Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 18, 1952 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 18, 1952
Page 9
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' !•" Jr^,|^*f^ >a MOM fTAft, MOM, ARKANSAS Monday, Atigult 10> If th« l from tram What, looked n lot * to punch Umjjlre ! Cttifrt but ild avoid n mill- lilt , occurred in Ihc *i'y#md*y'» pponer (M of tht Mntlwi •phoned a full l»»t nl|ht, *ohflfMl«ff In the In- cher, Dofj»t*)ll and Hit' OHmm of tho I,little ilgnlfleanl to . c ._ lo mnko jr, Mftjucd to «>n> at he had attempt- m»n«0(»r bn'lns U fflma. Thnt'H Raid, up nuddonly JJfcnt pltchor irf th» mound tho ninth at IPC-J thn 1 grubbed tin; nnd throw rnplre Al Bnr of words, oaroohfli" gut of ' Olpnt manner v«te waving both eookwl. hi* right w. a, punch nnd sWIII, Orlmm, , r«»hitd be und Gorman ortstop Alvin Dark i t'* httd boen t*, nuu ana thlo the craft's Slower. In , "Pour. u j«*t «»» far n» I'm h* Comrmmlit th«»o people crJUcul ol me. y»t«V«n void pub-' ktt W«ft," he Haiti tlft AmerJon. don't shaft . ivo push- 'A Of the buut •""TT^Erpr™."' Ty T-**** ™" j^iU.lMo lent. d car.. ... v* ex. th« boats. j$yj.,; itoblo Hairy the av« (or the t fttt about i Mttftn, pMp]« 'HftV* WWMIP W*8 well, but h» M«nd«y, August II, 1*S2 Mississippi Demos in a te \L PITTEft-PATTER MUSIC—Torrentlnl mimmer ruins In Korea foil to dampen the enthuiloim of „ tho HoyBl CoriMdtan 23ml Regimental Bnnd., Shelteredi by n forpnulln, they ploy rljjht along, and th« J conductor doni a poncho n« ho direct* with fluid grnce. CORNY WY8TERY— Thl» young lady with tho tnpo rncnsuro »eem» a toll my«tih«d of tWi'plmtl bestdo her. And no wonder. It's »ttt>k Ijtowlna very Urttlly out at n cruck In tho pnvumtmt on ner of \VnthlnBton nnd Jefferson Street nuitr Chicago's bu*y tho corner Jewish Attack on Nixon Is Denounced DENVER. I* ~ A LOB Angeles Jewish organization denounced as utterly unfounded today what it termed vicious' "Insinuations of nnli-Semltlsm" directed against Sen. Richard M. Nixon of California, tho GOP vice presidential nominee. .Seeking to counteract such attacks'. Nixon made public n stale- im-nt sent to him by the Community delations Committee of the Los Angeles Jewlnh Community Council. Tho California senator Is basing Ills operation!* here at the cam- pnign hcndiiunrter.-i of Gen. Dwight D. Kisenhower, the Republican presidential ctindldnte. Eisenhower himm-lf spoke out 10 . ('n.ys ai;o against appeals to bigotry ' and prejudice in political campaigns, lie did so after a Minnesota OOP loader told him that state had been flooded with anti-Jewish literature attacking both the gen- oral and President Truman. In a statement of his own today, Nixon said those who would "stir up nice Itarted and bigotry are violating every concept of Americanism." he added: "They are just as un-American nnd anti-American as the Communists, the Nn/ls and the Fascists. 'Tho .spreading of bigotry and KeiiHlon among our people, is a threat to American liberties." Tho'Los Angolos statement Vns sli'iii.'il by Judge Isaac Pncht, chairman of the Jewish Community Relations Committee. Speaking out "with candor and frankness." Pacht sold: "AK'ilnKt Son. Nixon the insinuations of nnti-Somitism hnvc been particularly vicious. There are ninny of us who support the senn toi for the vice presidency. There are many of us who oppose him. "Whatever our political differ encoK, however, upon this one fuel wo have 1 no difference. We resenl jintt deplore this accusation. "Democrats and .Republicans alike, we want it placed squarely en public record that any charges of anti-Semitism against Son. Nix on are utterly and totally unfound I'd. We rnnke this statement afUu tho most assiduous inquiry."' On a broader basis, Pacht said thciv is no justification for any bigotry charges against Eisenhow- or. or tho Democratic standard bearers, Gov. Adtai Stevenson ol Illinois and Sen. John J, Spark' LIU of Alabama. By KEITH PULLER JACKSON.- Ml»«. Wl— pl'i divergent Democrats, In a thr«*wajr »pllt for Gov. Adlal Stcvorfaon, Dwlitht Elsenhower and a po««ible third party group, battle today for supremacy in the State Democratic Convention. The convention open* at II a.m . JE«*lern"Std l f»dard Time, to deckle U» political roi« In the 1952 pros!