Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 28, 1936 · Page 42
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 42

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1936
Page 42
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FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, DECEMBER 28 • 1936 HOG PRICES MOUNT 15 TO 25 GENTS TOP AT CHICAGO REACHES$10,65 Wholesale Pork Reflects Sharply Advancing Live Hog Values. CHICAGO, (ff) — Hog prices mounted 15 to 20 cents Monday to a new peak of $10.65 a hundredweight, highest December price in a decade and the highest price paid since Mid-September. The upturn was influenced by the comparatively siwill volume of receipts despite the fact that there has been no market for three days. Evidence that the usual fall liquidation of hogs, which was stepped up this yc-ar oy feed ccsU., has ended was a buying incentive. In September producers began flooding the livestock market with hogs, knocking prices down around S- a hundredweight in some cases, but in the past week receipts have fallen off. Advancing hog prices were reflected sharply for the first time in wholesale pork quotations. Sellers were asking in some cases 2 cents a pound higher for loin cuts and the wholesale market range was 16 to 19 cents a pound, highest in nearly two months. Steer and yearling prices showed little change but stockers, she stock r.nd bulls, which were scarce, gained 25 cents in some cases. The catle market top ivas S13. Fat lamb quotations were little changed pl'hough sellers asked higher. Top asking prices were $9.50 and better. Wholesale beef carcass prices advanced with pork loins, gaining about '•_• cent a pound. The range was 9 10 18' 2 cents. Hog Markets I MIDWEST HOGS 1 Hog prices at midwest markets Mon- ! CEDAR RAl'IDS—Good hORS 140-150 Ibs. S7.75<fi8.05; 150-160 Ibs. S8.25iU3.53; 1BO-170 Ibs. S8.75iii9.U5; 170-180 Ibs. S9.35 <T;9.63- 180-200 Ibs. S9.65&9.95; :oo-325 Ibs. SS.a5lii-10.15: 325-350 Ibs. S9.35I&9.65; good puckers 325-350 )bs. S9.70<ii;10; Kood packers 275-35C Ibs. $9.33®9.65; 350-425 Ibs. S9.20(i/9.50; 425-500 Ibs. S9.ODlij9.35; 500550 Ibs. SS.90tlS.ZO. WATERLOO—Hogs sicady with Sstur- dav's close. Good to choice 140-150 Ibs. S7.20in7.5'J: 150-160 Ibs. S7.80CfiB.10: 160170 Ibs. S8.45a8.75; 170-180 Ibs. 59.20(8! 3.30; 180-200 Ibs. S9.6069.90: 200-325 Ibs. S9.COfilO.10: 325-350 Ibs. S9.60(ii9.90: pack- inc sows 275-350 Ibs. $9.30«F9.60: 350-425 Ibs. S9.10fi9.40: 425-500 Ibs. $8.90(29.20; 500-550 Ibs. S8.70i!9. OTTCMWA—HOBS 5 cents higher. 140- lail Ibs. S".75(?i8.05: 150-160 Ibs. $8.25® S.55: 160-170 Ibs. S8.75',|!).U5: 170-180 Ibs. S9.35'!/9.ej: IHO-'jai Ibs. S9.C5<n9.95: 200-325 Ibs. $9.85ii(10 15: 325-350 Ibs. S3.~tl*j,lt>. 350-4011 Ibs. S?.50.,i9.80; packers 275350 | Ibs. S9.^5i?/O.l>5: 350-425 Ibs. 59.254/9.55; 1 425-550 Ibf. S9.05fy9.35. j Al'STIN—Hops stCiictv; good to choice ; ibO lo 200 Ibs. S9.651i9.35; 200 )o 290 Ibs. | S9.90ttlO.2fl: 200 to 325 Ibs. S?.»Otel().IO; 325 to 350 Ibs. 59.70'u 10: packing so-Vi good 275 10 550 Ibs. S8.95(tr 9.75. HOGS 6,300; barrows and gilts opening strong to mostly 25c higher: sows lOc hrchor; tonic interest bidding steady; better ISO to 300 Ibs. SI0.20il( 10.25; top SiO.25 for 230 Ibs. up: 150 lo ICO Ibs. S9.90?' 10.20; 130 lo 150 Ibs. S9.25lf(10; 100 to 130 Ib. killers Sfi.251'9.50; most desirable so\vs 59.70•') 9.85: average cost Thursday S9.97; weight 200 Ibs.; lor Ihc week $9.84; and 215 Ibs. •iSHEEP S.500: 610 through; salable supply includes four loads ial ewes: balance largely iat lambs; no early action: undcr- lorc around steady on all classes; buyers lov;er on .ill r nt jambs: bulk fa! v.iubs"Thursday $9(Us,25. slaughter ewes S3 a 4. Local Livestock MASO.V CITY—For Monday nocs Steady. Good hjht lights .. 140-150 S 7.CIO- ,.30 Good liti-i lights .. ijo-isu S Good li»hls 160-170 S S.20- 8.50 Good lights 170-180 S B.85- 1.15 Good hs^it butchers 1SO-2UO S 9.50- Ii.BO Good light bu'.ciiers 200-220 S 9-75-10.03 Good me. «". bi:!<*. 220-2jO 5 9.75-10.03 Good me- wi. bulch. 250-270 S 9.73-1U.05 Gor.d me. -vt. butch. 270-290 S 9..3-10.03 Good heavy butchers 290-325 5 9.75-10.05 Good heavy butchers 325-350 S 9.GO- a.90 Good hcav;- butchers ,"50-40n S 9.-JO- B.7C Good packins sows 27o-350 S 9.25- 9,^5 Cood hU3\y "sows .. 350-425 S 9.IU- 5.35 Good bie heavy sows 423-oOt) S 8.85- 9.15 Good bin heavv sows 500-550 S S.65- 8.95 'The above i< a 10:30 truck hoc ma.-kct for good and choice hogs. ' r ht difference jn price is for snort r>nrt Isng haul hogs. I c.vrrte Sicers, choice to pnrne .... 5P.C')-i:.00 Steers, good to choice S 7.00- 900 Steers, medium K) good S (i.oo- 7.00 Steers. £air lo medium .... S 5.00- 6.00 Low grade steers S 3.50- 4.25 Heifers, good to choice S B.OO-iaOO Grass heifers, mcd, to good S 4.00- 6.00 Grass nci'.crs. com. to med. S 300- 4.00 Cows, £ocd to cnoice S 3.00- 4.50 Cows. fa:r to sood S :;.23- .''-75 Cuuers S 3.00- 3.25 Cannei- S 2.50- 2.7.0 Bulls, heavy S 4.25- 4.7.