Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 4, 1942 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1942
Page 3
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_Wcdnc8doy, February 4, 1942 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE THREI OGIETY Daisy Dorothy Heard, Editor Telephone 768 Social Calendar Wednesday, Fchriinty 4th f irs. O. A. Graves will be hostess the members of Oic Jctt B. Graves Sunday school class of the First Methodist church, 7:30 o'clock. Wn observance of the Week of >Tiiyer and Self Denial, the Women of the Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church arc urged to attend the special foreign mission service (u be conducted by the pastor, Dr. Thomas Brcwstcr 9 the church Wednesday even- ing at 7:30. Bay View Rending club, home of Mrs. Claud Agce, 3 o'clock. Thursday, February 5th Hope chapter 328, Order of the Eastern Star, the Masonic hall, 7:30 o'clock. AH officers and members are urged to attend. SAENGER NOWandThurs. CARY GRANT Alfred Hitchcock's J Most Stiring drama of romance, mystery and suspense! ."SUSPICION" . with Gary Joan GRANT FONTAINE = fc February meeting of the Pat Claibournc chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Mrs. W. G. Allison, Mrs. L. W. Young, and Mi.ss Mary Carrigan, hostesses. Mrs. D. H. Lipscomb will have charge of the program on Historical Spots of Arkansas." The meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. L. W. Young, 3:30 o'clock. J. S. Gibson, Jr. with Mrs. Clove Andres associate hostess, 3 o'clock. Builders class of the Hope Gospel Tabernacle, social meeting at the home of Mrs. Sam Belts, 92,3 Enst Division, 7:30 o'clock. The' cemetery Association will meet in the council room of the city hall at 3 o'clock. All members are urged to attend. The Service Prayer Group, composed of mothers, wives, and friends of the men in the nrmcd forces, will meet at the homo of Mrs. Edwin Dossctt, 120 West 16th street. An inspirational message will be brought by Mrs. C. C. Collins, and C. D. Owsly of Nome, Alaska will talk on his native country. Girl Scout Troop 7, Mrs. Cline Franks, leader, will meet at the Methodist church recreational rooms, 3:30 o'clock. Friday, February 6th Rose Garden club, home of Mrs. RIALTO NOWandThurs. Double Feature "The Bride CameC.O.D. — with — James Bctte CAGNEY DAVIS also FLYING WILD" Jlmiks—Bo.Velt Mr. and Mrs. John A. Boyett of Hope announce the marriage of their daughter, Johnnie Omega, to Ross George Hanks, son of Mr. mid Mrs. II. G. Hanks of Camdcntwon, Missouri. The wedding was solemnized Monday evening, February 2 at 8 o'clock at the First Baptist church parsonage nt Wichita Falls, Texas. The bride attended Hope high school and for the past ycnr has been cashier at the Saenger Theater. Mr. Hanks is a graduate of Cam- dcntown High school and the University of Missouri. He was connected with the Southwestern- Proving Ground before entering the United States Aviation Corps. He is now stationed with the 407 Training School Squadron at Shcppard Field, Witchita Fnlls, Texas. 'Everything Okay 1 Two Hostesses For W. S. C. S. Circle No. 1 Twenty members of Circle No. 1 of the Women's Society of Christian Service of the First Methodist church met at the home of Mrs. J. W. Strickland Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Mrs. W. T. Franks was the associate hostess. An inspiring devotional by Mrs. B. W. Edwards opened the meeting. Mrs. C. D. Lautcrback was in charge of the program on "We Are Not Divided." As the first part of the program, Mrs. Edwin Ward gave a sketch of the work of the women's division of the board of missions and church extensions. Changing racial attitudes were discussed by Mrs. M. M. McCloughan. Mrs. E. P. Stewart closed the program with "Destroying Religious and National Prejudices." Follow- Thursday, Friday, Saturday 3 Days Only or while quantity lasts OUR FEBRUARY SHIRT BUY 1.39 3 for $4.00 Fused Collars Broadcloths Woven Madras Here's the best buy you'll make this month! Stock up on nicely tailored, fine quality shirts that are high in w'earing quality and easy on the budget. These shirts are customed tailored. You can choose from woven madras, high luster broadcloths, in colors and patterns that are good looking and clear-cut. Sizes 14 to 17 Sleeves 32 to 35 Stripes, colors, patterns Every shirt Sanforized Patterns woven through The Modern Department Store Charles A* Haynes Co. ON MAIN Recovered from injuries received when he was hit by a truck months ago, Fritz Kreisler takes up his violin again and declares: "I feel like my old sell . . . everything will be okay." ing a prayer by Mrs. W. W. Johnson the hostesses served a delicious salac course to the members and one guest Mrs. Wayland Hackett. Defense Stamps Continue to Be Rewards for High Bridge Scorers A social event of Tuesday was th> afternoon bridge party given by Mrs W. R. Holmstrom for a number o friends. Gay bouquets of spring