Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on November 14, 1957 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, November 14, 1957
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DEPT. OF HISTORY & ARCHIVES DES UOIHES 19, IOKA 14 NOVEMBER 1957 FAYETTE, iOWA Price Five Cents VOLUME 42, NO. 20 thru the week with the editor We enjoyed the turkey dinner at Maynard Community Hal) last Wednesday sponsored by the Presbyterian Chueh there. • » • • We stopped in Maynard to eat on our was to Iowa City to hear U.S. Senator Poul Douglas lecture at the State University. * « » • Don't let Wilford or Charlie find out I drove 90 miles to hear a Democratic senator. I'd be expelled from the party as a dangerous radical. Probably will anyway after the editorial scheduled for the 21 November issue. Mr. And Mrs. Harry Hastings Rites Held Corkery Depart For East Monday November 4th Mr. and Mrs. Harry Corkery have commenced a two week va- Funeral services for Thomas F. Hastings, 83, were conducted cation and have departed for the Monday forenoon at 10 a.m. from East. They will attend the wed- the St. Francis Catholic Church cling of their son, Captain Eugene with Father Roskopf officiating. RENE HETH BECOMES BRIDE OF ROBERT JOHNSON F. Corkery and First Lt. Eleanor Interment in the St. M. Wells, Air Force Nurse Corps, cemetery at Fayette. in Newington, Connecticut on November 16th. They plan to visit friends in New York and Cleveland, Ohio and their daughter in Arlington Heights, Illinois connected for on their return. Francis But, Senator Douglas has been rated as the No. 1 senator in the U.S. Senate, is a brilliant man with a grasp of national and world affairs possessed by LOCAL LADY A STAR IN COOKING CONTEST All the world loves a but, not as well as a good cook! Often, there are among us, those who have achieved some sort of recognition and little Mr. Hastings died of a stroke Friday, Nov. 1st. at Marion, Iowa. He had retired from the railroad service with which he had been many years. He was married at Dubuque Feb. 24, 1911 to Miss Elizabeth Boyle of Dubuque. One daughter was born to them Feb. 24, 1912. Those surviving him are his daughter and husband, Mr. and lover— Mrs. Louis Lattner, one brother. John Hastings of Fayette and five sisters, Mrs. Mary Riley, Randalia, Miss Alice Hastings, Fayette, Miss Rose Hastings, Wa- DONOHUE NAMED TO HEAD POLIO DRIVE R. L. Donoluu , We.; I'mon Attorney has be, n :mp.iiiiled in serve as Campaign Director for the 1958 Fayette County March of Dimes Drive Mr. Donohue recently returned from a meeting in Minneapolis with top leaders of ;)ic National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis. At that meeting plans lor a 544,900,000 March of Dimes drive next January, primarily to support a massive rehabilitation pro gram for thousands of disabled polio victim/ was announced. The 1958 March of Dim. s will be conducted chiefly for the care and rehabilitation of the ihou- patients strirk r> en though th the Teens verv Asked Emily Swart/. Sunday where she found out that 1O% of all members of the bands in surrounding towns had been killed by the flu. Of course, we always read her Fayette in Focus column and while doing so last week, there standing out like a sore thumb, was the word "decimated." about it is known to us. That dena, Mrs. Margaret Welsh, Mnn- seems to be the case' of Agnes son, Iowa and few. Simper of Fayette. Wadena, Iowa. Agnus came here only this He summer and is scheduled to his parents, one brother and one sands of post-wiiti leave again very soon. For she is housekeeper and cook for the local Catholic rectory. And the lucky person is Fayette's Father Roskopf who is the judge of endless varieties of fine foods. But, Father Roskopf is not the only person who has judged Mrs. Ed Raft is, was preceded in death by san