=, Bulls. lljlrU S 3.50- 4.2? Calve-,, gd. to choice 130-130 S G.nO- nOO Calves, med. to good 130-190 S 4.50- 5.50 Calves infer, to gd. lr,o-190 S 4.23 down LAMBS J^mbs, 2d. to choice 70-90 S 7.00- 7.75 Lambs, nicti. to good 70-90 S 6.00- 7.00 Lamb... fair to mcd. 70-90 S 3.75- 5.75 Lambs, common S 3.75 down Yearlings, gd. to ch. 70-90 5 5.00. 6.00 Vcarungs, msdiu.n to good 5 4.00- 500 Yearlings, fair to medium S 3.00- 4.00 Ycarhngs. culls $ 2.00- 2.50 Native C'.vcs. good to choice S 2.00- ''..00 Ciills. ev.-es S l.uo- 1.50 Sucks « 1-00- a.0ft V.'ethers, 2 year olds S 5.00- 6.00 \Vcthcrs, old .. } 3.00- 5.00 Buck lambs 51 lows. .\'o dock on (ambs. Questions subject to market fhictua- OMAHA LIVESTOCK. I (Monday Market) I OMAHA. ,,P>— U. 'S. department of ag- ' riculturc — 1 UOGS 6.500; steady lo 15c higher: top I S1H-3.V, 190 to 3111 Ibs. S10.10X 10.25; 170 lo | 190 Ibs. S9.ST)'!| 10.15: 140 to 160 Ibs. S9.25& | 9.53- 120 to 140 Ibs. S3, 50''! 9.40: sows 39. 7j j Sl.9.85. • CYTTLE 7,000: calves 800: steady to 2;>c i higher: steer.- S.d. 5(1',, 12.50; heifers S'.SOfa' 1 9: cows S4.25'n3.50; cutters S3.251|4; bulls [s5<;;5.50: v r-alcrs S9 '' 10. I SHEEP ".500; lambs strady; asking higher; bulk held above S3-25. SIOL'X CIT1- LIVESTOCK. ! .Monday Markol) ! SIOUX CITY, u-r— U. S. department i of aqi-icultun-— i CATTLE 3,500: calve* 300: slaughter steers and ycarhngs siron£ lo 25c higher; fat she stock steady to 13c up; s'.ockers and feeder, scarce: few loads choice ted 1.050 to 1.33d lb, weights S11.50«fl2: liberal share fhort feds S9.50 down: few- good fed heifers around S9: strictly choice quoted up so SI'.: most beef cows S4.25S' 5.50: few S6.2.">: cutter grades S3. 35 u4: few common and medium stockers 56 down: choice slfer calves held above SO. Current stoekcr and feed cattle quotations: Steers 550 to 800 Ibs.. good and choice SG'aR' common and medium S4(<(6: 800 of 1.050 Ibs., good and choice. SGff.8: common and medium $4.25^0: heifers. good and choice S5. 23^ 0.^0: common and medium S4''<3.25: cows. good. S3.73w4.25; commnn and mcdjum S3.25«i.'i.7. i i: calves (steers' good and choice SG;i8.25: medium S4.251, fi. . HOGS 430H: opening packer hios fully IOC lower than Tbu-sd?y at S9.7o(r, 9.90: r'i better grade butchers. 200 :bs. and up; no action on lighter weights; sows bid 59.50, SIIEF.r 3(i"(i; no early fat lamb bids: eenc-ally faking hichci-: best native and fed wool skins held well above 59: fat ewes, scarcu: salable largely S4 doivn: iccders in limited supply. SAVINGS DEPOSITS IN UNITED STATES BILLIONS SOU«CE •UEOICJN MNKCHS «ssi o»'« SHOWS TO™. SWINGS mo <mt« nuejjrpQsiTS i«i NATIONAL, swr OF DOLLARS B* NKS ""o ™UST COMPANIES. STOCK SAVINGS, PRWTE BANKS, £Tc., ON oft ABOUT ,IUM£ SOTH of EACH YEW. AVAILABLE DftU COVERING NUM86P & OEPOSfTWS VERY INCOMPLETE Fofl YEARS P*0« TO i»E2 AND HENCt 30 ~ - -- ~~~ - ~~~ - ~ 25 E MILLIONS OF DEPOSITORS TOTAL AMOUNT OF DEPOSITS TOTAL NUMBER OF DEPOSITORS 0^,0 •„ DfC 26. BM *l» '!» '20 'it 'IS 'li 'Zi '25 '«« '50 '31 "32" "M '34 '35 '36 ir J fc UK*" C tH«»*fl JOUiUUl Of CquMUCt ITMmCm WHEAT PRICES IN LATE SLUMP Chicago Mart Takes Drop of Nearly.Six Cents Under Early Tops. CHICAGO. (rP)—Late setbacks o£ wheat prices Monday with which profit taking had much to do plunged the market down at times almost 6 cents under earlier topi. Chicago December wheat rose at one stage to $1.43 a bushel, before profit-taking set in. A laggard trend of prices at Winnipeg, where new export business appeared to be lacking, had consid- | erable bearish effect here. At the close wheat was Hs-^s under Saturday's finish, Dec. 1.37',4-U. May l.Sa's-^s, corn % off to -s up, Dec. Sl.OH'/i- 1 ^, May new 1.05Ts-1.06, oats 9s-lv« down, and provisions showing 15 to 40 cents bulge, r,IVi:?TOCK FORECAST. CH1C-\GO i-V — Official r-'.im.',tefl receipts for Tuesday: Cattle 8,000; hogs 29,000: sheep 9,0(11. Representative Sales CHICAGO CASH CHAIN". Olondiy Market) CHICAGO. '..yi—Cash wheat: No. 1 hard SI.',: 3 :,'" 1.44'.i: No. 2 hard S1--54; No. 2 mixed SI.41. Coi'n: No. '» mixed 99c'iSl; No. 2 yc!- lov,- SI.11: No. 3 yellow Sl.08sil.09vi: No. 4 yellow'.i: No, 5 yellow 98' 2 c'iSI.03: No. 3 white 51.0S(~«il.lO'.<; No. 4 while sl.OT^i'al.lO; No. 5 while SI 03 3 .t<M i.'lj 1 !.): sample grade ToT'SS'aC. Oats: No. 1 wliile 54 1 /<rrt55 1 : : e: No. 2 white 54''l54 ! -uc: No. 3 white 52c; No. 4 whife 51r; sample Rrade 50?(jlHjc, , Rye: No. 1 S1.30!'i,1.30'i. [ Soybean.^: :S'o, - yellow Sl.^3 1 ,;: ! yellow S1.54U: sample grade Sl.45:. j Barley: Feed tigfaSOc nominal; mailing I Si'a I.-to nominal, I Timothy .seed Sj.Sjii G.lfl cwt.; new $.".60 i ^/"'.flj L-'A-t. j . Clover J-eed S!24..jO'''/ 31.iiO cwt. I 1-ard. tierces 513.95: loose lard $13.20: ! bellies 516.13. Stock List NEW S'OKK STOCKS. Al Ch &. Dye 22B Am Can 113'i Am Sm & Re 93 '.i Am SUE Rcf. 52'i Am T & T 184". Am Tob B 95 Am Wat Wks 24'« Anaconda S.I^H A T & S F 69', Auburn Auto 29U Aviation Corp t>?