Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 11, 1971 · Page 2
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 2

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 11, 1971
Page 2
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editorials PAGE 4 Garden City Telegram Friday, June 11, 1971 Another Kind of Gap The Hutchinson News belatedly gets around to the now famous confrontation at Leoti featuring Manuel Fierro and Wichita County officials. The paper notes that Fierro "took a verbal cuffing from the Wiohita County Commission" The first well-aimed jab, of course, came from Manny. However, the paper's point is well taken that there are more serious gaps than Fierro's credibility. "The communication between the poor and pereons who could help leaves something to be dasired," it said. Amen. And that applies here, in Hutchinson or anywhere. Recriminations only serve to alienate groups and becloud the issues. Charges and countercharges are, as the News says, only sideshows. The most positive thing that could happen now would be to cool the rhetoric until legislative hearings are held. At least then, we should be closer to the truth and have facts on which to act. Old Principles Still Work Area businessmen looking for shortcuts to prosperity may take a leaf from the book of one Frank Brocke. A banker at Troy, Idaho, Brocke can boast of 8,000 accounts in his bank located in a city of 481 persons. Many of his accounts come from out of state. How does he do it ? His secret is the old-fash- tioned personal touch with lots of service. His bank offers free checking accounts, on occasion will cover overdrafts and allows some customers to miss several installment loan payments without piling up interest charges. Each night, he personally writes about 25 letters to servicemen and persons inquiring about opening a new account. No gimmicks. Just good, old-fashioned, hardworking service to customers. Refreshing, isn't it, to hear that some of the old formulaa still work in the space age? JIM BISHOP: REPORTER Emphysema Leaves You Breathless---And Dead There is a word called em- chest will grow no more and has «JjJ^^ 1 ^ 1 " ta j» physema which no one wants to the patient starts to breathe by and smaller branches all of STlt's the fat tire which lifting his shoulders This is a which appear to be a tree up- stops 50,000 human lives every- mechanical crutch. side down, year. The rest of the car may 3 ^ lungs are f a jiing. The Hundreds of thousands of em- be in good condition, but when 10 . ounce heart tries to take up physema patients walk the those two lacy lungs collapse, ^ slack It wor ks harder. It streets carrying small tanks of the car swerves into a six-foot ^^5 W hen the patient is oxygen in their pockets. The ditch—with flowers on top. sleeping. Down at the bottom effort to exhale the next Tharo is a tall self-effacin" of the lungs, the hair-like cilia, breath is distressing. About riocto a? fee UniverSv of which, like waving swale grass eight of every 100 people you Smi whoSe nameT Myron in a breeze, move air into the pass have it And yet. few Segal He's an optimist He remote recesses of the lungs, people except the medical thinks that human weaknesses shorten and die off. Air stops scientists discuss it Tr— can be cured, stopped or cor- going down there. catch that next breata rected if caught in time. The difference between Dr. Segal and the rest of us is that we don't go to the family doctor until we are permanently breathless. All he can do is wait. Doctor Segial is a chest sur- goen. He cuts through chest cages and takes out black lungs. Like all of the others in bis field, if he can't cure you, he can try to make you stay on a little longer in comfort. is not asthma. Jim Bishop to akin to having a wet woolen blanket pressed against your mouth and nose. At the least, it is terrifying. There are new lung tanks which can help. Not long ago, They were efficacious for three hours. Now they can make an emphysema patient comfortable for 10 hours. In another decade, there will be b'etter portable machines. Dr. Segal and .all his con* Asithma is an infection of the freres remind me of a mechanic bronchioles. It can be caused working under a busted auto- We talked. I made notes on by an allergy, bronchitis, even mobile. All the customer says emphysema. He watched me *sart failure. Looking from the is: "Okay. Make the tiling smoke one cigarette after an- throat downward, the human run "Patience, boy! I've gotta modify this contraption or '/ . redesign it... or fix it... or change it. or, JACK ANDERSON REPORTS! Army Colonel Lobbies for Food Brokers, Good Job WASHINGTON — The mili- pornography, at leaisit one violating the city's obscenity tary commissary system's member of his administration ordinance. "Aots of lesbian- chief coordinator, Col. Robert has been cashing in on the ism were feaitured and every Baimmerle, has been lobbying boom in X-rated sex films. part of the female anatomy busily for the food brokers "There will be no relaxation was shown quite explicitly," who sell to