera I fens' expnripnca 41 a contractor Ana build if in Noflh Adams. Let us giv« you an estimate on your work. OLESON, Builder NORTH EAGLE STREET DIAL MO 3-9075 Building or Modernizing 5 DAYS WE'LL INSTALL A KOHLER BATHROOM IN ONLY KOHLER first quality fixtures are available in sixes ami stytos to fit any budget, Let us help you plan your neW bathroom. If A Lavatory Is All You Need Be Sure To See The All New CounterTop Models by KOHLER Let us show you how easy and inexpensive it it to have a countertop lavatory with » cabinet underneath. Whatever Your Plumbing Needs PUT YOUR PROBLEMS IN OUR HANDS No Job Too Big ... ... No Job Too Small A. MATIVI CO. PLUMBING and HEATING Mass. Reg, No. 5051 261 River Street MO 3-8435 /'M SO f>l£#S£DW/rH MY MSTOM 0£S/M£D BY Gagliardi's, Inc. OUR CUSTOM KITCHENS FEATURE THE DRAMATIC ELECTRIC RANGE You'll simply adore Ihe smart good looks and convenience of a Tappan <WO in your kitchen. Come In today and see our many custom kitchens. Call MO 3-3746 for FREE ESTIMATES Graduate Kitchen Designer ONE-STOP KITCHEN HEADQUARTERS We Design —We Install — W« Finance One Contractor — One Responsibility *Sf RVICE AfTtR SALES* 9-13 UNION STREET MO 3-3744 NORTH ADAMS Cross Connections, Back-Siphonage Important Terms 'Bsck-siphonaje" »nd "cro«- connections" are terms all homeowners should learn. It'i especially important for the do-it- yourselfer to know them. Tliey can mean serious illness and, possibly, death. Back-siphoruge means the flowing of polluted water from t plumbing fixture or other source into a witter supply pipe due to a change in pressure in the pipe. A cross-conneclion Is any physical connection betweeen separate piping systems, one with usable water and the other with waste water, where there may be a flow from one to the other depending on differences in pres- ;ure between the two systems. The experienced plumbing con- ractor is aware of these hazards to health. He guards , against :hese dangers when he plans and installs « plumbing system for he homeowner. He studiously avoids croas-connectiong and si- .uations that would permit back- siphonage. The causes of back-siphonage are various and complex, the Bureau points out. Because they are, only the technically compe- ten plumbing contractor is equipped to combat them. One problem the contractor cannot solve, says the Bureau, tampering with plumbing lines that is done by the handyman iround the home. The enthusiastic amateur can upset the balanced plumbing ayalem with even apparently 'minor* changes. The homeowner can be sure his water supply is safe only when the plumbing system is designed and installed by a reliable plumbing contractor. Alterations, :oo, should be made only by the contractor. Keep Your Plants Moist While Off On Your Vacation If you won't be away more than four or five days and want to keep your plants moist, place them on thoroughly soaked bath towels in the bathtub, kitchen or laundry sink. There should be some light — but not direct sunlight, Open the faucet so that one drop of water will fall every few seconds on [he bath towels. The towels will feed moisture to the plant soil. If you will be gone for only a weekend, you won't need to let the faucet drip. Soaked newspaper in this case will be as competent as towels. Another method is to water plants thoroughly and enclose them in a plastic bag, which will reduce evaporation. Siphon-Jet Best Basic Type of Water Closet Water closet, operating designs are labeled 'wash-down,' 'reverse trap,' or 'siphon-jet.' The siphon-jet is the best basic type of water closet. It has a large water area in the bowl, and sure and quiet flushing action. The reverse trap is very good and commonly used. The wash- down type should be avoided in residential use. U is noisy, clogs easily and is hard to clean, BEDROOM 3 OFFICE | I0'-0"x 12'-0" FORVARD SET KtOiig'mom Utavt utniow* ait t*oo tides ant fliJing doors on a third side, opening on a private porch. The dining room and the kitchen also open on Ms porch. The third bedroom, near the foyer, can be used instead as an office and a door can open into the foyer. The living room wall along the front parch, from the fireplace, is brick and prefects inn the foyer. Other exterior materials ore brick veneer and Y groove vertical boards. Architect for UA303U if Rudolph A. Matern, 90-04 161st St., Jamaica 32, N.Y. The plan includes 7,540 square feet of living space. Home Repair Problems Circulating Hot Water Solves Pressure Problem By DOUGLAS TUOMEY (Q) "We have considerabli trouble getting hot water to thj bathroom fixtures as both o our bathrooms are at the lur thest end of the house from our utility room. Will you kindi tell us if there is some standarc method of overcoming this dif ficulty?" D.H. (A) This can be overcome