< Bait & Ohio 20 3 '« Barnsdall 2T J ,s Bcndix Aviat 25'i; Beth Stl 74 U Borden Borg Warner Can D (T Ale Canad Pac 14'i Case 141 Chi & N W 3 Chi Gt West 2'-4 C M St P & P 1 3 4 C H I & P Chrysler Col G & El Com & Sou Con Edison Con Oil Con Can Cont Oil Del Corn Prod Curtiss Wright G 1 .-.Deere & Co 102'i DuPont dc N I72>2 Gen Elcc a2'i Gen Foods 33 3 » Gen Mot 6^',-t Gillette !?.'« Good'r T i- R '±' V 4 Hudson Mot 18 ; U Illinois Cent 22 S » Int Harvest 09 Int Nick Can R3'i Int Tel & Tel II»i Johns Manv HJ'S KresRc -S'n Lib O F Gl 70's 13' 75' 116 : «'„ 67' Maytag Mid Cont Pet 29'., Montg Ward .",< Morrcil &: Co Nash Mot Nat Biscuit Nat Cash K Nat Dairy Pr 23 Nat Distill 2S ; Nat Pow & Lt 11 N Y Central -to Northern Pac 25 Oliver Farm 5:i Packard Mot tO : Param Pict Penney Penn R R Phillips Pet Radio Key Tob B Scars Roeb Shell Union Soc-Vacuum Sou Pac Std Brands Std Oil Cal Std Oil Ind Std Oil N J Stewart Warn Studcbakcr Swift & Co Texas Corp Tex Gulf Sill Ttmk Roll B Un Carbide Un Pac Unit Air Corp 27'i Unit Corp fi'.i Unit Drug 13 s , U S Ind Alco 36 3 « U S Rubber •"?« U S Steel 77'i Warner Pict lii-lj /West Un Tel "3'i West El & M 143'.:, Woolworth 62 Wrigley Jr 72',i 42 ',i IS 14 31'a 30',, 96' 56 Vi 271', IE 42% 15 42 •15''4 68'i 13-.1 25', 53*4 39 H 73'» 101=4 124 CHICAGO STOCKS. fMonday Quotations^ Cities Service 4 INorthwcst Bane 13','s Heilmann Bre 10 ^Quaker Oats KdloKE Switch 10 (Swift & Co Libby McNeil fl'V Swift Intl Midwest Corp 12'ltlUtility & Ind Natl Leather l=k! Zenith 119 CMoiidav .Market! CHICAGO. :.r—U. S, department of agriculture—Representative sales: CATTLE. o,«pvv 'Heifers— i-j;i 1::.!3=0 9fi5 1165 run 1:1.00-20 """ 9 -* nxf 12.2.) 21 "82 1761! 11.5024 770 7,'ij 102.1 in.:Tin ,;o 7:c i.oo 11;:. n 2"; Cov. s— W.O S..V1 4 HIS Mason City Grain 922 . ves 2.000: steers and CHICAGO LIVESTOCK i Monday Market) CHICAGO, ,.*' — U. S. department of afi- r;f>iiUi: J e — HOGS -Jj.W.n; ir.cludinc 10,0(10 direct; active: Ijf-l'jc hichcr than Thursday's averasc: top S10.6.": new ten year hich fo;- December: buik Rood :^'.d t.-hoicc 170 to 30CI lb>.. S10.40 ; J IP.fJfi, sO\-,.s around lOc Jliahcr: mostly S9.G.V; JO. CATTLE 13.000: cal yearling.- steady but slow: weighty steers ia broadest demand: nrospects steady to weak follov.-inK lasl Thui-dny's sh.ivp advance on a!! (Trades: ; OD S13: bc.-l year',in«s S12.7.">; 1400 to i;oo lb. choice steers S!2-h 12.50: common af,d medium grades S7'<(9.30: -tockcrs scarce, ::ronc: she stock strong to 27>c hicher. very scarce: best icd heifers sir choice kinds absent: runaway market on hulls: fully 2Jc hicher: instances more: wcicr.ty bulls selling: actively up to SG and better: vealcrs scatce: steady at S9-S10 on licht offerings: shippers kinds selling up to Sll. SHEEP 6.000: includin:; 1.500 direct; (al lambs opening very slow. indications around steady wi;h sellers askir.c unevenly higher: early bids on good lo choice offerings around SO^S.^o: numerous :oads confidently held above Sll 35 with Sn.50 and better asked for strictly choice handy-weights: sheep about steady; scattered native ewes S3.SO(ii4.3C- . 1122 920 885 7-00 .1.30 4,75 4.25 3.75 MASON CITY—Fiji" Monday No. 3 new yellow cholied Corn .................... No. 4 new yellow shelled corn 98c New ear corn .............. D4c White oats, No. 3 ............ 48'j I Barley . . ' ............. 60-90c | Soybeans, No. 2 yellow ....$1.43 MONDAY GRAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO, «P)— Supplementary of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAIMSON BROTHERS AND CO.. Mason City Office In Eagle v-Beck Bide. Telephone NO. :. SOUTH ST. TACT, LIVESTOCK. (Mondav MarkfK SOITff ST. PAUL. ..?,—U. S. department of agriculture— e-ATTLE 2.SOO: slsuchter steers and she siock opening strong to 25c higher: slow »t advance: medium fed steers S7.SO••'!): "0«1 ;,nd choke considered . quotaOlc SO 75 "i 11.73: plain and warmed up S'i..'"ti. 7 "n: comparable heifers 55 '••': some In better f:esrt up to Sf.50: low cutter and miter cows K.W-H.-': beef cows S4. .Or,,. .-i.50: f.-w up to $G: bulls -.carte, strong; Wetter Rrsdc bolognas S3.2J6' 3.G5; siock- e:-s scarce, steady: good stockers held mostly above S6. calves 1.300: mostly -leadv- good to choice $8>S9..V>; strictly choice uuoted around S10: culi and common S4.jovi 6.30. SHEEP. Native Lsrnbs— 'r'cd Fall 94 ?.fi 9,fi,v Shorn Lamh^— I2d no !>.:>o i;;4 s:: 8.25 134 (17 P.50 Slaughter Ewes— 111 nn 9.2." 14 1 "f. 4,50 Fed Westerns— IB I-" 1 4 -25 111 "- 5.(10 5 1WI 400 ]•>.?, M 9..~'0 4 nfi 3,j(j •>'••:, 54 <!..">(> :3n nn 9.r,o ?9fi Rfi n 2.') 220 C4 S.2.". new old Heavy Weicht— Light Weichts— 49 10,40 B.I 230 10..V) 57 27! 10. CO 51 52 254 in. 6,"] 47 Medium Weight.-— Light r,l 248 10.60 30 .-,9 24.". 