Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 26, 1939 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, October 26, 1939
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i World-Wide New* CoVftMg • Given Impartially by Associated Press Hope Star ! The Weathey ARKANSAS — Mostly cloudy, local fhundershowers Thursday night and Friday. VOLUM E 41—NUMBER 11 '*>'• ' — HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 26,1939 PRICE 5c COPY "Columbus Boy Is Killed When Hit By Loaded Truck William Ellen, 7, Meets Instant Death Late * Wednesday FUNERAL THURSDAY S. DEMANDS SHIP'S RETURN Coroner Says Accident at Columbus Was Unavoidable u . no '* Tl don- Fun. at 2:& at the ducted So He Went to Miami Beach MIAMI BEACH, l-'lii.—(/P)—John H. Lcvi suffered from neuritis while on » Michigan vacation and went to u clinic for diagnosis, A physician advised him to go to Mia'mi Beach imd lie in the sun. Lcvi didn't have the heart to spoil the prescription by admitting that he was the nmyor of Miami Beach and lived here all year. William* (Bill) Ellen, 7-ycj.r-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Horace Ellen -of Columbus, was fatally injured at *5 p. in. Wednesday when a loaded Jug truck passed over the lad's head. The accident occurcd near Wilson's merehaiitdc store at Columbus. Reports said the boy flailed from behind a parked automobile into Die path of the truck driven by Norman McClollan of McNnb. The truck WHS loaded with lumber. « ' Toner J. II. Weaver of Hope, .^investigated the case, said the was unavoidable and that 'Sl would be necessary. 'dy was brought to Hern- us funeral home at Hope. irviccs were to be held ek Thursday afternoon - s Baptist church, con.' Rev. W. R. Hamilton, Hope pastor. 1 Besides his parents, the buy is survived by one sister, Martha Ann Ellen. , Kid Grid Teams to Meet Here Sunday Hope and Ozan Youngsters to Play at High School Stadium »• , •. ,_«-J»-." • .-*• I V Kid football teams of Hope and O/.an will clash at 2:30 o'clock Sun- flay afternoon at High School Stadium 't Vred Robcrson and Raymond Urban in structors, announced. The game is free to the public. The starting lineups were announced, the Oa\n line showing an average weight of 1H8 pounds, the backficld 135 pound The Hope line wil lavcrage MO and the backficld 130. 'Hie lineups: Owm— H. P. Robertson, right end; Charles Higgison, right tackle, Joe Webb, right guard; Joe A. Ervin, center; H..C. Murphy, left guard; Jack 4 Webb, left tackle; Gibson Robertson, left end; Billy Joe Ball, quarterback; Virgil Cook, righthalf; James Ball, lefthalf; Billy Webb, fullback. O/.IHI reserves nrc: Harry Ball, W. M. M'FaddintoRun for City Attorny Announces as Candidate in City Primary to Be- Held Nov.'28 (Continued on Page Five) First announcement as a candidate for city attorney in the Hope Democratic primary election to be held Tuesday, November 28, is that of E. F. McFnddin, whose name appears in The Star's political announcement column today. Mr. McFaddin is a widely known lawyer, active in civic affairs, and was la.st year appointed city attorney, now being a candidate to succeed hfmself. This year's cily primary will nominate candidates for the following offices: City attorney, city clerk & recorder, one alderman from each of the four city wards. Candidates' fees, as announced by the City Democratic Central Committee, are: City attorney $25; recorder & clerk $20; alderman ?10. Soviet Challenges British Sea Edict Russia Indicate She Won't '* ' Ooey the Rules on Contrjlbabnd MOSCOW, Russia —(/I 1 )— Soviet Russia Wednesday refused to recognize val idity of British'* contraband regulations and informed London government that she reserved the right to claim compensation for any losses incurred in enforcement of them. The Russian note, replying to British notification of the contraband list and establishment of contraband control ports, said: Announcement by (inilntcrnl net of the British government' of a list of Roods proclaimed war contraband in the note of September 6 violates the principles of international law expressed in the international declaration of regulations of naval warfare Panthers Hope to Stop Bobcats In Annual Contest Camel en Expects Record Crowd to Witness Grid Game BOBCATS~ARE READY Hope Team Is Without a Clippie—Band Will Make Trip CAMDEN. Ark. — Hard work faced the Ciimden Panthers this week as they were put through offensive and