sister. in the United States for whom Pall bearers were nephews of "survival is not enough." New the deceased. Tom Riley, Donald advances in the field of rehabili- William 'Strudthoff, Ed Welsh, William Strudthoff, Meskel, Kenneth Baldwin and Lowell Vorkery. Now, decimated means that every 10th one was killed. Its a common military term and I learned its use at the Infantry School at Fort Benning, Georgia in 1954. • • « « But, it certainly sounded like 10% of other schools students had been killed. And, that's not too good. • • * • • Speaking of turkey dinners, which we were earlier, we must pass our compliments^ to. the. Legion .-for the fine dinner."served here Monday. We enjoyed being host to the executive committee of the Mon- tega District scouts Monday eve- __ ____ ning. Its not really as much fun A g ncs Simper's goodies. In fact, being on a scout board as it is a with her s i stcr , Mrs. Francis scout master. But, we served in Falada O f Garner, Iowa, She has the latter for seven years; so now won j nnume rable prizes at coun- Lots Of Hunting Ahead But Some Season Near Close With pheasant hunters just getting in their first good licks and prospects for improved duck hunting in the .offering, many weeks of good hunting lie ahead for Iowa's nimrods. State Conservation Commission officials, 'however, remind gunners that some closing season dates are close at hand. Here is a rundown on those seasons which close soon: tation now make it possible for many persons to return to useful daily living. The :UOO local chap ters of the National Foundation across the country now are spending 90 per cent of their i be- Salk <lra l : '.'I'" i iucot'l >t cass this year. • tated that the National March of Dimes camriign would commence ,1 unuai v ;>. 1 !);">.'! and lermma.e ,Ianu.ir\ l!>f>i!. Plans are heini 1 . made Kavetle County to kicl- oft campaign with a P.hie l']-•>• ''n in every ci;y and town in county and to tern drive with a Mothers and Again-l Polio March on home in ',be county. In last years Polio Driv e|le County ranked in the t'nrd ol Ilii- 1 counties ol tin ill colli clim; >;•!.01)0 00. Donohue states Uiat be lielieves that Fayet e County can d. .',il:lo this figure in 1!I5!! and rank near the lop m the Slate of Iowa, particularly win n one realizes Ihe luiin- I er of polio victims in this conn ty that will benefit by the mas- si 1 e rehabilitation program of tiie March of Dimes. MARVIN & MAXSON LEADING SCORERS Quail (Short Zone Counties) — . November 18. Hungarian Partridge — Nov. 18 its the board. * * » « Talley Ho. It was annual hunt time in the valley last Sunday and pheasant hunters from all over the world and few from other worlds arrived in the Fayette area to at least make noise. Then there's that combination of the brethren who mix gunpowder and alcohol. ty fairs, State Fairs and other competitive cooking events. Her accomplishments have taken her into many national magazines. Among these are Wallace's Farmer, Pathfinder. Town Journal. Iowa Farm and Home Register and many others. Just this year Miss Simper and Boy Scouts To Camp At Klock's Island The Boy Scouts Montega District Leadership Training Chairman announced today that the plans were complete for the annual Junior Leader Training Course that is to be held November 16 and 17. The training session is to be held in Klock's Is- City Park in Fayette and will begin at 9:00 A.M. Saturday and run to 4.00 P.M. Sunday. Church services will be arranged for Name AH.carry *Bob Marvin 86 *Larry Maxson 23 Mike Eischeid 45 Kip Knight 33 Dave Dennis 16 Chuck Gooder 4 UVfanW PWl.-U.~Vt — --ft--- •-' *fjt*woll I3«»»»l * Mike Smith 1 *Deane Watkins *Duane Watkins Eischeid Punt Adv. Jim Davis and defense players. * Denotes the Seniors Total ^ 542 133 247 262 57 . 10 • »tv i 2 Bind End 44.8 Duane /A Adv. 6.6 5.8 5.f) 7.9 3.f> 2.5 — - - i .