10.0532 :,s 220 ioeo' (,G 208 10.55' in. 60 10.SO 10.40 111.35 l;1.30 10.23 Miscellaneous Need Money? SEE US Pay those bills now. Keep your Credit Rating In (rood condition. Or ret those winter necessities with a low cost AUTO LOAN. For details call at our office, south of old Post Office, or phone 678. MIDLAND INVESTMENT CO. CUK'AGO POTATOES. (Monday Marketl CHICAGO, IC'i—U. S- department of ncnculturc— Potatoes 1C9: on track 2.">4: total b. &. shipments Thursday TUB; Friday 72: Sati urday 423: Sunday :M: sironc: supplies I moderate: western stock demand fairly I ^ood. northern stock demand light; I Backed ner cwt. Idaho Russet Burbanlts U. S. No. I. .S2.9GIU3: mostly. S3; Wash- inslon Russel Burbanks U. S. No, 1 large S3.13: combination (,'radc 52,9^; U. S, No. 2, S2.2j; Colorado Red McClurcs U. S. Nn 1 S- ('"''-' 2.90: Wisconsin Round Whites U. S. No. 1. S2.10: U. S. commercial si.(in: Michigan Russet Rurals U. S. No. 1. S2.05'"«.10: North Dakota Early Chios unclas.-ificd SI.85: less than carlols Friday bushel crates Bliss Triumphs 1 ; S. No. 1 Jew sales S2.23; U. S. No. 2, $1.73 crate. Observe Fiftieth Anniversary. NEW HAMPTON—Mr. and Mrs. George Guetzlaff celebrated their golden wedding anniversary at their home here. The? have one son, Reinhold at Waterloo. WHEAT— Dec May July CORN— Dec May May July new July old OATS— Dee May Jlllv SOYBEANS— I Dec ...... ! May July I RYE— (Dec Mav July BARLEY— Dec May LARD— I Dec I Jan I Mar i May I July ! BELLIES— Dec. .fan Hich 1.11-v 1.07U 1.06 ].04 ! , 1.02 ! a Low 1.37U l.a.i'.n 1.18',:: J.09'4 1.04". 1.02'j ].00'» Close 1.00% DOW JONES AVERAGES Inds. Rails Utils. Close 177.06 52.20 34.25 Total sales. 1.700.000 CHICAGO STOCKS Duller Bros 14 Marshall Fiel IS^i Cord Corp 4',4 NKW YORK CURB Am Gis & El 30 El Bel & Sh 20!; Am cianam B 33 Ford M of Ca 21»» - - Ford M of En 7!. Lockheed 10'/a Nias H Pow 17 S O Ky Co 19'1 Un Gas Co 9 L U Un L & P Co I.2I''- 1.12 M.O.I 14.0.") . 14.50 14.52 1.13 US 1.09 i::,no 13.97 K.l.'> 14.35 14.50 IK. 07 1C. 30 I.lS'.l l.lG'.a 1.03V* '.S4 14. OG H.1'0 14.50 11.55 1G.25 16.50 MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN. (Monday Market) MINNEAPOLIS. (»Ti—Wheat 176 cars; 1'ic lower: No, 1 heavy dark northern sprinc 60 Ibs. S1.59',<'« l.esu: No. 1 darl; northern 59 Ibs. Sl-SH'-i 1 '" l.CTU; fancy No. 1 hard Montana 14 per cent protein S1.49':i':i l..")l'.:i: eradc of No. 1 dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana winicr S1.43U& 1.45'4: hard amber durum No. 1. Sl.SSHii /ct3.<i7 :i <: No. 1 red durujn SI.34 3 /;. Corn: No. 3 yellow sl.iosrl.ll; changed. O.itb: No. 3 while S0'.«fi.52 5 «c. un- TRAPPERS ATTENTION! WE WANT MUSKRATS Also Other Fun Wolf Bros. INC. 310 5th St. S. W. Mason City KANSAS C1TV GRAIN (Monday Market) KANSAS CITY. ..*•;— Wheat 4P, cars; 1 cent loivc. to 1 cent higiic-r; No. 2 dark hard'^Jl^l'i; No. 3. SJ.3C<f;.J.:!9'.<; No. 2 hard Sl.-IPjiil.'Ii 1 ,;; No. .1 nom. $1.35',Miil.4"i: No. 2 red nom. $1.41'-:Q 1.44: No. 3 nom. S1.40<a 1.43. Corn 46 car:-;; U cent lower to l'/i cents hicher: No. 2 white nom. S1.20fil.22'/b: No 3 nom. $1 17'/ s if?l,.Sl: No. 2 yellow nom. S1.18ijrl.20',i: No. 3. SLlfi'.iirl.ia: No. 2 mixed nom. $1.16te(&1.18l4; No. 3 nom. S1.15'/3<5,'l-17i,2. Oats, 1 car: 3 4 cent lower to 5 ,a cent higher: No. 2 white nom. 54 1 ,3'ii;56 3 ,'<c; No. Z nom. ii3ift5BVic. OMAHA GRAIN. iMoniliy Market) PMAHA. <<P>—Wheat: Dark hard No. 1, S1.43',:.*1.4S: No. 3. Sl.34V4ei.38; No. S. $1,36; hard No. 1. $1.43V 3 iiiil.45. Corn: Yellow No. 3, $J.14ViS/U5',i; No. 4 Sl.Wfc-1.15; No. 5, Sl.lOS'UD'.i; white No. 2. $1.17: No. 3, $1.16; No. 3, S1.13; mixed No. 3, *1.13. Outs: Mixed No. 4, S5e. Americanism: Sending.a battleship to save 30 people endangered by Spaniards; doing nothing foe the millions endangered by fool drivers,—Wisconsin State Journal. Am Cyana B 33' Am S Pow Co 2 Ark Nail C. A 7' Asoc G & El A 3! Can Ind Alk 7 ; Eislcr Slec 3!. NEW YORK STOCKS Alaska Ju;i 14'., .Intl Carriers Allegheny 4 Allied St 17 Am & I r or P G 7 s Am C Sus Co 26 3 ,4 Am C & F Co J8 : ,_. Am Pow & Li I Hi Am Roll'g M 34'j Am R & S Co 2.1 Ar ;i Co S ; !i Ar & Co pld 82 As Dry Gds 21' < All Ret 31 U Baldwin Loco S-'H Brises M Co S4 : 'a Bcndix ;5'i Budd M Co i;;'j Eyers AM Co 27 ;1 » Caterpil Trac 88'a Ccrro de Pas 7t :l i Chcs & Ohio 63 3 ,4 C G \V pld i:t Coca Cola Co 123!i Com Credit 68 Com Solvents 19 J /s Cont Motor 2^,4 Curt-Wr Co A 19> > Dist Cp Sea^ 27 Douglas Airc 71!i Eastman 17^ Eaton Mfg Co ;;o'/4 El Auto Lite 39!, £1 Pow i Li 2.'!'4 Erie R R Co !.!'„ Fire T & R u:i!. Foster-Wheel 42 Freeport Tex 27 Gen Am Tran 72 Glidden Co 40Tk Gobel r.^,4 Gold Dust 13 Gt North Ore 20 Graham Paifte 3'k Houston Oil J2-"'-» Hudson Motor 13 ; U Hupp Motors !";» Ind Rayon 36',4 Kclvinator Co 21'^ Lambert Co 17', Lehigh Po Co 391,5 Liquid Cb Cp 43-;* Lortllard 22 Mack Truck <2!? Mathieson Al SOU McLellan Sirs 17 Minn, Mol Imp 9 1 ;, M K & T !"•''» Mo Pac 2", No Amer 2!H 4 Jv'o Amer Avi 13 Otis Steel Co IIS'., Owen 111 Gl l.W.b Packard Mot 10 : 'i, Park Utah Cop 4», Plymouth 25^n Proe & Gam Pub S & N J Pullman Pure Oil Co Purity Bakery R K O Hem Rand Reo Motors St Joe Lead Simmons Co So Cal Edison 2b?> Sperry Corp 21!