Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 25, 1952 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 25, 1952
Page 6
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PAGE 8IX ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TUESDAY, MARCH 25, TUESDAY, MARCH 25, 1952 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH »AOE SEVfiN 7'm Non-Political, 1 Says Morris^ But He Has Political Ideas «y Ml IIRAV DAVIS NtJA Sporliil Correspondent NF:W YORK - (NKA) - If not bring hound lo'flny polilirnl pm-ty will help, Newbold Morris, nrw special U. S. Attorney charged with clenninR up corruption In federal government, is the mnn for j thn job. Year* BRO he might have hern taken for n Rf<publienn. His fnihei was one. And Newbold's first polit- iean office was nn appointment in 1934 to n Kepublicnn-hcld sen! in New York Cily's Board of Aldermen. Since then no one, not even Ihe towerinR 50-yenr-old Monti himself, seems quite sure of lite polil- irnn convictions of this discendcnl Of a signer of the Deelnrnllon of Independence, This apparenl Inslnhllity is Irnee- nhlo to three imporlnnl influences In Morris' curly rnrwr; His almost fnnnlleal worship of New York's lale Mayor La Guardia, whose masterful polilical rnnn-j euvcrlnp; Morris didn't undcrsland ' but thought he did. Ills first wife's devotion lo tour- namerit bridge, which Morris didn't enjoy; The depression, which lied up the Morris wealth somewhat nnd caused the young scion to seek an outlet for his energy. •flint Outlet The outlet just happened to be politics in an era of political change whie.h put La Guardlft In office. Morris has tried to follow the La Guardla pattern. The result has been two defeats as candidate for mayor of New York while running under Ihe entwined banner of the Republican-Fusion- Jjidepcndcnt-Libcrni and New Deal parties. While he has been suffering defeat at the polls. Morris has been supporting Republican candidates who have run against the wishes of ,the party leaders; liberal and * independent candidates of many kinds, nnd even indirectly and directly, Democratic candidates, Morris says simply. "I'm nonpolitical." Very T'olllleal But to those who know him, he 5s very political. They know (hat be burns with the ambition lo be Mayor of New York, They know that, If history repeats, he will come close to winning but won't 'because he Invariably makes an important campaign boner when It hurts the most. Morris calls these boners "getting my silver foot In my mouth," a reference to his wealthy background and his failing for saying politically wrong things. Morris enjoys a good laugh even though it's on him. His SPMSO of humor has saved him from complete despair on several occasions when victory suddenly turned, lo defeat. Jokes Odd He orjco told an audience of very limited education volvod joke about two It Slenderizes an in- mathematics professors from Harvard and Ynle meeting on n train. Sensing the error, Morris, a Ynlc man, broke into the story to remark, "Why, oh why, did I ever Blurt this here?" But he went right on and finished the story and dryly remarked, when no one laughed: "I should never have none to Yale, or else I should have stayed out of politics." Although this self - appraisa' never seems to come in time lo nid him in his office seeking, H has made Morris one of Ihe best- liked figures in New York polllica circles. His almost boyish freshness makes him attractive lo women including "Oil Bout Olga," one o the figures In Ihe tanker deals under investigation, who testifiec she thought Morris charming When Morris was called to tel about his purl in the tanker deals FOLLOW THIS PATTICHN for your new slenderl/.lng two-plecer! Onsy-sew—no waist xearn! So com- 'ortciblo In wuiir — -has all your favorite stylo details. Scallops, loft ness at bosom, six-gore skirt, and Hirer; sleeve versions! Just right for a aprlng go-everywhere! Pattern R4760: Women's Sizes 34, 38, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46 48. Slain j J6 lakes 4 yards 30-Inch. ; This pattern easy to use, simple to sew, Is tested for fit. Has complete Illustrated Insli ucllong, j 8rinl 35 crnl* In coins for thin j imttrrn to ANNK ADAMS, cure of Alton TnlflKrnph, 177, Put tern Dept., 2'IS Wont 17th St., New York 11, N. V. I'rlnt plainly NAM.K, AODRKHS, SI/JG, nnd STYLE NUiMHKK. Ike Could Have Taken Slice of Stassen Ballots «y miUCK IVIOSSAT NI'IA Staff CorrvHponitent MINNEAPOLIS — fNKA) Minnesota's neutral political experts agree Gem-nil Eisenhower could have taken n healthy slice out of Harold K. Stassen's delegate cake bad his name remained on the primary balolt. Republicans elect 25 delegates on March 18 and another three are chosen In a GOP slate convention in May. Of the '£•>, seven nre picked •large and the other 18 In the nine Minnesota congressional districts. The dislricl winners pledged lo buck I heir man until he rclefise.- them or gels less than 10 peivm > of tin 1 Chicago convention vole. Al-i large winners are determined by the statewide vote totals, and are equally bound. Kven the conven- j lion-seleclod delegates must follow | the stale results. ; No seasoned observer looked for! Eisenhower to win less than four lo six delegates, since he is judged lo be strong In the urban districts of Minneapolis, St. Paul and On j luth. One man ha/arded that | "Ike's" total might run anywhere from six to 'JO. Another said "nip ....... _ __ he in turn said he thought Olga I »» dl »« lk and stdl another ":>0-;,0. was "fascinating " | ' "° U(M « hl of opinion was toward At that hearing, he again "put his silver foot in his mouth" in a lairly even s|,lit. A " ""* suggests what was losi the eyes of investigating senators, u ' h(>n Eisenhower's name was who accused him of "clowning." \ stricken from the ballot because ol Most of the lime, however, his|''"»K errors in his delegate poll honesty and sincerity charms even ; "" lls - ln " Chicago Republican COM his enemies. | \cnlion in which the general's lloneslv ('daily '' strength proved si/.cahlc from the Honesty almost cost' him re- : start, he mighl soon fall heir to election 'as president of the City all or most ol Si.