The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 6, 1940
Page 6
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fAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS MONDAY, MAY G, 1040 Manila Pushes Plans Poultry Dealer Sues For Community House MANILA, Ark., May fi.—Plans are well under way (or the proposed "Community House" here mid it is exacted tlint the neces- Imids be raised within Hie' next few weeks. The committee, of which Graver Snydef is cnair- man, is making cflOiis to select n suitable location and il was said that S8GO has been subscribed with the structure to cost nol more than $6,000. It is c-.vjx-cttvl 10 be erected with the nssislanec- of a WPA grant and labor. The. Lions Club of Mnnlln Is sponsoring the project and it was said that the Community House will be for the benefit of the fn- ilre community. A mattress-making program will be slorlpd in this community tn the near future will) every fninlly with nn average Income of less . than $400 IJCIIIB clielhln to 5U pounds of cotlon and 10 yards of heil ticking with which to make a mattress (or their own use. This project, is county wide and every community in the county is expected to benefit from this project. GrovcT Snyder and William Borowsky were appointed lo assist in signing applications at Manila. They expect lo M« at l(1:lsl lol)u ' applicants and it was pointed out thai all mattresses for this com. mnnity will be made lifrc. Another, Charging Slander J. W. Moore Jin.s filed suit In lircntl conn against B. T. Worthy alleging Hint Hie latter has slandered liliu and Is fiskfng (lnmiigi*s SCHOOL NEWS of n Kind," by Buchlol, given the cornel ensemble. of $25 ,000. Moore allots (hat both lie and Worthy n;« nmiltry denlers and lliat the liilter has iniide sunc- /nent.s lo scllrj.s uf poultry re/lect- int' upon Moore's honesty. Claude Cooper is atiorney tor Moore. At The Hospitals niyltiinille Hospital On.'sfirtd. city, ndnilltcd. Toiniin, Hnrdeltc, admit- 1 <:. K. Hll'<il!(j<>, lliid'iHiui. Negroes To Choose Own Bathing Beauties Ervlii ted. Mrs. Mis.'it. Mrs. \V M. CrW<, lliill'm:ii). ilis- lSSt'l]. Mrs. Ijsti-r Gibson, t.eachville. dlsmlsM'd. \\Mt Hospital Mrs. Alln-il Kj>c-nci.T, Armoicl. admltt'-d Klton Ili-athcock, Slcclc, admitted. Snndru l.ynn Whllficld, Slci-li-, ndinillcd. Mrs. Charles Clark, Manila, ud- llllllrd. Cliiiilcs y.-irbro, city, ail- Mix. mlilKl. Uryant. Manila, inliniL- lod. Mrs. Cecil Curium and Number Nine, dismissed. ... ,, „„ Mr.-'. E. H. llallcy. Wcona. Blythevillc and Gsceoln will have (Usmi , sa | i •preliminary contests for the negro j^"]/ Q cool:. Slcele, dlsiniss- ,bathing beauty cqntcsts of the (i() .Memphis Cotton Makers Jubilee to ^^ ,, omci . Eddies ami baby. -be held by the negroes of ihe Mid- M j niln dismissal. 'South at the same time Hie Cotton Mv s " t!!nm . Yales. Wilson, dls- ' Carnival is being held, it has been | mkse ^ ^announced by W. S. U:irabin, nc- w s "Pete" Barnes, Armorci, i-gro county agricultural a sen I who dismissed. 'has been nnmcd chairman of the piimiribh ISiiplist llnspilal -county commitleo in charge of nr- j ^ Jones. Lraclivlllp, admitted. • rangements. j Miss cicnnotio Polcpl, L.nxora, - A negro queen ami two prin- a( iniiitpd. :ce«es each fron: Blythevillc • ami j jurs. u. ,j. Mmdren, city, ntl- ^Osceola will be cViosin for the con- : milled. Hcst to name the "Sepia Venus of j Mlllavd Smith. Marie, admitted. -tiie MidSovilU" who will receive n| -.trip to Chicago. ( iiron sciiooi, NI;WS I'liys. I'll. C'liissrs 1'hysiciil education am ' now meeting n'milarly in the Bym- jHisJiin), Karly in ihe semester Ilii'sc classes haii to meet in the lii'jli school bnildini; for iccltnliou ivhljf! vxct'clst's and jjyiiiiia- siimi triiinlng liad to be omitted i until the bulldlnu was coinplc'ted. I Althoiis'li the floor of the es'in- niisiuin v.ns finished early pnoiisli j in the year for some bn:,J:eilwll 1 cumes (o be played there, tlic | .