The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts on August 12, 1963 · Page 2
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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts · Page 2

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Monday, August 12, 1963
Page 2
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TWO THE NORTH ADAMS. MASSACHUSETTS. TRANSCRIPT Xliuiider Storm Lightning Singes Boy's Hair, Trips 2 Area Burglar Alarms (Plxilo on Page One) Lightning singed a North Adams youth's hair and played havoc with burglar alarms yesterday. Forking out of a dark sky over Hoosac Lake in Cheshire, about 2:45 p.m. a bolt hit near Gerald Hamilton, 17, of 270 E. Main St. ns he and a companion fished from shore. Painless Twinge Hamilton saw a flash out of (he corner o! Ills eye, heard the lightning — "It was like a loud electric spark" — and felt a painless twinge. The bolt singed his hair in front. Hamilton, son of Dr. and Mrs. Robert V. Hamilton, theorized that the lightning may have hit the water and traveled up his fishing line. During the thunder storm State from Pittsfield warned of the danger involved. Lightning Veterans memorial service on Mt kills about 200 people a year in ~ "<• ""»- """• ™> "o™* ic U.S. Trips Alarm As the storm banged over North Adams, it apparently tripped the Sayles Department Store's burglar alarm about 5:40. Guns drawn, two patrolmen entered tlie store. They searched the building with the aid of Manager James .1. Trainor and found everything in order. Moments after the police arrived, (ire trucks wailed to a halt in front of tlie building. The gouging burglar alarm had been reported to them as the sprinkler signal. At Art Inslilule Greylock. There were no reports of serious storm damage in either Adams, North Adams or Williams- lown. The Massachusetts Electric Co. said the storm gave it no trouble in Northern Berkshire and New England Telephone Co. said there were only a few minor interruptions. North Adams received about a fifth of an inch of rain during the afternoon. This and other recent storms have left the city with a respecla- life water supply, according to Water Works Foreman Henry A. Galipeau. Belter off Than '62 LiEhlniiv aiso set off the burglar! "We're much better off than alarm of the Clark Art Institute we were at this time last year. Pol ce rom ^lusneiu wmin.-» *•"• -— • people not lo use the late because swimming and , Williamstown. The storm interrupted picnics, a World War 1 HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR SHIRTS DONE? Do you like them with . . HEAVY STARCH? LIGHT STARCH? NO STARCH? ON HANGERS? You name it and we'll Custom Launder your shirts and return them to you finished exactly to your liking. 1,000 TOP VALUE STAMPS GIVEN EACH WEEK— Last Week's Winner: Mrs. John Taft, 352 Church St. SUN CLEANERS 111 River St., MO 3-5065 "Member of the National Institute of Dry Cleaning" Mr. Galipeau said. Last summer emergency precautions had to be taken to preserve the seriously diminished water supply. Mr. Williams reservoir is down about four feet, the Notch reservoir about 18 indies. Broad Brook, the stream that is normally the city's major water source is very low. But the city's well is not being used because of the amount of water in the reservoirs. ' Through the first 11 days of August, the city recorded 2.08 inches of rain, up a fraction from the same period a year ago. The high in North Adams yesterday was 82, the low 45. Five-nay Forecast The U.S. Weather Bureau in Pittsfield: Temperatures through Saturday will average four degrees below the seasonal normal. Cooler through Thursday, rising Friday. Showers again late Friday. Clear and cool tonight with aj low near 43. Considerable cloudi-l ness with scattered showers and a [*> \papp hpTC high near 75 tomorrow. [U JL.UI G/ VJv/lj BURGLAR HUNT — Isidore Pindick, Adams Super Market manager, left, and his son, Benjamin, behind him, watch as Patrolmen Henry Maroni, left, and Alton Tavelli, guns in hand, wait- as Manager James J. Trainor unlocks door of Sayles Department Store for them in Artery Arcade to search building after burglar alarm sounded. They found everything in order. Lightning was blamed for the alarm. (Transcript photos by Randolph Trabold.) MONDAY AFTERNOON, AUGUST 12, 1963 Yellow Coach New Schedule Thursday' 7 Round Trips, Pittsfield-Williamstown Yellow Coach Lines Inc., will operate seven round trips a day between the Pittsfield Bus terminal and Williamstown, serving Cheshire, Adams and North Adams on the way, an early morning bus between Coltsville and this city, and a shuttle service between Tobin's in Maple Grove and Williamstown, serving the Lime and Summer Street Sections of Adams as well as Adams Center and North Adams, under a new schedule to be effective Thursday. The service will be operated six days a week, with none on Sunday. Charles M. Weeks III, president of Yellow Coach, said today the new schedule provides more service to North Berkshire than was given by the Berkshire Street Railway Co. Yellow Coach moved in June 3 to operate the old Berkshire Street Railway routes under a temporary Public Utilities Department permit when Berkshire