-issen's delegates- a maximum ol -8. This i.s the hope of "Ike's" national high command, for Stassen's prospects arc ra'td low. Council In 1941, an office mainly because La Guarclia headed Ihe ticket. Financially strapped, Morris turned down an anonymous $'J. r )00 campaign contribution, declaring: "The Lord knows 1 need the money," he finally said, "and there nre plenty of candidates who! llis ()wn '"'V- would take. II and no one would ever be wiser. 1 guess I could get away with it, loo. hut I have to Eisenhower lieutenants in Minnesota disagree with national leaders who see Stassen as potentially one ol them. They believe Stassen is Furthermore, they think he is! dead politically and it doesn't matter whether he is hurl or anlago- live with myself. Gel that money ! niml hv decisive campaigns hen out of here." There is no compromise in Morris' makeup, which may be one ol his major political handicaps Another political handicap comes from being born on the nj:hl side of the trucks and therefore unaware of what make* Ihe \asi majority of voters lick. Also, Morris i.s a trusting soul. Many of his friends arc sure that. Morris' firm belief that La (iiiardia 'would pave the s\a\ to the rnayorship for him turned out lo be his biggest block. La Guardia promised he would step down, and on this promise Moiris became an unpubliciued public servant and a rubber stamp lo La Guarclia. The promise never was kept. Some of his friends are fearful that the same sort of fate may befall Morris in his present job. And, despite his declaration that he will quit and go home if he doesn't get complete Presidential backing, they wish he never had taken the assignment. or anywhere else. "He's had beta ir chance and he just didn'i make Ihe presidential grade." saiii one. "Now he's through." No one would argue he is through in Minnesota, but evidence indi coles he has definitely slipped Irom I In 1 pinnacle of power he occupiei 1 alter winning a third governorship term in 1942 and joining the Navy in 19-13. Even Ihe small but intensely loyal cadre of men who have stood with him from his 19,'I8 beginnings in politics concede that many of Stassen's friends were and still are confused about his 1952 can- didac His original support of Eisenhower and subsequent turnabout leave them puz/led as to his motives. The effectiveness of these men cannot be underestimated. They have kepi Minnesota's high posts "in the family" since Stassen left. Fevv slates have a larger independent vole. That same organization now is at the former governor's disposal. Off the Florida coast, between! A steering oar is considered Miami and Key West, there are more effective for small boats 600 known varieties of fish. I than a rudder. WEDNESDAY SHOPPERS Last Week's Winner! MARTHA E. DIX 220 Oenon Godfrey PHOTO CONTEST A Silver Dollar from each of the participating merchants will he awarded every week to the Wednesday shopper (Man or Woman) who identifies his or her picture circled in white, in the photo appearing at the top of this page or pages in the Alton Evening Telegraph, each Tuesday evening. Look at the array of bargains on this paqe and come on down . , , One can never tell , . . He or She might be the Lucky Wednesday shopper. NO STRINGS ATTACHED . . . NOTHING TO BUY ,'. . YOU CAN BE LUCKY CHECK THIS PHOTO CLOSELY,,. 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Moth personnel and unit emergency equipment, was loaded in the Post truck, the 22 Explorers and lenders Into cars, and the convoy departed Into the night. Scone of the disaster was a decried hilltop house which sup- losedly had been hit by the Imng- nnry tornado. With full equipment inloadetl, the Explorers were brief- d by Fred Schuolz, deputy senior row leader, divided Into crews, md climbed the hill to the disaster. There they were met by Tom Slut- tell, senior cc^vv leafier, who led he outfit in a toroviKh search of the grounds and house. Three "victims" wore found, one overcome by smoke and badly Minted, was located In the basemen! ; another, badly cut. by flying illass, was found unconscious in the living room, the third, suffering r l'om a compound fracture of the leg, was treated In the second story bedroom. All three were then carried to I he waiting transportation for return to Alton. Following completion of the problem, a critique oC the night's problem was hold to highlight things Hint had been done well, and suggest improvements where needed. Coffee and doughnuts were served, and the Post returned to the Milton fire department, sponsors of the unit. The Post has emphasized first aid and disaster training, and many members have completed the standard first aid course taught by the lied Cross. Special first aid and disaster equipment h^s been purchased or made by the Post, and further additions are planned. Such pi-notices, which are made as realistic as possible, and which always come as a surprise to the Explorers, enable them to main- lain a high state oC efficiency so that they will truly be prepared to provide real assistance in time of local disaster. Explorer Post 57 has approximately 30 members, mostly from the Milton area, from 3.4 to 18 years old. Post Adviser is Eckford J. de Kay; assistant advisers are Ken neth Harm, and Donald Wilson. 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