«- — -vf~ 3 2 Watkins TD P. T li . 3 2 I) 0 n ..-*** 0 2 I) were oil Total Points uiuiii! (i race I ,u.hei an ('hurch. Kay- i.'tte. was the scene of Ihe \\e-l ,1 :u; Sim iay altenioon. November t.'ll'il of Uene llelll. ilallgh!. 1 ;' of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold lle'b. Fayette, an.I H >b. it .Joiinson, son o Mr. ,,nJ .Mrs. Her ,1 I I'.r iwiioli als.i oi Fayetie. 'i'ne liev Jack \Vang;. rin pel lormed the double ring ceremony al H.UO p.m. before, an alter dcco raleu wi.ii b.Kjuets o! a.--..orted mums. Nuptial music was by .laniee llennige.s, who sang "l!c- caiine" and "The Lord's Prayer" Accompanied hv Carolyn llelll. cousin ol Ihe bride. Given m marriage by her lathi i tin 1 bride wore a ba'leruia length gown ol while imported Canloin's Italian Voheteen, la .li loned with an empire waisl an.! liatcau neckline . ruling with a V in toe back. Self covered lait Ion,-, i n m met I the back o I lite .'.own. Her fingi rlip veil of silk ni t illuMon was e-auglil to a crown of pea i U. I ler only jewelry weie peail earrings, gil'is ol tne groom. She carried a white llibl' lopped wilb a while orchid aiut sii',o.'ei eil with while ribbon. Bridal attendant-; were L'oima llelli. sister of the bride maul of iioiior and Marlene Bicker, friend of ine bride — brides- niaia. They wore gowns ol russet anil ImUcTnut brown coi'Uovoy, styled like that of ihe bride, with malcbing hats and gloves. They c;irried coloniel buquets oi bi-oiv/e.'i.'.ul gold mums. As flower girl. Janice Aane.; wore a while velveteen dress wi^h an empin; waislline and a peti. r pan collar edged in lace. Kicky Ilelb, cousin of the bride was ring 'bearer. tie: '. ing us I.K'<;I i.m v, 1 ;^ 1 Mu..'e groomsman. Both are friends ot Ihe couple. Ushers were Dennis Hi-tli. brother of the bride anl Dave Hopkins, nephew ol the SCHOOL CARNIVAL THIS FRIDAY The l!);-)7 High School Carnival will be held Friday. November !"> from f>.00 t,, n p . m . 7] ]( , ( . arn j. val was originally scheduled for Halloween but postponed be- can •(• of flu. There will be many different amusement booths and eating booths plus many other forms of enter.ainiiu nt for the whole family. lleilli Mi. Mai Paul In Rochester Minnesota • 'ac!; P.ml visited Sunday at the U'anvll Hospital in Koches- I •''. M Niie.,i.)la where his mother up for junior in ^^wrFar.V-md^m; leaders in the Scout Units in the tnld Aenes's recipe for Montega District. Larry Clipper- p'rle SramclCosting, ton of West Union is the Senior year the sisters took 21 Last the training session. Speaking of Emily Swartz and alcohol in the same column makes me think. Emily is an - < •-•- , ,„ o tata v a \ P *„* tne training seasiun. 4^«. *••—« excellent organist and I asked prizes at the Iowa State Fair and p _ Q[ Oelwein is tne act i ng her the other day if she'd play lave testimon.als m prominent t ter . ciipperton was sent Ein Feste Berg and Joyful, Joy- national publications for Fleisch- ^ ^ Boy gcout Nationa | Train . ful so we could record them. man's yeast. jng center in N GW Mexico last , , • • Among Miss Simper's prize- ar , by tne Wapsipinicon Area Joyful winning recipes are her —""• - •• T -~ : ~- FUTURE CITIZENS — At the time these pictures were taken lit le 1'atrieia Sue. Neal was just 3 months old, and her bit; brother, Stephen, was 2 years. The chil- drens parents are Mr. Mrs. Giorj'.e 11. Neal, Fayette. Davis Rexall Store Meeting Held Sponsors Annual Boys, The background to —.,-_., - i „,„,.. Joyful is that it is the chorale of food cakes, white layer $? JjS ro.ls coffee cake, Beethoven's Movement). :^ r rJT,if»sr3ssss- «*• -*• -» rs# sx ih ±n.;°«i s^s^c^s^ chorale. Council to learn cake ^ Leader COU rse. Sd the Junior The regular monthly meeting of the Boy Scout Montega District Committee met Monday evening, Nov. llth at the home of Leadership Training Chair- in Fayette. Mr-, llelh, mother ol the bride was attired ill a gray diess with pink accessories while Mr.