Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on November 7, 1957 · Page 4
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 4

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1957
Page 4
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THE TATTLER RSftBGH THE GRADES Second Grade News UPSET PUTS FAYETTE CARDINALS IN THIRD PLACE Fayette jumped into third place in the Upper Iowa Conference via the upset route Friday night bv downing Elkader 14-12. SENIOR SKETCH Mrs. Scbichtl We have been learning h'nv to divide objects into halve:-.. :mtl the meaning of one-half. We all enjoyed the Cole Marionettes' presentation of "Ja "COFFEE TIME" PQIZLB Marvin plowed through the line unci for an additional 73 yds. for Fayette's second T.D. Marvin Our senior girl whose most ex plunged for the extra point to citinj! moment was Homecoming so " !,nci tne Golden Fleece.' make the score 14-0. night when she was crowned Barbara Ashby read a st ry to Elkader sent Bart Thiel 60 yds. Homecoming queen is Wanda aU a{ us th <s week, for Elkader's second T.D. in a Tope. Kenneth Becker, Lm-. II Vos- vain attempt to bring down the hell, and Peggy Hofer c.-l. iwatcd living Cardinals. This extra point Her favorites are Shorthand, birthdays this week, also fell short of the line. sewing, shrimp, blue andbrown. The following childn u had With Elkader kicking off with Wanda lists as her most prized perfect spelling papers: Linda 1:14 remaining in the game, John possession her driver's license. Clark, Laderyl Bierhower, Jim- Elkader's Bart Thiel sprinted Rhode fell on the ball and Fay- Her pet peeve is high school my Niles, Julie Smiili Norma his way through the mud for 47 1>lU , , nl , t j to run (U ,i 1ni , c ) OL .^ students that drink and smoke. Tripp, David On. |,mvi 1! Vos- yards and Elkaders first score gikadt r managed to get two She spends most of her time with hell, Mary Schmidt. Kile, n Hon • s in the final seconds of the Bert midway in the first period. The P.A.T. attempt, however, was C1 , nt est. but to no avail cut down short of the goal line. In the second period Fayette's determined ball club started on ???, Laurie. Rhea, and Ja- jour, Diana Dopp. Peggy llo.t r. nice. She enjoys listening to Judy King, Barbara Ash' y. N«r- "Honeycomb." ma Hammond, Joyce Clage. Par- Wanda participates in Girls la MeBride. Kenneth Becker, r 12 — Fayette's complete 1957 chorus. Mixed Chorus, Annual Linda Clark, and Cheryl Heme Final Score. Fayette 14, Elkad- their own 37 yd. line, and drove record stands. 5 wins. 2 losses, g ta ff aIU ( p ep Club. After gradu- '"an. to the Elkader 34. where it look ed as if all was lost when con verted Quarterback Maxson fumbled. Dean Watkins picked the ball up on the run. eluded several would-be tackles while still juggling the ball in the air until he could gain complete possession of the elusive pigskin. Max and one game. Maynard. canceled being ;)1 j on S | H , plans on working in .'edar Rapids. Best of luck!! ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS NOVEMBER BIRTHDAYS On Wednesday. October 30 nil J;m Bl>nninRton _ Nov. 4th the grades and the high school D ; , vlf j Jellings — Nov. 5th. had the Cole Marionette show. j oe Rhode — Nov. 11th. son fumbled again on the three ••J. 1 .-on and the Golden Fleece," Kathy Shaffer - Nov. 14th. yard line which Bob Marvin a story from ancient Greece. At Lowell Paul — Nov. 17th picked up and ran for a touch- the close of iho program we were j t . rrv Brown — Nov. 20th. down. It was beginning to look allowed to ask questions about Uoyd Iliff — Nov. 22nd. as if the Quarterback had plan- the little characters. We found Ro( ,' er Earle Nov. 26th. ned these in advance. The extra out they .ire all hand carved to _ point, a pass to Duane Watkins. fit the particular part they are was good. 