-« St G & E 8^4 Tide W A Oil 21 U S Ind Al Mn U S Smelter 85'.'4 Util P & LI A 37, Vanadium 27! H Un Oil Calit 2(p, Un G i Imp 14',4 Warren Bros lO-Ti Western Myld 8*ii Western Un 7!H 2 Worth Pump 34 Yellow Truck ~*~'i, Youngs S & T Vi'.B LEADING STOCKS SHIFT AROUND Traders Lack Pronounced Convictions Either Way After Holiday. NEW YORK, (/P) — Leading stocks shifted about erratically in Monday's market as traders returned Irom their prolonged Christmas celebration without pronounced convictions one way or the other. Buying support was given some of the oils, rails, rubbers, aircrafts and specialties, but many of the "pivotals" drifted downward. Near the final hour uneven trends prevailed. Transfers were around 1,750,000 shares. Wall street analysts again pointed to cross-currents having to do with year end selling to establish both profits and losses for income tax returns. Curb Marker NEW YORK. i/Pi—Maninf and industrial shares attracted increased buywR with the resumption of trading Monday after the tlu-ee day recess. Newmont Mining stretched its gain lo about six points as trading picked up a little. Shattuck Dcnn Mining advanced more than a poirt. Other outstanding industrial shares were Pan American Airways, CriiU O*i, Agfa Anjco and I."ciu. with -;-•"'! .unninK to move than a ;:cin.. jttenewcd strength in r-asic cC'^:iiorii f ii:s encouraged demand for industrials and mines. Ui,lilies were uneven in a narrow rar.gc. Gold shares failed to participate in me move of other mining stocks, wilh Pioneer Gold oif slightly. Bond Market NEW YORK, vP)—Rail loans showed modest improvement in the bond market Monday, reflecting sharp gains in November net railway operating income. Issues which advanced fractions in- ''luded Santa Fe 4s, Baltimore & Ohio 4'. : -s St. Paul 5s, North Western 4 3 ,-<s, Illinois Central 4=,is, New York Central is. Nickel Plate 4', s s, Frisco 4',2S, and Union Pacific 3',is. Other corporate obligations were mixed. Around mid-day the U. S. government list was uneven with small losses jn treasury 2T»s, the 3s of 1949 and the 3V«s of 1941 ,ind limited upturns in the 3s of 1944 and the 4s.of 1954, The foreign division was quiet with gains predominant. Discussion in bond circles on the U S, treasury's new gold program tor credit control centered on whether It wouio. possibly effect the federal reserve board's attitude toward reserve bank requirements. While there was no general agreement. many leaned to the view any forthcoming boost in reserve requirements would possibly be smaller than would otherwise have been the case. :j4'. 511 50 ',< 45 >.', GOVERNMENT BONDS. (Monday Quotations) NEW YORK, I>PI—U. S. bonds closed: Treasury 4Us 47-52 121.12, Treasury 4s 44-54 115.21. Treasury 3 3 ,. s 40-43 June 107.20. Treasury Mis 43-47 110.12. Treasury 3fc 46-49 108.22. Treasury 3s 51-5.-. 106.1. INVESTMENT TRUSTS. (By The Associated Press) Bid and asked Monday: Corporate Tr Sh 3.10 Corporate Tr Sh AA Mod 3.75 Corporate Tr Sh Ac Scr 2.99 Corporate Tr Ac Ser Mod 3.7. r > Dividend Sh 1.S9 Maryland Fund 10.07 Nationwide Sec 4.74 Nationwide Sec Vtc 2.07 Nor Amer Tr Sh 2.83 Nor Amer Tr Sh 1955 3.73 Quarterly Inc Sh 18,78 Selected Am Sh Inc 15.30 Super Corp Am Tr A .... 4.21 U S El L & P A J3.875 USE1L&PB 3.14 U S El L & P Vtc 1.09 2,!4 11.01 20.57 18.67 20.275 3.24 1.17 NF.W YORK SUGAR. (Monday Market) NEW YORK. /Pi— Raw .sugar unchanged at C.77c. Futures 2 to 7 points higher, March 2.86c and September 3.l)3c. Kt;- ftncd unchanged at 4.80c for line granulated. Hides and Furs Quot^ilun> l-'uniisbcd 0) Won Bros., Inc.. 3U» Ktlh Sitrctt Souliiwrst. HOBS,I:UIUES Horsehldes • $2.75 -GREEN BEEF BIDES Up to 25 Ibs. 6'Ac 25 to 45 Ibs 'c More man 60 Ibs. 'c Bull hides '» •Curea hides half cent mora r, po^fld, (On above pncea a rcr.t hig.^.^r to wholesale dealers in wuolc^al* lota. I rims Lx. Lgc. Lgt, Med. Small Mlnu- . $14.00 $12.50 $11.00 »!).50 1.75 1.55 1.45 1.20 BAPTISTS GIVE HOLIDAY PLAY "The Sandals" Presented at Local Church by Young People. To a large audience the Baptist Players presented a' Christmas play in three acts entitled, "The Sandals." It was written and directed by one of the young members of the First Baptist church, Lewis B. Cummings, grandson of the late Judge A. B. Cummings. The scene opened on "The Man" (Joseph) and "The Woman," (Mary) resting before Rachael's Tomb on the Jerusalem-Bethlehem road. They meet a man in beggars clothes, who tells his life story. nam°ly, that he has given away nis wealth, vowing that he would not touch money until the Christ-child should have been been born. Harold Ashley made a good Joseph, self-effacing and kind as he is pictured in the Gospel record, while Marjorie McArthur was adorable as Mary, the Mother. Robert Buchanan as the beggar, gave a good representation of the character. He also doubled as a Roman soldier in the second act and added a touch of humor as he was awakened on guard duty, by Mart h a, the inn-keeper's wife, (Tressa McFarlin)." Ruth, her daughter :and Samuel, her husband, the inn-keeper, were