*. llrtiwiu H, the groom's mother 1 \\-ore black. They Wore identical eo.-sa .'•; of while canialioiis. In I'liarge of the guest book was So.arroll Fay and aclmg as rivep.ioii hostc'ss was Mrs. Monte Fay. A lam-tiered wedding cake •vas made by Mrs, Kldo Eckhcart, Ihe brides aunt. Jean Holt/man. Carolyn Ash and Mrs. Verona Hanson received the gifts. Presiding at the refreshment 'a'/le were Mrs. Wes Ashby, pouriii". coffee; Mrs. Al Schmidt, servm ; punch: and Mrs. Kckbeart an-.I Mrs. Karl Aanes serving the cake. Table waitresses were Sherry! Noble. Kaye Campbell, Mary McSweeny and Mary Ellen Lcvcr- Girls Contest ington. :: After a brief wedding trip of umdisclnsed destination, the cou pile, will reside in Fayette where Mrs. Wes Asls! y Under'.; Co Surgery ^'i'.'>. \, v . • y : •. ,'.;M. V '..\>) .V^! % .' y m Fnyetle, home economics I .'.'.'her at FI1S, undi-rwent surgery Wednesday morning at i'aiuu -r Memorial Hospital in WeM Union. Rosary Society To v Meet Next Wednesday "itip i-tosnry «ocioty will-meet in l.'ic Church Hall an Wednesday altenioon, November 20th. Kleciion of i fl'icer.s will be held. Ho.-lesses will be Mrs. Ken Hollers. Mr.-,. Don Culligaii, fylrs. and Mrs. lulu Yet, with its tavern and licking background, even national name „ participation, and skills meetings of the operating coin- receive a special distinctive mittees. After each committee hud completed their business, District Chairman, Gene Beck, call- j R* r* L- ed the group together for the Captain And Mrs. tx>rkery general busin ess and committee End Fayette Visit reports. A series of fine pri/es will be given away again this year in the Hexall Boys and Girls Contest. Youth are urged to register at the Rexall Store. Friday is the last day for registration, according to 'Mr. and Mrs. Paul Davis, proprietors. both are attending University. Upper Iowa oAROUND A recent First Prize on a patc h to wear on their uniform chiffon cake brought a special fro- awari the Pl ate meirtbers of the WCTU stand up And while sing joyously when Emily or brands _ are proud to use^ Miss ~ : "~ ° f Simper ieasure e in ai the 'accomplish- Captain and Mrs. Lowell B. tri ;Vfinance drives were under ^^ of concocting something Corkery left Fayette on Wednes- way) but wore slowed some what Dor(w . s ;il -,. s iili We we're delighted that the delectible. . day after spending a two week fay the ,, u . The town chairman lu dc , u , mim , th Methodist Church Board ap- Agnes, who is always anxious proved the idea of attaching the to make friends, is middle-aged, property north of the church for • • - J - Mrs. J. D. Parker Suffers Injury Mrs. J. D. Parker, prominent hip Joyful, Joyful! * * It was announced that the Dis- Fay( , U( , c .jtj y .en. suffered a m j lirv m a f u ii Monday evening. Sunday School purposes _ and a 'real publ.ic-rela- cently eX ~ PGr Rofkopf In "Hew Sand and will now 1 day after spending" a two week b y"( he n u . The town chairman with his parents, Mr, and were u ,.g t , ( i to conclude their Corkery. They re- drivcs during the next week, 'eturned from a three q, ne advancement committee of duty in London, nnnounjce d that the first district to jury. Other Available. taking extent X-rays of in- was not station- h _ n .,j n t re view for the ranks of ny Father Roskopf m ms new -••»™ ^~ j'^ Bangor , Maine. ^ d ™ fe und Ea gi e would be Those kids really need the ad- assignment. They will leave ray- £t to Maine they will visit h M ' al The Colgrove-Walker vantage of good instruction. That ette following Than;k^ivu\g.