'o p'ay. The marionettes vary in HOT LUNCH Fifth Grade Nows Grade Five had a most uiti resting discussion this morning (Moil. Nov. 4) about the dog in the Russian satellite. We tend to figure out how he is fed and if he will be rescued. We are all sorry for the clog Everyoiv is reading the newspapers and bringing news and clippings on ;he satellites. This is working in very well with our Science Unit call SEEING THE PLANETS. In Arithmetic we are now multiplying with two figure numbers. Everyone if finding il ACROSS 1. Fruit product most often consumed in U. S. homes 7. Jn dollar value, it is biggest U. S. 13. Disclose 14. parer 15. Illinois city 16. Step 17. Southeast 13. Combining form: new 19. Company: abbr. 20. Siamese coin 21. Like: sulf. 23. Southwest 21. Antimony: chem. 26. Sailors 18. Distant 42. Toward 20. Islet 43. 100 centi- 21. Loyal ares 32. One: Scot. 44. Soluble 33. Where: Fr. coffoe 3). Armed band 43 perform " 7 - ^ r o anS 50! Coffee- 120 billion malum: cups of coffee , hod annually -U-ft-r- 7 NOVEMBER 1957 the sonored couple. Otoers present included Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fereday. and Mr. and Mrs. Max Rath and tneir families of Oelwein; Mr. and Mis'. Claude Paine and fami ly, Mrs. Mae Lyons and Mrs. Merit- Ross. Fairbank; Mr. and Mrs. William Trotter and family. Cedar Falls; Mr. and Mrs. Warren Tro'ter and family. West- gale; and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Tiotter and family. Maynard. DOWN 22. Isar.Cs son 1. Five — of 23. litcw c;" . •» coffee in plain i jt contain s'-me 25. Peso lor amount of ca.ico niacin as 27. Key to C:; J 4 qts. of milk CO'J.ZQ 2. Coffee tree p'rocessin .s annually 20. 'live is a " K y 51, Vitamin Answer to P1112I* Halftime Fayette 7 Elkader 6. weight from two to eight pounds. Novtlrnber n -November 151957 quite easy. Story problems cause Early in the third quarter. Jim Tiie little men ami women were " us the most trouble. We have to Redels fired up Cardinals were made to look full size because Monday make up 12 story problems of fourth down and two on their the stage and scenery were made our own. for class tomorrow, own 27 yard line, usually a to the same proportion as the Cheese Beefburger on Healed punting situation, but Favette marionettes. Buttered Bun. gambled, and won. Fullback" Bob ... . Onion Rings THE EMBLEM OF DEPENDABILITY BRA HID These should b ( . helpful Everyone is cnjtiyim! our stories in Rending. We are on a Western Unit and tire finding the stories very exciting. We write sentences or definitions for all new words in each story. Our workbooks are most interesting. Each story has Q or t) good skill •.,(O!KJX|NJV J. S|N[I .i.:.rX !.7i'«rN o 7 |gB ;;Tr.'Tfjsio]$jj versity service The younger children were Stewed Tomatoes with Rice surprised to find out that one Cherry Cobbler man could very his voice to IA pint Milk sound like four different characters. The program seemed to Tuesday be more appealing to the young- 0rangtf Juice «.