Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 26, 1939 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1939
Page 5
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^.Thursday. October 26,1989 HOPE STAR Here's One Way War_Could Help Harvard Professor Proposes to Draft the Old Men First l!.v EARNEST A. IIOOTON 1'rofi-xsor of Aiidiropnliigy, Hnrviird University IVritd-ii for (he AP Fcnliiro St'rvlrc I think Uiaf rminkirul might derive n biolugind benefit fn>m the present win, ,f only it could bo comluetod with mi i..y ( . n,,,,,, ||, e eon.s-crvatinn of huiniiii ri'.Sfitin.'c.s. TIIi this end. active service for men of -I.! y.w.s „„,) „),«.,. , )( ,«n( ( l( („. M.b.shluu,! f,, r „„. conMTipti,,,, of >"ilh lhi.s wmild i.|i m i,,,,| e Wils((IK( , <»ul d.minl.s), (hi. .s..l»e<HK.Mt cost of old iiR«.- ponsiom mid bonuses [„>• »>'«• UK.; limitations the shock ,,., would be mernit,,,/ frotn uur hordes "I recidivist criminals wlm are usuuU QUICK RELIEF FROM Symptoms of Distress Arising from STOMACH ULCERS DUE TO EXCESS ACID Free Booli Tolls of HomeTr«atm«ntthat Must Help or it Will Cost You NothP'g TlVr VTAI'I'!"'"? ^ities of tho WILL AHIJ MiVl « .M.",'"?'•. *•"•«•" W'loU fully »KI A NT'S IMUK; STOKK ly of the prescnl 'military age.'" The incorrigible young loxtghs who use firearms and bombs against a pence- able society ought to do well In the trenches. Apart from them, new standards of mental and physical fitness for combatant duty should be established. These would consist'of nil of the defects for which men are ' nt present exempted fn)m fighting. Thus a man would be accepted only if he had an incurable disease, serious congenital deformity, or an I. Q. below 100. Regiments of schizophrenes, pnni- nocis, and munic'-depressives would also be organized, backed by huge )ubo r bwlluJlious o! morons mid Imbeciles. All statesmen und diplomats who concoct wars would be rekuircd to lead reconnoilering parties, as did Iht late General Werner von Frllsch. Airpalnes should not be used in this mtjfcnic war, because all of the persons im whom bombs ought to drop would be in the army with artillery limiRi', and not in the civilian centers. Ibis would be veritably "a wor to end war." If the combatants finished it by finishing themselves there would be no need for peace negotiations, becDii.se both .sides would have won, having got rid of their respective armies. Civili/ution, freed of the blight of the antisocial und the biologically unfit, would blossom anew. Of course I am only a cracked-brained finlhropologist, arid the masters of our destiny are lot) wise to conduct, H war on the lines have laid down. They do it the oilier way round. The litli.-st and brat of the nations are si-nt out to be killed, and the trash stays at home to breeil more frsli flm) plan more wars. 1 forgot to .say that 1 think 1 should alfo include for front line service all persons suffering fin heredity and IN NEW YORK OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople ALWAYS REMEMBER Blue Ribbon Bread At Your Grocer and City Bakery -••II I ...... '_ 1 ^^ "NKW YORK - Father Knickerbocker is us firm ns nny other muni- cipnl sire nboul discipline but occasionally he nllows n few (rival edicts to go by the board. A few years ngo Gotham's guard- inn!: banished itinerant musicians from the street. Hurdy-gurdy men, penny carousels, barrel-organ grinders and pavement Pnglinceis were exiled and cercnity reigned in the street.S For u short time the gendarmerie strictly enforced the order. Violators of the decree received piddling penoli- ties when apprehended in the midst ol a calliope cunlntu and returned to the scene of the crime as soon as they left the court. But. us in many another instance, the law's vigilance hns relaxed. The] code which banished them fell into limbo niKl the vendors of tinny and brassy riot have resumed their orchestral obllgatos, accompanied by the antics of (ruined monkeys and (lie rattle of tin cups. Now the policeman on the boat does not even bother to look at his handbook of ordinances when he spies them. Significant, however, is the current absence of the once-ubiquitous Ger- nuin band, which, having sensed a feeling in Manhattan, is remaining aloof from busy corners and backyards. Just before Grover Whalen opened the World's Fair in Flushing Meadows, Mayor LaGtiardia sought to improve New York for visitors by Iwnislii/ig Kiiidwicliinen from busy thoroughfares. The pedestrian advertisements long have been part and parcel of the city's tra.ltions. The pic- luresiitiL- plodding feet, lent a note of color and calm to the hurly-burly. 