- dintiir campaign, ^Mttto»ij|i#ft,wHh 0(1 per cent of lj» *pt3fri oftiffh* a'tate Democratic party rOHX, htr*; group* supporting 8t«ven»Jte arid Eisenhower and a faction that prefers a third party Southerner to cither major party candidate. The Stevenson forces, headed by Oov. Hugh White and Mlsslsnippi's conBr*s«lonaI delegation, won a fight In the Resolutions Committee last nighU A resolution offered by Stevenson backer* wag adopted by an 11-5 vote after. Elsenhower members brought; about the omission of n claiwo endorsing the Illinois governor, The resolution, as revised, called simply for the electors of the State Democratic Convention to be pledged to Stevenson and Sen. John Sparkman of Alabama without » gtnte party endorsement. The resolution was subject to revision, rejection or adoption today. A resolution of the pro-Eisenhower forces was defeated by an 11-5 margin. It sought to put the StovenBon-Sparkmun ticket on the ballot with the statement that the Mississippi Democratic party did not recommend them to tho voters of the state. Tho original Stevenson resolution offered by State Rep. Ed White contained an endorsement clause that rend, "Therefore, believing the best Interests of Mississippi TO- <(uirt»R it, this convention irrevocably pledges its electors to vote for Gov. Adlul Stevenson of Illinois for President and for Sen. John J. Sparlunan of Alabama for vice piesldent." Former I,t. Gov. Sain Lumpkln. head of the Mississippi Democrats- for - Eisenhower movement and :halrman of the Resolutions Com- nittee, warned the committeemcn, V. .«: BONES OF COUUMBUS- Nvxt month tho Dominican Republic will celebrate' t|u» 75CU anniversary of th* discovery of this leaden i'ciskat containing tho remains ot Christopher Columbus, tt was found b(MK'«th tho Cathedral of Santo Domingo on Stept, 10, 1877. Klaueriitu mxtnuwlcs will bo led. by President Rafael Tvujlllo, \vhoso jsuvornnxmt Is urging tho completion of n lialf-milo-lonn ' to tho tfraot navigator pledged, by U»* 21 republics. H 0 M STAR, H Of 1, Aft KAN S AS R«YAL VISITOR-Prlnce Abdullah Felsel, grandson of King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia, got a big kick out of the striking view at Grand Canyon. He and his party, touring the U. S., spent two days there. Youth Tells pf7-Doys in Mountains Markets By The Aitoclated Preis The hog market opened sloJ 25 cents a hundred pounds lol Cattle and sheep were ste| Grains mostly opened lower,, soybeans made some advance! SONORA, Calif., OK — Thirteen-, year-old Brent Brndberry today' lon futures opened 35 cenls it told a hair-raising story of how| d< < lar and fivc cents a bale *" he survived seven days alone ini Cr . , . « ,.„ ,,.„. e , , ' ' Wholesale meats were irreguf the high Sierra using Boy Seoul ( „„,.„ is a commodity rep' SOCIETY 74411 i*tw»* n • A. M. iM4 P. M. know-how. The husky t/ynwood, Calif., ' from tho USDA: Calendar • Tuesday, August 19 There will be a call meeting of the Wisteria Garden Club Tuesday "If you go on to the floor of the convention tomorrow and railroad that Stevenson endorsement through, you'll split the Democratic party of this state so that it will never get back together again." State Sen. Ellis Bodron offered nn amendment to say, "Placing the Democratic nominees on the ballot in Mississippi shall not bo construed ,as an endorsement of tho candidates by the State Democratic Convention." ., youth walked into a fishing cltmp Saturday, a week after he vanished on a fishing trip. Doctors lure said his physical condition was perfect, except for sore feet and bruises. Brent Was to join his father, Weniel Bradberry, a Los Angeles store executive, today. The father was enroute here < from a search for the boy in another section of the mountains. Brent said he used his knowledge of woodcraft as he followed small Cherry creek downstream. Estimates of the distance he tramped, Waded, swam and tumbled ranged from 20 to 50 miles. He said he frequently crossed his own path in looking tor trails. "The third day out," Brent related, " I was near the falls. I'd been working my way down the liver, sometimes wading, sometimes swimming, when all of a sudden I was caught in a heavy .swirl of -water. I was dragged downstream two miles and went over a number of cascades and two waterfalls. One was 20 feel high. "There was a bend in the river and I managed to hang onto a big rock there and pull myself out. . , I got out sopping wet, but found an old, rotten redwood tree, scooped out a nice bed and crawled in. It was warm and I slept all night." The dark-haired lad said he was feared only the first night, when "I saw some wolf tracks and later a couple of lean wolves." Foresters believe he had mistaken. coyotes for wolves. Young Bradberry said he'd eaten only some pine nuts, juicy leaves, Hogs opened somewhat Irnfimorning at 10 o'clock al Ihc home lar at Eastern corn belt markWof Mrs. W. E. Walker. All mem- At Chicago the weights under libers are urged lo be present. pounds ore steady to a quan ^_ lower whilo heavier weights nlll • The VFW Auxiliary will meet with sows are steady. At Easl Louis the lightweights arc stej to weak while heavier weig have sold around len cents h| er and sows a quarter hlgher.