excellently portrayed by Mildred Gaffney and James BurnetT. His lament at not knowing who the couple were, "The Man" and "The Woman" was well done. Present Slumber Song._ Deeply impressive was the rendition" of the "Slumber Song,' : ot 'The Madonna," by Ruth Dougail. who represented an angel in the last act, assisted by Bernice Bray and Maude Wilson. Shepherds were impersonated by Warren Brown, Dick Carter and Sam Ervin, while the Wise Men who come so slowly dov.n the center aisle bringing gifts were represented by Ian Eberl, Edward Duke and Clarence Van Meter. The silver offering at the close was taken by Earl Fladness. James Brown, Lila Seybert and Katherine Frost. After the expressions of felicitations were given the cast and author, the group was entertained at the home of the Rev. and Mrs. J. Lee Lewis and wife, with Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Barnett, 121 Sixth street northwest, assisting. On "Christian Science." "Christian Science" was the sub- WALTER S. MASTERMAN CHAPTER 34. "I hope you are r.ot badly hurt, Mr. Reid?" Lady Severinge said. "Colonel Graham tells me that you fell and injured your arm." "Nothing to make a fuss about," Reid replied. "But this is a terrible business about Miss Lawrence and the children." "I have been afraid of it ever since Sir Henry was murdered. Of course, there must be some connection, but who would have thought that Miss Lawrence, with her quiet manners, would twve been a party to such a crime!" "I'don't believe for a moment she is," Reid said loyally. "I wish I could think so, but how could she have been spirited away without shouting or making a struggle- for it? And the children would have made an awful fuss, unless she had persuaded them to go willingly. It seems impossible to trust anyone nowadays." "I am certain that you can trust Miss Lawrence," he said warmly. "As a matter of fact, she was only staying on here because she feare;i that some such attack might be made on the children.' To Reid's surprise, Lady Sev- eringe's manner changed. "You men are all the same—a pretty face and romance, and you are taken in at once. If it had been the housekeeper, Mrs. Thornton, you would have suspected her because she was ugly and had a vicious tongue, but this soft-looking .-.niss with great eyes—I've no pa- Reid remained silent. It did not take much intuition to guess that her outburst was due to her suspicions of Colindale, and her jealousy on account of his conduct. It was best, he felt, to say no more, and Lady Severinge had stopped speaking abruptly,, as though ashamed at. her sudden heat. "James tells me that Mr. Seldon will be here this afternoon," he said, closing his eyes. "I am sorry," she said contritely. "You are ill, and ought not to be worried. Are you sure you would rather not come to the Abbey?" "I shall be all right here—I'm used to roughing it. I hope to be up again in a day or two." Jam.-js shook his head. "I'm afraid it will take longer than that," he said, and Reid seemed tc detect a hidden meaning in the woids. Colonel Graham broke in. "Inspector Hutchins suggested thai we ought to have a night watchman in the house, and is going to ask Hucks from the Bull Inn to , ,, a^A JTIULIU* JL1UU1 U1C uun JUAJ vvj ject of the Lesson-Sermon in all). mdertake the duty . He's an ex- churches of Christ, Scientist, on i prize fightel% and w i!! be a use- Sunday, Dec. 27. The Golden Text was from II John 1.9, "He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father -ind the Son." The Lesson-Setmon comprised quotations from the Bible and from the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health .with Key to the Scriptures" Baker Eddy. One of the Bible citations read: "Therefore I will judge you, 0 house of Israel, every one according to his ways, saith the Lord God. Repent, and turn yourselves from all your transgressions; so iniquity shall not be your ruin. Cast away from you all your transgressions, whereby ye have transgressed; and make you a new heart and a new spirit; for why will ye die, O house of Israel? For I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth, saith the Lord God: wherefore turn yourselves, and live ye" (Ezek. 18-30-32). Among the selections from the Christian Science textbook was the _ folknving: "We acknowledge God's { O jt un tjl he had either cleared it ful assistant for James." "It will be a relief to me," Lady Severinge added. Reid found the strain of talking was telling on him. The pain was now a dull ache, throbbing snd burning, and he was growing light-headed. "I will send up what you want by Mai-y| 1>om the Abbey—James, perhaps ' you will see to that?" "i shall make it a personal responsibility," the butler said solemnly. They went out, leaving him alone, and before long he was raving in delirium. * * * Selden's car drew up at the end of the bridge in the afternoon, and Hutchins came forward to greet him. "Something fresh, I suppose?" the young detective asked cheerfully. "I don't understand these modern methods," Hutnhins grumbled. "I always understood that when a Yard man took up a case he stuck forgiveness of sin in the destruction of sin and the spiritual understanding that casts out evil as unreal. But the belief in sin is punished so long as the belief lasts." (p. 497). Produce MASON CITY—For Monday Cash Quotations by E. G. Horse Eggs, current receipts MusKrat Wcasc) iwhite and brown ( . .70 .50 ,30 Red Fox (heavy) G.OO 5.30 S.OO Raccoon (heavy ordinary I ... 