Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on November 21, 1957 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, November 21, 1957
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PSPT. OF HISTORY & ARCHIVES DES aor-ISS 19, IOWA ^ 21 NOVEMBER 1957 FAYKTaK, Price Five Cents thru the week with the editor After we went to press last \vcok tho T P* A TiT**T? r\tf i honored with a visit by the state's Chief Executive. Loveless also made a call on his old friend, Art Bentz. It is rumored that Art is going to be Chairman of the Fayette Citi/ens for Loveless next year. Dr. Bowersox p.assed on an interesting bit. He reports that Beethovtn»did not write Ode to Joy. Schiller did. (Read last weeks column?) We were delighted to have our good friend, the self-styled "Creek-Bottom Reuben" over for dinner last Thursday evening. We try to have someone in every week. So I said to Mary the other day, "Let's have Doc and Edna over next week." I was promptly told that we would not have anyone the next two weeks because its Lt. Governor's reception and Thanksgiving weeks. (We'll see y'all Saturday afternoon). Still on politics. Speaker of the House William L. Mooty stopped in at the office the other day. After Saturday, the state's top three political figures will have been in the little college city. Bill will run for Lt. Governor to succeed Nicholas. But, don't tell anybody. Wayne Schictl reports that a certain church in Texas has a unique way of taking up collections. Its all in the plates. If you put in a dollar or more nothing happens. If you put in a quarter a whistle blows. If a dime, a buzzer buzzes. If a nickel, a bell rings. If anything less than a nickel, it .takes your picture. Might work. We'll pass that on to Father Huscher and his fellow clergymen. * • • • * Sometimes lately we've been running short on papers and we have to advertise for them to get our tearsheets for our ad- VOLUME 42 NO. 21 THURSDAY EVENING FAYE1TE HIGH SCHOOL L M; will meet in regular session at 8:00 P.M. Thursday. November 21. Previous to the meeting the officers will entertain the members at a 6:30 dinner. All members and families are urged to attend, and members are requested to remain for the very important meeting. Past Organists and Treasurers are to be honored. BASKETBALL Lari y Maxson Mob Tl LINEUP ", „ and Bob Mai Max (i vin, the only returning .... . men, top the list of 17 prospective eagers as Coach Jim Hedi I p: • pares for Friday nights with Arlington. 'Eight gaiin seniors. Mike Marlui 1)' nnis »*ILII iiiiiii^M'ii. iji^iii .^ i 11 i o [ .- • five juniors, and four sophomores compose the Cardinal squad with I.' hopes improving last years nine wins and eleven leiss record. I i\ (Oil Philathea Meets Next Tuesday With Mrs. D. C. Lewis Tin 1'hilalhea., will meet with Mrs I). C Lewis on Tuesday, Xi >'- i-miier '-Iti. at 1U: I f> p m. Kinderllein Club Will Meet November 26th The Kinderllein Club will meet November 2(> at I! p.m. in the Lakin Conference Room ol' the college Library. The program will he presented hy Joanna Kocher ;md Maradelh lioustman on The Selection of Toys. Hos,esses will he Joanna Koeher anil Shirlev Huffman. WES ASHBY, Fayette County Conservation officer, is shown above as he insp< ernor Herschel Loveless. The governor syent last Wednesday afternoon huntim; an address at Upper Iowa. The governor bought his licensi at Mullin.--. 