|| Hope Country Club will enter- Indinnapolis the market is steal tain with a family potluck picnic jfiesday night, August 19, at 7:30. irs. Paul Bain and Mrs Alvin I \Villis will be hostesses. to strong. Most of the 190 to 230 poi butchers are selling from arofl Tuesday night, August 19, at 7 o'clock. Hosts and hostesses will be Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hay's, $22.75 to tops of $23 and $23.25i|Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lowe, and Mr. Indianapolis and East St. Lo« and Mrs. G. A. Hobbs while at Chicago the 190 to pounders are selling from $22.a a top of $22.00. Heavier wef| are quoted downward to $21.75 ,Thursday, August 21 The Catholic Altar Society will spent the week end in Hot Springs. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Berry and daughter, Cathy, of Gibsland, !»., wH>rf the weekend guests of Mrs. Berry's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Collins. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Tallant spent the weekend in Arkadel- phit with Mrs. Tallant's parents. Toft, Truman May Become Prize Targets By JACK BELL WASHINGTON — President Mr. and Mrs. A. A. McDowell and family returned to their home in Fort Worth, Texas, today after a 10 day visit with relatives in Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Sexton returned home this week-end from a three-day motor trip to Rockaway Beach, Mo. 270 pounders at East St. Louis ,i|sP°nsor a benefit ice cream sup for« weights up to 290 pounds i>er Thursday evening. August 21, Chicago. Sows are generally, si ing downward from $21. Minister Defends Gov'. Stevenson i _ _ ^ SPRINGFIELD, 111. (UP) — Gov. j wild peppers and some dried ~apr"i- Adlai E. Stevenson was slouched I cots he found. He also found two In a rear pew when a Presbyter- pairs of. trousers at an abandoned en nip to reinforce his own pants —worn through nt the seat from kin minister charged that Sen. Everett M. Dirksen (R-ll.)Mold a "blatant lie" about Stevenson. (sliding over rocks and underbrush. Philippine Towns Gutted by Fire MANILA Iff?) — Fires destri large sections of two Philippi; towns over the wSek end, left homeless, and caused d a m 1 which, authorities estimated $750,000. There were no reports casualties. nt 7:30 at the Parish Hall. The | public is inviled. Muspitol Notes Josephine Hospital Admlltcd: Mrs. E. R. Fravell, • The area in which he was m ing is on the northwest fringe Yosemltu national park. Wednesday, August 20 The VFW Post and Auxiliary will have a potluck supper Wcdnes day night, August 20, at 7 'o'clock. Commander, Herbert Griffin, and president,Mrs. Thomas Fenwick, "Br., request all members to be present. Mr. and Mrs. E. R| Fravell o nouncc the arrival of a son August 16, 1952. ALWAYS FIRST Q U A L TT Y ! Chair Seismograph Puzzles Experts EVERETT. Mass.. i UP) — The case of the overstuffed "sciamo ph" had at least one earthquake expert Kuessins today, P r o t o ssw L, Donald Lt-et itt urRo of the Harvard University seismoloRical slation vuuldn't be- live that Leonard BnrUunu's armchair could detect earthquakes. Hurisuno was sitting in it yesterday when he felt two "shows," he said, nnd immediately culled u . Where's the earthquake?" he askod nnd u«t a negative answer, Positively an earthquake somewhere," Barlsono said. "I'm sitting in this chair, a big comfortable choir, and 1 get two shoves. 30 seconds apart." Dr. Left confirmed that the Harvard soUimntraph recorded two trvfiiuus about -2,000 mtles away about the time Barisuiw was dis- turbt>d and uskvd where the report- in- Rut the lip, From a num sittinx in "a lar«e« ovwstuffed chair," the reporter said, "A large overstuffed chtirf" asked Dr. Leet. "An' you suw None of Barlsano's neighbor* felt anything and he said he would have been willing to forget It but the chair shook twice. "One shimmy in the chair — co- i,icidene»j, Barissuo said." "Two shiiumios — an earthquake," 50 Pairs PRISCILLA CURTAINS • 84" x 90" • Wide Ruffles! • You Save! 1.77 PR. PLAID SHEET BLANKETS • Big Size! • American Cotton! • Buy now & Save! ! YOUR DOLLARS FARTHER AT PENNEY 5! Tablets are adult dos No need break the Buy It tod 60 tablets Branch Hospital Discharged: Mrs. Fred Garvctt, Hope. Julia Chester Admitted: Mr. J. E. Cannon, Clubs SWIM ST. LOUIS. (UP) - George Hopper, 50-y*»r-oW E*st St. Loui*. p., stunt Swimmer, sot out y«»ter4*y to sw«» the Mi5sis4ipj>i River KMMtft Small price.... .. YOUNG SUITS Superbly tailored of handsome new fabriqs! 17.75 • The look Expensive • The Fashion . . . High Styled! • The tailoring . . . The Finest! • Junior and Misses Sizes! Half Sizes - - - -19.75 $1.00 WILL HOLD IN LAY-A-WAY! NEW ARRIVALS IN FALL SKIRTS • Corduroys! • Gabardines! 