1.50 6.50 5.SO Civet Cat 40 .35 ,30 Skunk (average prime' "7?.. . . 1.75 1.50 ShKhtly higher prices lor and large lots. .20 4.00 1.40 1.10 wholesale WOOL MARKET. BOSTON, (<l'i--U, S. department of ag- Activily v.-as quiet and restricted Monday on domestic wools in the Boston market, but asking prices were very strong. Buyers wcvc showing some interest In fine and !^ blood domestic wools. Asking prices were mostly around $1.05 scoured hasis fo,r average to good French combing length fine territory wools Jn original bags and aroun.J $1.02-1.03 for lines running bulk short French combing length. NEW VORK PRODUCE (Monday Market) NEW YORK, UP>— Eggs 27,801. weaker; mixed colors, special packs 32iit32'rtc; standards 31','4{MlWe: firsts SOSrSOVic: mediums 27£r28&c; dirties No. 1, 27 1 />(ij 20','jc;* average checks 27(iJ28c; under- grades 28<t?29 l /3c; refrigerators standards 29<g:29Vic; firsts 28@28 : V4C; second;; i!7«r 27','zc; chccJts 23',-ic; special packs unquoted. Butter 22,150, about steady; creamery higher than extra 34 J ,4@35Vic; extra (92 score) 34',40'34'/ac; firsts (88-91 scores) 32'/4<&34'/4C: seconds (84-87 scores) 31® 32c: centi'alJEcd (90 score! SS^c. Cheese 404,393, steady; state whole rrilk flats held fancy 103«. 21(S:22!':c. Liyc poultry steady to weak; by rrelght: Chickens: Rocks 19c: colored mi:<cd with Rocks 15c: Leghorn 13e; fowls: Colored Ifi-tjlOc: Leghorn I3(&.i5c: roosters 12c; turkeys 175f25c; ducks 16 6-17C. 20c Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over 13c Under 5 Ibs 9c Springs, 5 Ibs. and over ...... 13c Springs, under 5 Ibs. lOc Leghorn springs Tc Cocki 6c An No. 2 poultry 4 cents less Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 23-25c* Eggs, cash 21-23C- Bulter, Iowa State Brand Butter, Corn Country Butter, Kenyori's Butter, Very Best Butter, Brookfield ...40c ...39c ,.,.39c 40c ... 39c Potatoes, peck 40 and 50c *EDITOR'S NOTE—These representative quotatipiii -were obtained by calling several gri^.-ery stores. CHICAGO PRODUCE (Monday Market) CHICAGO, i.-Fi—Biiller 17.331, f'rm; creamery specials (93 score) 34<H34'«c: extras '<32i 33'ic: extra firsts 190-911 33',ic: firsts 188-891 32ig32'.ic: standards t'JQ centralized carlotsl 33'.!tc. Egjs 9.937, slesdy; extra firsts cars and local 29'^c; fresh graded firsts cars and local 29c, current receipts 27'/ = c: refrigerator extras 27'/«c, reWgcr."or standards 27c. Poultrv: Live. 23 trucks, film; hens 4Vi Ibs.'tip 18c: less than 4'A Ibs. 14c; Yechorn hens 12c: springs 4 Ibs. up colored 17c- Plymouth and While Rock I7c: colored broilers 16c: Plymouth and White Rock 17c; Leghorn chickens 12c; roosters 12c: Leghorn roosters lie: turkeys: Hens 22c: young toms IGc; old He: No. 2 turkeys He: ducks: While and colored 4',a Ibs. up I7c: small white and colored 15c: northern geese 15c; southern "cesc i4e: capons'7 Ibs. up 20c; less than 7 Ibs. 19C. Dressed turkeys firm: hens yound 22c: old 19"-c; toms young 18 !bs. up 21c; Jess than 18 Ibs. 21", a c; old IBi-ic: No. 2 turkeys I6c; southwestern turkeys 20£20'/ic. MINNEAPOLIS FLOUR (Monday Mur'-et) MINNEAPOLIS. (<Vl — r'lc-ur: Carload lots, per barrel in 88 pound cotton sacks: Family ratents unchanged $?.70f<,7.90; standard patents unchanged ?7.B5ijj7.S5. Shipments 13.832. Pure bran $3»£32.SO. Standard middlings $31.50«.T2. up or given it up." "I haven'; been idle, Hutchins," Selden grinned, "but we each have oLr own methods, and I thought vcu would have arrived at some conclusion." "Things are a darned sight worse." He proceeded to tell of the latest developments with some considerable detail while Selden listened attentively, "Colonei Graham and I have been all over the Abbey—I never saw sneh a rabbit warren in my life You could hide a dozen people in it, and there are doors and passages everywhere—it's most confusing, and easy to lose your way at night when you can't get your bearings by seeing out of the windows." They walked together over the bridge and into the court. The rain had ceased, but the pavement was wev, and water dripped depressingly from the yew tree. "I wonder they didn't grow grass here," Selden said inconsequently. '1 suppose it wouldn't grow with that yew tree," Hutchins replied indulgently. "I suppose that must be it." He wheeled around on Hutchins. •What is your ides about this latest development?" "I believe that butler James knows more than he will say—he's pretty deep; and I shouldn't be surprised if he and that girl, Miss Lawrence, weren't in