commissaries. of the national effort to con- snorted an indignant Judge But unlike most military trol and eliminate smut from Desmond Toler, Who signed men who jump into the indus- our national life," the Presi- ' the warrant for the movie's tries they once benefited, dent recently promised. seizure. Hammierle is lobbying while he Meanwhile, Nixon's Voice of Judge Toler's specialty is remains in the Anmy. America director, Kenneth traffic cases, and it is fair to The enterprising colonel, a Giddens, part owner of the World War II hero, is Defense Giddens and Rester theater other. He made no comment. Sitting at the table was Pat Mascola, who has established the National Emphysema Foundation. Pat had a couple of cases of emphysema in his family and 'he wants to slow the affliction, or stop it, What is emphysema? To comprehend, we must first understand the human lungs. They are a pair of sponges which, when we inhale, carry oxygen diown the trachea BUSINESS MIRROR ESP Plays Role In Management above By HENRY GOTTLIEB sense of awareness Associated Press Writer known sensory means. NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — In their experiments, Miba- There's no ESP listed on the lasky and Dean took executives through bronchial tubes to the New York Stock Exchange, but and raited their ability to pre- lungs. Lungs, contrary to whiait its being touted by two scien- diet numbers emitted at ran- you may have heard, consist tists as the newest glamor issue dom by -a computer. of one large one on the right in the field of high finance and The executives were also side, which does 55 per cent personnel management. rated for "dynamism" by a of the work, .and one on the left Since 1962, the scientists have simple psychological test. sidle, which, because of the studied about 9,000 businessmen There was a coinrelaition be- presence of the heart, does less ait 'toe PSI Communications tween the most dynamic execu- —45 per cent Project" at the Newark College tives and those with the highest of Engineering. extrasensory perception. findings; extrasensory _ ... ...,«_ or ESP, is a major ^ 9 scientests studied 25 ex- COTpora ' te decfctan ecufaves willing to discuss their companies profit sheets. Those «T was ikentieal at (the out- wnose com P anies ha)d doubled ^ „ says p^f. John Miha i as . profits in the Preceding five ^ « But * rve been conve rted to ^ s *x**4toe highest on the ^ flmT belief tint telepathy, ESP *"*• The president who olairvoyan ce, and precognition SCOfed <* creased his Both lungs have 300,000,000 alveoli. These are tiny cut-outs, tike the holes in doughnuts They absorb the oxygen we breathe and pass it into the bloodstream. They also take old blood and discharge the garbage^bhe carbon dioxide- from the breath you exhale. SECOND THOUGHTS are beginning to be heard on the ecology front. Someone has put the knock on the "use only white toilet paper" campaign. This expert says that the dyes in the pastel-tinted paper products are no more harmful to the environment than the bleaching substances that make the wood pulp products white. A brewery can't decide if it should abandon cans that clutter the roadways to return exclusively to refund bottles that must be. washed with detergents and solutions that pollute the streams. A lot of the "Boy Scout" approach to rubbish recycling could cause more environmental horrors than it cures, a University of Pennsylvania engineering professor says. Some volunteer projects can create 'health hazards, cause pollution, squeeze some older recycling activities out of business, lead to large increase in municipal waste handling costs and, perhaps, cause public backlash against environmental causes, he feels. ATTEMPTS ARE being made, too, to put the business of food additives and pesticides into perspective. In a new book, "The Chemicals We eat," Dr. Melvin A. Benarde goes about dispelling a lot of the panic about our modern-processed foods. He points out that a great many natural foods contain potentially toxic* chemicala that are no less chemical than food additives synthesized in the laboratory. He feels that "food additives are as safe as it is humanly possible to make them." The amounts added are extremely small. Enormous quantities of the food would have to be eaten at one time to cause bad effects. As for pesticides he sees them as keeping pests from destroying food that is needed to feed the world's population. Garden City Telegram Published Dally Except Sunday and Six Holidays Yearly By The Telegram Publishing Company 276-3232 310 N. 7th Garden City, Kansas, 67844 Secretary Mel Lair'd representative on the Interservice Commissary Store CoortMnalt-' ing Committee. The five-man committee is supposed to coordinate the purchasing practices of the $2 billion commissary system, which was set up a>s a low- cost market chain for servicemen's wives. Hammerle has often echoed the views of the Defense Supply Assn., the powerful brokers' lobby, on commissary buying. It may have been natural, therefore, that he should discuss his retirement pros- Each time you draw a breath p i a y a large'role in the function company's profits by $1.3 mil- of life, you inhale albout 500 to ^ management and can be " i(m " 700 cc's of air. Routaly, a pint, m,^ ^ p i ay , a larger one yet." "We're not saying ESP is the , „ „ _ .