Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 10, 1971 · Page 2
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 2

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 10, 1971
Page 2
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editorials PAG! 4 Garden City Telegram Thursday, June 10, 1971 Fingering Danger Spots It usually takes a tragedy involving multiple deaths to call attention to obvious traffic hazards. And even then, corrections may be a long time coming. Reno County is an example. A few years ago, at K14 and old US50, there were two traffic accidents within a short period of time. Both involved multiple fatalities and in both instances a motorist 'had come through the stop sign on K14. A" hue and cry went up to improve the intersection. Improvements finally were made and the chances of another tragedy there are now slim. The intersection has been made a four-way stop, warning signs have been erected well ahead of the crossroads and a bumpy surface has been installed to warn approaching motorists. While it may be a nuisance to US50 traffic, it is a small price to pay. Laves will be saved. What brings this to mind is the tragic accident a week ago at a grade crossing near Wichita. Six persons were killed. The senseless loss of life so aroused a visiting California businessman he offered to put up $5,000 to spearhead a campaign to improve poorly marked grade crossings. Only a single, unlighted railroad cross-arms sign marked the northeast Sedgwick County crossing where the six died in the after-dark accident I dont know the situation in Pinney County, but I suspect there are similar grade crossings waiting for a tragedy. Crossing improvements cost money, but how can the financial investment be measured against one life saved? A survey would be in order to at least call attention to those grade crossings that present a potential danger. ^f StJ. IN JOHN Kersey's book, "Letter to the Alumni," one of many short essay-reports deals with communication ... "There is a craving on campuses even more urgent, it seems, than the gripes of hunger and the itch of libido: to know what the hell's going on. It's all a question, as everyone keeps saying, of communication, Hersey agrees. , * * * ?. '1 "BUT I WOULD point out that communication on paper is not what is needed . . . fuU documentation of every formative process would simply produce an even greater avalanche than now of unread multi-copied materials." And then he adds a line that we think is a beaut: "Bureaucracy's womb is the Xerox machine." * * * HOW MANY times have you come home from a conference or meeting with little hi the way of new thoughts or knowledge in your head but with a great stack of printed, mimeographed, and Xeroxed stuff which may contain valuable information? Or it may just represent a lot of busy work back at the office. You very likely never will know which — because you won't get around to reading it. * * * '*' COMMUNICATION is a difficult, almost impossible matter, Hersey concedes. It is particularly so on today's campuses where the author sees student yearning "so painful as to seem a symptom of an illness — just wanting a decent share in knowing what the future will bring. Overall it is not so much a matter of procedures that will solve the communication problem but of the tone of relationships within a given community. ". . . trust, confidence, respect, and love are what are so bitterly needed," Hersey believes. * * * WE RECOMMEND Hersey's book (now in paperback) for any who seek a definition of the present mood of students. It pleads for understanding and the avoidance of stereotyped thinking Garden City Telegram Published Dally b««P» Sunday and Sfi Holidays Yearly By Th» Talagram Publishing Company 276-3232 HO N. 7th Gardtn City. Kanm. | ART BUCHWALD WRITES; Bad News for Job Hunter: You Can Be Overqualified Vicle President of Development GludesvUe Dynamics Glucksviffle, Oalif. Dear Sir, I aim writing in regard to em ploymenit with your firm. I have salary to prove my value to a B.S. from USC and Ph.D. in your firm. fiddled around in research and It was kind of you to think development. Occasionally we of us. have come up with some money- Hardy Landsdowne making ideas. I would be wM- tog to start off .ait a minimal Personwel Dept. physics from the California Institute of Technology. In my previous position I was In charge of research and development for the Harrington Chemical Co. We did work in thermonuclear energy, laser beaan refraction, hydrogen miodecuite development and heavy waiter computer data. Several of our research discoveries have been adapted for commercial use, and one particular breakthrough in linear hydraulics