buses were idled by the refusal of unpaid drivers to work. The DPU on Aug. gave Yellow Coach a permanent franchise to serve the county and has pending before it a motion to revoke the permits held Berkshire. Meantime, Berkshire's buses remain in the garage padlocked under an Internal Revenue Service lien. Yellow Coacli service to North Berkshire will begin at 6:25 a.m. each weekday when a northbound bus will leave Coltsville. It will stop in Berkshire at 6:30, Cheshire at 6:35, Maple Grove at 6:40, Adams Center at 6:45, and end its run in North Adams at 7. The tall service from the Pittsfield Bus Terminal through to Williams'- town will begin each weekday morning at 6:17 with stops in Coltsville at 6:38, Berkshire at 6:43, Cheshire at 6:50, Maple Grove at'6:55, Adams Center at 7, North Adams at 7:20 and reaching Williamstown at 7:38. Another bus will leave the Pittsfield terminal an hour later, at 7:17, following a comparable northbound schedule and then the buses on the Pillsfield-Wiltiamstown route wi run every two hours through a final one leaving Pittsfield at 3; 17. Then an additional northbound bus will leave the Pittsfield terminal at 5:33 with stops at Coltsville at 5:53, Berkshire at 5:58, Cheshire at 6:05, Maple Grove at 6:10, Adams Center at 6:15 and ending its run in North Adams at 6:33. Southbound Bus The first southbound bus daily leaves North Adams at 7 a.m., Adams at 7:18, Maple Grove at 7:23, Cheshire at 7:28, Berkshire at 7:35, Coltsville at 7:40 and arrives at the Pittsfield Bus Terminal at 8:02. Full service from Williamstown to Pittsfield will start daily at 7:38 a.m. and the through buses thereafter will leave Williamstown at 8:38, 10:38, 12:38, 2:38 and 4:38. They will stop in North Adams at 8, 9, 11, 1, 3 and 5, in Adams at 18 minutes past the hour, Haple Grove at 23 after, Cheshire at 28 after, Berkshire at 35 after, Collsville at 40 after, and arrive at the Pittsfield terminal at 9:02, 10:02, 12:02, 2:02, 4:02 and 6:02. A linal southbound bus will leave this city at 6:33 daily, Adams at 6:51, Maple Grove at 6:56, Cheshire at 7, Berkshire at 7:05, Coltsville at 7:10 and Pittsfield terminal at 7:30 p.m. The every-two-hours shuttle service between Adams and Williamstown through this city which Berkshire operated in the intervals between the two-hour service on. the Pittsfield-Williamslown run, is to be extended south to Tobin's in Maple Grove by Yellow Coach, and it also will make the swing to Lime and Summer Streets in Adams on the southbound runs to serve that area, This has will s;art its daily northbound operations at 8:55 a.m. at Tobin's in Maple Grove, reaching Adams Center at 0, North Adams at 9:20 and Williamstown at D.-38 and run every two hours through 2:55 from Maple Grove, with a final run leaving Maple Grove at 5:10 p.m., Adams center at 5:15, North Adams at 5:36 and reaching Williamslown at 5:56. Southbound,' the first bus will leave WilliamBtown at 9:38 a.m., North Adams at 10, Adams Center at 10:18, Lime and Summer Streets Adams, at 10:28 and arrive at Maple Grove at 10:40. It then ,viil run every two hours through 3:38 from Williamstown, with a final run leaving Williamstown at 6:56 and running through to Maple Grove. Man Ditches Auto ALL SUMMER MERCHANDISE l /2 PRICE OPEN THURSDAY UNTIL 9 P. M. e& EDIE'S oft Maternity Shop 18 ASHLAND STREET DIAL 663-3630 §tock Market Totlay NEW YORK (AP) — Trading was heavy as a wide range of selected issues were bought in a slock market early this Avenue Suspended Term To scare his wife, a 28-year- old local man sped his car into a ditch off rising afternoon. The advance on average . was slight, for the blue chips that make up the popular ave the Massachusetts wicm Saturday night police said. Judge Ernest H. Rosasco gave him a 30-day suspended sentence,! ern n trea II lews Reports of general interest to resident! o} the Northern lierkshire Community slocks not represented in the av erages. Parke, Davis spurted about 3 points. Other drug issues were mainly lower. A slightly higher trend, was maintained by motors, steels, rails, aerospace issues, and utilities. A number of the electronics, office equipment and photographic stocks made substantial gains. The Associated Press average of 60 stocks at noon was up .5 at 272.8 with industrials up .5, rails up .5, and utilities up .4. Trans World Airlines rose more than a point. Other airlines were narrowly mixed. , Pfizer dropped about 2. Anaconda lost a fraction. Xerox ran up more than 5, Polaroid more than 4, IBM 3, Cou- trol Data about 2, The Dow Jones industrial average at noon was up .72 at 709.11. Prices on the American Stock Echange moved irregularly high- him S50 in District Court today. Robert L. Pratt of 206 Houghton St, pleaded guilty of operating under the influence, driving after suspension of liis license, and drunkenness. Judge Rosasco gave him until Sept. 14 to produce the $50 minimum fine for driving after suspension of his license. The drunkenness count was filed and the probation and suspended sentence were imposed for wet driving. Police said a lip from his wife led to Pratl's arrest on Marshall Street Saturday night. Slie fled from him after he temporarily lice