1 T. ; \e: took three birds (all roosters) back to the capitol with him. So, we got two the other day you, Mrs. Crawford. Note that the Thank Nite drawing this week will be between 7:30 and 8:00 so anyone wishing to see the play at the High School may. do so. . • • Li'l Dane McBride, who carries and collects for the Sunday paper Iowa depends upon, was over the other night to collect and see if we'd vote for him in the Davis annual Boys and Girls Local groceryman and school bus driver Erwin Goeken came over a hill east of Fayette last Thursday just in time to keep me from letting loose at a good- sized rooster pheasant. Don't ask when I get time to hunt. I don't. I steal it. Found its the only way! Then there's Earl Gallaher innocent look- iir » rinij » WADtNA WONDER WORKERS The WaHena Wonder Workers Softusf TJ±' wer^ ? ^ caUed ; the ^ t^d , ^ call was ? answered _ by -'Do I; fje to cook?" We had fun teaming how to properly 'ntroduce peo- pie Carol Mathys and Jane ^ Sb^S wan Sing % breakfast by E.iec,, Carol Mall,- ys acted as hostess. She de beaut, ul fall tenter p.ecc _ 01 the table and seived a dclitious lunch. On the 19th of Nov. the club planed to meet with the Illyna 4-H Girls to install their new officers. Illyria has a new 4-H ^ B ' in the Oelwein Chamber of Commerce building. Assistant District Commissioner, Rovce Kin- 1 , I K-u- | - Kdl K!ub Witl. M ary Davis ,,, d( , sium . ( helps . Boy ^ Pin lhp usc; (jf th ,,.,,. - • notebook, t , pl ! OK1 ,, m llll;il . t , dv '" -aslers, Comm ,,,,,„ Yl'.A. Postponed Till November 25th Y '.e li -lii I. I'.T A meet!!! ; \v'uch v. .i . In have I n h.-ld M •!! l.l\ . ,'\OVI illh'T l !!. ll.l : been ! 'o. ! polled !il| Monday. .'.'• e.'ein : ".I d: le to the past had We Ith At 'o: hey .1 ii h n I in) mrver. •,'!:. l i I 111.1 n o! i : , e :• I'i:11 i ] I i . U"'a I! 1 / i! .. MI . ;i ei UIL; eommil'ee. will V.ive ,i siioi I repor. on recent iihive.i an ! p:o.".ress in e-oniiee'l ion wit h I in n • i; ! ;an i/.ai ion move n:: i-,i A! o. lie ni '.h school bo\ s d -.1: I- 1-a -lie'll-all li-.im-, will m in.- ! i'.i!e '•. ann.ls ('lay.-- re'• it -|i -. ' > i ''.e e,. me >.\ h ich will "I! ,!' i ii • pe-, -tat >. : lo ; ieMIT i m Icr .-land and enjoy the sport ,lus '.'.' n 1 1 r 'lie mi el m '. will Marl at !!:0l> :n the- Se-hool Clym. reireshmen'.:' wd i si :•'.-,- I a! lhe> do .1- of ' i' • ! ill' 1 '•• I! Ig. W<.\;tfield Worthy Winners: 4-M Club I oi-: lle-uii.ng! n lit portt r Tin- Wesil'iel.l Wortiiy Winners •1-11 club me, at the home of Judy Langerman Satin,lay. Plans ._tre made for a Thanksgiving Party to be lielel at Sharon Thyer's. On the food committee •He Stay Van Sickle. Judy l.:m- gcrinan and Kathy Lambert. En- '.er'ainment Committee an- Dnr- thea Schuety, Lois Benningtmi, Sharon Thyer, Kolleen Anfinson. and .lanis Me'iinington. in.In. iiiij- I .»,!iil..i-i: >--.-. Je- •• .. - 7of7htJTif? -C'omniivtoc. they lire Lois Benningtem and Joyce (VI- burg anel Judy Langerman will be in charge of the- club library. Sharon Thyer f.ave a talk on "The I'asie Seven" anel Judy Langerman "Why a Good ISreaU- fast is Necessary". Different ways of serving eggs was demonstrate.d by Janis Ben n i n s: t o n. Ka\ Van Sickle- is lo he our hostess m December. At this meeting we- plan lej make candy tei send to some Children's ile>me. LUTHERAN WORLD RELIEF CLOTHING DRIVE Ai;am this y.ar tiie Lutheran iinvhes of Nonheast Iowa are :'.iri i ipatii'L; in liie I.ulheran ••' irld Kehel Clothing appeal. which includes collection and dili :'iuiion ol used clothing to the neeilv all ovi r the world. All YP'S of used clo'.lnng for aiiul.s. chiMi en, and inlanU will 1 e ap predated. Each Lutheran congregation \- ;i-ke I to roller! the clothing from thi ir geographical area. Contri- butions by other organization:; and individuals