Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on June 28, 1951 · Page 20
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 20

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 28, 1951
Page 20
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THURSDAY, JUNE 28, 1951 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS , tH- PUCHE65 OVEft THAT OIL LAViD , DEAL,60 LETS ^iOT TtASE HER,UttLE i SHE K)E£P £-PAl0t ?uK ?5R^ tHRCVsl -UfA OIL LA/AP A»0O SEfTirO' HOUSE Ols) F1R.E .' BUGS BUNNY BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY, MARTIN P«O^VWil —r~ Plenty of rain, and some to spare. Blackberries ripe. Cutting oats is the order of the day. A. D. Webb is expected home tomorrow from a three weeks' visit in Canyon City and other parts of Colorado. 40 YEARS AGO TODAY The court house shade has become a popular resort for unemployed talent and muscle. The band concerts are bringing people to the square these summer nights, and they seem to enjoy themselves as the people did in the old days and nights of "love's young dream." 35 YEARS AGO TODAY Gaythor Rutherford, seven -year/ old son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rutherford, hooked a 20 -pound turtle while fishing at the, creek. The band will give one of their popular concerts tonight on the east side of the square. 30 YEARS AGO TODAY The former members of the Mt. Vernon Car Builders are going good this year. Ray Blades is burning up the Texas League and Ted Hauk is playing a great game in the Eastern League. Edward Albert Eyre died this afternoon at Mt. Vernon Hospital. 25 YEARS AGO TODAY Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hancock were injured yesterday afternoon in an automobile wreck near West Frankfort. W. B. Myers is putting his finishing touches on preparation for opening his playground for children tomorrow. 20 YEARS AGO TODAY , The 20,000,000th Ford car. now on a country-wide tour, visited here today. Arriving shortly before 3:45 o'clock ,,the car and its driver were officially welcomed by Mayor Hal.Smith and Sheriff Wm. H. Groves. Mr. and Mrs. "Byron Elliott of Fairfield were under arrest today in connection with the slaying at Fairfield of McKinley Wilson. Officers here were informed a war- 15 YEARS AGO TODAY Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Walker and family and Mr. and Mrs. Courtney Walker and family of this city spent Sunday in Mulkeytown where they were guests at a birthday dinner in honor of Oscar Walker. Herald Powers and Mrs. Kate Robinson were united in marriage in Lincoln, 111., ^Saturday, June 27. 10 YEARS AGO TODAY Bringing to a close. their most successful reunion, the Veterans' Reunion commission presents the final program 'before the fairground grandstand this evening. High winds late yesterday afternoon destroyed a hangar at the local airport and tore one wing off a Cub Cruiser owned by Ver­ non Foster. DamiM wu cttiiHli') ed at several hundred dolten. . Registration for men whft Vam attained the age of 21 alnet iMt October will be held TuMd«y» Jidy 1. by the local draft boardB. 5 YEARS AGO TODAY Miss Betty Gamber, diufhter «ff Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Gunlwr, bt- came tbe bride of Mark William Moreton last evening at the lint Baptist church. Merle Hutchlkon lost hu waOH containing several check* and SSOO cash during the show at the Granada Theatre last ni^t. The wallet containing the checks was latMT found, but the cash was gone. The Rev. P. H. Harris of aeutk 22nd street, an 81-year*old rettrii minister, suffered a fracture of a small bone in his right tea •any yesterday afternoon when .M struck by a car at Tenth Broadway. iV oAuiKArnr RUTH MILIETT By RUTH MILLETT N E A Staff Wr ittr Leave Your Worries at Home When You Go on Vacation OUR BOARDING HOUSE WITH MAJOI^ HOOPLE .OUT OUR WAY to r ^lW 60FT- y>^6WBLL p£CA^i mo ^CAME UP \M\TH " ^TKE PAPSR 50Ck6 ^ IDEA? DIDTI4E MISSUS ROLL MIM UP iNi -XYKB T^BLECLOT^A AMD 6M/M^E Kl ^A, OOT VOITH -fKE: 1 IF VOD MlBBLET? MueT Be TRVIWG TO (PUALIFV ASTMe Bl66eST iOO GADFLIES TK& kiMD OF CRITICS V ^JMO -SCOFFED AT BEM FEANJkLiM LIGUTMII^6150D/ VJOKi^T X MAM THE LAUGH VJHEKJ THE: DlvyiDENiDS -KOLLr# INiA @UT [YOU'RE I NOT 1WI tY tan KKVICl. V Want to really relax during that two-week vacation this summer and let your husband and children get a real vacation, too? Then, in general, adopt these rules: One. Leave home worries at HOME. You may have to come back to them—but you don't have to take them with you. Two. Adopt an uncritical attitude toward your children. Vacation time isn't the time to improve their manners, their posture, or to work at the job of breaking them of any other bad habitS: It won't hurt them to just be themselves for a couple of we^ks. It might «?ven do them good. Three. Don't make issues out of small things. Your vacation won't be ruined if you don't get to go through a certain town and call up an old friend—or whatever. So don't harp on minor matters. Four. Give everybody some responsibility. You'll be better company and easier to get along with if you don't try to do everything yourself. Five, Don't keep comparing every place you go with the comforts of home. If all you want is comfort, it's better to stay'home. Don't Start Counting Pennies Si.x. Don't keep bringing up the cost of everything. Money matters should be a taboo topic during a vacation, If the man of the house wants to splurge a little, let him splurge— and without com- BY WILLIAMS ment from you. For instance, if he takes you to a nice place for dinner don't be nosey about the check or remind him that the same meal at home would only have cost so much; A woman can be too practical when she goes on a vacation with a man, for most men on vacation like to make an occasional' extravagant gesture. Maybe you're thinking that vacation time should be one time when you don't have to think about rules. But these are all easy—and following them will give your whole family a break. mi w m» umnet.».