4.98 FOR LITTLI IOY$! JIMMY JEANS • Detachable Suspenders! • 8 Ounce Sanforized Denim! • Sizes 1 to 5! , Hollis : Foster Vows Exchanged . Miss Mary Darnell Foster, daughter of Mrs. Alma Foster of .this city, became the bride of James Kenneth Hollis, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Hollis of Patmos, in a double ring ceremony Sat- rday morning, August 16, at 10:30 the home of the officiating minister, Elder Carlton Roberts. The bride was attired in a street length dress of aqua puckered nylon wilh white accessories. She pinned at her shoulder a sorsage of white tube roses and white carnations. Miss Ava Nell Honeycutt, maid of honor, wore a white organdy strecl length dress with white accessories. Her corsage was of .pink carnations. Theo Fonnby of Patmos served Mr. Hollis as best man. Mrs. Foster chose for her daughter's wedding a brown puckered nylon dress w>t h ' :v.n and beige accessories. She wore a corsage of pink carnations. Mr. and Mrs. Hollis will be at home at 302 East Ave. D. Mrs. Hollis attended Hope- High School and Mr. Hollis graduated QI^ S ^ [from Patmos High Scnooi. Saratoga. Mrs. Carl Richards, Rt. 2, Hope. Mrs. T. A. Gathright, Saratoga. Mr. W. E. McKinncy, Saratoga. Sweet Home Sweet Home home domonstra- lion club had a Call ceding al Ihe church August 6. Plans were made for the family picnic August 20. The report was given on the can- date dinner. We sure appreciate such a good turn out. You who were unable to come really miss- Truman and Sen. Robert A. Taft— two men who aren't running—may become major targets in the presidential campaign. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Republican candidate, and Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson of Illinois, his Democratic opponent, thus far haven't found anything especially cutting to say about each other. But Eisenhower's followers have haJ plenty to say about Trumnn and his record. In fact. Ihey are busily engaged in efforts lo hang Truman's policies around Steven- son'n political neck. And the Stevenson people may be awaiting only some official sign that Taft will play an active part in Eisenhower's campaign to let go a blast at the Ohio senator and his wing of Ihe Republican parly. Truman said even before Ihe Chicago conventions thai Ihc Re publican nominee would have lo carry along the weighl of what he called "isolationist" sentiment in his party. Taft was tabbed as an "isolationist" during the primary campaign by Gov. Sherman Adams of New Hampshire, now t head of Eisenhower's personal staff. The Republican nominee is expected lo confer wilh Taft within the next few weeks on how much the Ohio senator will be asked to do in the general election campaign. The Columbus Dispatch reported Saturday lhat Taft definitely will take an aclive parl in Ihe Eiscn hower campaign. II cajoled him in a telephone interview from Canada as saying he expects lo confer in Washington about Sept. 8 with Republican National Chairman Arthur Suinmorficld on a speaking; schedule. The Eisenhower camp apparently is split on the extenl to which it ought to employ Taft's talenls, if at all. Some of the general's backers have been urging him lo ignore the Taft wing in campaigning. Court Docket, Municipal Court of 1 tope, Atk., August 18, 1952. City Docket T. J. ttfteker, M. d. Taylor, disturbing pence. Forfeited $10 cash bond. : :; Willie Tale, drunkenness. Forfeited $10 cash bond. Flora Smith, possessing untaxed intoxicating liquor, cash bond. Forfeited $50 .1. J. Jewell, C, n. Middlebrooks, .toe Hollis, Illegal parking. Forfeited $1 cosh bond. J. H. Covlnglon, running "stop" sign. Forfeited $5 cash bond. Henry Mill, reckless driving. Forfeited $2S cnsh bond. Robert Prccmnn, running "red 1 light. Forfeited $5 cash bond. Hilly W.'Formby, drunk while driving. Forfeited $2S cnsh bnnd and ordered lo serve ono day In jnll. Kll/.abeth Pearson, assault and battery. Plen Utility, fined $25, Alexander Pride, failure to yield JustitePfobi ofOldnRafe Fraud Revm rlghl-nt-wny. bond, Forfeited $r> 'cash Alunxo Nelson, reckless driving. Dismissed. Fannie DoLoney, pence. Dismissed, disturbing By B. U, WASHINGTON l^tfOUSfcalfi tigators, it watt learned digging Into n cnae , thot Uy in Ihe Justice D(bpatti nboul scvoa years .and...IhrnS;^ marked "closed" .without' prosecuted. , .