Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 25, 1939 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1939
Page 5
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^Wednesday. October 25,1939 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE FIVE Here Comes Snow Cruiser! It's Biggest Thingfon Tires By NT.A Kervirc '; JJHWfJO The gi:int .snow cruis- pi- being built hy the ItcM-arch Found- ' ;itiun of Ihi- Armour liiMitute (if Tuchimlogy for ilu- II, S. Anliirtii-'; Kxpeih'iini! is nt'iiriiiK ii.s fin;i| It'sts j which will !»• .stiff MHOS carried out ' among lln> s;iin| diiniv,- nriir here. That < will give .1 c-lnsc approximation of con- I ililinn.s ID |,c met in Ihe Aiiliirrtic later } whuii (he rruUcr will he the home ut fniir ]])!•)! ilm,m..||iiiil ||> r , )( ,);,,. u .j,,_ tor. When tin- le--l.-, ;ni.. completed, shortly lifter Oct. 2,'i. the ITUIMM- will roll ."lowly i-aNtward lowaril Bo.stnn ,-ilnii« roads rlmsrii fur width and the lack i of bridge;; or umlri |«i>.se.s. It will iivi-rnue 'Jll miles ;m hour nil this "shakedown iTiij>e." II) inilpN under tii|) speed, limiting overnight .stops :it Furl Wii.vn-. ().. Mjm.sfiold. O. and Akron. O. Fri'donia. Auhurn and Albany N. V. and We.slhoiD. M;j.ss before arriving .1! Boston, where it will K" I" Ihi- army ha;<i- lief,,j-e taking ship ;il the iiiivy yard for the pol , Seas. The cruiser will travel only hy d.i\ because of traffic i i.. ; k.s. ijut once ill the Antarctic, day ;nul night will be nil (inc. for .she curries hoi- own generating plant for lights, her own \ machine shiiji for veji;iris. her own ; winch nnd dragline to pull herself ' "ill of ;iny crevasse or pit from which ' her own wheulpower is unable to move i her. Tlii' cruise fioin Chic:ig<i in Huston wil he to the snow crui.se r\vhat :i ' "shakedown cruise" i.s to a battle-ship •- nn o|)|)ortnnity lo show up iiny defects ' before (he real le.st conies. Any repairs or changes which .should prove nfcsssiiry I'iiu he made at Bos- Ion before cmbarkliun. Gas Gas All Time AttH. .fan. l-'flfi'r says: "das on my«tum- lU'h \vaSHn bad I rouhin't i-ut or HU-eii. (las pvi-n Hoi'MiiMl In ]iri'.-:M (in my h»art. Ailln- rika lirmiKlit nm cpilck rcll.'f. N<nv, I i-ii I wl:0l. f\>-i-]i lini'. ni'vcr fi-ll lir'tli<r.' A OLE RIKA John S. Ciilisun Druj.! Co. i Valves control wheels individual! Steering "stick" (operates like airplane control) QUALITY PIANOS SkMiiwiiy, ll.-nldorff. C;iblo. Wtir- lit/i'r. Ni'\v Models $2-15 up. Toniui. Drop us ;i i';inl fur i-niiiln^s. Bc'wiire of .something - fur - iKitluiiy offer.-;. HKASLKY'S, '!Vx;irUana, Ark. IIAHVl'.Y ODOA1 Loral Hi'iiri'si'nlntive When Bombs Fall There Is No Peace Pi-estop Grover Sees Preview of U. S. Aerial Fighters By PR.RSTON GKOVER WASHINGTON — For (he benefit of nil-selves and 3,00(1 others, the army lemontilrated ils latest fighting gad- jets lo such telling effect that we are convinced Oiaf in vww there is simply no place whore,a man can be com- ornble or .safe. One plane dropped three dozen or nore smull bombs all in a row. Hie .''»'.'n and senators is studying the sit- way you sow radish seed. Strewn a- i'alion and is preparing to ask for relief ong n roi'd they would have wiped i funds of ;,| least $50,000.000 before this )Ut a regiment. M..SMOII of congress adjourns. One big bomber from high up, !.)< partiiiriit of Agriculture people Iropped n 2,000-pound bomb. It is the ; ;,y that this drouth is freakish It jiggest the army uses us a regular) i ; , M ,olt.v-for while it covers the Ohio bing .although it has some 4.000-j.-, m | Mississippi valleys, the great wund jobs-heavy as a cmlillnc-in re- p| ;ul ,s ., re: , , lnd lhe southeastern states. <erve. The one-ton item burst a mile j, ,|,,es not cover nil of the slates af- where we lay hidden behind iome low bushes| It smashed up the Drouth Brings Disaster to Farmers in Western U. S. By BRUCE CATTON NEA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON—While the nation's attention' has been centered on Kmo;)(>an war. major disaster has developed inside the United States. One of the worst autumn drouths on'.«, — Ki-ord has parched farm lands in 30 .'