__ «*«• relatives in Arlington Memorial Building in Fayette on is, away from the sounds of other eaUn7~Kmcri with Heights, Illinois and Cleveland, Noverabcr 2 0 at 8:00 p.m. _i nna ao aiijujrcu . » _i r>_«umo'o r*\.i- r\:«t«i«( Commissioner, Robert vantage is, awa; classes. • I told Governor Loveless at Garbee's l Husch, had the paper to get Abe finished. all read of the 'blab school' Lincoln went to. There was one and a lot of kids. So they Its like were instructed to read cpurse. That I so the teacher would know my busy and learning. , * * • don't forget the big an- and girls contest at U1C Davis Rexall Store. This juat a tip, but it closes Friday. tell Doc, jokingly, of I don't trust him at EiC> iii«v.l« v " v throat with a razor so why hunting with a i gun. Cubs And Parents T.< Sunday At Legion Hall Governor Loveless willingly ars».,££» wa&s* Max ' r- A son here ai in _ _ _ Don invited ..— -- See you next week. District Jaggard, that the < taken' the responsibility of planning the annual District dinner Favette — Harold Austin, local Montega Scouters and their scout leader has announced' 'Wives. The installation of the that cUbs and parents of Pack 31 1958 officers will take place at will meet next Sunday evening this time. The exact time and at the Legion Hall. place will be announced. Time of the meeting will be The next district meeting will potluck dinner will be be held at the 'home of Jim parents of cubs are Weaver in Oran ani •"-" officers would 1 RIETWFIDEO Mr. and Mrs. Koy.JJigelow left last Tuesday for CrSrrdler, Arizona where they will spend the winter. . « • • Mr. and Mrs. I. vie lleisclms accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Krnie Verma/.en to Saturday's football game at Iowa City. .;::.. Edgar Miller has left this we. for a winters vacation at l j eler:iburn, Florida. GOV. LOVELESS SPEAKS, SPENDS DAY HERE Governor Herschel C. Loveles; aitdrissed the students of si-Vi ral schools here Wednesday for !'i ospei'tive Teachers Day. In hi- talk (he governor pointed out Ihe nc etl for more and Letter-trained teachers ill Iowa anil the nation. Kollosvin* bis address the i;overnor attended a lunch at the home 1 of Ur. E. E. Garbce, Prc-sidenl of Upper Iowa I'niver.-'.ity. Otlu-rs altendinu tne lunch were Dean Wilson (..'. Gill, Prof. Jock Loren/, science instructor, K. M Westerfilid, West Union publisher, Harold Austin of Fay- elle, Hoi'.er Olson, UIU public n lalions officer, Wes Ashby, conservation officer, Paul Tempi-man of Fayette, E. A. Billings, postmaster, Don Kimball, local e litor, Dr. llerschel Hendrix, dean of the college, and Vic Craf- lon, L'lU bursar and R. Arch- andault, West Union Superintendent of Schools. Following the meal of southern dishes prepared by Mrs. Garbee the governor and other of the party went pheasant hunting. Mrs. John Tibeau, Cedar Rapids arid Mr. and Mrs. Russell Cloninger, aunt and parents of Mrs. Claude 'Smith Jr. were Sunday visitors in the Smith home. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Baker have left Fayette and will spend the winter in the South. 20th Century Club Met Tuesday The Twentieth Century Club met Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. L. L. Cole with Mrs. R. U, McCornuu'k and Mrs. Pa'.il G'nurlcty as hostesses. 'L-Mrs. James Hedel presented a m'o minute talk on "America Today" which was followed by >f Philip J. Simon's lower" and a Pilgrim's voyage in the Mayflower, which sailed the seas in 1957, as written by.Maaitiand Edey for Life Mag- ax.iiie. The club wilL^ueet December 10, with'(Mrs.'Eugene* Garbee. a review of Phil "L«mof the May, comparison of the GIVE TO VOUH l-OCAL ONH Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. Larry Davis aad were week-end visitors at the boys from Hiawatha wero week- Harold BroWhell home, attending end visitors in the home of thgir the Sunday wedding Hopkins brother. of parent:;, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Davis.

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