Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on November 14, 1957 · Page 3
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 3

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1957
Page 3
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THE TATTLER TATTLER ASSISTANT EDITOR CLOTHES HITS MUSIC SENIOR SKETCH GRADE NEWS BIRTHDAYS GIRLS SPORTS BOYS SPORTS . . SPECIAL FEATURES TOP TEN TUNES OF F.H.S FUR AND FEATHERS TYPISTS SPONSOR THROUGH THE GRADES Fourth Grade News Miss Stevenson First of all we want to welcome Patty Scheidel to our room We hope she will enjoy Fayette. We are very happy to have another girl. Last week we had quite a few people gone with the flu. Most of us have recuperated and ai> back to school. There have been from 3-5 gone each day this week. Those people with A's in spelling October 25 were as follows: Steven Aanes, Diane Alber, Nancy Beckner, Tom Butters, Ronald Crawford, Curt Dumermuth, Sandra Gray, Dennis Hendrix, Linda Henry, Howie Hubbell, Ernie Johnson, Harriet Johnson, Mike Schroyer, Bob Swehla, Larry Webb, Carol Weg ner, Rodney Whitt, Francis Kauten, and Allea Omar. On November 1 these people got perfect spelling papers: Richard Ash. Nancy Beckner, David Buhman, Tom Butters, Curt Dumenmith. Sandra Gray, Dennis Hendrix, Ernie Johnson, Louise Pickett, Mike Schroyer, Bob Swehla, and Larry Webb. We had a Halloween party last Thursday. The "Lifesaver Race" proved to be quite a task for some of us. We found our aims weren't too good when we threw peanuts at cups, but it was fun trying. The Carnival has been set for November 15 now so we hope to see you there. We enjoyed our vacation on Friday. School was out so that Barb Kauten Ruth Nims Donna Heth and Kathy Shaffer Steven Talcoit and Carole Dahlquist Bill Hughes, Janis Schabacher. Jean Cue, Carolyn Bright Roger Olj-erstoin, Jan Bennington Marge Downing. Becky Maxson Peg Eischeid Kip Knight, Gene Van Huron Kolleen Anfinson Gloria Albor and Marvin liuckmaster Lowell Paul Jan Bcnninglon Jan Schabacher. Ruth Nims Mrs. Paul Picket! it uo to State the teacher: Convention. Our dental cards svere sent home Wednesday. We hope in have 100';; of these cards signed and returned to school. See you all at the Carnival November 15! • . * . Seventh Grade News Mrs. The following people gol spelling Friday: Diane Ashby. Carol Beck, Tom Borchert, Barbara Burgd, Kenny Butters. Carol Clark, Barbara Fish, Melody Gillette, Robert Gould, Renee Jellings, Helen Kauton, Kathy Keig, Don Tiinmennan, Ron Timmcrman. and George Van Buren. We congratulate Barbara Fish, Renee Jellings, Kathy Keig, and Helen Kauten for having escaped the "Flu Bug" thus far. Several of the students have brought different games for us to play. Jimmy Buhman brought Pick-up-Sticks, Linda Niles a game culled Think, and Ronnie Brown brought checkers. * * * » Eighth Grade News Mrs. Stirk We're happy to report all but 6 pupils have returned to school as of November 7. We were privileged Tuesday to go to an assembly program. The name of the movie was "New England Holiday". It was very educational and enjoyable. In our magazine campaign we have $246.00. Our goal was $200, so you see we did our share in this campaign. Altogether 19 pupils made sales. Hats off to t.iem! Five dental cards have been returned. Their owners are Karen Ash, Dayna