„ v „ 8W . y „„=. „ ,„ H — »».» er children than to the High Creamed Eggs an d Chipped Beef building exercises. Our lust work School. This was one of the Um- on Masned Pota to was on synonyms, untonvms, and of Minnesota program cheMe sandwicnes homonyms. Sunshine Salad We are ready to start a new Our November assembly pro- Peanut Butter Cookie gram is November 5 for grades 4 V4 Pint Milk through 12. In it Dale Doore will Wedne»day talk as he shows pictures of his travels through New England. Chili Con Carne Bread and Butter Sandwich Cabbage and Green Salad Canned Peaches In Related Arts Class, an elec- pint Milk tive subject for Junior and Senior girls, a variety of projects Thursday are being done. Those included Creomed Turk at the present time are; produces — pound of roasted coffee 3. Weather condition damaging to coffee trees 4. Anticipates 5. Yale 6. Enthusiasm 7. — facto I'. Gathered £'. Coffee maker 43, Avenue: ;.i ' • 11). Medleys 44, Intern:-.'.'. ..1 11, Color of ripe unit: ub'_..'. coffee berry 45. Creik lc-lur \2. Coll'ee — in 46. i'lehel: semi-tropical < pla". 47. - 'a Absent <J. A., .J Mr. and Mrs. Charles Trotter Observe 44th Wedding Anniversary RELATED ARTS "You can pay more — but you can't buy beiiei" Mfd. by Bell-Brand Supply Farm Fayette, Iowa Creomed Potatoes Jean Cue, Janice Schabapker, ChUUd Tpmatoei Wanda Tope, Lauretta Quandt Bread and Butter (Sandwich and Barbara Kauten are crohet- Pumpkin Custard ing doilies. Rhea Van Bogart is % Pint Milk making a white orlon stole with Friday strips of hairpin lace. Mary Lou Weyant has made some octapus Cream ol Potato Soup dollsof rug yarn. Wanda Tope is Tuna Salad doing textile painting on pillow- Bread and Butter Sandwich eases. R aw Apple Slices Ruth Nims crocheted some % Pint Mllk place mats of heavy crochet thread. Those crocheting edges around pillowcases include Lois Timmerman and Pat Chase. Kol er has been sick but we have a very nice substitute. Mrs. Downing. We have been studying fractions in Arithmetic. Some have ,,„u c„„;„i 0 A: . iir 1k '°" having a little trouble with unit in Social Studies. We now th Mavnard know how the Colonic* won the w „ >,,„ . , . ... ,' Revolutionary War and will ull V m ^ " ? ,. ^ Wm learn next how our new govern- ° , '"? ' , nrc ™ r >' n '"' Sunday. Nov. 3 ment was formed, ™ thc '» lives gathered at the home of l,P»?»w lt !L? n All'" t PCl l inK Wt> ' tn; >" k P«"J' Thomas for '^eir son, and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Pepper last week^ were Alice K k; . car J al 1)0()th sign . James Trotter to assist them in „ ' ,. — ., , We think it is very nice. Gary Naurer, Donna Kuhens, . Barbara Keig, Bob Hubbell, Allen Holtzman, John Hofer, Ra- Seventh Grade News cheal Gage, Mike Backner, Dottis By Carol Clark Mashed ^ an Bogart, and Dane MeBride Matf+tald Motel Mr. and Mrs. William Stephens are the parents of a son born Wednesday. Oct. HO. at the Oelwein hospital. • • • • • C. D. Hiletnan. Las Vegas. Nov., a former superintendent of the Maynard Consolidated schools, was calling on friends the last of the week. * * * • At the recent Awards Night meeting of the Livestock 4-H clubs of the county in Fayette, three members of the Harlan township club were honored by being elected to eounln offices. Then were Land Alber, president; Cleo Cumberland, vice presiduit; and Harold Im;el ;, reporter. • « • « Mrs. Royee Gardner, Turrell, Ark., is visiting in ihe home of her daughter, Mrs. William Stephens. • • * • Charles Schrnder who has been ill for some time was taken to a Rochester, Minn., hospital Friday morning, Nov. 1. w * • • • Mr. and Mrs. Lee Candee are announcing the birth of the'.r first grandchild, a daughter born to Mr ••!>•' M--\ T>oW>v\ Oe- Timiliei 1.1 . . ' v .<;• A 1:1 Mr. and Mrs. Wednesday. (VI. '0 M • 1) '1:0- merman 1:. iiam 'r Janet surprised o : K Snod:rass. when 32 rela- year; - , old before it bears emr '1 — for 0:1 10 of roasted coffee 35. Gumbo 30. Vessel I'.^vU for drip coffee 38. Knots 40. Doctrine 41. Girl's n. t. > The N ' .'a rcbo .'. pi w' i.