'Die m:iy»nil fight put hundreds of lbo.se strolling somnambulists out of work. They, too, have been restored to favor since the recent days of summer. The statutes still decree them as liable for misdemeanor, but even when Father Knickerbocker looks slc-i-n ly at his various wards, a native son can detect a sly wink somewhere in bis reprimanding gaze. lliirKu-nml-Uuggy Writing Men A few literaly stalwarts still cling to the old-fashioned method of composition.—writing in long bund and shunning that newfangled device—tho typewriter. Though does not come consecutively to them when huddled over tin.? keyboard of a writing machine. They require the strenous exercise of wrist, thumb and forefinger to form their simplest sentences. Nowhere is this resistance to (lie typewriter age stranger than in several newspaper city rooms. Brooks Atkinson, the dramatic critic, writes persistently in longhand and is one of tht swiftest penmen in the vicinity. Toiling against a close-cropped deadline, his pencil finger flies over the r, SNUFFY GEEVE ME AAY HE-ENSTRUCT/ I'M ' ROOSM W'OUT-*--^ YOU 1 ! POOS M-"•*-'-I'M FOLD UP LIKE LEETLE FLOWER IN MIGWT TIME rA'M CATCM FORTY WEENKS—MO? SEE, MAJOR, JUS' LIKE I BEEN4 TELLIN 1 YA L YA GOTTA DO IS GIVE BABB6Y A SWOV& AND V4E- GOES DOWN LIKE BOURBON^ BY TUE- WAY, HOW'S. ABOUT WAVING ONE ? . r MEAN THREE ?, VP/'r ALL THIS 1 WHISPERING WOULD ^ BE DISTASTEFUL WERE IT NOT FOR AAY OLD 6ACRO-IDAC INJURY, BUT, AH, WELL, 'TIS KISAA-ET, AS KAL\DASA, TWe SHAKESPEARE OF ? IMDtA, PROBABLY ( WOULD REMARK/ UAR-RUAAPH/? V.- progressive myopia. . This provision would make me eligible for a heroic death and would hearten a lot of book reviewers. H'appy to Help! KROGER SUPPORTS * GREAT NATIONAL PRODUCER-CONSUMER BENEFIT Grocery Prices Good FBI. SAT, MON. OCT 27, 2», :10 MEAT & 1'HODUCE Subject to Chungc WITH GROCERY Country Club 3 for PUMPKIN 25c Embassy lb. Marshmallows Brighton lb. WAFERS A 2 C *Creattit crop in yeatV* s^y ftowfrs We're happy to give them a helping hand, and to offer you tuth jjJijjiGub apjjlti ;tt bu low a Mice Gti your I/IY ktiiiTC today llelp youi family tu healtli—lielj* llic ftj>flr ijivwc^s! WINESAP DELICIOUS BUY NOW FOR HALLOWE'EN! 216's Doz lOc 6 for 24 oz. CLOCK BREAD Country Club 38 oz. APPLE BUTTER GREEN GIANT PEAS ....CanlSc G'LD DUTCH Cleanser lOc Country Club 2 Ibs. COFFEE 43c TWINKLE GELATIN 3 ro, lOc Sudan SPICES 2 for 15c SPOTLIGHT COFFEE PRODUCE Red or White sk. $1.69 POTATOES 10 lb. 17c KA'I'MOK '"" ~ "\Z „•/." 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Caplinger, Market Mgr. KROGER Cecil W. Dennis. Gro. Mjjr. 1 _ BOUMCE 8ABA SAYS , EVERYTHING • IS OKAY/ COHH. 1V39 HV NL* ^TnvlCC. INC ACCIPT <IS AMAZING tern, LIKE it as well or bet OUARANTII blank copy paper. Once he beat this courier who was going fair fluently at tilt typewriter, by more than a half hour. His wrist is muscular. Another- longhand devotee is the i-.hloriali.st, Marry 1'ollanl, who composes all bis phillipics, harangues and , _ . crusades with pencil and pen. He has j J n ,. „ ,1 o rp „ , been cluing so most of his life ' ' < <- -^ " S, LlUCl Course -Jean Uathun writes with n ^ «-•'•- - -" T < - TT ' quill pen amidst his mountainous pile of newspapers, books and maga- zincs. H. L. Mencken is another 1 who has not discovered the typewriter . Naturally these diehard writers must i Profiteering Is an Old Abuse in War Taste of It Under Mexican Rule r ARc-nn T L ' A " 1| ' UO ' Tox - be on friendly terms with typesetters wiio can decipher their handscript. The man in tho composing room must often be :.i handwriting expert. The venerable Daniel Frohman