Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 26, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1939
Page 3
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i> Thursday, 'October 26,1939 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE THREE SOCIETY jvira. Sid Henry Telephone 321 While he was watching in mule sur\ prise Tlic hand of drawn dispelling the gloom; n splendor the sun burst thru the skies, • And painted in gold his attic room. And the rooom was small and nearly burc, Except for a chair and shaky bed; But it seemed the wind ofl whispered there, "Be glad of the roof over your head!" And indeed he was! For he had known g.llcnrt— ache and sorow and loss of friends; Bui now he was old and lefl alone, He found that on courage much depends. With Ihs n mnd and hs shoulders squared, He smiled nol matter how rough Uie road; And given a chance, he always shared His faith with others to ease their load. Thus he had managed to live con- A 'cnt, "ThcniBh cruel al times was Fate's decree, For his view of life had never meant That from care or strife it should be free. , . —Selected. Rock were Sunday guests of Mrs W. G. Boyles. Fish Transferred to Upper Red Lake .1.5,000 Fish R,emoved From Duck Pond as Water Hits New Low Mr. nnd Mrs. Otis O. Taylor am son Jon Otis of Pnmonn, Culitornli and Mrs. Martin of El Monte, Cnlif. left Wednesday for their homes, after i\ visit with relatives and friends in the city. Eleven members from the local American Login Auxiliary attended » membership Rally Conference in Nashville, ni» Tuesday. The Conference •wits held in the Nashville Lcgio Hut, mid the officers of the State Department were present. The local Lcgiot * reported a one hundred per cent membership, Mr. and Mrs. Oral Reeves of Little Mr. und Mrs. Frank Titnms of Tex- nrknmi were Sunday guests of Mrs. W. G. Broyles, The Friday Music Club will meet Friday afternoon nt the home of Mrs. J. O. Milam on South Pine street, with Mrs. R. V. McGiimis as joint hostess. The Chonil Club will meet promptly at two o'clock, followed by the Study period fit three o'clock. The choral Director, Mrs. M. C. Butler requests that the choral members will please bring their music. Mrs, Oscar Grecnburg and Miss Hazel Abram of Mary's Beauty Shop have returned from Little Hock where Ihcy attended the Arkansas Hairdressers' and Beautician Convention in session in that city for the past few duys. Troupe No. 3 Girl Scouts met on Tuesday with the new leader, Miss Alice Henry, for a most interesting meeting at the Little House In J'nir Park. Featuring the program was a talk on the care of the .skin and hair by Mrs. Lucille Briant. Hester, which was highly appreciated by the Troupe members. C. B. Carson of Hannibal, Mo. is the Word has been received that the water in Duck Pond was so low that thousands of fish were dying nnd unless rain came immediately all would die. Lloyd Siienccr, president of the Hempstcad county Wildlife Association immediately got in touch with the game warden mid agreed lha whatever expense was incurred in the transfer of the fish would be paid by the Wildlife Association. So, Miles l^aha, game warden for Hrmpslfiid county, transferred more than 15,000 g.-iinc fish from Duck Poni In Upper Hed Lake Tuesday anc Wednesday. He was assisted by Earl Barham game Warden from Nevada countj The fish were caught by hand, pu in tubs and transferred to Red Lake More than 20,00 bass and earppic were recently shipped here by the Game and Fish Commission from the slate Hatcheries at Lonokc and placed in Red lake. Another shipment is expected in November for Beards' Lake. Animal Show for Hope October 30 Adams-Floto Will Have 27 Clowns With Circus smiles out of grins, laughs out ol chuckles, will be plentiful in the great oval arena Adams — Floto Trained Animal Show when it exhibits in on Monday Oct. 30 at circus grounds on highway 67 on Pond street. Clowns are it necessary part of every circus and the "big part" for the small boy,—the more clowns, the better the youngsters like the circus. So, this year, finds twenty-seven of the War Party Wins in Quebec Voting funny fellows under the banners of the Just Received The Newest in LADIES Coats Coats to wrap you in fashion .smartness . . . Coats warm as they arc beautiful. Striking effects in, full fronts, borders, Half borders, sailor back or ripple collars. Black and every new shade. All warmly interlined. Misses, Women, Juniors. guest of his cousin Miss Mabel Smithey. Mrs. Mitchuin Ellis, who has been visiting her .M.stcr Mrs. John Sparks and other relatives and friends, has returned to her home in Bloomington Indiana. Dr. and Mrs. G. E. Cannon will return home Friday night from New Orleans where Dr. Cannon has spent the week in past graduate work in Tulanc University and Charity Hos- piti.l. 