are welcome. On November 29 and 30 and December 2, .here will be a railroad car at Calmar, Iowa where all clothing will be loaded. All clothing should be packed in neal bundles or sacks, if possible, instead of boxes. This will facilitate loading operations. Special needs have been indicated for the following: suits and overcoats, trousers, dresses, caps, mittens, sweaters, underwear, stocking, shoes (sturdy pairs tiinl together), blankets, infants' wear, eloJi remnants for sewing. Please do not send hats, neckties, open toe or high-heeled shoes, bulky bedding such us pillows, mattresses, comforters, etc. Rev. Wangerin has said that the Lutheran Church here in ;own will be open all of next week and anyone wishing to give clothing should bring it to the, church at that time. FUTURE CITIZENS — Pictured al.i.ve are Steven Alien Tln:ci a'.if. age li an' his bi-o'h r Duan Kd'.vai-'l Thue'-avf. age 21 months. The par' "t o!' these two fine looking boys M-C Mr. ;ei.l • '..'.-. i. nard 'I'huerauf. Fayette. Iowa Tests Of nation. ,l-i general, if a student is plan- Educational Development ''/" ; , ,"" ;' tu ' 11(li "« college he •,-.os. t rank curnparatively high perc..ntagewi:-,e. A student in tlie < >n Septeini ( r 1 '•' and l!l the upper ,cn percent is definitely ,, ,,. ' romisin , college material _^«-ti.- HiKh Sc. ..ol students Tl..- .;1-.uU-nts who rankedhigh runic" "Tiii'-t frT -1 /11*' :K&iir : ffiS'~*~~ TTr •'• r " r-i-^e.-i^r^-^i^f-- — ^sTT**- — "" ' ' " ' ' ing Round the World." The lii; event is an International Party and the hike of the month is ; "Friendship Hike." * cAROUND TOWN... IH SfRVICC 1ES We have received a change of address from A/3c Gordon E. Davis. His new address is A/3c Mrs. -Mary Thomas accompa- Gordon E . Dav j S| A.F. 17485803 GOVERNOR LOVELESS is she • -j i— sorlj gj]j i w ho has been g QX ggg gg pjg APO 677, New President darbee. Tlie Governor wn talking wuh Upper Iowa's addressed a large crowd at Cole- viiiut) i HUT f IVlCuuLnll was taken to DCUCADC AIC SUNDAY .. ann . riin the "West Union Hospital last KCflpAIVOALo allllUHl We enjoyed another good dm- the west unioi v The ^ rlstmas Messiah which ner at the Randalia Methodist Saturday. His stay there m ^ ^ prescnted again this •Church, last evening. defmate.^ .... yeari December 15, by the Upper - - - »» m- v,«tv, foffmnn will I° wa Community Choir, will Mrs. Elizabeth Coffman wiu ^^ ^^ rfih lg ea( . h Stm . CHAMBER MEETING HELD TUESDAY looked like the phrase from "Dannv Boy" — when the val- " and white with Arling- Jl^jfl^UCA ^UJ.A»««I.»«- — «•» ton and her grandson, Dan, who is attending school at Iowa City, Thanksgiving Day. IBB, fler erste Schnee is here. The tall white pine on the east lawn is hanging, nearly to ihe ground. Ahd :«ie even taller evergreens on Earl Mullins' lawn were banging heavy, too. • • * . * Well, enough for now. We'll see many <rf you Saturday, so Id better get the coffeee pot on the old oootartJ&ve. *nd I Hall. Everyone interested is The Seprano soloist this year will be Miss Rachel Van Cleve, Tenor soloist is Ted Zeran and Bass soloist is Russell Elliott. withhe i r par - The- F Commerce event- an tees iiu-l Tuesday < Goeken p A five days of planned. There v, ing of tin •lyetle Chamber of retail and special d elecorating commit- al the Coffee- Nook '\ening with president i-sieling. movie and two Salur turkey drawings are II be no regular iiu-et- .