*m. IMayba It waa a good braak wart fighting ovar I got draftad—my gU r a «iradding dttti* KILLER'S PACE mmuvsLOHQ eormaut tm wt wea ititvicc. «fc XXXIV : CTANQING on the tsnk platform was Sonya Sareets. Her water- soaked dress fitted her like new skin and fragments of rope hung from her ankles and wrists. No ; wonder Werthelm had been I frightened out of his wits by the j apparition she must have preient- std. Somehow Sonya had managed to work herself loose, slip between 'platform and vault and into the water "I almost didn't make it," she aaid calmly. "Another dub sandwich, and I wouldn't have been able to squeeze through." She stepped down, crossed to the door and opened it wide. The water, which had been escaping through, now went out with a gush. I waited till it had flooded the office outside, then let Wertheim drop. % "What happened, Sonya?" "I saw Wertheim enter via the back door. 1 knew he wasn't the watchman, though at the time I didn't know he was Prater's sales manager. I followed him in. He must have heard me. Ke knocked me cold, and when I woke up I was in this room tied to the platform in the tank. Wertheim made quite a little speech, introducing himself and telling me how sorry be was about the whole thing. "I tried to talk him out of it, but 1 never had a chance. 'There was his wife and family, and killing me was the only way he could save them from the horrible scandal of his disgrace. "I told him I didn't know what he was talking about. He just laughed and said that if I didn't, you did, so it made no diflerchce. It may interest you to know that after I had been suffocated, you were to get the same treatment. Then we were to be planted in your ear and run off a bridge.'* "Like Prannie." "Dent keep ne ki suspense! Wertheim said you knew everything. What is the truth? How did Frannic die?" "I'm not quite sure Just how it happened, Sonya. Wertheim must have Jumped to the eondusion that I knew everything Just because I knew about frannie's bathing suit."- "Frannle's bathing iuit?* "Yes." 1 went over to Wertheim and pulled two piecee from his coat pocket. "Why, that 's one the line girls wore this week!" • • • J NODDED. "They also wore the same suits the week Frannie was killed. I guess Nanabarro must economize on costumes and use them over again after a few months. I realized tonight that this was Frannle's suit, the one, from La Jolla Club. Remember Clara Mayhew saying Wertheim's wife had bought it?" "I remember." "Well, she had me fooled. Then tonight at Larry Stone 's apartment I knew what Star had been talking about when he had made something of your being able to wear Clara Mayhew's clothes. Most sisters, especially if they are in show business and keeping trim, can were the same clothes, too. "Star Was telling me in his silly subtle way that Clara Mayhew could wear a bathing suit left behind by Frannie. That's why I came here for the thing." Sonya was eying me carefully. "Then Frannie did die in lha tank —as I was supposed to die?** "No, not quite like that. Flranaie actually drowned." "And did Wertheim kUl naB- nle?" "He had a part in it. LeCs take him to police headquarters. I thiak hell be willing to teU everything to save his own hide." Weirtheim was still out cold. I had hit bim harder lhaa t M intended. I "picked MM «» «• went through hitf peeketa Jqrt ii case. He had Sonya'i and 1 gave tt back to hw. wise he was not armad. A prowl ear stopped aa three blocks. There waa a i of two. and the rider gal e«k a gun. "What's the gag? Oe I 've got Star with met" "The heck with Star We want you and the glril* "What's the beef? Wl« want us?" "Nqthlng much. Jual' That one almost flowed aae. 1 got control of my voice and aita4 "Mind tamiMi me whose?** "Not at aiL Larry Steort. Ta« and this dame were the only paepla in his apartment, and ha waa Jval found dead!" • • • i6Y REFUSE to talk wrtO I hava *• my lawyer and a dry iirit ei clothes." Merica scowled acroea hie desk. Sergeant Cost sat on a comer at the desk. He wasnt scowling, er even gloating. He wu sure be hat me, and he could aflord the luaiusy of being dviL "You're free to eall your lawyer —if you think you know where la find himl" said Meriee. "As for a dry suit of dothM. I cant ehUfab You asked for it, breaking intu tta Prater offices' and busting up water tank. Werthehn saya y acted like a lunatic. "You fool! Wertheim Mai kiU Sonya!" Cost gave me an almost smirk. Merica Uughed "That rap on the head really taai you up, MarshaU. Why waidi anybody want to tie a fM af aNI put her in a sted vault to fUMMla i her? There are lota of eai to klU people. And what could Wertheim posri"*- * kiUing Madam Seaya _. famous lady magician?" •I told you about Ika . bathing suit We even had II your cops took over." "Let's talk about eaa tttaf dl time. I 'm interested te aHtel IpeoedlnLanrySteM'f <TeBaOiaMBi

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