-hovers and locker rooms v.'f-re not iciidy lor use until the first of | April Now that these are available ihe physical education clashes luive been Irniisicrrod to the gymnasium. I Alihouch physical ediicfillon lias' bei-j) optional this year, il will be irijiilreil for all stiuienLs eiilc'iins; school next year. According to n rt'CMilly ."nncte<l .stnle Jaw henlih. safety and physical education must be tauiiht in every crude; liowti'tT, the time devoted lo lluit, and tlic emphasis varies with dlfferr-nt (trade levels. The aim nl Ihe program Is lo develop KOIIIK! henltiiy bodies; to provide adci|uale physical (raining lor every one, and lo leach u spirit of fair play. |.'or high school, naturally, the students must provide themselves with i;ym suits and rubber soled slices. No student may t!o on the gymnasium floor v.'ilhonl the soft baby.' soled shoes not only because hard 'Isoii'.s are detrimental to the floor, Ark.,! but also because the student needs freedom allowed by the soft oli'd sho? for many of the excr- ses that he is required to lake, jich class |>erio(l is arranged so mt each individual lias time to rest in liis gym clothing, and ftcr the exercise jieriod lo take shower and dress <n8ain. . Osccola's negroes had a float and .an entry in the contest last yearl :bul this is the first time Blytlic-| ville tons pnrticiiMted, according to BtiraVjIn 'who said the dates of the preliminaries would be announced within a few days. The Jubilee Is to Us held May 14-18. COURTS Mrs. Lillie May Wells has Hied suit in chnnccry court ngninst Elmer Wells asking lor n divorce. Virgil Greene is attorney for vilaintlll. Ihe Manila Society—Personal The teachers of the Manila public schools who are taking ad- vanlngc of Hit 1 six weeks courses at Arkansas Slate College in Joues- borrt arc: Misses Hiiley, Ijilliai Shnwr, Clola McCormick, Mrs. W Orin Green. Mrs. Hicharil Ovljnrnc Mr. and Mrs. Varillmtui Osborne niwl John Ostorne. Two graduate nf tlic Maniln liieh school are at ilinn also. They are Clara Orac ].'ox nml Mrs. Walter Meade. Announcements: The Courier News hits been lor- mally authorized to announce the following candidacies for office .SUD- ject lo the action of the Democratic primary In August. >, Mississippi County Jmlgr ROLAND GREEN ' CLARENCE If. WILSON Sheriff anil Collcctm HALE JACKSON Cuunty Treasurer R. L. (BTLLY) GA1NI'.« (For Second Term) JACK FINLEY ROBINSON County anil t'robate i'h'rk T, W. POTTER 1 . (For Second Terini Circuit Court Clerk HARVEY MORRIS (For Second Term) Congressman First Arkansas District BRUCE IVY * * • Representative (For the seat now held by Wood row Hiitton) J. LEE BEAR DEN For past now !;eW by Frank \Vil\iam> PRANK WfbLIAM.S (For Second Term) (For post now heltl by L. H. Auii> L. H. AUTRY (For Second Term) FRANK D. UNDERWOOD i « • Assessor W. W. (BUDDY! WAT.SO-. iFor .Second Term 1 CKNTKAI, SCHOOL NKWS Have Shower fur Traclier .Sixth grade stitdcnts of C'cutrnl school gave Miss IjODn Nason u fruit and vegetable shower Monday, r'i'iilts and vegetables were made into the following' things: An airplane made of n carrot, celery, orange and mutch sticks; nn onion niul Irish potato man; a man iniulc of an nuplc, (•rnpe- frult and .sweet pickles; a monkey made of coconut shell with a bonnet out of fliiircd cloth with a string [nillctl through the mouth used for a cord holder; a flying ftiili innitp of hnnnna, celery and a piece of paper; a man made of iv.'O oranges and many inarsh- mallows. Pigs out of potatoes and matches wilh raising for eyes; Irish potato horse;; with match egs; a tat woman made of two argp ii|(|)l<«, a lemon head, candy ess and paper skirt; a carrot man villi .silk top hat; a carrot woman ji'ilh an orange |)celiii(! skirt; Hiter made from an orange with paper moustache, Kandall Ifawhe's Ktring holder monkey won Hie prlnn. The group voted to send W. D. McCltirkln, suiXTimendciit of school, an