is now being used by every oil company in the country. Because of a cutback in defense orders, the Harrington Co. decided to sihut down its research and development department. It is for this I aim available for Sinoerely yours, Edward Kase & Waterman ZiegMed, Hi. Art Buchwald the hear from you in future, I remain of your .talents. Dere Ser, I'd like a job with your outfit. I cam do anything you wanilt me to. You name it Ease wifl dlo ilt. I ain't got no education and no experience, but I'm strong and I got moxy an I "get laOioag great with people. I'm ready to start any time be- oaiuise I reed the bread. Lett me know when you want me. Cheers Edwojrd Kasle Thanik you for your letter of ie 15th. Unfortunately we have Dear Mr. Kase, ) positions ait the moment for You aine jusit the person we college educa- have been looking for. We need is the feeling a track driver and your quaM- hene that you are ficatioms are perfect for us. You and your ex- oan begin working in our West- you would minis'tsr plant on Monday. Wel- haippiar with a com- come aboard, ttoiait could make full use Oarson Peters "While renewing our traditional ties, we have maintained our freedom... our freedom ... our freedom... our..." JACK ANDERSON REPORTS: Air Force Band Plays Despite Solon's Objection WASHINGTON — The Penlba- ly across the sitreet, an office eral building over a 20-year pe- gon, over the. objections of Sen. building of the same quality riflk 'Prank Moss, D-Utah, ordered coat ivaAe contoac tors only $22 Stee the govemimient has an Air Force band to play at K . . more than 500 such facilities, graduation ceremonies at a pri- a ^wre IOOT TO DUIIO. ^ po^^ S i aivitlgs j ust ^ vate, all-white school in Morit- The marker identifyimg the exit togtot bulbs coulid .amount to gomeiry, Ala. JJUD building cost $71,000 alone. $15 miidionu The band played on June 6 alt The government erected an Randolph also noted that th* the Montgomery Academy, a eight-story concrete slab, com- apertuiried fixtures underneath Sinicerely yours, Edward Kase Deiair Mr. Kase. We regret to inform you that we have no positions available for someone of your excellent qualifications. The truth of the matter is that we find you are "overqualified" for any position we might offer you in our organization. Thank you for thinking of us, and if anything comes up in the future, we wil be gefoting in touch wUh you. Yours truly, Merriman Hasielbald demit Persionmiel Director Jesisiel Initerniaitional Systems Crewciut, Mi>clh. HAL BOYLE SAYS: Sailboat Owner Better Husband Dear Sir, I am laipplytog for a position NEW YORK (AP) — Jumip- veipsaitionaiiisits of our time aire ing to conclusions: ' guys who insist on giving you Sailboat owners make better in great detail the reasons why husbands than motor boat own- they started wearing a toupee ens because ttieair .albilnity to deal or why they quit wearing owe. wiltih itihe caprices ol ttv© wind A philosopher is a man .who also equips them to handle the neveir breaks- his shoestring whims- of a woman's mind. when toe's in a tarry because Society would be better off if hie never leits Mimiseflf get into a- every teen-ager wais taught a situation Where hie has to do cotursie in human courteisty din- anything in a tarry, stead oi£ Laltin or algebra, M.ainy people find fauilit wife Every geinienaition creates new our present civilization buit it r __j fa any "re" go-als amid lets others die. For (has its virtue®. In What pre- spon-siblc"oapadity''l have had example, how long bias ilt been vious civilizaibioin of mian's EOT- a coleige education and have siimce you met a lad whose chief did past was he able to send ambition was to laaoi bow to away a bo-xtop and get some- nol a ciigairet with one hand? thing back? People who knock ballet over- lit is not by 'ability alone that look two of its chief a'dvam- men win top posits in maeage- wAermttr"PAM &T>\ A tagets: it keeps you out of the men*. They must also learn and WASHINGTON (Al) — A ^^ m ^ ^^Q j s no sure x cure cater to tihe prejudices and idtio- $220,000 Department of HeaMh, to ^,0^3 syncrastos of the big boss, no Education and WeMare grant to w . s tome to mafe , a m , ajor mate haw coleige $220,000 to Pick Kansas Air Quality of the second year of jrognaim was an- by the Kahisias Oon- delegaition Weidlnes- Jack Anderson Tho ^jUi'ttiiiUfllfooin. of tfuwssfs *3ii* .cy fixtures saved $200,000 in one government department etoie. The standards for federal ^ ^ jivf" 13 ™ v-fiv * aini S e i* 1 y ouir life ^ y° u keep seem. Even wearing a bow tie high-achievement school of 500 pMe "with floodlights to'ilium- S^EwentliigWs wpTcoaoTto oTTan^Tir"^ tern — bum *™ g ™ to * he sainie peo ^ e or te wrang