Dumermuth, Judy Langerman, Ann Austin, and Alary Manson. We hope to have more soon. We have gotten 16 new books for our library. They all look very interesting. In health classes some of the pupils made posters on the parts of food. We also made up plays for table conversation, correct way of setting a table, and table manners. We have learned a great deal from these assignments. • • • • High School News The Faye.te School has received some commodities from the warehouse in Charles City for use in their hot lunch program. We received 14 cases butter, 4 cases cheese, 8 bags flour, 1 case dried milk, 3 bags dry baby lima beans, 9 eases peaches, 4 eases peas, 3 cases green beans, 3 cases cherries, and 3 cases of dried eggs. The girls basketball chaperone for this year is Mrs. Curtis. Our first game is Friday, November 22, here with Arlington. We don't have a manager as yet, so anyone interested please see Mr. Curtis. Lets all back the girls this year! Monday, November 11, we started on our second Physical Education program sponsored by the college. Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday a college student under Dr. Beck comes and gives us instructions in Bowling, Volleyball, Badminton and Trampoline. Bowling seems to. be the most popular, but is limited to 12 students each 9 week period. The 1957 High School Carnival will be held Friday, November 15 from 5:00 to 11 p.m. One of the highlights of the evening will be the boxing matches. There will also be many eating booths and different amusement booths. Each school child will receive 5 tickets worth 5c apiece to spend. The carnival was . originally scheduled for Halloween but postponed because of flu. Remember, everyone come and have a good time. "H*w immy tlm»» do*i th» light have to chang* b*for» you got" 14 NO^HEMBER 1957"" '«i* (>f tht ' *. m herds positive. . \\ i.-- ; Miniated that less than 5^ HAVE YOU " : ''' '••' ltl!< ' "' layette Conn,V ha . iri'llnsjs. HAD YOURS? 'I'" I- >eal thirty f,,r Fayed, Between baseball, football and '•'•••• '• '-stock m. n to d,, ,, Asian flu wlu. has time '..> tlvnl "•" ; '" l:ll> vvil >' and oliminale of poliomyelitis 1 ; .•!.•>• i MS. In ihe past, the ,„,,Dr. Ralph Hoe-en. t|,;,','. win.' '" " '' ;x '' lu ' is IH "- n voluntary He's director of Die PrevcntaM ' ' '•'"'•i' 1 '' 1 ' 1 • "<- work, a new Disease Division of the- In-•;, ' •'•'•' '•'•'' '- m ''ll'ecl to bring all Slate Department of Health aiul ''' '"''• producers into the pro he's cnrU'crned thai t ']' re is n !'. !l ' Illler. S. Ill piihii ] !l IIIMI11'.' :lion now. There'., p'enly nf p >l o v.ie.T i- available. Vi III 1 dm Inr h.. ; .1 :',eo'l --iipnly . . . or e;m •'•) il ijllieklv. An I ... there's p'en'y i'f ! 1" bctwei n i.ov,- an-1 in "t pi >' 11 • -on to -l:,rl ..n '. .- >Mpl, !'• 11:1 • iiii ir-a' inn. Dr. !leeis-n -ays be is <•• n ei.i! I.' urj.ill'.', t''.'. 1 . e ;;;-UUM. .<! I n '.V ' i: ., ii I.e vacc llrd ri"ht ;ov;i v. T; v :,re; i i I I'l'o -e D".i:ile who ':' •'. la I two s'l.i's. T'M .- •-' null ...-I their third iMi.vSinn befnre t''e end e>' lh" I"'- ! V( -if <::> I !r !i .-eli( iol si i id- •; i' '. \s ii 111;• ad 'J!' Come See - at (STORE NAME) the Music Parents organi/alion and the P.T.A. HOT~LUNCH November 18-November 22. 