orange Confucius with black 'silk queue and moustache. JX»>:in Wmulerlidi presented the gift with this rhyme: "HiiiXM'iiUendcnt cat fruit every day, lie become healthy. Mind what Confucius say, He become wealthy." lias Ice CiTHin Kate Ice cream sales have been conducted by the sixth grade of Central school. The proceeds which amount to $2.10 will go Inlo the club treasury to buy things needed to carry on activities. have neon chosen. The Psstlvn! V* sponsored by the Music department of the Woman's cltil). Solo parts for "Venezuela" will be taken by Rosco Crafton, Harry Carter Parr, Betty Prances Woodson, Frances Field, Mary F.lla Gar- rctt and J. 13. Henry. In the chorus for this number arc: Uandall Hawks, Stanley Oas, ,loe Mac Hester, Ann Callis, Betty, Lou Phillips, l.eroy.Ford, Mabeli'iie Webster, Geneva, Klllabrew, Mclvln Wood, Barbara AlcKelley. Donald Warrlngton, .10:141 Shepherd, June Huchaimn. C. O. Redman, jimmle Prancls demons, Joyce ICceth. Mildred Mcatlor, Wanda Baiham, Martha l.lhl/.enich, Mildred Ann Short, Sue I'fenffer, Peggy MeMnlllii, .lean Carr, George Pollock, Lewis Davis, Hetty Jo Heed, U-incll Ford, Marcclle Humphrey. Roy Hnlsell and Ren Aliliott will .song lite duct of "Buy My Tortillas" and Donald Merrill, the solo. Others lit the group are: Roy Halsell, Nalhalecii Kvnns, Marcellc Humphrey, .Jere Reid, lien Abbott, Jo Ann Campbell, Berry Allen, Jini- mic Millhorn, Billy Shanks, John White, Sally Lou Cavasheie. Mary .Jo Nribers, Don Wright, Bobby Dean, Buddy llalsell, R. A. Friend, Jack. Horner, Ver<lellii Flood, Hetty- .S.'iider, Catherine Graliam, Mildred Hiinkley, Willigene Daws. Evelyn Hatcher, Leta Rose Castlio, Lillie McDei'inott, Hilly McFarland, Dorothy Wright, Dorothy Lum, Billy Ray, Joe Karl wimherly, Katherine Westbrook. Ing for 'Hughes and alleges that the contractor (ailed to Instruct him properly on Hie duties in which he entered mid failed W provide proper safeguards. I'ercy A. Wright is attorney lor the plainliir. It- Is reported that a complete motor car costs today's owner only about '20 cents a pound lor the low-priced models. }>ItO)'OSKD CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 31) Jil.-il in the (,ffi... ,,f Ih,. SftMirs »t Stud- oi» l. r .1h day nf rj:iy. I IK I'l' KKKGI.VKn IIV Tllf: HOl'HK Ul' KKI'KKSHNTATIVliS AND KK.s'A'l'K OJ' TUB S'MTK Oy AltK'AN.SA.S AND MAJORITY 01' I10TII IIOll.SK.S AliHMK 1N(I 'I'HKItKTU: |...:.,! as an niiii.riJii i>r 'Hip Sim,- tors itl 111" Slltll. iui tiini .It II." n.-u V WARNING IN THE OHANCliUV COURT OI> CHICKASAV/BA DISTRICT Ol» MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS, Elmer F-Imn, Plulntllf, . v.s. No. 7)02 Estelle Elnm, Defendant. The defendant F.stelle Rlam Is warned lo appear within thirty j days in the court named !)> the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plalntllf Kbncr Dated this 12 day of April, 1940. HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk By Elizabeth Blyllis, 1). C. Claude F. Cooper, Ally, for I'llf. Percy A. Wright, Ally, nd Lilem. 15-22-29-8 the plaintlfT. Frexl Nicholson. Witness my hand as clerk of said court, mid the seal .(.Hereof, on this the Cth dty of May 1940. HA11VEV MOKRIS, Clerk. I)y Ell^auetli Blythc, D. C. Ivy W. Crawford. Ally, for I'ltf. Roy Nelson, Ally. Ad Utcm. 0-13-20-2V for nf ill.' Ladies of Ihe Parent Teachei organization of Manila are plan nlng lo make Ihe curves on Ih highway leading into town mot beautiful and attractive to visitors, as well as the citizens of Manila, The committee composrd of Mrs. Max - tlnrowsky, Mrs. \V. Orin Green, and Mrs. O. W. Sellers. HiTitiiRCd for n braiillDcnlion project of the curve on Highway 10 lending into Main street. Mrs. Roli- iTt Mi'Kinnon wns praised very hiohly for her assislnnce with the committee. Shrubbery lias been set out on the curve and llowers are goin« to bi 1 plnnlrd there. The slate, highway dcpsirlmcnl furnished gravel which the Wl'A