color socks bas set up in 1959. inate the lettering at night. cleanit 1^ fusnctton of this egg- nouimcied. This had been an annual ap- "This is strictly an esthetic crate design is to diffuse tfoe pearance 'arranged by Maj. frill that has no useful purpose light. Bult ihe wais told ttois was Gen. James Mclntyre, a retir- cither than to identify the build- unnecessary when the lights aire ed Air Force congressional Mai- ing," reported staff aide J. B. more ttoan 15 ifteeit above the son chief, Who is a director of Huyett, Jr., in a private memo the school. Because of the to Randolph school's afl-white student body, however, the Air Force finally blocked Hue band from playing. But this year, following a public aranouncement by the school that it would open its doans to :. all students with *he $1,000 tui- ' tion and proper qualifications, the school again asked the band to play. The school still has no blacks whose buildings iare usually higher— height was" three score cubits and, itbemefiare, more costly — and the breadth thereof six than the standards for com- cubits.—Dan'el 3:1. mercial buildings. But Ban- it matters not how big or dolpfa couldn't see, for instance, costly the idol may be, to wor- wihy Uhe taxpayeris should ship it is folly, devotion without spend millions to keep federal hope of return. at- every 'coctobaiil party you go cost many an aible man promo- to. tion because they oftenidied the If I tod my lile to live over esthetic asinise of the head of aigadn I ithimtk I would choosie to the fiirm. Usually he never one who kept regular office There lhas been long argu- ho'Uirs an'd refused to make menit about whiat is the essen- honne oaiis. A good plitmbeir to- tial diillfereinice totween talent •)•• * •—• • • day is juisit as nasipected a;s a and genlius. But it is easy to DlOlC I flOUfln* physicist and makes mucii bet- point out. It takes talent to ter money. make momiey, genius to An image of gold, whose Among tihie nnosit boring con- it. \ULQSSWORD - —By Eugene Sheffer Bind no prospects of getting any. Grumbling began in the band, The government has lighted office buildings three degrees therefore, among white as well the emergency exits in its cooler in Dhie summer. Hath God forgotten?—Psalm as black members. At the Pen- buildings with bulbs that cost "Can you ML the difference 77:9. tagon, Maj. MelVin Huyteltt, fflie less but don't last ais long as a between 75 amd 78 degrees How often we hear this pne- bands' community relations of- superior biramd. By using the inside when it's 100 degrees sumptuous quesition! God has ficer, told officials at Maxwell longer-life bulbs-, Randolph cal- outside?" toe demanded in a not forgotten and never wili, Air Force Base that he also cuilajteid that the taxpayers could draft report not yet released but Oh, how mankind has for- disapproved of the idea. save $30,000 for every large fed- to the press. gotten Him! Huyett diplomatically said hie ifthougbjt it was bad policy to play at any ihigh school gatherings. But Genieinal Mclnityre, wise in the ways of Washington', discreetly called Maxwell Air Force Base to inquire, as he put it, about the band. Huyett was swiftly overruled, and the band was once again ordered to play. Senator Moss, notified by a band member, wrote a todt letter on June 1 to Air Force Secretary Robert Seamans, de- BUSINESS MIRROR land 43. Mimicked 48. Give for a'time 49. Negative 50. Routine '51. Body of •water 52. Neon 53, College official VERTICAL 1: Breach. They Come to Him Seeking Patents for Everything By TIM REITERMAN Associated Press Writer plans to use Graduate School of should be priiosd leiss than $10 Business students to promote and aimed at 'adults. STANFORD Oalif (AP) — invei rt !il<>nis through marketing The premature baby indariqg: ""I would hope that ser- They come to Nels Reimers «"!* Auction research cubator protects the baby witti hand jv T V -4,1" -D,"* * -MO™ i seainc(a > ^ e sa *&' acoeissible to doctors and nurs- wdna fojyj Uniivens'ity s Patent Devel- rpj^ studiemits hiave already es, claims its dnvenitor, Dr. Ber'• opment Program, which since fofaen. on the pHomotion of a nard Musch, who did the work 1968 has earned the university three-dlinneinis'ional ball-rodling for a Ph. D. in mechanical en$130,000 in advance from in- g a , me iSD ^ a puieimialtuire baby in- giineering. venltioinis by faculty, students ouibaHor. Neiiltihier invemltion has been and staff. ^hjie Ohe game's in'ventar, sold. Among the paying mvemtaons Brooks Stover of Farmiimgton, Stamloird, wtaidh does $50 mM- so lar licensed .are a Byrattoeitic -yu^ uniderwenlt basic training Ion a year in basic research, insect 'hormone, which has at ^ Qrtj^ business student stands amomig ,a handful of uni- promise as a pesticide ard Samuel D. Calela 6f Cupertino versiiities which have successful- "omnJiplhoKfiic sound," wnich ^(jiidied <$& toy's sales pos®!