«;' : ; -.sij Activities ofva UumborvM officials of Iho-'Wbpnrtmc'nr'fM^L. bncn under ' scrutiny' In , doffflittfeHlS with the cns«, which -,'lr ! -- i -^ i * iislw » tti become tho subject hearings on Capitol Hill Tho unexplnlnott Irtck rutinn in tilt 1 case similar matters- MAY RAZE "WORLD'S TINIEST CHURCH"-Piclurcsque Montee Casslno Chapel, called tho world's tiniest church, may soon be torn down to make way for « housing project. Located high above Ft. Mitchell, Ky., on the ground of the former Benedictine vineyards, the beautiful shrine is surrounded by a modern housing project of nearby Covlngton. Nearly SO years ago, two Dcnedlctlno monks quarried stone from the hillsides and built the shrine. Photo at left, above, shows tho interior, decorated wilh tradilional religious symbols and n small allar, H can only hold threo worshippers. Other photo shows.the exterior, with a belfry so small the Benedictines have never k- been able to find a bell for it. DOROTHY DIX ed a good meal. The proceeds will j Others say he needs the Ohioan's be used on our community building. Hinton help, particularly in the Midwest. Republicans have been harping on the contention that Stevenson is a "captive" of the Truman ad- Does He Love Her? Dear Miss Dix: I am a 25-year- old divorcee with two young children. I am in love with a man two years my senior, whom I have known for almost twelve years. He seems to care a lot for my sons, and has asked me to marry him. That seems like an ideal situation — yet, 1 am undecided. He has also been married before nnd the aflernoon of Augusl llth of New Hampshire and Rep. the members of the Hinton Home Joseph Martin of Massachusetts ministration. Sen. Styles Bridges I think ho still cares for his ex- Demonstration Club met with Mrs. I F. E. Wheelington for a covered dish dinner. There were several visitors present. Pictures were made of the provided some new ammunition along this line over the week end. Tho two GOP congressional leaders charged the Democrats with wife who lives in another slate. He hasn't seen her for three years ovei takes her, nnd you'll be-welcome to what's left, H won't be much, 1 assure you. Dear Miss Uix: I would like to know whore lo u<> to see about udoptin.n a baby. B. M. R. Answer; You have a long, hard pull ahead of you. Adoption is iin 'involved procedure, which, for the good of parents and child, is a lony scries of legal technicalities but I know she is a beautiful girl. -So the sooner you gel busy, tin and I am quite plain. He never kisses me goodnight and has never told me he loves me. about every conceivable political Of course, until last year our group. Mrs. Gibson gave a short! crime in a 13,000-word campaign friendship was strictly platonic. reporl of the delayed meeting held i document. They said the Republi Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Copeland and Anita attended- the funeral of Mrs. Copeland's uncle, P. C. Jones at Mineral Springs Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Franks had as their Sunday guest their son, Thomas C. Franks of Little Rock. Mr, and Mrs. E. E. Daniels and children, Shelvia Jean, Shelia Kay of Hot Springs were week end guests of Mrs. Daniels' sister, Mrs. Roy Berry and family. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. McDowell and Mr. and Mrs. A. A. McDowell Now Showing Danger. . . Excitement . . . Romance Sweep the Screen! at Mrs. Stella Adams last week. At that time Mrs. Wheelington won the surprise package and Mrs. at the August llth meeting. The group decided lo send a package to be sold al the State Livestock Show with proceeds going lo Ihe Girls 4-H House al Fayetteville. Afler enjoying several games direcled by Mrs. Black Ihe group galhcred in Mrs. Wheelinglons dining room for a very delicious dinner. The enlire house was de- coraled wilh fall flowers. The Seplcmber meeting will be wilh Mrs. W. Berlin Jones wilh the recreation leader Mrs. Eddy Black in charge of the dcmonstralion. Evening Shade The Evening Shade HD Club held its. .annual, picnic on Thursday night, August 7, at Hacklcrs Pond, eight miles south on Highway 29, with Mr, and Mrs. Ernesl Hacklcr as hosl and hoslcss. The group enjoyed Ihcmselves wilh group singing and games. A buffet pot luck supper was served from a long table under the pines to forty-eighl members, and families including guests rom out of 'town, Mr. and Mrs. .awrence Shellon and son Larry. and Mrs. Robert White and two children. Olher guesls were, Mr. and Mrs. Jewel May. PEC1 ANN BOTH InieWOWLD . Di HIS ARMS 1.49 SOMETHING NEW DOUBLE-KNEE JEANS • Extra Quality! • Sanforized 8 ounce Denim! • Sizes 4 to 14? 