spvend around Ihe curve and Ohm II. I Cash, refuge mauaser or Ihe Dig i Lake Migratory Reservation, do- jnaled two dollars to aid in ex| pense and the Ijioits elub contril)- ! uted S15 wilh the Parent. Teacher* giving five dollars for added expense. Huge poles have been set in the ground to protect the shrubbery and rene<:Iors will be set in the \m\ff by the state highway de- pas tmc-nl lo vrcu-nl pcssib'.e acci- lUnLs ai night uilh drivers who fail to no!ice the Dili's. The ladies of tho Parent Teacher organization are planning to organi/.e n garden club here wilh- in llK' ncxl few weeks. Vtlend Slate Meet. Preenmn Robinson, instructor of iriculturc, accompanied several licmbers of his high scliool class o the .vtnle ngriciillure meet and uclgiug contest at Fayetlevillc, I'hui'sduy. rhc iiiemlKTs of Ihe group were Raymond Cook. Elmer Stone, Jim- uy Parks, Alvln tjinc. Meddle Drown, Donald Carter, Dallas Mitchell. Max Gill. Wallace Smith, ind Cecil Austin. » 9 0 I'illnws Forum Meets. Fellows Forum club, under the sponsorship of Miss Effie Lee Ter- lell, had its weekly meeting Thursday night at the high school. The club, organized for the purpose- of discussing international event.?, is composed of n group of sophomore, junior, and senior boys, interested in the. subject. Hand Gives rrosrnun. The high school band, under the direction of Charles O. Morchend, gave a program in assembly Thursday as a ••warm-ni)" before going lo" the Luxora Music l-'estlral. Among the special selections were "Berceuse," by Iljinsky; played by the clarinet, ensemble, and "Three Visit Itiikery The bakery was visited Thursday morning by student;] of the sixth grade. They learned how bread mid cookies are baked. Of especial interest to the group were the oven, icing mixer, bread wrapper, bread sheer, bun sheer, dough mixer and the roller. Choose Singers Singers for "Venezuela" an< "Buy My Tortillas," two of HIE .songs which will be sung at the Music Festival to he held her Friday during National Music Week (,'i>iiMiluli«tl |>[ III,' is Ijt't-.-l.y n |.,-al,:.l. Sillily Manners The .sixth grade of Central school las been studying '•Manners in fealth." Tuesday at noon, the students vent to the Palace Cafe 10 eat Hnner to lest out Ihe manners. Bessie Bishop acted as hostess nnd Harry Parr as liost. Belly Black lad charge of the lesson. Placecards were used and the boy.s and glrl.i ivent In couples. Mtss Winnie Virgil Turner and Miss Rosa M. Hardy were guests of the group. mill ut su anii [(,,'(• r*. witliir Negro Asks Damages Of Local Contractor Willie. B. Smith, negro, has filed suit against W. L. Hughes, contractor, seeking damages for personal injuries. He alleges his legs were permanently injured due io green concrete burns suffered while work- . lri..lli:i)ili:. Sri-lion -I. > oflin: ill whii-h tl surli tittirc wonlil filll?)) III llh> III'KI v:l,:,nry] ur.-iir niM nt.1 in n'S"lai- IKlltU'llI fur IMS IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE C II1 C K A R A W fi A DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTV, ARKANSAS. Fred Nicholson, Plaintiff, ' Vs. No. 7212 Isabella Nicholson, Defendant. WAKNINCi OKDI'.lt Tlie del'L-iukint, Isabella Nicholson, Is hereby warned to appear in the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days and answer the complaint of NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service WARNING ORDER ID the Chancery Court, Chickasawba District, Mi.ssissippi County, Arkansas. I-ouise Dciiiarce, Plaintiff, vs. No. 7133 W. D. IJemaree, Defendant. The defendant, W. D. .Demaree, Ls warned lo appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Ixmlse Den la ice. Dated tills 4 day of May, 1940. 1IARVRY MORRIS. Clerk. Ally, for pltf., C. P. Cooper Ally, ad lilem Percy Wright. inrs lie ;,'.'!u.r;il .ss llin rncr:ll ext irt'i if <l:iyi 11,11, ,-.v- if llu 1 vm-ntn-y ii ori' lirini' [l.tTfln 11 ^-'! cl.'i'liiu) :iIU Irit 1 vui'jiiiry o iillis lii'fnrc lt^' ii nflt'r il oi-i-nrs. lr.l slLill Ink,' .'III, .1 .laiinnrv [,.