The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas on June 21, 2006 · Page 17
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The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas · Page 17

Hays, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 21, 2006
Page 17
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21.2006 THE HAYS DAILY NEWS B7 FAMILY Cmcos DENNIS THE MENACE DM. fay King "In the summer, dogs don't get scolded for sticking their tongues out.' r BEETLE BAILEY tf!!3P "W* CARRcra- ARE REALLYGOOD THE POCTOR SAID YOU'RE OKAV, BUT YOU STILL LOOK SICK I KNOW. LIKE A SECONP OPINION OKAV, VOU'RE UGLY, —O FUNNY, THAT ALWAYS SOT ROPNEV PANSERFIELP A 9\& LAU6H GARFIELD /THIS &MAIU FROM PR.LIZ SAVS YOU'RE PUE FOR VOUR ANNUAL. CHECKUP PO VOU KNOW WHAT 1 THAT MEANS? SHE'S ASKING U COUP MANPS TO SEE US! J AMP FOREI&N IMPLEMENTS WIZARD OF ID BABYBLOES .UiJUw W6 JUST PIPM'T 6KPEa:. 5 ,60uP!;'..I MEAN FBR BETTER OR FOR WORSE KMOCK, KMOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK' " THI& WIU, B6 MV FIRST ABgTH- AhJP SAV- I'M suite BLONDIE OUR CHILI TOOAV PUSHES THE ENVELOPE MEAN IT REALLV CROSSES THE LINE WE 9ULT A BETTER MOUSETRAP WITH THIS BATCH DlllfjRT YOU, NEED TO WORK THIS WEEKEND. THERE'S NO WORK TO DO. ITA WAITING FOR INPUT. TH/XT DOESNT rAMTER. STRONG LEADERS rAAKE THEIR PEOPLE WORK ON WEEKENDS. THEN HE ASKED ME WHAT THE CLUELESS LEADERS DO, AS IF I WOULD KNOW THAT. Annie's HaUtox Dear Annie: Recently, an old boyfriend, who apparently is happily marriedi began e-mailing me after finding my name on a high school reunion Web site. "Alex" and I spent one summer together prior to graduating. Other than some great kissing, we were never intimate (not for lack of interest). Toward the end of the summer, he talked about our marrying, but I said I was too young and not ready for that. It ended when he just quit calling. A few years later, I married someone else, and we've been happy together. I'm not interested hi resuming any romantic relationship with Alex, but I'm finding he has stirred up some conflicting emotions. Back then, his walking away from our relationship without any explanation fed into my insecurities and left me feeling I could not trust my emotions or other people. I've spent many years trying to overcome that. His e-mails say he continues to think about me and often compares me favorably to others. I'm flattered. For a long time I felt unlovable and would not have believed he ever thought about me. I've made It clear to Alex that nothing in our e-mails should make either of our spouses jealous. But I really want to ask him why he walked away from me all those years ago. I'd like to know what was wrong with me. I'm on an emotional roller coaster knowing he cared enough to look me up, and wondering why I wasn't enough for him before. Any thoughts? — Conflicted Dear Conflicted: Yes. Stop. Years ago, you rejected Alex and he was hurt. He was too immature to figure out how to handle the relationship, so he let it fritter away Now he is flattering you because he thinks you may be vulnerable to a flirtation (or more). If you start asking him questions about your ancient break-up, it will only confirm that you are interested. Don't go there. Dear Annie: I recently received an e-mail inviting me to the baby shower of the wife of one of my husband's co-workers, along with the places she is registered. This is their second child together. The co-worker has three children from a previous marriage, and his wife has one. I sent a generous gift, along with my regrets that I had a previous engagement. To my shock, I received the following e-mail from the mother-to-be, addressed to approximately nine of us: "Hi, Everyone: Because so many people can't come to my shower, I've decided not to have it. My family members would rather spend the money on the baby than on a shower. Please don't take this the wrong way. I wasn't planning on having any more children, so I don't have anything. I am starting from scratch. Thank you." Mind you, nowhere does it thank me for the gift. I