laving a circulating hot wale .ystem. In other words, the ho water lines should make a Ju' circle so that there is a constan low through them and hot wate s available immediately upo pening the faucets. Any plumbe i familiar with this system, an t can usually be installed withou any great difficulty. (Q) "We have a beautifu marble slab approximately 1 inches wide and three feet long We wish to make a table ou o! this, using plain round brass pipe. Can you tell us how this is done?" GR. (A) Frankly, we think that Ihi. s a job for a professional marble worker because of the danger o cracking the slab. The usual procedure is lo use brass floor flange; FOR LOT OWNERS DID YOU KNOW? You may own a NEW home for $ I 0,500 without sacrificing quality. For Information About a Custom-Built Home Call WARREN WINTERS Hancock Road, Wilfiamsfown GL 8-3447 NOW! December's fuel oil bin can be as km as June's flttfe MIT CMVMlfellt BUDGET PLAN! Pay yew's total f Ml costs We eetiawte yoor yearly feel Medi. The caeti* divided into eqael loir monthly peyramt*. Tim* ere no Baanoe charfw. FOA-fX protection, too Only Shell Hoatinf CXI contain* FOA-5X, the wonder additive that keep* your burner ftltar ecwen dean all winter. FlM Prw Soallor We tnat your atone* «•»* with Shall ' acainati lion. No charf*. Mt your atonf* *•»* Ml Sonitor to prated it : inaid* mat and eono- W* automatically deliver yoar Shall Haatinc Oil. A. your luppty diminiabaaout raoofdi tan ua wbaa you aa*d oiL MOHAWK OIL CO., INC. ^ I M«in Street Ditl MO 3-3729 MINIUM ORADI HIATINO Oll«FMMIVM SIRVICI of the proper diameter into whicl he pipe legs are screwed. Tin langes are. attached to the hot oin of the marble slab by drill ng holes into it, filling these wit >laster of paris, and then setting x>Hs through the flanges and int he holes. (Q) "We have just bp\iglit house that has a large fireplac which is paved with common brick. The hearth is also com mon brick. This is all chippe and crumbly, to say nothing o being stained and dirty looking Will you pleas* tell us wha can be done to cover both fire place and hearth to make them better looking?" M.N. (A) There is » very hard smoot square tile made for exactly this purpose. It Is very dark red colo and stands up very well unde excessive heat and is easy clean. This can be laid imme -Hately over the present brick using fireclay ai the mortar ialf-inch joints are left between he tile, and these are also filler, with the fireclay. This 111* is available in any building ma erial yard. The edge of the hear!! can be finished off with quarter round wood molding. (Q) "We have done quit* on elaborate job of decoratini our basement. Now we havi bought an old Franklin stovi which we want to install. Th present chimney which takes the flue from our oil burne has an eight-inch square lining Is it possible to connect th' smoke pipe from Ihe Franklin stove into the same chimney and should it be above or be low the oil burner connection?' Y.G (A) It seems to us that will six-inch flue in Ihe chimney i would be quite safe to hook up he Franklin stove which probably ias nothing larger than a four ir five-inch round smoke pipe onnection. If possible, this shoul< x made below the flue from tie oil burner, and we would also uggest that a damper be. put in he stove smok-eplpe Heating Systems New Bathrooms FREE ESTIMATES NO OBLIGATION Ashley Swift PLUMBING It HEATING "Remodeling Specialist" Matter Plumber Reg. No. 5267 434 State Ro«d North Adami MO 3-7206 Bathroom Space Provided ty Modern Fixtures You can have 'more bathroom'j n the space now occupied by an jid-fashioned one. This, is done by laving modern fixtures installed hat fully utilize dead space and ncrease bathroom beauty and :onvenicnce. Many bathrooms still have tubs with legs, single bowl lavatories, noisy water closets, and medicine cabinet,-; that hold little more than ra?,or blades and powder puffs. Dual lavatories provide an excellent starting point for remodel- ng the bath. Often, the old 'washbasin' hangs in the middle of a wall with dead space right and eft. Twin, counter-top lavatories-use all this space. Thus two persons can use facilities at once, there is useful counter space for holding oiletries and the area below can ic used for storage cabinets. A modern tub-shower combina- ion installed on the floor elimi nates under-the-lub cleaning. A liower cabinet enclosure ends teiTipge lo floors from undetected spills. Off-the-floor water closets are decorative but also increase sani- ation. No floor-lodged support hampers cleaning or provides a gathering place for dirt and grime. Modern quality water closets are luiel and highly efficient. Modern medicine cabinets pro- ide ample space for storing mom's cosmetics, dad's shaving gear and junior's greasy kid stuff. Many