likes- to tell of how he clung to his post the old New York Tribune during the toign" of il loracc Greelev. The tempter of young men toward the west had an undecipherable hand which Frohman, shrewd cub, quickly mastered. He was the sole slave in the office who could decode the boss's penmanship. He .clug to his job for years just on that account. Law K;.ys You Can't VVin It seems that the Inw is stern, regardless of the culprit's intent. For several months, debuukers have been displaying crooked fumbling duvice.s- on Broadway. In their exhibit were pho- nc> luuletle tables, birdcages and other gaming implements and they demonstrated how the gullibiile are duped and fleeched by them. H seems it is illegal to display gambling oj- anli- gambling pursuch equipment arouud here for poses. LOUISVILLE, Ky.-(/P)-When the Louisvillu grand jury convened for its fail investigation, it was headed by the youngest fort'man in'county history, ^-year-old James J. Dean, Jr., an insurance clerk. Dean was appointed by Circuit Judge Loraine Mix. Fritz Kuhn promises to stay in New J'ork for his trial. After this assuring word, if the Little Fuehrer takes after tho big one, we can expect to find him somewhere down in the South Eeas when his trial comes up. The parade if envoys continues (o bent a path to Moscow. Can it be Stalin has built a better mousetrap? Glancing down the arms embargo list, we find diphenylaminechlornri- sine is among the forbidden exports. Export it! as the vaudeville comedian would exclaim, we can't even spell it! Germany announces only six kinds of jams and jellies will be sold here, y ••---' '"-"uij H""uis over after. Now if German housewives ere where ,t isn t necessary to have can just find something left in the •' cupboard to spread them on. Americans can be thankful there is an abundance of beauty parlors over T r >~ If you think ,! , " "" 1 ' nnov " N the 20th century, cast an eye , over Laredo municipal records, dated 1810. Laredo was i\ Mexican city when the priest, Miguel Hidalgo Y Castillo, launched the Mexican revolt against the mother country. Spain. Laredo remained loyal to Spain. Merchants apparently too kadvantage of chaotic conditions to attempt profiteering, and finally municipal authorities stepped in by decree to halt the practice. Said the decree. 'Eeach individual selling meat shall give five pounds for one real (12y 2 • BARBS Tommy Manville Deserts Blonds . Tommy ManvJlle, asbestos heir, spent $2600 to have brunette Elinor iroy, Hollywood showgirl, delivered to him in New York by chartered plane. Miss Troy said Tommy, four times a husband 01 Wonds,.wanted ^to marry her, but be said he was lonesome,, " .wanted a luncheon dat*. cents): this to include the bone that pertains lo (lint cut of me;i(. "Whoever sells wax tundles shall give four ounces for real. "Whoever sells bread shall give 12 ounces- for •% real .after the bread shun be tkaen from the oven. "All wood haulers shall charge onl.v 1M> real for a load." The slaughter of cattle was regulated and there was price fixing for hay and fodder, lard and tallow. In addition the decree specified townspeople were to be given first chance to purchase direct from the producer, saving middleman profit, and individals were forbidden to attempt to "corner" any commodity. FOR CHILLS AND FEVER And Other Malaria Misery! Don't go through the usual Malaria suffering Dorft go on shivering with chills one moment and burn- tag with fever tbe next. Malaria is relieved by Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. Yes this medicine really works. Made espe- pally for Malaria. Contains tasteless quinidine and iron. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic ai- tualry combats the Malaria infea- tion in the blood. Relieves f< fou feel better fast. 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Now k*vi bciut lighting IN THIS SUNDAY'S CHICAGO SUNDAY TRIBUNE SOUVIWR pjU, PAGE INSTALLMENT HOPE HARDWARE CO Lives of Hollywood *7/ud Week: SONJA HENIE TYRONE POWER INTIMATE SECRETS OF THEIR LIVES.,, NEVER BEFORE TOLD! " *

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