•tale. Confused ma.'iS migrations of I'lricken farm families are beginning in northeastern Texas and in G'klahoinu. The Farm Security Administration reports that llli.OOO families are in- urgent need. An informal committee of cnngress- >ir so batlly that fragmonls of the noisa cached vis like a burst of machine !un fire before the shudderiiiK "boom elused in on us." It threw dirt find brush 300 feel in he air and lifted out a cone of earth nto which you could have placed ;) wo-story hou.se. We wore told that medium artillery can shell a heavy concrete bridge all day without wreck fucted. In any drouth-area state there will oni.' county where there is no har- Vist and no pasturage, and an adjacent umnly where bumper crops are being gathered. In some localities adjoin- iiiu, farms will show similar conlrasts.. Swilh Suffers Ihu Miwl In northern Mississippi, Arkansas and parts of Alabama, the situation is wi;r>-.e. because heavy floods lust spring ng it, but one (hose 2,000-pound j tlrvastaled many farms. Afler ihe iiirplnno eggs nestling into it willlll""(ls subsided, the nearly dustitulu faiinei-.s managed lo yet /> crop in and Scaled at (he controls as he will drive the snow cruiser to Boston and later in the Antarctic is Ur. Thoinns C. 1'oultcr, its designer. Mandawl type of metal box, white column anil concrete base adopted in that Beauty Is Everywhere— Even In Mail Boxes C ANFKANCISCO~(/I'|—As a contribution lo highway beauty the postof- fiiv is ciimpaigning fur slaiidiirdized. \ is the most populated continent. It has attractive i ural 'mail IJCINI'.V. C'iling I more ihan yS-l.UOd.OOO inhabitants, or Ti-xiis us well advanced in Ibis regard.! more than half the population of the the I'i;.,lma.sloiV Ca/etlc- praised the i world. Asia, with it.s 10,700,000 square miles, Waiting For Your Ship To Come In? Plk A wf^•'• ^'% '/ - ; - "^r 11 ^!^-- ••'.'•. : 'i'Xv' p ; £^:^-''''--p^ ?•?-/*& "••;: jy^i/*••'''/ ? ^^ immm^ii U | H, '• --- AM-- ''$ Some Jolks wait forever for that great day. Others enjoy a shipment of happiness and contentment daily. How do they arrange it? you could tell them easily.. .how you've never lost the spirit of youth with its lively interest in the good things that surround you...how you have learned to take time each day to relax and enjoy the real treasures of life...family, friends, hobbies and hospitality. :i: » » # Of course, Budweiser is only incidental to your scheme for better living. But since good living is a series of pleasant incidents, Budweiser becomes important ...because of its generous contribution of companionship and fellowship when clay's work is done. Budweiser helps to 'keep your friendships in repair.' ANHIUSER-BUSCH Makers of the World's l-'ai/ions tieer MAKE THIS TEST DRINK Budweiser FOR FIVE DAYS. ON THE SIXTH DAY TRY TO DRINK A SWEET BEER. YOU WILL WANT FLAVOR THEREAFTER. COPH 1839. ANHEUSCR-BUSCH, INI* bT. I.UUI5, MU. like out a whole .section. Where bombs full there is no pence. I'liiiies Are as Bud But with anti-aircraft artillery busy >n Ihe ground, there is mi pw'itc for the pi lines' from which the bombs fall. A nastier sight wo never have seen than the way the mu/zlcs'nf those unli-aif-crnft guns follow a plane ncros.s j the sky. It is like n notliing so much •is the way a snake, with head -up lifted, eyes a bird. Observing instruments spread over the ground in a wide triangular formation focus on the plane. The cumulative result of their "seeing eyes" is communicated to a central .sighting mechanism which looks like the upper half of an ice- less refrigerator, he vily studded with dials. This mechanism digo.sl.s the information and together with data which may be supplied from other observers,, transmits it to a dial on the gun. The' gunners simply keep n .sort, of pointer on the gun following the sighting dial, ml the muzzle creeps across the sky, spitting three-inch shells at the!] rate of one every two seconds. From 11 then on the clear-blue air about the i plane is a' thick mixture of flying! shell fragments. Three targets towed across the sky in simulation of an ! enemy irplane were shredded by shll ; fire. ' j In turn, two tanks, armed with ma- | chine guns and small cannon, bounded-i across a ditchy field pouring a silvery j chain of bullets into two structures ' pul up to look like machine Run "pill- ( boxes." There is no peace in pill-box- j es. 1 Tanks Arc as Bad ! Yet. on the oilier hand, when a tank ' remotely controlled, was stalled across- the field, a cluster of anti-, tank guns cut loose at it. Thcsv guns, j the army's newest weapon, shoot a j two-pound slug about the size of three ' golf balls laid end to end—if you get • what we mean. The bullet's tail is phosphoros- i