have integral lighting and some have locking compartments or storing medicines and keeping oxic materials out of the hands >f children. Large mirrors on many of these modern cabinets make even the smallest bathroom ook and feel more spacious. Williomstown Tract Bought by Doughtys Property on Cold Spring Rd., iVilliamstown, consisting of about 514 acres ol land, has been sold >y Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Gordon to Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Doughty Jr. of South St., Wil- iamstown. The sale was made by Mrs. loan Lucas of the Williamslown itrout Agency. Five Tips Provided For Those Buying First Home in'63 Are you planning to buy your first home in 1963? Take a tip or two from buyers from experience that' the basics are all important in a home. Don't be swayed too strongly by gadgets; you can always add Lliom later, If you are not certain as to what type of home will meet your family's needs, consult a reputable realtor or builder. Explain how your family lives and what you can afford to pay. Either one can offer sound suggestions. Bear these points in mind: 1. Make certain the home lias a second bathroom or provision for later installation of one. 2. Buy a house with a two car garage. Even if you don't have two cars at present, you can always use the second car space for extra storage of garden look, toys and sporting equipment. 3. "Make sure the heating unit adequate not only for the present but for possible future additions. Supplementary heating can be an expensive addition at a later dale 4. Be sure the home is adequately insulated. Proper insulation keeps the hcme warm in winler and cool n summer. 5. Look for features which spell easy maintenance. Monthly mortgage payment aren't the only costs of owning a home. Long x!ore the mortgage is paid off you will be spending money for repairs — how much depends on your alertness in your choice of a home. The Insulating Siding Assn. points out that a home with a sidewall exterior of insulating siding for example, offers attrac- :ive appearance and a potential [or saving for years to come because it requires no periodic painting or staining. Paint for Canvas A number of paints in various :olors have been developed for canvas. They provide a flexible weather-resislant film and should be applied lo clean', dry surfaces only, advises (he Nalional Paint, i'arnish and Lacquer Assn. Ask 'our local, reputable paint dealer for the one best for your needs. IT PAYS TO KEEP GOOD COMPANY WEEKEND CONTRACTOR! We specialize in ideas and mi- teriili, including i complete choice of Weil Coast lumber. Sec us today J SCARPITTO LUMBER CO. 420 Curron Highway North Adams MO 3-3764 Thinking of Building? if You Own Your Own Lot I Have Available Expandable Homes for the Young! and Small Retirement Homes for the Retired! Easily Erected on Your Lot Will Help With Financing. Contact William E. Rowley Dial MO 3-9669 HOMES *«4 fur >Urn nittinft, ev«x> Send 2Sc for 23 P*g« Color Brochure of Flint Wifh frit* lnlorm«tion HERITAGE HOMES LOCAL BUILDERS: Gordon Oakei—MO 3-3579 Crou Ftoid, Cltrktburg Frank Field — MO 2-2564 Notch Ro>d, North Ad«mi For Hit B«$t in Rugs and Carpets "Stop Askm'-See Taskin" The Best Values in Hie Berkshkes •Wool •Acrilan • Nylon • Room Site Rugs • Wotl-ro-Wall Carpet Installation Our Specialty • Direct Factory Purchases Save You Money • Free Estimates * Large Selection • Immediate Delivery Taskin Furniture Co. Eagle Street Dial MO 3-3784 Before You Start a New Home! S«nJ for ARNOLD HOME brochure with full information regarding the finaif in homes'regarcJIen of siyle, budget, or location. Engineered by the "oldest lumber yard 1 in America . . . Design lervice available WRITE OR CALL Fabrication Plant: Adams, Mass. Dial 743-0022 .... A GOOD SUPPLY! STANLEY'S LUMBER Hat A good supply of Marine Exterior Plywood! . , . Just what you Carp enters and Boat Bui Id on hav* been looking for! MARINE EXTERIOR PLYWOOD Stanley's has added a good supply of Boat-Hull Marine Plywood with solid innerplies. Good 2 sides! . . . Ideal for use where appearance of both sides is important. 1001 Uses For Exterior Work! • Patios •Carports • Fences •Signs •Enclosures CHECK OUR SIZE LIST! 4' x 8'—W" Thick 4' x 10' — 'A 4'x 12'— >/4 4' x 14'— 'A 4'x 14'—'A 1 Thick 'Thick 'Thick ' Thick 4' x 8'—% "Thick 4'x 10' — Vt" Thick 4' x 12'— Vt" Thick 4'x 14'— %" Thick 4' x 16' — V," Thick 4'x 8'— 'A "Thick 4' x 10' —'A "Thick 4'x I 2'—'A "Thick 4' x 8'— ! A" Thick 4' x 10' — s /l" Thick 4'x 12'— ! /i" Thick 4' x 8'— % " Thick 4'x 10'— H" Thick 4'x 12'— 3 /4" Thick STANLEY'S Lumber, Hardware, Coal, Grain and Building Supplies 20 North Summer St., Adams Dial 743-0831 ANDY FLAME GAS heat is economical

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