-ii had bi'e.i see .L.i .1 I. n' I s - v 7 has been postponed to Friday. Nov. T>. • • • • Lester and Earl Foss have re- The flu has hit the seventh observing their 44th wedding anniversary which was Nov. 2. A basket dinner was served at ceived word of the death of their noon and a gift was presented sister, Mrs. Lloyd Stam, 80, McConnell, 111., who died Thursday, CLOTHES HITS Books. Hi again! Have you leen Anfinson chose a vanTty'set noticed some ot the combinations ports for that class. . t . to embroider and crochet around. as far as clothes are concerned Gary Maurer gets to give up are all historical stones Betty Ramsey is making herself' a f ound nere - Some are matched his crutches tomorrow. Dr. Linge Sharon Ash also received an A grade. There has been an average ,1,. mn „„ ni „„ f , u <•• , rv '.V 'Tn" ^"'.K '„'7,,^'7 .'.,rVr'"^""'' on her tirst 'Progress Test In ot ten puptla out every day. the cancelhng of the fmal game Oct 30 in the hospital at Free Arithmetic Tbl other A's were The; people who had A's in wlth West Central, there. This P or }< 111 She nad ''ecently fallen named last Wee^, ' Spelling thi. V Friday we: Diane «anie had been postponed due to a " d ° rokcn1 a n, P' TllL ' St:in1 f " m " Our Halloween decorations Ashby. Mary Austin, Carol Beck, the flu and later cancelled The ™ t 'H,. m '' ( ' S L '" 3t of still look nice but we will have Tom Borchert, Jim Buhman, b „ vs di(1 a Eood inh t\ Maynard about 50 years ago. to plon for Thanksgiving now so Barbara Burget. Carol Clark, _ V S d,d a good ° b P layin g thls n , ' down they must come. Turkeys; Barbaru Fish, Diane Ftanzen, yL,u ' wlnnln 8 all their games Mrs. Gladys Buenneke moved and Pilgrims must replace oiir Melody Gillette, Robert Gould, except to Sumner and Waukon. Saturday, Nov. 2, from an apart- owls and witches. Not a bud idea Clcon Hammond, Sandra Hen- Mighty good for a team that had " 10ni ° n Mil ' n ' St ' L ' L,t l ° th ° a ' si " at that! nig, Rence Jedlings, Helen Kau beenpredicted to have a losing R ^ °' MRS Right now we are having re- ten, Kathy Keig, Linda Niles, st „, ' Ko1 -' view on capital letters and punc- Don Timmerman, Ron Timmer- tuatlon in Language. Our next man, Dennis Tope and George unit will be on MAKING RE- Van Buren. field trip last week. They went vacated by Mrs. Buenneke. Kel- PORTS. This will help us in So- '"" : " ' Nellie Maynard Mr. and Mrs. Alvie Kelley ind family moved the same day The Agriculture class took a from Randalia to the apartment We have fourteen new "Land- out to see Bill Kauten's project ley is the industrial arts instruc- ttor and assistant coach in the ever cial Studies. We make many re- mark" books and «v^»AU About on pigs an( , out to the slaughter West Central" CoVnmu,ViVy school a corduroy jumper. house to watch Junior Smith butcher Jerry Brown's pig. Mrs. Siella 'Glew left Satur Noticed the girls have started da y- Nov - 2 - .. fol> Tulare, Calif Mrs. Stirk their basketball practice. Boys where she will spend the winter in the home of her daughter, Mrs. A. A. U. W. presents MR. LESLIE R. MAZE in a program of records and story on the INTERPRETATION OF FAUST MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11 at 8:00 in the Lounge of the Graf Dormitory Adults 75c Students 35c nicely, others—well, sometimes is going to attach a block of Eighth Grade News they clash in style as well as wood to Gary's foot on which he coloring. can walk. Anyone'*, looking in our room will lie starting theirs too since Lorim Court, and" family. She There are not many new '.'