1.98 IOYS UONG SL«Vf FUNNEL SHIRTS t Beoutiful Hew P«jtt«ms! t Ages 6 to )$ 149 Here they are! 11 Ounce JEANS t Heavy Duty! t White Back Denim J • 5tcx:k up now! RIALTD • Today - Tuesday * GOP to Go All Out in Trying to Win South cans were doing their best to save the country. Typical quotes from the report: "The administration had no answer to favoritism and corruption in government except to promise an executive cleanup that ended in a complete farce." "When the 82nd Congress ad- journedg our servicemen were still fighting in Korea and they were held back from victory by the Democrat administration. . . . Hqv- ing plunged us into war in Korea, Democrats do not know how lo get us out." "The 82nd Congress, under Democrat control, continued down the deadly path of high government spending and high taxation—the road to national destruction." Bridges and Martin said the Ko rcan War could have been avoided if Ihe United States had not withdrawn its troops from the peninsula in 1947—a subject which brough controversy between John Foster'Dulles and Democratic Sen. Paul Douglas of Illinois over the week- end. Dulles, former State Department adviser and one of the drafters of the foreign policy plank in the Republican platform, wrote Douglas criticizing a speech the latter made before the Democratic convention. Douglas had said Eisenhower, Dulles and others concurred in the troop withdrawal. Asserting that he was acting under orders from President Truman in presenting a withdrawal resolution to the United Nations, Dulle said thai if Republicans were al- lucked for mistakes made when they were acling under Ihe orders of Democratic presidents, this would destroy the bipartisan for' eign policy. When he asked me to marry him then I said no, because 1 couldn't imagine being his wife. During the past year I have learned to care for him. Recently he renewed his proposal and again I asked for more time. I simply am not sure that he cares for me. He is not demonstrative by. nature. I know, but is considerate, kind and understanding. However, I don't, want to accept a proposal when I'm not sure of having my love returned. CONFUSED SALLY Answer: Certainly even an undemonstrative man who has asked a girl to marry him should show some signs of affection, even the bt'Ui'r. See the founding homo h your city or any orphange. They will din-el you to Ihe proper cen tral agency . Hi-Vased By The Bull Syndicate Inc. Kdwurd Adctirk, Illegal pnrkliiK, Dismissed. Stnto Docket Uilly J. Caulk, drunk while driving. Forfeited $!2T> cash bond and ordered to serve one day in jail. Jack Hiickney, operating a motor vehicle with no brakes. Forfeited $5 cash bond. llule P. Gibson, rcckloNs driving, Fined $!M; fine suspended during good behavior. Billy liny Tnbftr, opornting motor vehicle on wrong side ot road. Dismissed on payment of costs, damages satisfied., Cocil Gllmore, giving an overdraft. Dismissed on payment of costs; check paid. Airforce Cutting 'Chairborne' Men WASHINGTON, (UP) —' Tho Aii Force said today It Is culling away its manpower "fat" just as fast as it can. Air Secretary Thomas K, f''in- li-lter described an "austerity" personnel program In a letter to Son. Lyndon B. Johnson (D-Tex.i, chairman of the Senate Prepared ness subcommittee. Finletler said Iho drive to Him- imite "chuirborne troops" is sue- tc'cding so well that Ihe Air Force will be able lo build up to Ma- li House Judiciary InvestlBiitfrtK tho'••Justice? ment. ' - ' •'•• •'•••; '••' Committee sources "saUT first reached the department IIM'I, and about n innrked "Closed""' civil or criminal prosecution' Initiated, ••• •.;-!,•>..»'. •* At tho tthno the cBSp W«i 'tUtncd, over to tho department, the Official» 3 In charge of Ihe-Crlmlnhl Division 7?1 was Assistant -Arty, Gen. 'T, Lj^mnr 7 '*'** Ciuidle. who untoro'd thq" deport- nont under Ally, Gon. (nOW Sft» romi' Court Justice) TonvClttfk, s ^ ' Caudlo was .HWd/'by'-PrOHldOftt „ nnnati last year' from his'Job HsY: thii-f of the- department's TttSt P1» V1 ; " vision an n restih of dl»d'08Ure|i )y a House t;orrirn,ittett; titiR tnx' schndals,-; Tho House • eoimfi) ors dirt not- Identify "the", fc[a other than .to any |t relntq'd"to buslncsii firm—and'fgald only; " strength crease in combat power a ."id percent in- with Combat Pay , Increase for Korean Vets By RUSSELL BRINES WASHINGTON — Military experts said today it will lake them a lony time to determine how many Americans have been under lire only a 14 percent lncrea.se in its total manpower. Ho-said thai without tho manpower-saving campaign, tho ail- force would have had to ask for a -10 percent boost In its present strenglh of 1,210,000 men. Tho subcommittee recently re buked the Air Force, as well as tho Army and Navy, for wasting manpower through overslalflng and inefficiency. Finletter told Johnso'n that the air force is combing Its entire organization for jobs It can eliminate and already had .slashed n 'Voice' Ship Docks Just Off Greece ATHENS. Greece Iffl—Thi- Volet of America's fleagoing nullo sUitloi courier docked nl Atlu-ns' port nearby Piraeus, Monday prepii iilory to beginning broadcasts Ii Iron Curlnln countries. Tho courier will remain In Pir nuts three doys before dupnrlini lor the Crook islimd