Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 10, 1971 · Page 1
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 1

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 10, 1971
Page 1
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& & ronco t By Jack Envin If you're a single student under the age of 21, and do not wish to stay in the dormitory and are not living with relatives, you must live in houses approved by the director of housing. A list of these off- campus rooms can be obtained through the director of housing office in the student union. Each college-approved room or apartment must have an adult resident landlord. The resident landlord is the head of the house, and should receive the same respect as a parent. Landlords are expected to deal fairly with students and will be responsible to college officials to insure that living accommodations are clean, healthful and comfortable. Students may not change their college residences without permission of the director of housing, nor may the land- lordls sub-lease housing for weekends or vacation periods. Both 'landlord and student tenant are required by Kansas law to give thirty days notice in writing before terminating tenancy unless rent is payable at intervals of less than thinly days, in which case the notice need not be greater than the interval between days of payment. Students will be responsible for their own rent payments and the college assumes no obligation to collect rent from students. However, the college may exercise the right to delay grades and 1 transcripts unless the normal ob- ligations of citizenship are met Students' conduct in off-campus housing is expected to coincide with campus standards; that which contributes to the development of social maturity and which is not offensive to others. Students who plan to enroll in the fall semester should remember that they are required to submit a medical examination to the registrar's office before enrollment. This report becomes a part of the permanent record retained by the college. A student who has not turned in a medical report by the time of enrollment is on provisional status. A number of out-of-town GCCJC students seem to have remained in town for the summer. Many have jobs which they wish to keep for the coming school year. The Broncbuster staff met last Sunday. Staffers have decided upon their theme, copy specifications, and approximate number of pages in the book. They 'have .already completed 40 pages on preliminary outlines. Activity at GCCJC picked up this week. With enrollment for summer school last Monday and classes starting Tuesday, the .huimdrum of going to class and doing 'assignments lias awakened the campus. IF PEOPLE THINK INTEREST RATES GOING UP—THEY WILL Supply-DemandLawBends Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - If people think interest rates are going to go up, they'll go up. That is one economist's perhaps oversimplified view of why hounebuyeirs <a>re finding mortgage interest rates creeping upward again. But it may be the best explanation of the movement baffling many eco- inomic expeaibs. The law of supply and demand is beiimg bent, if not broken. There is plenty of money around to lend. Savings and loan associations, baaks and insurance companies are enjoying record flows of cash. It is' a classic situation that calls for downward pressure on rates, or at least stabilizing moiney easts. But the upward pressure iis real. And the argument that they're going up because people siaiy they arig crops up in more sophisticated economic explanations. A monsoon is a seasonal wind that blows from the sea to the land during hot months and reverses itself during the cooler months of the year. YORK HAM HUT a new management tool for your hog operation. An expandable unit which can be used either as in* dividual pig shade or as hog shade. And it's loaded with convenience features ... towable from either end; can be quickly artd easily assembled by one man; sturdy 22-gauge galvanized steel construction on tubular steel base and superstructure; preassembled end panel with door; can be staked down. Individual sections 12' wide and 5Va' long can be bolted together to form larger unit. For Estimate, Call MEL KREBS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 276-7232 or 276-3528 125 W. Pine Garden City The Systems Peoplf For Farm A Industry The pressure comes money markets, the in the high-finance deals that most people know little about. "Expectations of higher rates in the