Sure, people still keep money in madrcsscs. Also in player pianos, potted plants and old ice boxes. Every time they want to pay the rent, they have to un-niake the bed or uproot the aspidistra. It makes their accounting very cliflicult, lo say nothing of the extra housework. For anybody but determined eccentrics, we recommend a Berkshire Bank & Trust checking account. It's the economical, convenient and businesslike way to keep track of where the money goes. A TRUST v, 'COMPANY / ADAMS -•' ALLENDALE : NORTH ADAMS / PITTSFIELD " STOCKBR1DGE (,.....,:: COUNTV —WIDE ; Member * , ."' Federil Deposit ANKINQ — WISE: Insurance Corporation Communications Club Offers Hospital Service The Northern Berkshire Communications Club, meeting last night in tlie cafeteria of the Budd - - Company plnnt ot> Howland Ave- t"=ir ammunition for the attack, nue, Adams, voted unanimously «•"">» ""-if" to offer its services 24 hours a day to the North Adams Hospital _ Bill \For Added Hancock Dafes disabled the car in an argument, the po- The bill to give Berkshire Downs Governor is "believed U) have 42 more days of racing is not given an indicaition that he will likely to reach the state House of Representatives "until late this month," according to a Boston newspaper columnist. The controversial bill — opposed by many in Berkshire County — was passed last Thursday by the Senate on a 23-13 roll call vote and reportedly was slated, for consideration in the House today, Boston Herald columnist David Farrell said today the bill is now reposing in tiie Ways and Means Committee of the House waiting for the green light from Speaker John F. Thompson. "Barring an unexpected change of strategy," Farrell writes, "The showdown is not likely to occur for some time." N'o Easy Sailing Farrell also predicts the legislation will not have the easy sail through the lower chamber that prevailed in the Senate. "Forces bent on assaulting this measure, already are readying in "time of emergency, accident or other incident. William C. Koch of Adams, president, said that he and Stanley Lesnick, vice president, will meet with George' Lerrigo, the hospital's administrator, tomorrow night at the hospital to work out plans for service to the institution. At the same time, members of the club will install a citizens band radio antenna on the roof of the hospital. This will enable the hospital to communicate directly with tlie cars of members whenevei necessary. The Communications Club ac ccpted into membership nine more citizen band radio operators. They are Theodore Biros, Richard Carpenter, Joseph Koscinski, William Mach and Alex S. Brown, all of Adams; Charles Cardinal, Leonard Olson, and Alcide E. Bachand Jr., all ot North Adams, and John M. Slade of Clarksburg. Farrell writes. Last Friday the Berkshire Committee of 1,000 blasted Senate president John E. Powers, sponsor of the bill, in an appeal to House leaders to fight the mcas- re. The committee's steering group urged Speaker Thompson to "lead to defeat" the vigorous bill. If the House passes he next move is up [iiulicotl Peabody. FOR YEAR-AFTER-YEAR PERFORMANCE SEE - IUr - THE lUOatD ROOF W MOWER Smodlh-ridina, lHon.uv.roM.. Cult <I«on, vp kill ond down. Com* in lor a tttmoniitolion. SEE IT NOW AT Lawnmower Sales-Service 293 Athland Strttt Dial MO 3-9012 the bill to Gov. And according to Farrell the term instead. go along if tlie proposal reaches his desk." But Farrell also indicates that if ttie governor approves the measure he will sound his political death knell at the Berkshire ballot box next year. The chief executive "can lake another step towards political oblivion by signing the controversial legislation into law," Farrell writes. The columnist notes that while Speaker Thompson's continued opposition to the bill is being laken for granted in some areas, "there is evidence that he may have changed his position, and will support the legislation in the House,'" The proposed legislation affect ing the scandal-ridden raceway can be argued either pro or con Farrell says, but points out that because of heavy Berkshire opposition "there is nothing (o be gained by the chief execulive in approving the extra days." Asks Hospital Care, Gets 30-Day Sentence Carl Moon, 23, of Morgan Ave., pleaded guilty in District Court today of non-support of hisj wife and three children and received a 30-day, sentence to the House of Correction. Moon said drink was the cause of his trouble and asked to be sent to Pittsfield General Has pilal for treatment. The conr ordered the House of Correctio NATIONALLY ADVERTISED INNERSPRING MATTRESS AND BOX SPRING Reduced to $59.00 a Set During TWi Mont* Twin or Full Size S«e >his and many oth«r valim, Compart. Feder Furniture Co. 20 MARSHALL ST. DIAL MO 2-2415 First National Stores Monday • Tuesday • Wednesday! SPRING Forequarter Chops and x Stew Combination SNOy LBEK CHOPS RIB €11® PS 69 All U. S. Raised - Young, Tender Produce Specials! Wat ermeions s TO 7 BS EACH Cucumbers NATIVE 4 °«15 Mea« and Produce Pricei Effective Monday, Tuesday and W«dnesdoy Only \ Grocery Specials / RICHMOND G """ ° r Z CANS Mustard Relish c Scifad Gi! 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