defensive drills for the annual clash with-the Hope Bobcats who are rated as "dark horses" of the Arkansas High School conference. These (wo (cams meet t'nilny night at Abbot ficlrl and another record crowd is expected as this is one of the South Arkansas football "naturals." Conch Foy Mammons and his learn arc riding Hie crest of nix .straight vitcories including one over the high- ly-loiil«d E) Dorado Wildcats. Mope fans are predicting unolhcr victory Friday night and the Panthers are working hard to give the Bobcats a real battle. • In tlio pasl.lhc Panthers have always put one of their best, games against the Bobcats and anything can happen when these two teams meet. Panther cripples arc taking light training and arc expected to be ready for Hope. Coach Sam Colcman and assistants are sparing nothing this week and they are striving hard to gel the team ready in an effort to whip the Bob- ca la. 8 Ex-Star Newsboys Are on Hope Squad, 4 of Them Being First-String Players (Continued on Page Three) Helicals Arc Ready Conch Foy Hnmmons said Thursday that his team "was ready", and anxiously awaited the whistle that would send them against the Camden Panthers in quest of victory number 7. The squad is in the best condition ibis .season with not it cripple among the entire team. Pass defense has been stressed in practice this week as well as offensive forward passing and hard running plays. The team will taper off with signal drill Thursday afternoon. Ha'm'nions saitl the squad was determined to bowl over the Panthers. He predicted a hard-fought battle from start to finish. Hope may have a weight advantage, although weights of Cam- flcn players have not been received here. The team will leave Friday on an Arkansas Motor company bus and will be followed by Hope fans in automo- bills. The game at Camden starts at 8 o'clock. Band Director Thorn;-.!; Camion announced that the- G5-piccc Hope band would make the trip on two Tri- Stale buses. Majorettes to Perform With Hope Band at Camden Friday —Hope Slat photo Loft, to riyhl: Dorothy Henry, Katharine Sterling, Johnnie Boyeil, Gladys Winner, Kvelyn Allbrifht, Linda Cobb. Marguerite Stringl'elloxv. They are 10th graders, drilled by Bandmaster Thomas Cannon. Germany Stirring Up Soviet, Charge Inciting Russia to "Crusade" Against Britain —Chamberlain LONDON, Eng —(/I')— Germany was accused b,y Prime Minister Chamberlain Thursday of inviting Soviet Russia to "join a crusade against the British empire" in a war which he indicated Britain is ready to pursue to the end. The prime minister, giving his eight weekly war report to the House :>f Commons, replied directly to the Danzig declaration of German Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbcii- trop that, Germany would make a finish fight. "There/ can be but one reply," said Chamberlain. "We arc prepared to give it." Spenfciiiff of (lie sink/tiff of the British freighter Sloncgatn by a German warship last week, Chamberlain said: "It seems now to have become the rule for merchant .ships to be .sunk without warning,", adding that enemy submarines arc being destroyed "at a sufficiently high rale" to give Britain confidence dial their menace will eventually be hailed. Prosecutor Quits in Orleans Probe Bryno Withdraws and Court Prosecution is Dropped NEW ORLEANS — - The court investigation of charges of a tax roducl ion racket here ended Thursday with dismissal of a hearing of grand jury charges against District Attorney Cluii Ics Byrne, who resigned and was replaced b.v AsgislHul Nick Herte. Carrying on a tradition of several years' standing, cig-ht former Hope Star newsboys are members of the undefeated 1939 Bobcat football squad, four of the boys being first-string- players. BACK ROW, left to right—Charles Bundy, substitute center; Joe Eason, end and captain; Wilton Jewell, sub center; Bill Tom Bundy, first-string center. FRONT ROW, left to right—Mack May, replacement guard, a first-stringer; Jimmy Simms, replacement back, a first-btringer; Kendall Smith, a sub; and Jack Bradshaw, sub guard. The boys follow the 1937 tradition, when there were all-state quarterback; John Wilson tackle; Joe Eason, nfso tour ex-Star newsboys on the squad: Vasco Bright then playing fullback; and Mack Turner, sub halfback* The office wag suggests that maybe many a football player gets his speed from practicing- running down delinquent subscribers on collection day! —Hope Star photo • CRANIUM CRACKERS Same or Opposite? Sonic of Ihe words below are synonymous, others arc opposites. Can you tell which one have the tame and which have different meanings? 