Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on November 21, 1957 · Page 4
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 4

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 21, 1957
Page 4
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THROUGH THE GRADES Tint Orftd* Newt Mrs. Meyer The first grade is enjoying Mrs. Helen Schiedel who comes each afternoon to assist Mrs. Meyer. Part of her work will be the teaching of our number while Mrs. Meyer spends time teaching reading. Ricky, who is the son of Mrs. Schiedel, is a new member of our class. In number class we have been concentrating on writing outnumbers from 1 to 100. and at the same time giving special thought to those numbers that most often appear backwards our papers. Each of us is making a booklet which tells the story of Thanksgiving. Dawn Pattison is now 6 and treated us to candy on h<-r b;:th day. We want to thank Mrs Swartr who taught for three d.<y> while Mrs. Meyer was >ick 27 f.:>; graders and the teacher !:n<»i school with the flu Or.h It, us escaped it their dental cards already. We hope to have many more returned. Jack Wenthe and Danny Dean treated the class on their birthdays. This week in Arthsv.. tv w<- learned to cany wlu-n . . dd. class Most of us think this is :\iv, now more that we understand h. \% '•• .i > •'• The following r«-.<p'.e sp< ••' i all of theii word- o. •iiivi'.v in Friday's test: n .-mtiv IV..n K.-n nie Lau. Me-.lm.- Ivao-. Wenthe. Clark .\::-:::.. Manson. M„":vu He. k« F •-> •>• Weyant. L.nd.. Y. • • ^ ^ • Goiirlrv. C ;i::,\ A - •• •• Bitterm.iti. P ^' '• Lamphier. Ronald Pattison. Arnold Cue. Kichard Karle. Sue Crafton and Pat! ;ok Puvkrior. We trulv hope t'"..;t thev don't hav to li.,ve the We-. e a i 21 NOVEMBER 19S7 ik^ Tr. hand a; :; po'.-ms. >: tiurtv- announeeni! nls the sumo day as the juniors r.rd,. n .,| their rings. SENIOR SKETCH Janice Schabacker was burn in Manchester. Iowa in 1IJ40. Jan is THE THANKSGIVING DAY " n Chuck CI;. Fifth Gradp News Hurrah' w. • K: ida\- in So- .! v.. pe-.pU bad present, D. Keig. l .a Kteuton I 'ti.' >,vrt in S;v Tu> el..-- one of the bus K.H.S. or so she s »«i»«>Tr/ in * CI uls . ('lioius I'ep CIlll. .ill t.ie Animal St. Her f.-iv..rile ,-ub Ar. She on.!' iy.- . • :..a-t b. of .,;id ban, : l-.-r lav, .n'e .,et.>: . Pat P. -lie .. II, 1 I), : S.'i. !:'-;e. tie- -..He, :•'. •> Wme " Her i, p'.e tinnk : h- \ e\ e: v, me el.-e. Afte: -radnatae members of She pabticJ- >; us. Mixed I'.pel Staff •i I-. Helited n. and likes i , : .Mill pie. i ... tivs., are , He.'. Mollis. ..;>- Swee.er !•• • '• '•: I 'eo- :,."er than N„v. PT.A. THE Nov. ~<> -Strawberry Point has- EDITOR ketb.ill game here, boys and ASSISTANT EDITOR CLOTHES-HITS-—**^:" .Nov. -2fK- "" ' rrl |jr>i'W"" "MUSIC lion. SENIOR SKETCH HOT LUNCH November 25-November 27, Monday Chili eon Carrie with Crackers C.'irrut Strips Ihead and Butter Sandwich FEATHERS Tapioca Pudding lopped with Peach Half, GRADE NEWS BIRTHDAYS 1957 GIRLS SPORTS BOYS SPORTS SPECIAL FEATURES TOP TEN TUNES OF F.H.S. M.' Seventh Grade News THANKS MERCHANTS! CI. very -pe hi- '.seek .f W.litt 'V. Jther na.1 txvks Second Grade News Darla McBride had cial surprise for u- She read us the story the Whale that he: fath written. We plan to v :s:t the libr day to look at some new and have a piece of Thanks to the ladies that tr .adt the candy. Diane Pattison treated to cup cakes for he: birthday. Tr.ey were very good. We plan to make a train with our dental cards when they are returned. We are hoping tor a train with 29 cars. That w»uld be 100 percent. We had the unusual coincidence of two of our reading groups finishing their books on Ihe same day this week. One of the groups started reading "Around the Corner," and the other group will continue in their afternoon book, 'Through the Gate." We collected the pictures and sheets that we have made while studying about "The Weather" the past two weeks, and made nice booklets to take home. We learned how water goes up and down in vapor, clouds and rain, over and over again, and what causes snow, hail, dew, frost, fog and rainbows. Third Grade News It is nice to see mos. of our desks filled again after having so many absent with the flu. David Gourley, John Manson, and Linda Moore have returned ;• ran-e. Kahen.- no'.rt'-'-' vt ry go. tin a S .".a men: : iv 1 r.e\: Wt I p full and one- wd. DA cor.:-. The ;a: well for . 2t>2 ba.ss popcorn ': the mov:-.' -eemei house-. We not:eeii Game ii'hich we Grade 4 was dom^ a good busi ness most of the ev;i:;m. Every one had a very nice time. Tiiar.k to all the Room Mother- other people who worked so hard to make the Carnival a success. We will be having ii weeks tests Nov. 18 -22. We will have one or two a day. The Fifth Grade welcomes Miss Madonna Luster, who is our student teacher for the next I! weeks. Miss Ltirfter is from Harpers Ferry, and will graduate with a bachelor's degree from Upper Iowa in 195H. • • • • Sixth Grade News K,: h / • A-.:. . M.u i. ;: ' .