cent so that it sails through the air like a redlhot shot, easy for the gunner to follow. In the core of the shell is a bursting charge of powder." The thing will smash through an inch and a half of armor plate, then burst like a rocket. That happened to the tank. Fiery shot raced across the field, glowing like oranges. One of the first shots fired stopped the tank and another piled into its gasoline tank, setting it afiri'. So there i.s no peace in tanks. As a final burst wo saw a IC-iiu-h coast defense gun hurl a 2,1000-poun.l shell across the countryside VVe inspected 14-inch ships armor—heavier than that worn by the ill-fated British battleship Royal Oak. Sixtecn-inch shells had bored a hole through it as easily as you would poke a pencil through a pancake. So there is nn price in battleships. '1 hen we remembered thai our ncw- i" I battleships will shoot nine of tiu'se volley. So there is no peace in a coast defense turret, hen- can a fellow go? the best. But the autumn their hopes. Congressman Wall Doxcy of Mis? sis.sippi, a mt'mber of the drouth committee, says conditions in his district are desperate. "We've got n nearly complete crop failure, not only of cotton but also of corn and garden truck," he says. "The cotton crop isn't running 20 per cent of normal, and we don't have enough corn to feed our chickens until Thanksgiving. Folks down there are selling everything they have just lo get enough to eat." Congressman Francis Case of South Dakota says the drouth in the Black Hills area is the worst ever experienced there. His own district illustrates the spotty nature of the drouth; of its 24 counties, about a third are geting in good crops while another third reported extremely bad conditions—with the rest reporting that they are at least able to «t-l in enough feed for their livestock. Need More Money For Distressed Farm Security Administration, which is making 'grants to distressed families, say it is making grants lo distressed families ,says it is going to need more 'money oon. At the beginning of this fiscal year, it had $118,000,000 for grants and loans—and applications frojn 400,000.families, a far higher total than the money would cover. Since most crop loans are made in December and January, 'm'oney is still was set aside for that purpose is still available and can be drawn on for the drouth emergency; but it will have to be replaced, and the estimate is that the $50,000,000 the congressmen are talking about will be more tooavi talking about will be none too much. If heavy rains coYn'e now they won't undo much of the damage to this fall's crops, but they will help winter wheat planted during the last few weeks. For unless the drouth ends pretly soon the seed won't sprout. Incidentally, the drouth brought an unexpectedly high percentage of compliance with AAA's crop insurance and acreage conlrol program in the wheat belt. Expecting a high war demand next year, many farmers had been refusing lo go in on the .program and were planning to sow lots of winter wheat. The drouth upset their plans, and now there is n rush to get in on the program. Hi-Way Eating Place Assists Mr. Cupid EDEN, Texas—</fV-It's a matrimonial bureau, not ;i cafe, says Happy Walker of his Hi-Way Baling Place here. Walker has just witnessed the marriage of one of his waitresses to a customer. And she's the J2lh waitress who has succumbed to romance in the Hc-Wav. More than 90 per cent of U'.c fur and wool used in making hats is produced in Europe. Central America produces most of the straw, while the silk comes almost exclusively from the Orient. Iceland has neither prisons nor po- 1 licemen. ' Chesapeake Bay OYSTERS Dressed Hens and Fryers Every Day Phone 767 CITY MARKET We Deliver * Women: "Build-Up" Way To Relieve Those Pains A weak, run-down, undernourished® '—condition calle for atention! | found, is by the proper use of CARDUI. Such a condition often enables It stimulates a lagging appetite, assists functional dysiiicnorrh'ca to get its faolhold. That's, one thing which leads to much of women's suffering from headaches, nervousness, those cramp? like pains. A good way to relieve such pains, women digestion and assimilation; thus helps build physical resistance to periodic pain. Taken jxist before and during "the time," many women also report that CARDUI lessens the pain and dis- thousands have | comfort of the period. 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