. • * * * would know one certain thing, they aren't working out for foot- was accompanied by her son -in"Clothes H»- hm T W l Sixth<,,Bd £ N ! W ». Van ~ ickl0 the flu bttg has hit us. ball euch evenin g after school. law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Clothes Hi« but we have By Linda Van Sickle Wednesday we had a very b Arthur Longseth, Manchester, noticed several outstanding We had a real nice Halloween jjuod puppet show. It was put on We ho P L ' folks are soon ov01 ' ..... matching skirt and sweater out- party. Anumber of the class were by lhe Co i e Manionetts and call- the flu, makes a lot of make up p,. i(inf j s i,,,,.,, have ,-eceived fits. Sharleen Mullins has a gone, though. We missed them. ed . Jason and tht . Golden Fleece.' work. .,, 0 .. d ' f . d t , of . the Kev , hm I ? 1 n „r «nH Ca ^!Li Dah ^ 1 " i l t . " T ° d3y S °T, T BAC }L ^ AI LHC ^ OT SHOW * BOW \ Thl ' Jllnl0 '' class « re practicing W. F. Caldwell, 88, at his home ™ grav se Have vou noLed' ffir/e P " * C>d " 8 h ° W ^ ^ their class play-more about that Naperville, 111., following a gray set. Have you noticed Marge back soon. and answered questions which . , ... , P uimko miffered e .ilv inAueust Downing 's new winter coat? It is At the party we had games and sUldents asked them. " oxt Wl - ,l ' k Wlth announcement of ^ 1 °^ uu ^ ,ca " ' y " ^" B ">, a blackfleece with white " fur plenty to eat. Mr. Pickett and Mr. the cast and the date for the per- The Rev. M,. Caldwell « . p*. ?. ^ »r_ r * - . - lorniance ^ r oi me rust i^iesuyienaii High School News church in Maynard from 1929-35. Football season is closed with Mrs. Caldwell died in March at the age of 87. He is survived by seve!n sons lining. Very pretty, Marge. No Redel thought it was good, too. more time, gotta rush, see you We gained a new girl, her next time, NAME J s Janet Schiedel. She- Donna & Kathy comes to us from Clermont. •- , We are sorry to say our teach- HHllHHUIiiUiHiliiHiHiiiHiiiiiHHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiii'ilillliiiiiiiiiiliiiii'iUiiiiliil VIGORTONE FEED SUPPLEMENTS are in HIGH CONCENTRATED form - - - No excess bulk - Cut Protien bills in FOUR EASY WAYS HALF!! TO FEED 1. PRE-M1XED WITH RATION. 2. ADDED TO THE FEED OR MASH AT FEEDING TIME. 3. COMBINED WITH ONE OR MORE PRO- TEINS SELF-FED AGAINST GRAIN. 4. FED SEPARATELY IN FREE CHOICE FEEDERS IN ADDITION TO ANY OFl THE ABOVE METHODS. Levi Gage Ernest Alber and daughters-. Mrs. C. W. Snodgrass, Ventura, Calif.; Mrs. Frank Tondorf, Los Angeles; Calif.; Fred, also in CaUt.-, Mrs. C. W. Baker, Milwaukee, Wis.; Lloyd, Leonard and Zella, Naperville. George always wins our arguments when he says- "let's settle this over a dinner at Ott's Drive In." On one thing they both agree Where dine occasionally Funerals Services For Will Meyers Held November 2nd Maynard — Funeral "services for Will Meyers, 70, were held at 2 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 2, at the St. Paul's Lutheran church with Rev. C. Streitmueller, pastor of the Hope Lutheran church officiating. Burial was in the Long Grove cemetery, Maynard. •Meyers, a long-time farmer in the Maynard area, died at his home in Maynard Thursday morning, Oct. 31, following a long illness. He is survived by his wife, three sons; Elton, Hazleton; Russell, Fayette; iVlerle, Westgate; five daughters: Mrs. Arlene Schmid.tke and Mrs. Lucille Byerly, Stanley; Mrs, Betty Furay, Detroit, Mich,: Mrs, Wini- Ire4.Eog «r8i LaMasa, Call!.; and Mrs. '.v^errji Williams, Westgate; also i7, ; grandchildren, seven ""-.ndeMUrent'-.iand two •g;, Lizzie Chase, Volga, M^flll#Wi Elgin, ' :

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