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AJ1 Waited Colors. 98c t « $3 95 Boys' SWEATERS 98c Tulane Greenwave SHIRTS 98c Big Apple CAPS Colors 95C COMPLETE STOCK YO.UNG MEN'S SLACKS $1.95 to $3.95 RIDAY - SATURDAY DOUBLE FEATURE Warner Baxter "Return of the Cisco Kid" — and — Tim McCoy "Prcscott Kid" — Plus — 'OVERLAND WITH KIT CARSON" NOTE: The Rialto Will run continuous on Fridays 1:45 p. m. to 11 p. m. Dominion Faction Victorious Over Provincial Group in Test QUEBEC — (Candadian Press)—The Union Nationale government of the province of Quebec, fighting for provincial authority, was defeated Wednesday by the Liberals, parly of the Dominion government at Ottaway. Results of balloting for 86 seats in the provincial legislature stood as follows at 0 p, m. Elected; Liberals 4D, Union Nationale eight, independent one. Leading Liberals 13, Union Nationale eight, unrcportcd six, deferred one. Quebec's prrnicr Maurice Duplcssis had called the election for support in his contention that war expenditures of the Dominion government were being made at the expense of riief and other problems in his province. His supporters said the Union Nationale administration was Quebec's only safeguard against conscription. The election result was a victory for the party of Canadian' Prime Minister W. L. MacKeiv/.io King, under whose leadership Canada went to war at the side of Great Britain. Musical Tennessee KNOXVILLE, Tenn.—(/P)—Tennesse- ans like ballads whether they are 800 years old or modern compositions such as "We've Got Franklin D. Roosevelt Back Again," the University of Tennessee has found. Miss Ruby Duncan of Sale Creek, working on a master's degree, collected ballads, old and new, from the natives throughout the stale and found some of them dated back to Ihe 12lh cenlury. Such songs as "The Farmer's Cursl Wife" and "Bonny Barbara Allen," known as "Child ballads," were among Ihe oldest The more modern included a salule to President Roosevelt and the story of Floyd Collins, who was trapped in a cave so'm'c years ago. "When we think of the greal antiquity of the Child ballads, we realize that American folk song is in its infancy," said Miss Duncan. "II is Irue that in comparison with the oldei songs and ballads we are prone to give adverse criticism to our own conlribu- lion, but it may be thai America is developing a weallli of folk songs that in the future will bear favorable com parison with the best lhal has been produced by any country in the past. • » ^ Champion Booster world's newest major circus. AH are jesters of the highest type and many of them are known from one end of the land to the other. Jimmy Thomas, Bruce LaFarra, Johny Dulmar, Eddie Bell, Russ Fisher, Chucli Wirth and dozens of others, all are "tops" with the kiddies. Performances, will be held at 2:00 and 8:00 p. in. with the doors opening al UOO and 7. p. m. Formal Demand Is (Continued from Page One) 3,200 Troops to Train in L R. Camp Will Be Moved Into Camp Robison for 90 days' Training LITTLE ROCK — Approximately 3,200 infantry troops from five camps in the Seventh Corps Area will move into Camp Joseph T. Robinson within 10 days for 90 days of intensive training, Gen. Pcry P. Bishop, commanding officer of the area, announced at Omaha, Neb., Wednesday. Harry Huitioy, quartermaster stationed at Camp Robinson, said he had received no orders in connection with the troop concentration. Mr. Hartley said equipment in stor- ago at the i-amp is sufficient for only 2,401) men. General Bishop's order said equipment will be sent here by rail, while the troops will move to camp in trucks. NEW ORLEANS — Folwcll Legend r is Tulanc's No. 1 rooter, having miss c donly one Green Wave game in 1 