of Rhodes ii the Mediterranean ' Just west o Turkey. U. S. officials here mild th I'ourler will anchor permanently a good many — although It Is from satisfied yet." PLENTY OF BEEF WASHINGTON. (UP) 'far The mosl elementary one of kissing her| Tn v ; jn soon goodnight after a date. Since he 'has proposed, you are entirely within the bounds of. propriety lo ask if he loves you, should he continue to withhold the information. Wl Marraig MAU.OM UAUbO Small boy explaining broken indow to policeman: "I wa* 2,98 Cleaning my slingshot and it went off." Submit jokes .for this column and wui passes (o the Rialto. For every joke used, the person submitting it will be mailed 2 passes. Jokes must be limited to SO woxds or less, and must be able tor pjiblicat««. Utave atre '•nfioffire or mail to: Theatre. WASHINGTON, (UP) — Gov. Ad lai Slcvenson won Ihc endorsement of Americans for Democralic action today and tho Republicans promptly tried to turn it inlo a po litical liability for him. The self-styled non-Communist liberal organization, lo no one's surprise issued a formal statement pledging its full campaign support to the Democratic presidential no ininee and his running-male. Sen. John J. Sparkman of Alabama 11 said GOf Presidental Nominee Dwight D. Elsenhower has shown himself to be "naive" about domestic problems, and that he has "repudiated" the internationalist! man foreign policy he helped to create. The Republican national committee immediately fired back a statement, over the name of Sen. Bour ke Hickenlooper of Iowa, saying . . . ., . , . f • J^IMI, LIKJ j\iiJ (.'i ri<'j t-dii.; ;en he brings up the subject of! didj , : arnago again tell him franky, - ..... hat you care for him and would ' like to marry him but arc too u... ^ {• p L . nl a BO ,, s,v. sure of his feelings towards you. n, nn i ii < CfJ "S ross approved this speci paying if-IS to tetis of thousands of vuluviuis for cvciy monlh in which Ih'jy six days within range of enemy guns. Bui the job of scirling out and j involve a rk anil a Curl- Census Bureau Indicated today the nation should not worry about a beef or milk famine. II said 11 found one cow for every two human beings while Inking the 1050 census. Uhocli'S for broadcasts. Barkley Has No Campaign Role PADUCAH, Ky. I/Pi—Vice resident Alben Dark Icy said last night had had made no speaking up- polnlmonls as yet for the Democratic campaign nnd dldn'l know whut bin role would be. He also declared In tm Interview Unit he had no Intention of seeking a seat in tile Senate in the N ov - 4 election. "I appreciate Ihe compliment," he said In referring lo a suggestion by Pat AnBhoury, Louisville labor lender, thtil Sun. Thomas ,H. Un dcrwood, f.i e x I n g I o n Demo- crnt, witlulniw from the nice lo allow thu substitution of Burkley, The proposal was made in a telegram to Underwood, who said ho would not withdraw. Barkley said he wan sticking by his announced Intention of retiring from public life In January. "primarily" lYivblvod?!- y '* '* T h e lnvoR'Ugat'lhjf£o..- r headed by Rep, Cholf' , f meanwhile, Is preparing *'n rioW BOl] ics of public hcarlhgs't6i$tart nfy week. It will .be the committed first public Hussions slnoo Gen, .Turned P.' McGfah^ry*,,,,„,.. a slmkcup of tho department ;fOl«: lowing the 'oustor ' of • J, Howahl',,, McQruth, McGranory'B predeefii'- sor, .,. ,__„ TWO 'formeF'Top Justice Depart- nuMit official!* are staled to before the comnMttot*-^-(ftrm*r uly Atty. Od'n. Peyton Fora, . former Assistant AUy. Gent Hot'«J! lu>rt A, IK'i'HBoti, who headed Anll-Triml Division. „ »ny Ihey v^mt idf, them about their aatlVltieM during and ntlor Iheir ernploynier' as government. uUqrneys, speciul A frank discussion of the problem j s prove se, ..,in «i a ,if» m .,,, u if „„• on ,,f it, Combat pay shortly bcforu ad- will clarify many, if nol all, of it puzzling aspects. May Still Love Wife IMs highly probable thai he still love's his wife to some extent, journirig in early July, The payment is retroactive to the siurt of the Korean campaign for thusu qualifying. Ponlagon officials estimate it Some'watermelon are green, nnd some yellow and some lire green nnd,yellow slrlped. A hole more than 20,000 feut deep has been drilled in a search foi oil. EASY TO EXTINGUISH '.,..-• I, l> MACKINAO ISLAND, (UP) •- Mhcklnnc Island, put out n, weekend tiro In a park ,buUdln.g, without, tbo t their fIro ''engine'. .The WUH In tho building. HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main,& Country Club rd< LAST DAY King '— with — FAY WRAY ROBERT ARMSTRONQ BRUCE CABOT Ridgway, Lawmen to Visit Germany SUPREME HEADQUARTERS, Allied Powers in Europe (ffl —Gen. Mallhew B. Ridgway leaves loday for a four day visit to Germany, accompanied by two U. S. Sen ators. The supreme commander of Allied powers in Europe will go lo i Frankfurt with Senators Russell B. Long (dLaj and Wayne Morse (R Ore.). though you are worrying needless-1 wiu co>sl b eiween 250 million and i ly over her superiorly in Ihe pul-j 300 million dollars, chrilude department. Many bi.