Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on November 14, 1957 · Page 5
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 5

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1957
Page 5
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UNDERSTANDING IOWA CHILDREN LEARNING TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY Mrs. Jones was talking at a parent education meeting. -I .just don't know wh;it to do about Jack," she said. "He's 14 years old. and ho acts like a 7-year-o!d about responsibility. He's always starting some new project ;hat would take a lot of work, and then never finishing it. This .summer he. wanted to grow some hogs for a 4-H project, but after two weeks he gave up. Last summer it was a garden. He always has a band rehearsal, or a Xame to go to, or something else thai, interferes with working on his project." Another lady commented that the projects certainly did not seem too big or complicated for i\ 14-year-old, and then someone asked what had become of the garden and the pigs. "Oh, his father finished the projects," Mrs. THE EMBLEM OF DEPENDABILITY -Jonetf re plied Then ?h>- .-x./ianued, "Why: \Vhrn Jack was eight we gave him a puppy on condition that he take care of the dog. He did. too. for a lung while. Then, he K"1 less and less reliable about t hi: (Ion, as he got interested in other things and his dad just took over. That's happened every (idle!" It may he 'ihat Jack is not really irresponsible, but a shrewd opportunist. He has evidently learned that the projects he lie- gins will be finished, as were Ihc dog care, and the garden and hog projects. He may be exploiting his father. One of the ways of leaching children the meaning of responsibility is to have them experience the consequences of irresponsibility. When parents uml children have agreed on areas of respunsihility for the children, then children can be helped to si e what happens when the responsibility is m'glected. Younger children might be required to complete the chore or might lie confronted wiih having lose a privilege. Older children to deal with the ivsults of their irresponsibility. For example, Jack's father and mother might have insisted that he make some disposition of the problem of the pigs—he might sell them, or pay someone else to tend them, or in .some other way deal with with the care he had failed to provide. <JerstlbnJ-* tire- rtftfreriteifl , Mr. Jofifisofi cdhtiftudd, "because we-try to .have at least one personal contact with each individual when he makes application for benefits." The Waterloo district office has , vailable Pamphlet No. OASI- 1954-3, entitled "Facts About Earnings While Receiving Payments," as a guide for beneficiaries. A telephone call, card, or visit to the office will bring you yniir free copy. "Our si.aff is available to assist beneficiaries in more clearly understanding rhe retirement test," Mr. Johnson concluded. The Waterloo District Office is located in Room 702, Black Hawk Bldg., W. 4th & Commercial Sts. Till: DESSERT CHEESE THAY FEEDS "You can pay more — but you can't buy beliei" Mfd. by Bell-Brand Supply Farm Fayette, Iowa SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE SENDS REMINDER Earl T. Johnsoh, district manager of the Waterloo social security office, today reminded social security beneficiaries that they may earn n.s much us $1200 a year and not give up any of their monthly benefit checks for the year. This i« the eiunlngH test which is used to determine whether or not a beneficiary who is still working can get benefit payments. The $1200 limitation is a combination of all earnings during the year. "It includes earnings from both covered and non-covered employment and self-employment," he said. "For those earning over SI 200 but less than $2080.01 we are concerned with the amount of wages earned or the amount of business management conducted in a month," he added. "Where the total does not exceed $1,200 for the year neither of these events will cause the loss of any monthly checks. Most beneficiaries im- By Bob Hullihun What's called the first scientific study in driver fatigue has been completed by the Do Soto division of Chrysler Corp. headed by Dr. A- S. Church, Medical director of St. Joseph's Retreat Hospital, Duui'born, Michigan, the study tested retit'tJons of men driving a 1929 car ttom Maine to Florida, and compared results against tests