%!.,:•' .: .i .,<••.••- H..: .:. D -. T:::. .'i.e.- H n T : sn m c r n. .. i». w . V.-r, n;. had A T:: .o:!i» .,.;t l>a.-ki-:b ;i )I „; O"- e: a-.ii:il^ f »!11 o.li i. • adi: III chide 'J'..::) Bnreheit. Kenn\ But:• . ft..he:; Gould. Mik.. Claytior. R en T;:;..-iierinan. George Van o P.uren. Mary Aiutin. Barbara n n -urge-, Barbara Fi<h. Carol Beck. Diane A-ttby. Diane Franzen and Carol Clark High School News Wedne.-day, Nov. bt. about 2a of tne high school seniors attended, i'lospecllve Teachers Day at LM.U. In the morning we registered and took a tour of the cam- pu.-. Later we listened to a couple of speeches. While we were waiting for Governor Loveless to arrive Dr. Gaibee told us an amus lug stoi y. After the speech by the Governor we hud mir lunch m the cafeteria. At 1:00 we attended a program and went to our seperab- looms to hear discussions. The program lasted most After about three hard weeks 0 f the day and was quite Inter we've finally regained all our pupils. Some days two weeks ago we had as many as eighteen out. The only ones who have escaped so far are Gary Voshell, Phyllis Weyant, Harold Hansen, Bobby esting. The juniors have ordered their class rings and will be waiting for them with as much anxiety as the seniors did last yeai. The .seniors ordered their graduation : .,vs !'o: .11.1 the - .loleU |,.| ; •v ! Vi\ ;iii..i.-iu COMING \ \ 21-G.ades ... .: e .entown. \, •'. 22 - Juni.ir e !.i.- .l.ee tor studi'lits ..:!< nd. tlradea l (|e. 2,ic Nov 22-First ba.-lo uf the season. bo\ lie] e art'iinst A i hi! time 7:1)0. Nov. 2:i - Junior Clas: '•Clementllie" in luuh gym at 8:00. • iperat ing 0- Sat '.ii- ii. : then uid 1I-0U loth the Tile |) 1,1 <, Hie Hlttll EVENTS isit ;.ie library day mat islnng tu Ih school all game uid girls n. Game '-j Pint Milk Tuesday Rscalloped Corn Ovi'ii Baked Weiner Cabbage Slaw litcad and Mutter Sandwich Canned Apricots Pint Milk Wednesday Tin key with Diessing IJaked Potato and Butter Ci earned Green HeilUX Waldorl Sa|.n| with Drupes Whole Wheal Hulls and Butter C| aiiibcri'le.i Frosted Cake '.. Pint Milk TYPISTS SPONSOR TATTLER STAFF Barb Kauten Ruth Nims Donna Heth and Kathy Shaffer Steven Talcott and Carole Dahlquist Bill Hughes, Janis Schabacher, Jean Cue, Carolyn Bright Roger Otjerstein, Jan Bennington Marge Downing, Becky Maxson Peg Eischeid Kip Knight, Gene Van Buren Kolleen Anfinson . Gloria Alber and Marvin Buckmaster Lowell Paul Jan Bennington Jan Schabacher, Ruth Nims Mrs. Paul Pickett He received a wrist watch for his prize. Second high was Sharon Thyer, 8th grade, with S33.25. His prize was tin Eastman Brownie Camera. For each S5 woKh of sales one put his name in the drawing. Cnrulu Sehuety's name was drawn for the radio. Others got smaller prizes based on the value of the subscriptions they sold. Magazine Subscription Contest Experimental Studies At Big Marsh Completed The temporary diversion of water from the west fork of the Cedar River into Big Marsh near The tlth, 7th, and 8th grade Parkersburg has stopped due to have completed their magazine completion of this stage of engineering studies by the State Con- Play school stiles sponsored by the Educational Readers Service Corporation. The goal this year was S500, we reached S48G.15. The school's profit goes for some worthwhile school project each year The high salesman was Gary Voshell. 6th grade with $34.50. servation Commission. A temporary plug that had been placed in the West fork of the Cedar to divert water down a 11,000 ft. ditch into Big Marsh has been removed, with comple­ tion of this phase of the study. When the study began about three weeks ago, Commission engineers installed the plug and ditch to bring water into the marsh. Observation wells were drilled at various places in the marsh and were ready for study when water arrived on the area. By daily sUidy of the static water levels along the ditch and in the observation wells, Commis sion engineers were able to tel\ where water seepage was occurring and the rate of movement, it any. Results of the study to this point have been valuable and may well form the basis of future recommendations concerning Big Marsh, says Commission engineers. Additional studies of B i g Marsh may be continued through another season or until certain design information is obtained. to qive pf ensure From Bakers — The Store you can depend on for the Best Value and Gift wrap needs. More time (or my hobby— and my hubby! s in Christmas Cards — Gifts — Trim Materials Come. .See .. New Arrival Dailv f.HOfKF VOITR niDICTMAC n,v,w,„ * CHOOSE YOUR CHRISTMAS GREETING CARDS NOW . 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