years—North Carolina at Chapel Hi last season. here to be backing Hungary, should she advance to the Carpathians' in Roumania—occupying the former Hun garian province of Transylvania. Dispatches from Rome said informed Fascist believed Italy, having fought to resist Communism in Spain, wuold resist any Communist penetration into Southeastern Europe. However, they did not say assurances of military aid had been given to Hungary in the event she fought to hold the Carpathian line—assurances which authoritative quarters in Budapest said had been given. Informed quarters here expressed belief Britian and France would hesitate to declare war on Hungary, Yugoslavia and Italy. Without Turkey's help, diplomats said, it virtually would be impossible for the Western pow-, crs to ful-fill their guarantees of independence to Roumania, Soviet Challenges (Continued from Page One) t happened in One, Two, Three Order RICHMOND, Ky.—(/P)—It actually appened: A kerosene lamp flamed up. Its fire early reached the ceiling. John Whitker, fearing an explosion, threw the amp out of the window. The lamp struck a pet rabbit, setting s fur on fire. The rabbit ran under a cighbor's house, with Whitaker's dog n close pursuit. The dog caught the blazing rabbit ind dragged it from under the house, 'he fire was put out. Unemployment (In Jail) Results From the War SAN QUENTIN, Calif.—(/P)—The war has confronted San Quentin prison with an unemployment problem Twelve hundred of its- convicts employed in the prison jute bag factory r ace a layoff because of inability to gc raw materials. Vew Shipment of Cosmetics at Cox Famous Beauty Preparations Received in Fall Shipment Cox's drugstore has just received new fall shipment ol cosmetics from the houses of Barbara Gould Dorothy Perkins, Elizabeth Arden and Lentheric. November is on ideal lime for repairing all the ravishes of summer to the complexion. These cosmetic houses have perfected methods of normalizing the skin—of taking away the dry, parched look and giving a lovely clear tone to the skin. Miss Bertha Zimmerly, in charge o£ Cox's toilet-goods department, is well trained in the field of cosmetics, and will be glad to advise and suggest the correct make-up in the latest shades to be most becoming to any type. Blevins, Ashdown (Continued From Page One) Believe Germans Broke Up Convoy Pocket Battleship Loose at Sea Is Real Threat to British Jr., stockilybuilt youngster, has been inserted in the fullback post and as a result the offensive power of the team has been strengthened. The Panthers passing attack last Friday night was just about the only • bright spot in their 20-0 loss against the strong Horatio Lions. In scrimmage sessions during the past week,! considerable time has been devoted to aerial plays with Webster and Thrash tossing to Bass, Hale, wright, Ward and Chappelc. With such a varied attack to help the running plays of their captain, Fuzzy Thrash, the Panthers arc conflidcnt that they will chalk up their first victory of the Of February 2G, 1009, gravely impai) the interests of neutral countries and destroys international trade. "By including in its list of contraband such articles and goods as fuel, paper, cotton, fodder for agricultural animals, footwear, clothing and materials for their manufacture and even all foo'dstuffs—bread, meat, butter, sugar and other foodstuffs—the British government in fact proclaims con. traband basic articles of: mass consumption and creates the possibility of unlimited arbitrariness in classing all artilcs of popular onsumption as war contraband. "Tills inevitably leads to profound"dis organization of the supply of the pcace-ful civil population with necessities, gravely endangers the heaith and lives of the peaceful population and portends innumerable calamities for the masses of people. "It is known that universally recognized principles of international law do not permit air bombardment of peaceful population of women, child ren and aged people. On the same grounds, the Soviet government deems it not permissible to deprive a peaceful population of foodstuffs, fuel and clothing and thus subject children, women and aged people and invalids to every hardship and to starvation by proclaiming goods of popular consumption as war