Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on October 31, 1957 · Page 6
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 6

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 31, 1957
Page 6
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THIS WEEK p ro f e88 i ona l <£ Business Directory —In Washington With Clinton Davidson farmer* will .<»n- ttnue to opernt' ft' leMt through lK<8 without maim changes In ptivint furm law* nnrt pro- grama. before rocesjlnn until next January Congress decitlMi to krrp general farm leRislntlon unchanged for another year, mid Instructed Agriculture Kecrftary Kara Benson not to make Important program channel Th« uudri.ttnntflnR is dial Congress will oil,i .• n.'» sjetifrnl farm legislation nf the to[i ol the list of problems lo be lnken up In January but that whatevet ch—ages ate made will be dated to become effective in 1959. It will b( difficult to avoid another farm ieR.station stalemate neat year riila Congress has made It emptiul .cJll .v cleu; thm It does not In.end to lolWm Urn- ion's recommendations and I' ICM- dent Elsenliowt'i has indicated he #111 veto imy bill not iippi lived by tils Agrlrultuie Scr .'tiuy Benson and the Milniiired luiin Sloe In Cong ess did not get .t'oiie *ell In the lnsl le .ssion ol ihe 45th Corwrext an i there is nitle prospect that relations will be uetter in ih? second SC&MOU Congre&s will be bars Januarv , and all lndirutiuiis ll:e Ihnt BIMI- KUI will still be here and thm lit intends to o? around lui ;in • n?: ;oupip of year.'' afiei iliat l 'ie- • dent Eis'.'nho.vei says \v: plun' K fur the; Cubnu'l change.' oelon Ms term enu!> There are w.de aim aometiinei. iharp. diflei .-nee.- ot opinion mi now w .'ll pre.«i'i)t In in lawt mu program? a-e wjiiciiig U i> claims all that neits to be rn 'iie is to g vp turn uiinini ert nutlitn. > to set piiJe sUi ">oit rates He would (owe; <ii|i|>r>i Mr wiys Both I arm prices and Income apparently will average out foi this ysar at /ery little dlfleient from 11*58, but at something like 25*i under 1853. the first ye;\i of Bcnson-Klsenhower farm prog: am menngement Congress would have liked to make changes IhL-i year in the farm laws, but violont bick \\r$ broke out early in the ses-.len over a coin bill and the result WIN the smallest output of new farm epi­ lation In more than 30 year; Out of the more than 500 luim bills introduced, only five managed So squeak through, and non' ot those waf of much g-neral importance. The bills thrmi-e ve.« refietled the wide and VJH.M thinking on what ought to o.' done. Congress considered and ii>bated farm Issues exh;i": .v.:v The log of the Senate ami lln > Agriculture Committees show t'in aore than 700 hours weie sp?nt m hearing over 500 witnesses testify on" farm bills A dozen or more farm bill* were reported out by the Commit- Uttt, but failed to reach a vo'e in either the Senate or House oi both. All of those wlU be ready toe floor debate when Congi •.;>* returns. The biggest stumbling block to n *W farm legislation this year wus not only differences between Benson and Congress, but even sharper differences between the font organizations and othei "Yfbkesmen" for farmers The farm groups are farlhei apart than In many years. "ft la apparent, too, that Congress much prefers that the tut in groups take the lead In proposing MW legislation. That way the congressmen can escape the responsibility for failure If things go wrong. But when the tarr.i groups start fighting each other, Congress gels out of the way. FARMERS ARE ASKING How can wells be disinfect**.? Extension Agricultural Engineer Ted Willrjch Jowa Stute College answers: Pour 2 cup- DIAMONDS SILVERWARE JEWELRY AND ELGIN HAMILTON AND BULOVA WATCHES SABOE JEWELRY WEST UNION, IOWA Radio 8c Television SERVICE Schneider Electrical Appliance Store Call 96 Fayelte, la. DIAMONDS SILVERWARE JEWELRY AND ELGIN HAMILTON AND BULOVA WATCHES SABOE JEWELRY WEST UNION, IOWA DR. PAUL