1'. Eschew-avoid. 2. Ascend-surmount. 3. Insipience—peroration. 4. Emanate—transude. 5. Retention—surrender, ti. Oblivious-insensible. 7. Lucky-liege, s- 8. Kxrophagy— gulosily. Answcis on 1'agc Hallowe'en Party Blevins Tuesday Prize 0fi'ered for Spookiest Spook at Holiday Carnival A large crowd of witches and Elves I* expected to attend Ihe annual Hal- lowe'en Carnival Tuesday, October .'!!, at Blevins. The crowning of the queen of the r.'irnivid will he [(receded by the following concessions: Bowling, a trip ilirough the spa.sdomic, .spooky shack, Madamoselle Yujio's Fortune Tell- intj Booth, Basket Ball fur ladies over •I'i (none will IclH, Fishing pond and Cake Walk. A privc will be given for the spookiest spook. The carnival is sponsored by the Ble- vms P. T. A. Pope Is to Issue Views on Europe First Encyclical of His Reign Is Expected This Friday VATICAN CITY, Homo. Italy - l/PM Prelates Thursday said Pope Pius has decided tu issue Ihe first encyclical of his reign Friday. The iiiuiliff'.s views an war-troubled Kuropean conditions are expected to l>e set forth in a letter which by long tradition will take its name from ihe latin words with which it be- IViti.sh postmen have their shoes solc-tl and heeled every five weeks and 1'iiy ai lea^t two working pairs an- J.R. Henry Named Wage-Hour Agent Hope Man Appointed One of Two U. S. Inspectors in State LITTLE HOCK -(/Pj- Assignment of two inspectors in Arkansas for enforcement of the national wages & hours-act was announced here Thursday by Supervising Inspector Leland S. Reid of the Dallas regional office. • Hugh Cole, former statistical supervisor for the Arkansas State Employment Service, is to be one of the inspectors, and Jim R. Henry, Hope, former chief clerk for the Soil Conservation Service there, will be the other. Prohibit U.S. Flag to Foreign Vessels Senate Votes This Ban Into the Pending Neutrality Bill WASHINGTON —(/P)— The senate inserted in the neutrality bill Thursday a provision designed to prevent ships of foreign nations from sailing under the- American flag after it was told British vessels used that device during the World war to escape German attacks. The argument was advanced by Senator Tobey, New Hampshire Republican, who disclosed that he had taken the matter up with Secretary Hull. Blevins, Ashdown Clash On Friday Teams Are Believed to Be About Evenly Matched ASHDOWN, Ark — Comparative scores makes the Ashdown-Blcvins high school football game here Friday night loom as a natural. Stamps- defeated Ashdown 7-6 this year, coming from behijid in the last minute of play to win by the margin of an extra point. As Stamps and Blevins played a scoreless tic the game Friday night should be a tossup with the breaks deciding the issue. Coach Herbert Parker has shifted his line-up in an effort to find a winning combination. John Bass, fullback who has been favoring an injured knee all season has been shifted to an end position and E. C. Cbappclle, <Coiitiimed on Page Three) Vote Is Near WASHINGTON — I/TV - Big senate majorities bowled over one neutrality bill amendment after another Wednesday, disclosing a firm administration disposition (o .ve»d ibc bill to the House in its present form. The senate rejected: An amendment b.v Senator Johnson )cm.. Col.) to abolish presidential discretion in making the provisions of the act effective when wars break out in other lands. The vole was 61 to jHG. Another Johnson amendment to eliminate the provisions that congress as well as the president may make a determination that, a slate of war exists abroad, and invoke Ibc neutrality law. The vote was 75 to 14. The senate ran into prolonged debate on a proposal by Senator La Follettc (Prog., Wis.i that exports to belligerents and neutrals be ibnited to peacetime quotas to prevent "a distortion of American economy, a post- w;u- deflation and the exhaustion of natural resources." This proposal was bchlen, 67 to 'i'i. The senate neared a vote on repeal of the arms embargo. Other amend- mcnls remained it, bo disposed of, but a decision on the embargo question was expected by Thursday with a final vote on the bill probable soon thereafter. One of them was La Follette's proposal for a national referendum before congress could