1957 Monday Creamed Chicken on Mashed Potatoes Carrot and Pepper Sticks Buttered Asparagus Bread and Butter Sandwich Cherry Cobbler Vfc- Pint Milk Tuesday Hamburgers Hashed Brown Potatoes Chilled Tomatoes Fruit Jello Extra bread and butter Sandwiches % Pint Milk Wednesday Ham and Lima Bean Scallop Celery and Carrot Sticks Cornbread and Honey-butter Fruit Cup (Oranges, etc.) Mi Pint Milk Thursday Vegetable Beef Soup Celery Sticks Cheese 'Sandwiches Peach Cobbler % Pint Milk Friday Orange Juice Tuna Loaf Whipped Potatoes Creamed Peas and Carrots Peanut Butter Sandwich Brownies Ms Pint Milk FEATHERS My Lowell What's happened to Ihe pheasants? I'll bet that question v. as asked more than once Saturday when 'Pheasant season opened. Few people I talked to h:.,i :;nl ten their limit of H birds. Maybe it was the weather. We need a good snow to bunch Uie birds up again, then maybe Ihe hunting Will get belter. Also, there is a lot of unpicked corn and when that's picked the pheasants will head for the sloughs. Well, if you haven't gotten your limit vet, boiler luck next time. FILTRATOR DRYER, Automatically Control* Lint and Moisture Keeps you cool and comfortable- no more "steam-bath" clothe* dry- ingl Has all the most wanted Frigidaire features. • Illuminated Easy-View Control Panel • Fabric Guide for quick choice of drying heats >• Automatic Time Control-up to 145 minutes without re-dialing f Custom Imperial Drying Temfierature : Selector with infinite choice of drying heats • Press-Toe Door Opener • Automatic "SunjhJnV' Lamp and interior light • Porcelain Enamel- inside and out • Fully Insulated Cabinet • Available'for 120- or 240-volt operation , ,. . $319:95 I JUNIOR CLASS PLAY The Junior play "Clementine" is scheduled for Saturday evening, November 23 at 8:00 p.m. in the high school gym. The play is under the direction of Mrs. Florence Lease. Following is the play cast: Clementine Kelly . . Becky Maxson Mary Kelly . . . Margery Downing Gerald Kelly . . . Gene Van Buren Bertha . . . Kaye Campbell Abe Carter . . Kip Knight Hank Matthews . . . Chuck Gooder Pete .... Marlin Weyunt Tubby .... Jerry Drown Cathy i Bonnie Olson Jane Ann . . Peg Kischeid Ann McNeil . . . Barbara Nading Miss Prunella Pringle . . Janis Bennington BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Nov. '2'2 Arlington Here B & c; Nov. :><; Strawberry Pt. Here B & G' Dec. M Ha/elton Here Girls * Dee. :* West 'Union Here Boys * Dec-, ti Waukon Here Hoys * Aec. H) West Central There B & G * Dec. 13 ElkatkT Here Boys * Dec. 17 Clermont-Elgin There B & G * Dee. 20 Sumner Here Boys Jan. 3 Tripoli Here B & G * Jan. 10 West Union There Boys Jan,"]") Aurora HJ.J-/. Girls Jan. 21 Calmar Theiv * Jan. 21 Waukon There Boys Jan. 24 Arlington There B & G Jan. 2ii Monona Girls * Jan.31 Clortnonl-Elgin B & G * Feb. -1 Sumner Boys Feb. 4 Frodericksburg There Girls * Feb 7 West Central B & i; « Feb. 14 Postville Boys Feb. lii Monona Girls Feb. 21 Stanley B £ G * Upper Iowa Conference Ga '..•••• ' ... i Ii. ids will be sill, .i'-:-l i» I. . I Within a pel iod ol l.'i u,.o,i. v, i ii»i.ii eost to owners ;- ,.i .\;> ,1,1 Hive to Ihe ling lest '>'••• " : i.xi.l i.'r-led and react.ir.- -••••' '•'. ."l.'UgnU'r or plafc.it iin- .: . p. A "d quarantine. (3) i e'•'i"i'. sold h,r slaughter are "•' '' ' I'M in ii'inniiy ol up d> ,S1!.~).I)U tin grades and S50.00 for i" 1 ' •"'' 'i. . (Ai iri'o calf.umd and"pers«ms ".',p'I..'