-au-, The nu . a . slu . L . applies chiefly l<i tilul girls, simply because of their infantryman of the Army and Ma- physical endowments, make very j rines> Sen Moody , D -Mich> the poor wives. They have a tendency. sponsori 8aitl Uu , main pui . t) ,; sc 1H to believe thai because they have| tu gjvo h;lzar(lous , luly pay l(J mon | beauty Ihey are also entitled to | in the , foxnoll , s lhus pulUnB tlu , m | eternal homage from all males., 01I , foolj jn lhis ,^^11 Husbands easily tire of 'kneeling with ^ submariners and para- at Ihe feel of an idol and wander troopers ofl lo find Ihe sympathy, under-, CrlU ' |t , th bil , |d d , standing and comfort they are do- C1 . imjnatu a , nst (j conib| med at home You probably knuw j veterans unublit lo mt-ut its re- tht cause of their divorce, and '• (lu | remonls from that can judge how much Nobody "knows yot how many your friend's feelings are still •«•; gcrviccmen and ex-servicemen are volved. Most assuredly, i you cli ibj T ,„ , thmk he has emotional ties lo hi S ; havc Jcnl „,/ £ u ./, c-x-wife, slay clear of marriage to, , h l d . t 4 duiong mm. You aren't demanding much ttfem to enemy fire. Those now serving in Korea wiil Any hurt you sustain now will he commanding officer will have to !™! U ,J^ d 2^"? * ^: c.,^"^t fc thc: individual 7.7 at on one side only. Dear Miss Dix: I am a widower unil designaled as hango.- The problems become more volved, Ihe experts say, when they dential in publicly swallowing Us previously-stated m i s givings about Sparkman, Ada said it is "aware of his adverse civil rights voting that Ada support war. new proof j record" but thinks highly of him , ,„„ ,«„„„,,« v,« p« 5l . I- -a ursrr^ -»-FF «££•; r? ial nomination. been keeping companyVith a w!d men wh " have nad enou « h K< " publicly swallowing Us previ- ow , aged 48f for ^ past three | I<J "" cornbat m the past. that Stevenson is a, "captive" candidate. anyway because he has been "a standard bearer of the emerging "On his back he has the label liberal movement in the South." Truman, and on each ankle a ball | Hickenlooper's comment on this , , claim years. She is 4uite •attractive, but; * w * '" ul> w* L . dt; ". lldl " likes to flirt and also is too fond ^ ^ u ^.^recoi-ds sowing the of drinking. She she ready for marriage yet, but wants; to continue going with me. Do you think I should continue seeing her without engagement? W.D.H. Answer: You would be very fool- month-by-month location of all verify whether the in- was attached to it for the , conbat cxpcris say' that of veterans who have seen bitter and chain — on the right foot the' was that if Ada can endorse Spark- j s h to continue going with her — aclion might be ineligible. They CtO and on the left, the Ada,"; man, despite their differences on Hickenlooper said. Although Ada itself is not formal civil rights, the organization must be completely "lacking in prin- ly allied with the Democratic par- ciple." ty, most of its top officials are! The statement, approved by 62 well-known Democrats. They were of the 71 members of the Ada na- active at the recent Democratic j uonai board, turned thumbs down conventkw, where they initially su \ on GOP rice presidential nominee PB»rte4 AverejJ j|arriman and Se|Sen. Richard M. Nixon with the Estes Kefauver against Stevenson {statement that "bis identification Later they threw their weight with losing »~ to p/e- g« Sjpsrk- makes U impus sible tor liberals to support \joe Re- TUESDAY SPECIAL HALF PRICE REMNANT Tobies Full of Nice Cottons, Rayons Other Fabrics. (One Day Tuesday with or without /m engagement. First of all, she certainly has IKJ .... , ,, , ... f /eal affection for you, or she would the ltn <-'- bad 'y chewed up without nnt ,. ie .r,t t n «,=;». .».» u.., „,. .o. serving Ihe reuuired s:x days dur- sonic mfantry unils v rriighl have been pulled from say ^it is not want to wait; she has no fiuect for you, or she wouldn't hold up to ridicule, as her ^actions un-i rving g a hot month's campaign. doubtedly must ck>. A of your; business acumen should have enouj Freshwater Sturgeon, once a plentiful giant gh experience with people to jud- j fish, was found principally in oc- ge the true from the spurious, and ! can ' water, but some of the 20, your lady hasn't on« bit of genu- ' known, specie* live entirely in -la.* womanhood. , out for a fresh waters, like those of the

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