future," is how one gov- econoraisit explains the upward push on interest rates. .Translated, that means money managers expect money wiU not be so plentiful a year from now, and conclude: Why lend money at cheaper rates now if they can get a better .Datum for it next year? There may be some justification in that thinking. The economy went through a recession last year. Money was tigiht, interest iiaites high. And the economic recovery is still in its early stages. "Markets have swung so widely tlhat financial managers are looking more to *he future," says Presiton Martin, chairman of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board. TRUDY ©King FMIurw Syndicate. Inc.. 1971. World tiihti tewrved. "Of course you need parents 1— what good is doing something if no one tells you not to!" TODAY IN HISTORY First Dutch Settlers Landed at Manhattan By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Thursday, June 10, the 161st day of 1971. There are 204 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: On this date in 1610, the first Duteh seitflers in America landed on Manhattan Island, N.Y. On this date: In 1776, the Continental Congress in Philadelphia named a committee to dnalt the Bedara- *i«tt of Independence. In 1898, U.S. Marlines invaded Cuba in ibhe Spamish-Ameirdcan War. In 1940, the Getrman Gestapo THERE IS A BIB DIFFEREHCE IN BIG CARS. CHECK THE FACTS. DODGE POLARA with AirConditioning Package. DODGE POLAR A IS ONE OF AMERICA'S ROOMIEST CARS...ROOMIER THAN ALL BUT ONE LUXURY CAR. True. Dodgi Poliri gim you tin kind of big-eir comfort and toon usually found only on more oiponsivo cars. Tako a bow, Polara. DODGE POLARA HAS A BASE STICKER PRICE THAT'S OVER $300 LESS THAN A CHEVROLET IMPALA'S OR FORD GALAXIE 500'S. It's right there on the sticker. Based on Manufacturers' Suggested Retail Prices, exclusive of state and local taxes and destination , charges, Polara is priced $310* less than a fiiluie 500 and M $324* l«s than a Chevrolet Impair '* •prices are for 4-door-Mdan V8 models. Polara'i standard j engine is a 318-cu.-in. V8. Galaxie 500't standard engine 1 is a 351-cu.-in. VS. Chevrolet Impala's standard engine ' ' is a 350-cu.-in. VS. Chevrolet Impala also has power dise ' brakes, standard,. • : ONLY DODGE POLARA OFFERS YOU OVER 50% OFF ON AIR CONDITIONING. When you buy this specially equipped Dsdge Pobr*. you'll get factory-installed air conditional at more than half off. That's like having $218.70** taken right off the sticker price. HERE'S THE SPECIAL PACKAGE: • Airtemp air conditioning • 3-*>pee4 ' .. i TorqueFlite automatic transmission • Power steering • Power disc brakes • AM radio • Deluxe wheel covers • 3-speed electric windshield wipers • Left-side remote-control mirror • Tinted glass • Vinyl roof (luggage rack instead on wagons) • WhKewall tires • Electric clock • Bumper guards • Light package • Undercoating. wiped out the Czechoslovafciiafl village of Lidice. In 1945, Gem. Dwigiht D. Eistoawea: received *he Soviet Union's highest 'award, the Order of Victory. In 1964, the U S. Senate m- voiced ctoture, cutting' off a 75- day ffliibuster against the cml nights bill. Ten years ago—India askad Briitam and the Soviet Union to i-ecomvene a 14-miaition conleir- eroee in Geneva to deal with civdl war in Laos. Five years ago—The U.S. Coast Guard refused too permit a Cuban ship to dock at San Juan, Puerto Rico, but said the arriving lor the Central Ameinicain Games could i ashore-in boats. One year ago—At least 100 persons were fclled in Amman, Jordan, in fighting between government troops and guier- One tlhiinig economists paint to ite a rise in the interest rates on long-term corporate bonds. , This relates to housing in an indirect way—through investors. They might shift their savings from mortgage lenders, for example, into corporate bonds which would serve to tighten the money available for housing. An increase in corporate bond rates also affects mortgage interest rates through what is caiHed the secondary mortgage market. This secondary mortgage market is handled by the Federal National Morbgaige Association, a private corporation that buys mortgages from lenders to make more money available for.lending. The aisso'ctobion, known as Fannie Mae, buys these mortgages at a discount which must be absorbed by someone, usually the builder or seller. Some- limes it is the buyer of a home, but no matter who pays, the discount taunstatas into higher interest rates. Fanntie Mae ifjhen does its own borrowing in the money mar- keit. It is out to make a profit. In recent weeks, the discount gone up dramatically. It has done so, sources say, because of lenders' speculation. The speculaition at first centered on hope that mortgage interest rates would come down further. Brokers handling mortgages at the high-finance level waited "before cashing in a number of them through Fannie Mae. But interest raltes bottomed out. The mortgiag* brokers who with Fanmie Mae were caught.