- ly made raiseairclh inlormaition through a computer controls bffiibies. He said he concluded it available to industry. " the .apparent looaitioa of sound. HORIZONTAL 42. Large 1. Yawn mass of 5. Male sheep 8.' Suitcases 12. Arabian seaport 13. Employ 14. Incite 15. European country 17. Fish 18. Pronoun 19. Epistle 21. Meager 24. Fuel 25. Tree. 26. Pulverized 30. Stringed instrument (colloq.). 31. Concerns oneself 32. Wrath. 33. Compensated 35. ' Bonheur 36. Household needs '37. Asiatic palm 38. Cooper's product 41. Insect 2. Commotion 3. Through 4. Whole 5. Floor coverings 6. King of Judah 7. Softened 8. Conflict 9. Touch end to end 10, Biological factor 11. Heavenly body Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 16. Shoshonean Indian 20. American engineer 21. Incite 22. Fish '23. Again 24. Innermost parts' 26. Spanking 27. Tumult 28. Scottish 1 Gaelic 29. Business transaction - 31. Avenge time ot lolntlon: ZZ mlnutei* Indian 34. Scrape 35. Esteem 37. Except 38. Society , function 39. On the ocean 40. Skating enclosure 41. Morsels 44. New Zealand bird 45. Digit .. 46. Greek letter 47. Lair for n fal. We reached Robert Weil, the school board's president, who said he could recall no black applications to the graceful Georgian brick school on the edge of town. He said be would welcome applicaitions from qualified black students with the $1,000 tuition. "We are not one of these schools set up to countervene rules Frta* Brooks U Roy AllrnM John Fraiitr EdB»r tion," he said. "We don't even Advertising M«n«g«i play in athletic leagues with. Managing Editor "I guess I look at myself as a salesman," concedes Reimters, a former mechanical engineer wih Philco Ford for eight years. "We've. contacted more than 200 companies trying to 1 l^ublik Taxpayers Op pose SB 87 TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION ' fort to soothe Moss, gave him Since the patent program be- The executive committee of senitative from Trego County, By carrUr • month in G*rd*n City, $1.94 plui •pplieabU uUi bum information on the "two gan, 130 ideas and inventionB the Kansas Federation of Tax- were appointed to spearhead UK. PayabU to 6«rri«r in «Jv«ne«. black students." Weil said none have been investigated, wihit 40 payers, Inc. in a meeting at the auction. '~ Local and art* eolUgt ttudtntt $10.30 including poitag* and have been enrolled. of them being discarded due to McPherson voted to take aic- A spokesman for the Fedeira- •pplicabl* !•(•• tn for 9-month ichool v«ar. miairfceting and production pirob- tion to test the constitutionality tion states that, "Semate Bill __ geujaite p u bHc Works Chair- leinus, Reimexis said in an iniber- of Senate Bill 87. There has 87 contains moist of the legisla- man Jennings Randolph, D-W. view. been much speculation by leg- tion that deals with the ap-' staff to in- When an idea does pay, Stan- islatons and others. as to wheth- praisal of real property and 21 22 25" 30 48 23 36 13 26 52 24 19 20 14 17 SO 32 28 29 By carriar in othar eitia. wharatarviea it availabla, 9 1. 10 month plui applicabla talai ta>. By mail 9IS.4B a yaar Inciudmg po.r. 9 » y , a ^ hag iasked •nd applicable ulti ta». Carriar' ratai apply whara carriar tarvlca availabla. vest ig, ate ^j^ pfc &s Peak cost foilxi takes ^ per oent off the er or not this law violates tine equalzatioin of the same. This °* ^d 61 ^ °ffice buildings. It top, the the inventor, the in- uniform and equal clause of • —— fk_~A f »_j •_ ~~ cost *h« governmept's own con- vemtor's department and the the Kansas Constitution. Th* AHMktadTniM *h mUSf!SZJS^9 th. ui. for r«pro- »*™oU<» experts $38 a square uuLveratty each get a thdid, he Mr. Joe Bohnen, ST., Rus- duction of «ll loeil n.w, print.d in «hii n.wip.p.r .. w.ll .. all AP *«*> . £or example, to build their expiated. seil County, president of the mw« «nd diipatehai. All righh of publication •! tp«eial di«p«»eh«i Housing and Urban Develop- To further enhance Stanford's Taxpayers Federation, and M* «!M rtMfy«4. . •, ment headquarters. Yet dii'ect- patent 'income, Reimers *aid he Mr. Wairden Howat, ex-repre- rtMiyta]. law is the root cause of the property owners dissatisfaction and should be repealed without further delay." — C. E. "ED" CLAYCOMB, Executive Secretary. KMFJURKMRTL SHMOtTRK LJLRD 'DJWRL VJHRF. Vff JTSR Yesterday's Oryiitocjuii): MINI, MIDI AND MAXI TUSSU1 TAXES US ALL. (© 1971, King Features Syndicate, Inc.) today's Cryiftoaulp cluo; K equals D

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