[1.,,. in nit K.>nl Ihi ITYf- I in ll-l-lilll] il rli i.tli - fllli-d vnca[u-> 111.- III i-rnr. l'..^ Illy liinul liny, 11)40. C. (i. Hull. S.'rroliiry t>f -Slalc. Read Courier' News Want Ads. The Spot Highway Ul f -) mile.s isorlh oT O.sccola. Dining and Dancing KVERV KVENINO HIGH CLASS CATERING A. I)KIV£K Ownrr and Manager STONEVILLE 2B COTTON SEED PLANT THIS QUICK MATURING, BIG Ii 0 L L, HEAVY YIELDING COTTON AND HELP YOURSELF TO "MOKE DOLLARS PER ACRE." WE HAVB A LIMITED SUPPLY— •S3.00 PER HUNDRED RED TOP GIN "Speed wins in motor-cycle racing! Slow burning wins in the cigarette field!" PILES may cause FISTULA One of the Irnylc results of neB- eclcd Piles frequently Is Fistula, which may menu loss of bowel coit- Irol toi;eth<T will) nervous diseases and general 111 health caused by sell poisoning. Thousands could savo themselves from humiliation and serious illm-ss by taking proper treatment in lime. 'The Thornton ,t Minor Clinic—olclral known rcc- lal Inslitution in the world -olfcis a FREE Book wlilcli explains Piles, Fistula and other rectal diseases; tells bow more than 51,000 persons have been benefited by Iheir mild, corrective institutional treatment— without hospital confinement. Write for (his Free tiook and Reference Ust. Address Thornton & Minor Clinic, Suite 1319. B2G St.. Kansas City. Mo. VORTEX PETROLEUM CO. BTA'TilKVII.I.i: CITV LIMITS HIGHWAY Gl NOUTH Any 20c Cigarctfcs for I6c With I'urchase of 5 Gal. or More of ARK. CAS AT MO. 1'SICKS KEFINEllY TO YOtJK CAR Jlichic liros.. Dealer MEYERS BROS. HLYTHKVIU.K WILL PAY YOU AS MUCH OH MOHK )*'OU YOUR LEFT-OVKK COTTON SKK1). — HHlMi THEM TO OUH GIN. ALSO WE HAVE A STOCK OP NITRATE SODA FERTILIZER ON HAND YOU SUKR WU.T, WANT TO USE. CHANGE NOW! T;ike Advantage of This Sprinif Snoci:il Here's What We Do-! Change Crease in Transmission and Differential too Slimmer (Smile. He-Pack I'ronl Wheel Hearings COMPUvTK SKRV1CK $2.75 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th St Walnut Fhont 810 says J1MMIE KELLY, Champion Motor-cycle Racer and Enthusiastic Camel Smoker ON A MOTOR-CYCLE GO FOR SPEED IN A BIG WAY, BUT I KEEP AAV SMOKING ON THE SLOW-BURN ING SIDE WITH CAMELS. THAT WAV GET A LOT OF 'EXTRAS— IN MILDNESS, COOLNESS, FLAVOR—AND CAMEL'S SLOW WAY OF BURNING MEANS EXTRA SAAOKiNG PER PACK ONTHH FAST SIDE—A 50-milc-aii-hourskid,and Jimmie Kelly (No. -13) whips into the leaci on the ocean beach nt Daytona. On u motor-cj'cle Jimmte Kelly is a riding champion, but when h comes to cigarettes, this record-breaking driver is on ihe slow side . .. the slow-burning Camel side. C HAMPION Jimmie Kelly (left) is just one of thousands of experienced smokers who have discovered that Camel's slower way of burning means several definite advantages. Being slower-burning, Camels are free from the drying, uncomfortable qualities of excess heat. They give you extra mildness and cxlrii coolness . . . always so welcome. Slower burning makes tlie most of the full, rich flavor of Camel's costlier tobaccos. Camels give you extra flavor . . . don't tire your taste. The extra smoking in Camels is a matter of the smokers' experience as well as of impartial laboratory record. So get more pleasure per puff ant! more puffs per pack. Get Camels. "ON THli SLOW SIDE"-That's Jimmie Kelly's way- and the way of millions of other smokcrs-of saying that he prefers thnslower-burning cigarette...Camel. "That's where the 'extras' arc in cigarette pleasure and value," explains Jimmie (above). SLOWER-BURNING CAMELS GIVE YOU • In recent laboratory tests, CAMELS burned 25Co slou-fr tlinn the average of tlic 15 other of the largest- selling brands tested — slower than <niy of them. ThatmcanSjOn the average, a smoking phis equal to 5 EXTRA SMOKES PER PACK! THE CKMCTTE Of COSTLIER TMMCOS

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