it together." "Come, Inspector, you don't think they v, ere in collusion in the murder of Sir Henry Severinge?" "I don't know, I'm sure. It's a strange thing that he's been practically master of the house for i years, and now he's been left ail the money, I hear:" "Not quite all." Selden smiled, "but of course quite a sum. But tell me, what did you propose to do before I came?" "Colonel Graham suggested using his bloodhounds again. They were ,iil right before, although they couldn't throw any light on the actual murder." "It's worth thinking about," Sel- dtn said guardedly. "By the way, i hear that Reid has taken Colin- dale's place.' "A nice mess he's made—and mind you, Selden, I'm going to follow up the career of Master Reid. It seems a bit fishy to me the way he came down here and has established himself in tha house." Hutchins recounted what he knew, and what Gr^hzni had told him, to Selden's secret amusement. "Where is Colonel Graham?" Selden asked. "Is he still here? I would like to have a word with him." "He's gone to the village to see Hucks, the landlord of the 'Bull.' I suggested that Hucks should come here at nights. He's a tough customer and a bruiser, and it wouldn't be a bad thing if he acted as night watchman." "I think that's good suggestion," Helden agreed heartily. "It would be much better than employing a police officer." "I don'i see that I can do more here, then," Hutchins said. "I suppose you won't be running off again, now that this has happened?" "I shall stay and see it through, Hutchins; but what steps have you taken?" "I've ordered a thorough search to be made of the grounds and neighborhood, and we have issued A description of the missing girl and children. If they are any- who 1 -i near here we shall have them." "Good! And this fellow Reid, is he here?" "He's in bed at his cottage," Hutchins said grimly, "and likely to be for a bit. The doctor has seen him. I believe he's a bit light-headed. By the way, Selden, if I were you, I wouldn't let that butler, James, have much intercourse with Reid. I don't trust either of them." , Til have a talk with him." Selden said. "And Lady Severinge— after all, she's mistress here, and we shoHd consult her about things." "Oh, she doesn't count," Hutchins said with contempt. "James is the virtual master of the house. But, of course, I saw her, as she had phoned for me." "You got nothing out of her?" "She pretends she knows nothing. On the whole, I think she's telling the truth.' "I'm just going to have a look round on my own," Selden said. "I shall see you later." After the inspector's departure, Selden strolled round the house, now quite deserted except for the servants' quarters. The servants were badly scar^ and would not come out of their own part unless with a direct order. His inspection 1 took some time, but there was a ",ook of quiet satisfaction on his face when he returned to the gateway and, crossing the bridge, walked thoughtfully over to Reid'.; cottage. He found the :urtains drawn and the sick man impatiently tossing on the bed. He looked up as Selden came in. "Feeling bad?" "Thank the Lord you've come. Selden. I couldn't much more of this. have stood Those bites hurt like the devil: the doctor insisted on cauterizing them again, and he's given me some injection or otter. But it's not that that.'s worrying me." "You are well enough to talk?" "If I didn't I should get up right away, and to hell with the doctor. I have been waiting for you to roll up." "Good, then we can discuss matters, for I'm none too easy in my mind. Our good friend Hutchins suspects everyone, including you and James, and is getting busy. But that's not the worst." "What is it?" Reid said, half sitting up and dreading' the next words. "Colonel Graham has suggested using his bloodhounds." In the dim light Selden saw an expression of terror come to Reid's face. TO BE CONTINUED Students on Vacations in Marble Rock Homes MARBLE ROCK — Students spending the holidays in local homes include Merle Nash from Moody Bible institute, Cichago; Warren Ackley from Coe college, Cedar Rapids; Shirley Oeser from Waldorf college, Forest City; Doris Scott from Baptist Missionary training school, Chicago; Alfred Van Benschoten from William Jewell college. Liberty, Mo.; and Clair Sours from Ames. Teachers spending their holidays at their homes here include Harold Wilson from Hot Springs, S. Dak.; Genevieve Staudt from Elmhurst, 111.; Bethel Wilson from Nevada, Marian Ackley from Randalia, and Winnifi-ed Ackley from Whitten. DON'T SELL YOUR PRODUCE FOR LESS MONEY FRIEDMAN At Forest City Is Still Paying Sprints. Hens over | O 1 5 Jbs.,per lb 1J1C Springs, Hens over -i i 4 Ibs., per lb. ... 11C Sprints, Dens under Q * Ibs., pet lb. "C Leghorns, Springs Q and Hens, Ib </C Geese, 1A- pound :...10c Duckf, 5 Ib*. and over E«i. No- 1, doten ...' E«s. No. 2, dozen 28c 21c Highest Market Prices Paid For All Kind* of Fun and Hid.i.

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