•in'v.-ar"".'.'! i v '"' t ' m: """> '« '»^ available m who have n..t ,• -.-.'d'anv vac- '"''''"""iy. <•'» when die brucel- cine- They shvii'd st.rl ir-m-n- |'';'." mtcclion in I'ayette Colin- Cation at once. (3' ('liil.|r"ii '- x K ' "' ll " u 'i to I'/,, or less ol who were immum/ed two or "" ''•""' --md or less ihan .>', ot m.,,-,. vri.rs MHO. Th— v.,,m...- , i-s ln> ; ^- ""•county will he ,|,,,uld be given a ! ,!er m- ''V 1 ' 1111 " 1 :l - s •' Hangs-free area. ,eet,on to keep their imnnmiAi "".•'•'!.l..-d lu nls will reman, lion at a hu'h level. .-.-rlitie.l ;,s long as they pass a "We .hav. pU'l.t.V nf evidenee '"'J'' :it '^ ""•' U ' St l>Vel '>' S ' X throughout the United State- " llinl Ls ,hat people with tluee mj.vU.m \ el, rmarums in charge ol tin- have protee.,,,1, against paralv!, i»'"K'-"" '"'1 »s that when a nolio Dr. ll...-r,-.i emphas!/,,!. """"> '-'—oes cert,lied, Bang, ' "As nearlv as we ,,,„ d,-l,, '" ; ""-" ' '•""trolk.U so that ', i i i ,., i ,,, lo.-..-,e., and hi.ilth (.(angers to pen- mine, senior high .-chooi siiidiiii . -^ ' in Iowa are only about M pel I"' 1 :'"' ' I'mmated. i . ., ,,, i. I he l oiiimi.tee hopes th.at eon imnuin.i/ed .-mains! poll' .. ' i , | ,,.. , c ,i\e le ( mm \- will be he irst As age increases beyond l!n - • • ,i i i ii i,i,HIMn eii.imv 10 loua to be ileelared a croup, the rate nl those nnmiili , i aie . -1 ive a: ea. ix.ed decreases. , jx-vrrfvi... Think back to ihe time unly |i (J|) [ [jALL a few year.-; a:;o ili.il von would UMAI ^TATI^TIPQ have given ANYTlUMi to be rillrtL J11\ 1 101 Itj protected af-ains; polio, and then l-ayeii,• - Cardinals, aside Irom RUN don't walk to Hie near :-»'k.iu; up third plai e in The est doctor for your mieclionV l -!'l»"' l"\va fonleivnee also led ' m 'ii,' ni-i inritv nl statistics. Bangs Disease In Fayette County Herds Must Be Eliminated ,,'.', mp The Fayette County Bmcelln Tola! ;, d: r . ,' sis Coniinittee has decided that I'.is. . . '.' . iirucellosis CLSangs Disease) in Punts cattle mus.t l)e eliminated. Opp. Finn. Uec. This brings to a climax a cam Y is. IVnn. puign started in Htali with a Total Points study of the Fayette County situation which was; i 1) more than W"< of the herd-positive lo the r;iu; test 1'ur Brucellosis. (2) serious loss due to small call HYBRID AND HtliRiO SORGHUM diiction. ,!i) a serious ha'/.ard to the health of families who nni'.ht contract undulaiit lever horn ,,. ynr.- p OSTPANnKR infected cattle and milk. L-l.YUL L.. Ui> I KAINIJtK The ring lest of Seplembei, Fayelle, Iowa I 1 )!),' .JU-.I completed, .h.iu: Ii'.- (I 1 -!, M. Hi, III, 20) H BP 18 * 3 EE Mod.l DCI-M MATCHING CUSTOM IMPERIAL WASHUt RATED Ho. for CUoneit Clotho • Unt Removal • Drftit'tyta -in tests with six leading aufomofic woiheri n .. Automatic Dyeing-wlth oni i(»Min9.«' control*. Eaitort, SloS «y •""•'"• **-«• v.»-«.u,.v. win, Frlflldalre. $364.95 GIVE TO YOUR LOCAL I'MIT NATIONAL ASSOCIATION » C., "Now do. you think he'll get the hint to take me out to dinner!" Any 'h'usband is a winner Who takes his family out to dinner. Furniture & Appliance Iowa Phone 160 DRIVE IN i^ Deninan MUD & SNOW RECAP TIRES $15.95 . - . ,:>.•:•. ' . • ; •. PLU3 . ^CAPABLE TIRE • s 18 MONTHS GUARANTEE HOWARD'S TEXACp ,,"ot T»;••••'>* jfi.i*^

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