m»de on men driving t) modern car over the same rowto. As you might guess, drivers nt the modern cor arrived considerably fresher than the pilots of the old car. That's not much of ti surprise, but the reasons are interesting. DC Church says the main reasons found for driver fatigue are "Insecurity and anxiety" — anxiety about renchlng n act destination and Insecurity resulting from worry about mechanical failures that might keep you from reaching that destination. These are the factors that showed up most clearly In the cases of the men driving the 30- year-old machine during the test, according to Dr. Church. He goes on to state that the degree of "insecurity and anxiety" was much less in'the drivers of the modern automobile 'because of its greater mechanical reliability and comfort. What' that? You still feel insecurity and anxiety on the highways? Well, maybe they forgot to include something in this study. Maybe they forgot the A favdrite ol men and women alike, the Dessert Chrese Tray offers to the most discriminating hostess a dessnrt not only sum to please but one that will serve as ft conversation pincc in itself. It should be planned with an eye to beauty, an intriguing variety and a taste trick or two to make'it remembered. Such planning hns its rewinds, lor there's no last minute Hurry in preparing—never a lag in the conversation that goes on around such a cheese trny, By having a variety of cheese*, some aharp, some mild, some soft. some semi-hard uml some unusual, eoch (jlU'st h.ii; u chance to choose his favorite or to become acquainted with u chi'c-.-e new to him. Most flier.'-!', by die \ V ;\v. is better served at t<i«m ti'mp.-rn- (.uru. Others, Mich iis C'umembert. (ire Bt fliuir U!^:iu'i, bi-st when tht'.V'VB llHll u i:ll.ll .-•• l(| Mlltl.'ll and mullow for wvi'in! Imurs nvs many ns i'l;:h! i r>-i ttie pnn'rv shelf. FiiV.ei.s (u- i-.iiji-:, >,; mini.. Clu'il- flar, thin slices of S\vi:.:. :i \veil|-,e pf tan;;.v Blue rhiv.-v; lriiiii",li:.s of Cnmcmbcrt, Mim\ y en :tm chi'oi.e sii^ijiy cul in squaivs. scarlet- conted half-moons marie by slio- JI1R down UU(Ul",h u lhn|d;i -It'll BS simple nb that tu prepare n p' tray for dessert Apples n rs fli-H perhaps tlu> (uvnrr lie. ..nits |n survi! 1 y\ll\ these phueses. '{'hesn HUiy be Klie.ect, uit- pared, dipped in limion or pineapple Jull'P (i ml used lo uivi! I'olur and interest lu the tray, »s well as to nuiU<- Bervini! easy. Uut ilo;i'( stop tlicri), for most nl| Irtta.i ui'.il rlieesi-H i;u well loncther. Gr;i]>";; —red, Hvt-'t'n or puri)lc—anil laiin- i|iliit.s siri! two of the most liwely to look at UK well OS li» cat, Td {li'«'«» up tilt) eliee.se. I ray u bit, add pitted dates filled \\ith crriiiu clieise, Or Ivy u mlxaire ot bluti iuid ci'i-am ciu.'i'.'-.-.s ii".ult' into small balls arid flattened out, with two pecan or wnlnut Imlvc.s pressed In, ono on either side of cnch ball. And don't overlook the beauty uucl itoodness of tlie preserved i\nd candled fruits. Accompaniments may b« spilt, l.-uttcrccl (iml toasted crackers de- tiipH'd for suc'h cheese en.Ioyment. M-rved piping hot; on;- of the rriE- P'es bcurln'j their o\\n bultcr or! tl;e ever-good "sodu crucki-r." Some people enjoy ma king their own spreads. BO linvc butler iinii- Worcestershire sauce nt hand, > und butter spreaders of course. Nuts, usually the salted variety Uhouijh n bowl, of unshelled wal- imUs. almonds and filberts won't •;o amiss) fit well Into this picture. Yes, for dessert, do pass the factor that many of our drivers still are about as primitive as that 30-year-old car used in the test. When are we going to bring out a new model man behind the wheel? Save on NEW Westinghouse Dryers DURING THE THE FARM OUTLOOK Cattle prices this coming spring could easily be the lowest of the 1950 market year, says Francis A. Kutish, Iowa State College farm economist. The big movement of cattle into \vhat- pasture areas this year means a bunching of cattle for next spring. This, plus increased feed ing of cattle on the farms where they were raised, lays the ground wor\c for,.a softspring market, Kutish points out. Currertt pasture conditions tell the tale on the climbing feeder cattle prices of the past month. As soon as sorghum is combined 'm flte "Southwest, "catflc go on the plentiful stubble growth, where they will stay until soil- bank wheat land is available for grazing Jan. I. Already, volunteer