- They tri«d to unload them quickly. A big, artificial demand was created for funds, puistainig up interest rates. The discount of Faninlie Mae dropped to a low 92 per cent on 'the hundred. Fannlie Mae President Oakliey Hunter said the government should relieve the situation by raising the ceiling on Federal Housing Administration and Veterans Administration loans, now at 7 per cent. ' But speculation is not the only reason advanced. When the economic recovery began this year, government econo- said, an expansive mone> tary policy by the Fetoal Reserve 'brought down historioaiUy high raltes. "They may have overshot their mark," or gone too low, ®aM one. "Now, they may be finding a more stable level." But .also 'involved in the snltu- ation is that inflation wall con- ttauie to be a problem. If the rgtmienit goes, inflation will iccelerabe again. Govern meant officials are Matching mortgage interest rates carefully, for an upward urge could damage President Vixen's goal of economic expansion this year. Housing is being counted on o help lead the recovery, and higher interest rates could tannage hois goal of two million Housing sitarte this year. The real estate industry has been capitalizing on the talk about interest rates going up, creating a "buy now" psychology. But next year, officials say, or maybe even late this year, he housing boom and economic expansion make the possibility of higher mortgage interest iraibes very real. central policies bank's become easier money too easy, the Western Cattle Co., Inc. W» sp«ci*liz» In order buying of •II eUtia* of stacker and feeder cattlo. Will t*ll fat cattle on commit. lion. •ETE HUTCHINS •hone TR 2-3518 — Scott City JIM JASPER Phone 397-2353 — Dighron JACK DALY Phone BR 6-7196 - Garden City HAROLD WOODS Phono 397'S556 — Dlghtot MAIN OFFICE PHONE Olqhton — 397-2424 WITH POLARA, THINKING BIG Dodge PP.ESNT_COST THAT MUCH AUTHORIZED DEALERS ANYMORE. . "Airconditioning-Manufacturer'* SuggHUd Retail Prlu, 1423.35 IMS $218.70 ulu ditcount. Five Points Motor Company, Inc. 712.720 Jones Garden City. Kansas i i i H INTRODUCING...m Kilt Natural Vitamin and Health Food Products Many of our customers have been asking us for a product line of NATURAL ORGANIC HEALTH FOOD PRODUCTS-NOW: we have in stock a line of NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS which we believe to be the best NATURAL product line available. Natural Vitamin C 250 mg. From Rosehips and Acerola , $3 1C .with Bioflavonoids 100's *••* Natural Vitamin E 1001.U. Mixed Tocopherols $ 100's Natural Vitamin A 25,000 USP Units tfsh Oil) $1 100's ••' High Potency Lecithin 19 Grains 100's Honey Protein Wafers Super High Protein $ Chewable ; 200's HEALTH-RITE... THE VERY BEST IN HEALTH FOOD PRODUCTS RENICK DRUG No. 1 THE NORTH STORE 413 N. Main 276-2358 Thursday, June 10, 1971 Page Z €ini'«l4»ii City Telegram Nocturnal moths use the moon as a beacon; they main- lain a fairly straight course by reeping the lunar image at a ixed angle on the eye's retina, tfationial Geognapihic says. ATTENTION MEMBERS OF THE ELKS Bring Your Guests DANCE to Teddy Phillips and his MEXICALI BRASS with Jill Leonard & Cherrie Parole FRIDAY, JUNE llth Mexican Food Dinner 7:30—8:30 DANCE 9 to 1 Tickets $10 Per Couple from Elk Member or at Lodge, 905 Kansas Plaza, thru Wed. $12 Per Couple at the Door Want Ads Gef Results the fun pi WO1 GREAT SAVINGS IN EVERY DEPARTMENT S', Summer playmates all together in ene giant size fey sale Jump rope, sand paif sefff, toot toot truck, jr.- golf set, Cro-K for 2, wheelbarrow, practice pitch- bat, push toy. Lots more. Terrific low price on sloreo records $127 I Wide selection of famous labels, top artists and groups. Old and new favorites. Spme 2-record sets. New Mirro colormodo kltch«nware i Keg. $2.69 Aluminum inside, acrylic ^ enamel outside. Percola* tor, tea kettle, saucepan /> set, sauce pot with cover. Savt) now on Too shirts and brioffs 2 3inpkg. Beg. $3.33 Our own iop quality fop men. Combed cotton T-shirfs and double panel briefs. 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