„ Emphysema can come from Mihalasky and research .asso- total basis of decision making," question his expertise in mat- smoking, from working in pol- ciialte i^gias Dean claim to Mihala'sky says. ters of pornography and taste, j;"^ air » from ^f 6 - iTiie svm P- have found through their ex- "But we found that partial- peflimeiJts a correlation be- larly successful- businessmen 1. Shortness of breath. Not ' tvfeea superior management have particularly high pre- , chain, Mobile, Ala., has bene- particularly since most Mobile toms are self-evident: thealter-goers didn't find the movie offensive flf ability and an executive's ESP. cognbave powers." Jack [Anderson The Voice of America, mean- slowly steadily inexorably It Corpoflaltion presidterats 'are Mihalasky says he was sur- while, has faithfully reported displays itself first in mild ex- constantly . making decisions prised to'noite that three of ev- Presidient Nixon's pious pro- ercise The patient puffs Lat- based on little data or data that ery four businessmen tested Denouncements on pornography. ^ ^ parent opens his mouth is ^accurate, ^ey contend, lieve in ESP and many have It will be interesting to see ,,„.' k re/a jtjh e while walking Still ThiU >s, say ' s Mtoalasky, a suc ' sent letters telling of pre- sitting . fited from lthe to 11 * business "» X-rated movies. ^"* "^ the President's oru- s ' ade ia) 8 amslt s^xy movies has whether the VGA will carry the story about its director's movie cham getting into hot wa- The reason for this is that ter with the Alabama authori- the alveoli have broken down ties. and merged in masses. There Commented Giddens when are fewer of them, and they told of the incident: "Oh, no!" lose their elasticity. The patient breathes, but the oxygen isn't getting to the blood stream, and the poisonous carbon dioxide isn't getting out. cessful executive has to have a cognitive experiences. CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sbeffer Bible Thought pects with General Andy Me- ® ven oaij ght up with Giddens. Namana, the association's boss. p ° lice ™ ldled one of his the- A little child shall lead them. „ . . . . The two men had a heart-to- aters ' aft f a midnight showing -Isaiah 11:6. He 1S losing m two heart talk about May 10, and ?* a Danish film about lesbian- Children in a home make it 2. The chest grows in size. the amiaible McNaimiara offer- jf" 1 t" 6 . o* 11 ® 1 " night, seized niocessairy to plan, provide, sac- It is working overtime to aced Hammerle a $12,000-a-year * he movie and arrested the nifice, to set a worthy example, commodate the losses in good executive post with the lobby- manager ^ and projectionist. Their weakness and ignorance oxygen and the retention of ing organization. The salary, The pair were charged with challenge our noblest emotions, baldi carbon dioxide. Soon, the HORIZONTAL .43. Wire 1. Farm measure animal 44. Fewer 4. Infant's 46. apron of course, would be added to his Army pension. Hanunerie held out for*more money, but continued to make decisions affecting the brokers' lobby. He didn't even bother to notify his boss, Maj. Gen.. Leo Benade, of the job offer. LETTERS TO PARENTS Only 10 days after Hammerle received the $12,000 offer, he helped to prepare a memo for General Benade on a new buying plan. Under the plan, the Army would base its food purchases on surveys of what the housewives wanted. Small businesses would also be given a better break. It is estimated the plan would save Army The Blood Disease Caused By Speed Sometimes Fatal (This is the fourth in a weekly series of article* about drug abuse, using in. formation furnished to the Finney County Sheriff's of. f ice.—Ed.) appetite may possibly be in usied under a doctor's prescnp- damiger of acquiring the lethal tion in the beginning, can get blood vessel disease. There completely out of hand quite were eight doctors on the medi- easily. In my ffirst article I cal teaim which made 'the dis- mentioned that ithe purpose of covery, at USC, from the de- these "letters" was not to pin By GROVER CRAIG partments of medicine, radiol- the blame for the drug problem Last week we talked briefly ^SU* P a ^ olo gy. °J- B. Phil- on anyone. However, one can albout injected Miethampheta- J? ' *~° beaded «* team h »« H y consider all available in- houBewives up to $100 million mm&s commonly called in the a w&art appaairimg in the formation on the subject with- a year — a savings that would jargon of the street "Speed" Noveim!ber ^ issue °* *he N «w out coming to the conclusion be tripled if the plan were You'll recall that the effects of Em ^ lain)d Jou™®! of Medicine. . tat aduMs have been misusing 7.