wheat is being pastured. Kutish observes that demand HELJP RET/VRJDED CARNIVAL PK/CES AS LOW AS $14995 With this Westinghouse Electric Dryer, you of weather! Washday is ANY day! Give n K 'iv "From where I sit clothes dry yourself this big help . . . now . . . AI e\ heuer eicctrically!" No more'heavy lifting, SAVING! Act quickly as there are only a handling wet clothes, rushing out in all kinds few 1957 models left. Come in for a Demonstration and get a FREE Ladies' Rain Hat *"'" • *''*" fritndl All you hart *o do What * ti«lptr . • • GIVE TO VOUR uOCAL UNIT for cattle to graze on wheat stuh- ble is so great thai western cattle pi-ices have gone higher than at Omaha or Sioux City And sonic un.ility-^rade animals have been bid away from the packing houses. At the same time, Corn Belt, feeders are competing keenly with one another and with wheat-past ure feeders. Kutish points out that more cattle are always available than are being fed. The final number fid depends on how many caKle feeders can bid away from the killers. This fall, feeders have bid strongly, and cattle slauuhter was down 10 percent the first 3 weeks in October. Calf slaughter was down 18 percent. About as many grain-fed cattle were slaughtered during this period us a year ago. The big difference, Kutish notes, was that fewer grass cattle were killed. The hamburger riiarket is • showing the effects of the-scarcity of killing cows and ulility- grade slaughter cattle. Boneless cow beef was bring UVi cents n pound more the last week iu October than a year before. And choice steer hindquarters were 1',<• cents a pound lower than a year before, narrowing the price margin between the two to only 10 cents. Kutish notes that hamburger meat demand has spread to the beef chuck market, with choice steer chucks selling slightly higher than a year before. This is only carcass cut where this is true. How Advanced Research Helps Crop Production With the advent of atomic energy and the discovery of the potential uses to which radioactive isotopes can be put, a new field of adventure and possibility has been opened to scientists • who specialize in crop produc- WIHTH-30 "1 think hit brakat are grabbing." livity. One of these uses is presently being put to the test in the manufacture of "Na-Churs" Liquid Fertilizer -which is widely used as a nutrient supplement for increasing yields of vegetable and field crops. New e 1 e c t r o n i c computing equipment, including 1 Geiger counters, use of which is permitted by authority of the Atomic- Energy Commission, enable "Na- Churs" research scientists to trace and detect various components of the liquid fertilizer as it travels through the plant. HEY KIDS 1 WIN WONDBRFUL PRIZES IN OUR BIG fJ^fo BOYS'vGIRlS'CONTEST START TODAY! You qualify if you are 16 years of age or younger. Hurry now to our Rexall Drug Store and learn how easy it is to win! Friday is the last day to register in the Rexall Boys And Girls Contest to win big prize*. COME IN TODAY DAVIS REXALL STORE To accomplish this, the elements of the fertilizer are made radioactive and included in u batch of the liquid fertilizer as it is made. This ''hot" fertilizer is then sprayed on the plants. At any time desired, the plant may be checked to see just how much of the fertilizer nutrient is still in the plant. By measuring the radiation, "Na-Cluirs*- 1 scientists know exactly liow the fertilizer is working, h<nv much is being used by the plant, and -to what parts of the plant it travels. The firm also has portable equipment which can be taken into a field to make spot cheeks of the same type performed in the company's laooratories.. The manufacturer of "Na- Churs" Liquid Fertilizer points out: "The beneficial effects of liquid fertilizer applied to foliage have long been known. With our new equipment and radioactive isotopes,—we can now trace the nutrients within the plant. This broadened knowledge ..i$ inalua- ble in offering recpm'me'hdations for the ; most effective 1 .applications of our product." ' Every Green Colonial home cooling unit is "quality built" to give you better service. Your home will be comfortobla' for many years to come ofter you install Creen Coldnlol central cooling. And, there is a size and model to Pit your needs exactly. ,£e» ui right away.l !• Plumbing & Heating GREEN CCM-i HEATING & COOLING

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