flow ers were noted in the living room where three tables were arranged fo playing. For making the high score gif Mrs. Pete Brown received Defens stamps, and Mrs. C. D. Lauterback al so received stamps as a consolation prize. Following the games the hostess served a delectable sandwich plate to the following: Mrs. T. G. Rivers, Mrs. Werner C. Strecker, Mrs. Sam Davelas, Mrs. Milton Eason, Mrs. Ramond Jones, Mrs. Robert Larsen, Mrs. Dillard Breeding, Mrs. Wallace Cook, Miss Maxine Brown, Mrs. M. A. Brooks, Mrs. Lauterback, and Mrs. Brown. Plenty Food During 1943 Interesting Quizz Program Is Conducted at Methodist Meet The Women's Society of Christian Service, Circle 3, met at the home of Mrs. L. A. Keith Monday afternoon witli Mrs. Lon McLarty and Mrs. J. W. Wimberly co-hostesses. Seventeen members responded to the roll call following the opening ritual led by the circle leader, Mrs.. C. V. Nunn. Mrs. Kent Brown was welcomed as a new member. After the devotional by Mrs. J. A. Henry, Mrs. O. A. Graves presented an unusual quizz program on "The Methodist in the Philippine Islands". Each guest participated in the quizz, which was illustrated with charts, graphs, and maps. During the social hour the hostess served a delicious salad course. It was announced at the close of the program that the March meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Mark M. Smyth and Mrs. Marion Bunch- anau. Personal Mention Mrs. Fred O. Ellis of Little Rock is spending the week with her parents, Judge and Mrs. W. K. Lemley. —O— Major and Mrs. Werner C. Strecker are now domiciled in the Arch Moore home, 116 West Ave. C. -O- Bill Boney of Washington D. C. visited relatives and friends in the city Tuesday. He was enroute to San Diego, where he will be stationed. But Production Head Won't Discuss Year From Now By HERMAN ALLEN AP Feature Service Writer WASHINGTON—The war produc- .ion official laughed. "Man," he said, 'if I could tell you what things arc going to be like a year from now—or even tomorrow—I wouldn't be here. I'd-I'd-" He looked out of the broad window and across the frostbitten Mall for a moment. "As a matter of fact," he said, "there are certain things we can say in attempting to draw a broad picture of what a year of war will bring as far as food, clothing and shoes and all the smaller things of life are concerned. Plenty to Eat "I suppose most of us are wondering whether we'll have enough to eat I don't think we need to worry abou rationing of any item of food aside from sugar. "One thing I'll tell you for sure— we won't have the experience of the first World War, when houscwivei bought penny candy for coffee be cause there was no sugar. We'd cu off the candy manufacturers first," (A Department of Agriculture official pointed to the interrelation o various food supplies. If more corn were diverted to sugar manufacture, he said, the necessary starch supply might be affected.) Then the production official added: "We're certainly going to have to make up our minds to using a lot of substitute products and doing without some of the imported things—like tea, spices and tapioca. There's plenty of wheat, of course, even for fine pastry flour. "Substitutions probably will hit us hardest in the field of fats and oils. We've lost our supply of palm and coconut oils (olive oil practically dried up long ago) and will have to use such homegrown products as peanut, cottonseed and soybean oils. "There are a few domeastic articles that will disappear from the grocer's shelves almost entirely because of Army and Navy purchases. For example, medium red salmon. The government is taking the entire catch, and much of the tuna catch as well." Says a Department of Agriculture spokesman: "Our soaps may be very greatly affected. The American public demands a highly-lathering soap, although this has nothing at all to do with soap's cleansing properties. Highly- lathering soap requires large quantities of palm oil, and I don't know whether we'll be able to give it to them or not." The Department is moving fast in the battle of fats and oils. The number of livestock on farms is about 5 per cent greater than a year ago, and the Department is pushing for a still greater increase, and a consequent rise in the animal fat supply. In addition, 1942 soybean and peanut production goals call for an increase of 500,000,000 pounds of oil. One big food reserve, under normal conditions, is the ocean. The Fish and Wildlife Service of the Interior Department figures the fish catch could probably be increased "almost immediately" to 4,628,000,000 pounds and later tb 6,200,000,000 pounds, compared to 4,443,000,000 in 1939. Outside of substitutions, the greatest change we're likely to see in our groceries is the way they're packaged. Tin is to be replaced wherever pos- ible, by glass and cardboard. Where ans can't be eliminated, the approximately 150 shapes and sizes are to be :ut perhaps by two thirds. Brinjf