- Ludwig- 11. Hebrew- measure 13. Goddess of retribution 14. Fish 15. Female horse 16. Pronoun , 17. Concept 18. Construct 20. Food 22. Assistance 24. Super• natural beings 28. Snarer 32. Entertain 33. Atomic . physicist 34. Peruke 36. Peruvian Indian 37. Mountain crest 39. Arguer 41. One of the Gorgons Shore 50. Beverage 53. Marble 55. Region 66. Touch end to end 57. Twilight 58. Always 59. Bordeaux or Burgundy 60. Communist 61. Overwhelm VERTICAL 1. Arrive 2 Khayyam 3. Existed 4. Exclamation ' 5. Newspaper paragraph 6. French cap 7. Express opinions in print 8« Insane 9. Chill Answer to yesterday's puzzle. Avenge time of lolutlon: JSjnlnatef. 54. Married 10. Meadow 12. Summarize 19. Summit 21. Skill 23. Moisture 25. Religious season 26. A fabric 27. Heavenly body 28. Railway car 29. Scarce 30. Retired 31. Free 3.5. Precious jewel v 38. Compass reading 40. Offer • 42. Flower 45. Accumulate 47. Brilliant star 48. Again 49. At this place 60..Adage 51. kimono sash '€2. Demand payment adopted by all the services. But the big brokers, who usinjg this g nor, were very' disturbing to wouM lose some of their in- say «h|e least. Now, more bad side deals, are naturally op- news about "Speed" has come posed to the plan. The memo to that Hammerle helped to pre- ^^ ^^^ r^Zi *»** pare sides with the big brok- by « USC Medical Center team fens. • an In it he tels of extensive drugs for many yeans now and f*"^ 18 . done «* 14 P^ents; have by so doing certainly con* hem ^ and one te ta*"*ed toMto spread and in* ** CreaSe * *" isai were W6I1e miajies Have you checked youir medicine chest lately to see what dangeirous drugs it may con- Brooks L* Roy Allman John Fratier as a who Second cUst poitag* paid •* Garden City, Ktntat, 67146 Editor Exactly 11 days after the Advertising Managai memo was submitted, Ham- inie.r.tion'J Managing Editor merle got a better offer from v ^ d < ' " brokers' lobby. The pleas- fatal fa ed General McNamaira offered cases the youths ne y ', (take it by develop a blood that has been 30 per cent of to i P a ™reas, stomach .and ®mal Hammerle $15,000 a year. The TT uewuueu TO aaw> mtestines also were severely colonel, now satisfied, tenta- ,." see ? l ; s to >* maicated the aiffected. It is hoped that the tively accepted -the higher of- d * sease ^ *? Stocking Mood discovery wifll hasten the e- due *° the btock - h use ™* vfhe&teT ^^ are P°"S?** rf Wood V f S " tent)i *y da «g^ous to the tbose Organ8< Au ' bands of children or young peo- ta * P le? How ^^ you feel M "«» of your children became involved with the misuse of drugs , am( j you found it all started w ith somethimg he found in TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION , r g _ _ . .._._ __ . „„„. BVIIIOUIMI , By carrier a month In Gardan City, $1.94 plui applicable talai far 'subjeoTto^his expected re- v ? sse ls in vital organs such as moval from the market of am- your medlctoe tax. Payable to m advaneo. tirement this fall. kidneys and the heart. This phetamines which reportedly w« .0™ *«, first deadly disease have "very little therapeutic that doctors value". LSD its also suspected associated with as cause of the same blood tirement this fall. Local and araa ccilega itudanti $10.30 including postage and Hammerle acknowledged to applicable salat tax for 9-month ichool yaar. By carrier In other eltlai whera service It available, $1.50 f month plui applicable tales tan. By mail $15.45 a year including postage and applicable salei tax. Carrier ratal apply whera carrier lervica available. Member af The Associated Press ' Thv Associated Pret» is entitled exclusivity to th. HI. for rapro. duetion of all local news printed in this newipaper as wall as all AP Haws and dlspatchti, All rights of publication of special dispatches era alto rasar<*ra. us the details of his job offer the and his work on the memo. toa(ve We are discussing facts, Mends, and considering all posslibiliibies. That is why some uniplieiaisant 'subjects are likely to come up.duriinig our But he denied any conflicts, dru S s which ane abused. . vessel disease. saying: "I criticized the plan "Speed" is, ais we have said, One interesting case, & worn- consideration of ithe long before I ever thought of a ten of amphetamine — the an patient involved in the drug problem the Defense Supply Associa- "pep pit" drug. Users inject it study had been taking 30 plls " Be with me next week. I tion. This offer had no effect to get a quicker, higher re- a day, originaly prescribed to think you'I .find the subject of' spouse. According to one doc- control her diet. The dosage deep interest and if you ans *°TI working with 'the study, for that purpose is two pills a concerned about drugs I know , * ? ^Presidenft Nixon plays parsons who take ampheta- day. tt seema «hfe as <a stanta- your reading dime wM not be {wlift AVtnf*VtiMJl.«V -n£ lt*nn«> VI4ij>\J. vt^llm •••« n.t.« J 1 7 . _ ) Sir Galialhiad in the war against mines orally to controi exaimipto of how diet piiUs wasted. | OBTOTOQUIPS CHA.CLKUSHW KFPLWMA MILOB.' 1TI BL.L-SHW\y itFPTJIHWTJ. Ynterday's Oryptoqulp: DISOBEDIENT MOPPET ONOBI CLIMBBD TOTBJM POLES. " **' <© 1971, mng Features (Syndicate, Inc.) Z«d»y'» Cryptoiuip duet K equate a

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