declare an overseas war. His amendment would make the results of the referendum' advisory L-.nd not binding upon congress. Opponents of repeal, having given up all hopes of winning in the senate, Formal Demand Is Made on Russia; Rejection Likely Berlin Reports Russia Wilt; Turn Ship Back to the Germans NAZIS HOLD COURT Expect Hamburg Court to Decide "City of Flint'!: Question WASHINGTON - (fP) — Secretary Hull announced Thursday the American government had demanded o£ Soviet Russia the return of the City of Flint and her cargo to her American crew. The demand, Hull said, was presented by Ambassador Laurence Steinhardt. No reply has yet been received. The American demand, Hull said, was based on the United States' conception of international kw on the subject. In Berlin, authoritative sources declared Soviet Russia had agreed;, to permit the vessel to leave the Russian port of Murmansk in charge, of. her German prize crew as soon as they considered the vessel seaworthy. Nazis to Keep Ship BERLIN, Germany —{#)— A German spokesman indicated Thursday the United States steamer City of Flint, seized' by the Germans and taken to the Russian port of Mur- mansk, would be brought to Germany as a prize. "The German prize crew will get aboard again," he said. "You rest assured the ship will not be headed for the. United States." German sources said the case of the American ship had been , clarified •between Germany and Russia. The Hamburg prize court, informed sourc- .es said, was expected to judge the contraband question. '•' ..." :••'-_•- " Russia Slaps at Britain BERLIN, Germany — (&)— The German press Thursday interpreted Russia's rejection of Britain's contraband list as a "sharp protest against blockade warfare" which might lead to serious trouble between the two DOW. ers. Commenting on what to the German is one of the war's most serious aspects, Progaganda Minister Goebbel's newspaper Der Angriff said: ; "Moscow's note contains a clear warning susceptible of causing far- reaching consequences unless it is observed." Russia in her protest called the British contraband list a violation of Jnlernational Jaw. Finns Holding: Out HELSINKI, Finland -(Ft- An authoritative source declared Thursday that Soviet Russia's new and modified demands on Finland still contained points on which Finland refused to yield. After- Dr. Juho Paasikivi, head of the delegation, had spoken for an hour with government officials, -a foreign office spokesman said there was "no doubt" that negotiations with Russia would be continued, and that the Finnish delegation would go to Moscow for the third time. (Continued on Page Three) A Thought Fin- 1 WHS an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and lie gave me drink; I was a stranger and ye took me in. — Matthew 23:o5. Roumania May Be Next BUDAPEST -(/P)_ Diplomats familiar with the Balkans Wednesday night expressed the opinion that Soviet Russia move into the Roumanian province of Bessarabia she would be met with little or no resistance from King Carol's government. These sources believed Roumania would have to fight alone in defending Bessarabia. In such event, they said, Hungary probably would be forced to move immediately into Transylvania, which she lost to Roumania after the World war, as a "self-defense" measure to secure the Carpathian mountains as a barier against any further Communist expansion into Central Europe. Roumania has received assurances that Moscow has no demands on Bes- sarabia, former Soviet territory. Despite these assurances, new tension has wen reported in Roumania and King parol's envoys to Bulgaria and Turkey have been summoned home. Political circles have reported from Roumania that "important developments are imminent in the Balkans." Roumania officials maintain their country would fight, even without Allies if necessary, to maintain her territorial integrity, but these diplomats pointed out that: 1. Turkey, aligned with Roumania in the Balkan Entene, was exempted from fighting Russia under her new mutual assistance pact with Britain and France 2. The Western powers have ignored the Soviet march into Poland. Would they do likewise in event of a similar action in Roumania? 3. Italy and Yugoslavia are reported (Continued on Page Three) Cott on NEW YORK~<yP)-Deccmbcbr cotton opened SThursday at 9.1S and closed, at 9.08-09. Middling spot 9.3S.

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