contraband. LONDON, Kng. — British war- Prohibit U.S. Flag (Continued from Page One) hips hunted the seas Wednesday night for German submarines and surface raiders combining in new at- acks on the nation's shipping. These sinkings, in which Britain lost 7,(i71 tons of ships, in one day, bring- ng her lasses to 45 ships, gave a isc to speculation that an entire convoy had been attacked. Full extent of the day's losses was not passed for publication until Wednesday when an Admiriralty statement said that three of the victims. the 4,413-lon Tafna the 3,528-ton Lcd- hury and the 2,474-ton Menin Ridge had been "fired upon." The British Press Association said the 7,256- ton, Clan Chisolm was sunk "presumably by a U-boat while on a homeward voyage to Britain." All were sunk- about 80 miles west of the Strait of Gibraltar. Eighty-one persons wore reported dead or missing. Reports from Oslo, Norway, yesterday said the- 5,044-ton freighter Stonegate had been sunk in mid-Atlantic by the Deutschland. Her crew and the crew of another sunken British ship —38 men in all— was rescued by the City of Flint and landed at Tromsoe, Norway, before the City of Flint was taken on to Murmask. Britain has only three warships— wore counting on the house to keep the embargo intact. House managers of the bill claimed a majority for repeal. Speaker Bankhead said the neutrality measure would not receive "atleh- tion" in the house until Monday, and that the leadership would make no decision on procedure until the bill vas received. There were indications the measure would be sent to a joint conference committee to work out an acceptable compromise. HOPE Twice Daily MON. OCT. 30 CIRCUS GROUNDS Old Highway G7 — Pond St. ADAiS FLOTO Trained Animal - SHOW - *^ss\s*^*\ss\s*** Special Matinee TICKET This Ticket and (lOc) Will Admit One School Pupil to Matinee Performance of Adams Floto Trained Animal Kid Grid Teams to (Continued from Page One) Robertson, Billy Higgison, Hamilton i Hill, Jim Robertson, J union Thorn- 1 ton, Joe P. Crane, Billy Citty, T. Robertson, Jhonnie Webb. The Hope Players Hope's starting lineup; Wilson Britt, right end; Charlie Tompkin, right, tackle; H. Recce, right guard; Kendall Smith, center; Jerome Duffic, left guard; Sam Grey, left tackle; John Urban, left end; Buddy Bowden, quarterback; Leslie Tompkins, righthalf. Echols Locke, lefthalf; Jack Bell, fullback. Hope reserve players, Martindale; Weaver^ Zimmerly, Floyd; Jewell, Kylcr, Rettig, Franks, Bright, Duffie Westbrook, Hcndrix, Cornelius, Steed, Pcrryman, Chance, Thomas, Wallace, Franklin. TALBOT'S "We Outfit the Family" BEAUTY IS YOURS FOR THE ASKING/ There's no trick to being beau- l tiful if you rely On CARMEN'S I Beauty Shop. Stop in regularly |for all your beauty treatments. Five Trained Bcautieians to Serve You Voncie! Prill-hell Alice Roberts Ruth Hoelcher Kathleen England Carmen Cumbie C armen s Beauty Phone 752 _ So. Elm St. Phone for an appointment today People Aren't Only Ones Afraid of Bombers NORTHRIDGE, Calif. - (/I 1 ) — The army training base of. cadet aviators has refused to close down despite pro- i tests from ranchers. The ranchers said \ that maneuvering planes frightened cattle and poultry so much thai pro duclion was decreasing. the battle cruisers Repulse, Renown and Hood—both fast and powerful enough to overtake and conquer Germany's pocket battleships. Naval circles said, however, that two or three eight-inch gun cruisers working together would be "quite capable" of dealing with the Deutschland. Besides the Deutschland, Germany has two other pocket battleships, the Admiral Schcer and the Admiral Graf Spee. First reports that a German raider was at large were hear October 2 with the sinking of the British steamer Clement off the Coast of Brazil. ORL1S Mouth Wash 43c OLAFSEN ATOL (ABDC) CAPSULES FLOSS-TEX TOILET TISSUE 3 i 14* scription to us. 3 Registered Druggists to serve you promptly- We have filled over 262,000 prescriptions CORNING ALARM CLOCK ACCUR- AOC ATE . .TFO H»» pierced hondt TYSON RUBBER GLOVES FRESH •% •»*• STOCK 4J V Protect your hand*. OFFICIAL SIZE •VARSITY' FOOTBALL FOR AOC ONLY . YO M«d«olTEXHlDE« Trusses Properly fitted. Complete stock of all types. . 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