Your Own Poke To forestall a paper shortage, shoppers probably will be asked to take .heir own baskets to the store. The average breadwinner's worry, lowever, is: How much is food gong to cost? That—and the cost of ilmost everything else—depends on .he administration of price control, but Secretary Wickard says: "There is little- excuse for any sub- stantial increase in the price of agricultural commodities at this time, and we will do everything in our power to check speculative increases." Lighter Busses Through use of magnesium alloys, busses and trailers have been built in the United States with a dead weight saving of four to five tons for each vehicle. The macadam road gets its name from John Loudon Macadam, a Scotchman, who inpcnled it Dead Letters The 61,190 dead or undeliverable letters handled by the United States Post Office Department during 1940 contained money to a tola] of $85,326.69. We,theWomen Grandma Will Grin at This— Parlor Dates Arc Back Again By RUTH M1LLETT Junior doesn't get the family car any more—except on special occas- sions—because the tires and the car are going to have to last for no one knows how long. That fact is going to change the dating habits of Young Miss and Mr. America. The "parlor" is going to come back into its own as the place where young folks get acquainted and do their romancing. Miss and Mr. America—used to spending their evenings on the highways and parked on side roads—may not like the situation so well, feeling it a bit crowded and confining. But Mama and Papa are going to love it. No more waiting up for Daughter or sleeping with one ear awake for her key in the latch. No more arguing every night she has a date over what time she is to get home. Unless she goes to a corner movie or to a local "jelly joint" for a coke and dancing, she'll probably be entertaining her young man right in the living room—the way Grandma used to do. Since it is such a break for them, parents—especially the parents of daughters—ought to cooperate and help the young folks make the change from automobile to parlor. To begin with, it's going to be more important than ever that a girl have a place to entertain her young man —or young men. It didn't matter much if a girl lived in a crowded apartment with no privacy at all so long as she put her coat on as soon as her date was inside the front door and spent the evening away from home. Drafting the Living Room But now a girl is going to need the living room—cleared of the family— when she has a date. And she is going to care more than how the living room looks. u, Mania and Papa, if ought to see that she has some way to entertain. If she has a victrola and some dance records and the family isn't too concerned with the condition of the floors in the living room she can invite the gang in for an evening's fun once in a while. And if Mama will see that there is always something to eat in the ice box, Daughter's popularity will practically he assured. Any kind of game equipment that can be provided—like a ping pong table—will help out, too, and should be added to the household. All a girl used to need for dating was some pretty clothes. Now she is going to need a place in which to entertain—and it's important that she have it. NIGHT OUGHS YOUR CHILD'S coughing at night —caused by throat "tickle" or irritation, mouth breathing, or a cold—can often be prevented by rubbing throat and chest with Vicks VapoRub at bedtime. VAPORUB'S poultice-and-vapor action loosens phlegm, relieves irritation, helps clear upper air passages, thus tends to stop mouth breathing and invite restful sleep. Try it! £ THEATERS SAENGER Sun.-Mon.-Tues.-"The Man Who Came to Dinner" Wed.-Thurs.-"Suspicion" Fri,-Sat.-"O'bliging Young Lady" and "Red River Valley" RIALTO Matinee Daily Sun.-Mon.-"Nothing But the Truth" Tues.-Wed.-Thui-s.-"Flying Wild" and "The Bride Came C.O.D." Fri.-Sat.-"Public Enemies" and "Border Vigilantes" • Motion Pictures Are Your Best Entertainment! Spring "Redferns" ALL WOOL CREPE All wool crepes in black or navy, such as this smart dressy coat, the "standout" numbers of the Spring Redfern line. Beautiful fabric, smart styling and neat tailoring. TWEED This rich tweed of gold and brown is representative of a number of Redfern's new Spring Tweeds. Every one an outstanding style, tailored as only Redfern can, fabrics of unsurpassed beauty. f 32.50 79.85 NAVY BLUE TWILL One of the smartest of the new spring fabrics, navy blue twill. Tailored into coats so smart, you'll feel they're much more expensive the minute you slip one on. Redfern tailoring and styling. BLACK CREPE Almost unbelievable, the beauty of these black or navy blue crepe coats. A Redfern coat emboding all the style and tailoring found in the expensive styles, at this inexpensive price. '24.85 16.75 |i| The Leading Department Store We Give Eagle Stamps Geo. W. Robison 6- Co. HOPE NASHVILLE

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