• Chamber this month. BOY SCOUT LEADERS ROUNDTABLE NOV. 26 you then y n ... Don The first monthly Boy Scout Leaders-Aoundtable will be held Tuesday, November 26th The — begin at 7:30 p.m. ing for $100. and ano'ther §25. will be made between 7:30 and 8:00 this Saturday. The reason for the scheduled drawing being the play a't the Fayette High School. Shop in Fayette Saturday evening. Thank Nite drawing. Lots of specials at the stores. Mr. And Mrs. J. Olsen Visit With Mias Sampson Visitors in the (Miss) Sylvia Sampson home over last weekend were Mr. and Mrs. Jim Olsen of Hood River, Oregon and their two sons, Jimmy and Eric: SCIENCE CLUB STARTED AT UPPER IOWA Those present at v he- first meeting of the- UIU Science Club and its charier members wen.: Wendell Bradley, President; Robert Cook, Vice-President; Carol Con- iuTr Seen lary-Treasurer; David 1! o li I e n, Program Chairman; James Shaffer, Parliamentarian; Lloyd Hal i-rkorn. Gerald Me- Intosh, Klvin Kinge'i-y, Michael Eider, Alan Jones, James Scott, Donald Blaker, James Schoaer, William lle-ss, and Robert Johns. Dr. Ernest Naylor is the sponsor. ADVISORS are: Professors Monserutl, Morton, Um-n/, Caswell, und Hirnmel. Seniors: KeliU'ationa! Development. Very Ifigh Jam's Bennington, Max (in,.-;.-,. Kubv Cousins. I he tests are given to cheek wv ,, ah|1V(> ;1VL ,rage—Bill Hll- on the edueatii.nal i-rowth ami " !u ' s - 1>at t-' ll; '* 1 '. Buane Watkins, Roger Otterstein, Bill Finch, develo|iment of stude-nts. With Duane- Watkins, Lauretta Quandt, ., i ,- i , , KolU'e-n Anfinson. the- re-su!ts ol the te-sis. the leach- j un i ors . Very High—Carleton Knight, Frank Picket!. Gene Van Buren. the- students are progressing We-ll above average—Barbara sati.-,l'actonly anil where they are Nading. Bonnie- Olson, David developmg mo,-e slowly ' This Thomp.son. K.lelic Roberts, Euh.-'p, Hum to advise- the. sluelents H 1 '"' 1 Nims. Mike- Eischeid, Maron then- educational anel voca- '"' Wl '- v ' lnl - tional plans. Sophomores: The Iowa ;e-sts me-asmv four ,,f Wl ' n :ibl)Vt ' ave-rage-Sharon what are piobably the fuiula- ' !l: ' 1; . ( ;''- kath -V l-'mbert, Kathy mentals of education. They are • > ">' l;i " 1 ' 1 'the skills or abilities that all Fi'oslirnon: high sehoe.l stuelenls should ha\.- Vl ' ry "'-'' , '^ , , ' y .' , ,/'' as part ol their L-,,-ne,al ,,lu«-a- l ,'"" l ; h '; l]L , l ' : "'" k ' Dllhk l ulst > Da ' lion. These four fundamentals Vl Lurgi't. itn .. Well above average—Gary Na- 1.' Tin- ability to understand llin - ! '- U.vcmnu Johnson, Ronnie and use the English Ian- Webb, Barry X.beirnik, Steve Ver- Ki-iage. ma/en, -Peggy Eischeid, Mike •>. The ability lo do practical, Smilhi Ll , slil . NmlSi -Mike Ashby, everyday arithme-tie- reason- ,, .. , . . ., . •. in Bruce Beck, Lois Bennington, H. Knowledge of principles of Alan Finger, Je>e Uohde. Mike the- nalural scie ne-e-s and the ability tei think straight Thomas. about common matters. ,.„ ,, .. ., , ,-,. . ,, , , , .... • • i The Fayette Freshmen Class 4. Knowledge ol the principles of social sciences and the- ranked very high on these tes'iS ability to think straight about common social prob- among Iowa High Schools. The Tl ° mS r r i .1 Junior and Senior classes also These lour fundamentals were measured by eight different tests, ranked high on the tests, with A week e>r two ago, the test results returned, each student about Gii out " f each 100 schools learned how he ranked in regard in Iowa that took tne tests rank . to the rest of Ins class, the rest of the state, and the rest of the ing lower. BILL DRAKE. President of the Upper Iowa University Student Council is pictured above chatting with the state's Chief executive during his visit here last week. (Courtesy Register)

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