feel this is extremely rude. Am I being judgmental? — Partied Out in Lodi, Calif. Dear Lodi: This was an open announcement that the shower had been cancelled, tucked into a plea for gifts anyway. It was not a personal letter, so we hope you still get that thank-you note. Dear Annie: Just another one for you to add to your "farmer" inventory When I farmed, we had a year-round operation. Friends used to encourage me to take Sundays off. They said, "Even God rested one day." I pointed out that God never had to milk cows. — John on the Internet Dear John: Thanks for the farm humor. Our best to Elsie. — Write to Annie's Mailbox, P.O. Box 118190, Chicago, IL ore-mail annieamallbox® REAL LIFE ADVENTURES CLOSE To HOME DAD LfARNtNG, ABOUT " ON TH€~ AT YVC/fl OFFICG-? -* B^LOUJ GROUND. "We unknowingly built the house in the middle of the western swamp turtle's migration route and we're required to allow them unobstructed access." Dally Sudoku 8 3 9 2 9 1 7 3 2 5 4 6 9 6 7 2 5 2 3 1 6 1 4 7 AXYDLBAAXR is, L ONGFELLOW """""Offe lettefstattds for another. IrftrilssifmpTeTA is used" for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. 6-21 CRYPTOQUOTE CK PXNKQKYY FI MRDN HNKYY FO MRD GDYU, CDU Level: Intermediate To solve a sudoku puzzle, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once In each ,row, column and box. Use the numeric clues provided In the boxes. e 8 z g 9 /. 6 f 1. 9 / fr 8 1. 6 C Z 9 g L 6 e t> z 8 9 z I z / 6 g 9 fr 8 e 6 g 9 fr 9 e t / z 8 f e /. z 1. g 6 9 L 9 8 I. 6 g z e fr * e g z z 8 9 1. 6 Z 6 L 9 C fr Z g 8 Dr. Paul Donohue HEALTH DEAR DR. DONOHUE: Why is there so lit tie information on male breast cancer? I have a friend who has it. When I tell people this, hey look at me in disbelief. Will you get the word out that men do get breast cancer? — E.D. ANSWER: Because male breast cancer is so much more rare than female breast cancer, here's less publicity for it. The average age for t to appear is the late 60s. The chief sign of it in men is a breast lump hat may or may not be painful. Sometimes the nipple bleeds or leaks fluid. Mammograms are as useful in making the diagnosis of breast cancer in men as they are n women. If there is any doubt about the na- ure of a breast lump, a biopsy provides the answer. DEAR DR, DONOHUE: My eye doctor has told me something I have never heard of. would like your opinion. He said I have crusty eyelids and that I need to massage them every morning with a wet, warm washcloth. My eyelids don't appear crusty to me. What do you AN§WER: The doctor must have seen scales on reddened lids when he examined them with a bright light and a handheld scope. After a night's sleep, the lids would become stuck together. It's blepharitis, and it's common. The warm compresses loosen scales from he lids. Your early treatment of this condition should bring you victory over it. Write to Paul Qonohw, M.0., P.O. Box 53S475, Qriansto, Ft 32853-€47S. B K K A X UFHM YRDQ — GXNB UJXFI Yesterday's Cryptoquote: THERE IS NEW STRENGTH, REPOSE OF MIND AND INSPIRATION IN FRESH APPAREL. — ELLA W. WILCOX CROSSWORD ByTHOMAS ACROSS 1 Wedding words 5 Bison bunch 9 Spring sign 11 More robust 12 Purple hue 13 Gladden 14 Headed 15 Fitting 17 Wrong 19 Emergency broadcast 20 Minister to 21 Crooner Torme 22 Home 24 Beret, for one 26 "Last Supper" setting 29 Stag party guest 30 Invoice stamp 32 Largest bird 34 Painter Vermeer 35 Attach, in away 36 African grazer 38 Busy 39 Subsequently JOSEPH 40 Dandies 41 All even DOWN 1 Singer Frankie 2 Align 3 "Some Like It Hot" director 4 Sailing site 5 Surrounding glow 6 Pass 7 Modernize a factory 8 Raiment 10 Egyptian emblem Yesterday's answer 11 Frau's spouse 16 View from Mount Vernon 18 Harvest 21 Liquefy 23 China 24 Dealer's milieu 25 Prepare to play 27 Isabelle of "Ishtar" 28 Nicety 29 Recurrent theme 30 Furniture wood 31 Closed 33 One of TV's "Friends" 37 Set afire NEW CROSSWORD BOOKI Send $4.75 (chacWm.o.) to Thomas Joseph Book 1, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475 <T

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