F. GOURLEY CHIROPACTOR Monday and Friday Evenings By appointment, closed Thurs. Lady Attendant Phone 82 Fayette SCHNEIDER INSURANCE Life Auto-Fire-Llabillty and Hospital Insurance 'Insurance you can depend on' PHONE BLUE 229 Fayette DR. PAUL F. GOURLEY CHIROPACTOR Monday and Friday Evenings By appointment, closed Thurs. Lady Attendant Phone 82 Fayette SCHNEIDER INSURANCE Life Auto-Fire-Llabillty and Hospital Insurance 'Insurance you can depend on' PHONE BLUE 229 Fayette BELLES FUNERAL HOME Prompt Courteous Serrice Aznbulaao* Service Phone Itfl, Fayette Fayette and Maynard YOUR FULLER BRUSH DEALER E. A. Underwood 214 Linden Street West Union, Iowa YOUR FULLER BRUSH DEALER E. A. Underwood 214 Linden Street West Union, Iowa Gene Wm. Singer PLUMBING & HEATING FAYETTE. IOWA Phone 247 for Your Plumbing Heating & Wiring Needs Dr. Harry I. Robinson OPTOMKTKIST Hours; 1 a.m.—4 p.m. Ph. 156 ofc. Fayette Black 7» res. Iowa Dr. Harry I. Robinson OPTOMKTKIST Hours; 1 a.m.—4 p.m. Ph. 156 ofc. Fayette Black 7» res. Iowa Insurance — Real Estate FAYETTE INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 14 •Oa ANTHONY JOHN HOFMCYSR Insurance — Real Estate FAYETTE INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 14 •Oa ANTHONY JOHN HOFMCYSR DR. E. J. DAHLQUIST Veterinarian Phone 171 Fayette, to. BUY, SELL, TRADE or RENT With Leader Want Ads >T0 MAK€ WUSeWOftK fUN- . 1YAKH SHO *:r RESTS t Af A "CtGC'UNff LUNCH FVt. CVtNK, ^ ,H0MEMAKIN6(fJj it's easy to tell when your lutgi biinil Isn't feeling wtfll. Ono look ttt Kill's eyes nsv.1 I ktwsv it he 's i\ilight » colli. This morning I »„« tru? signal. "Heller have a double orange juice." I told him. Looks like you've sc.'t * case o( y .i::-:r.tr *niKl«*:'' ••Arts-vIJ wo/iddr I don't h*vs p .-iuunoiiuk" h« tuunib;<\l. "It w»s ju :n;n>.T whun I went to bod and w :t :.«r wftmi I wvk« up. Wind :iiij:»t l.ivu shiJ^i.'' "'Vi.i- you 3«!«s<l ia a built-in !.iit!i -ni ;»i..i:. ' I r»jpiimJ, "or an sir •.••iiiiiii.:uin!'i burfrwiri." '.'•i n;' jurwr-ue. Bill »iuvi na vl 3t.<«;n tiunkinu; Want Ads FOR SALE — House to move or tear down. Sell cheap. L. D. Thomas Ph. Red 230 (18) 4 ^ ASSIGN TASKS WHERE YOU CAN St ii)Diic v .ixit :cq. 'I a v in d t 4 wnw looking." .i •; admitted "i.'t<r I got from people around the of(Ue, Fellow r.-ross tht hall says he has an RCA Wh .rlpool room air conditioner and It does 1: ve a bulltHn thermostat. You just sot tho temperature you want and the air conditioner automatically adjusts to sudden drops and visas, puU doors." "I sort of hato to flU un t, window wltn'w.n Mi' oo,n<UU«W. though," I roused, "They're not exactly beautiful,' 1 - "This ono Is really good looking," Bill Insisted, "and It's only 16 VJ Inches high, so it wouldn 't fill up tho window at all. It 's thin onough to be mounted flush with tho Inside wall with hardly any overhon? outside." What really sflW me waj the electronic filter Bill described, He paid H catohea dust and soot par- t|ples as tiny M l/8B,O0Oth Of an Classliled (Local) ISc per line. Classified Display (Local) 70c per Col. inch. Classified (National) 18c per line Classified Display (National) 77c per cok inch. Card of Thanks $1.25. Minimum Classified Ad 45c Blind Classified Advertising 20c per line. Minimum Charged Classified 50c Did you find your screens and storm windows needing repair? — if sq, why not eonsfder having the famous Air Seal — Combination Aluminum Windows installed on your home by our factory trained installers. For prices and free folder write—United Window Co., Box 208, Fayette, Iowa. FOR SALE — Roasting hens. 75c alive or $1.00 dressed Ph. White 190. Ray R. Iliff. (18) FOR SALE — Wool rug and pad, Quaker oil heaters, end table with lamp attached, coffee table, 2 Maytag washers, Hamilton Beach Sweeper, Frigidaire Automatic Washer and Frigidaire Dryer. MeLeese Furniture .Store (18) WANTRD — Responsible party with good credit to make payments of S18.00 per month on a near new Spinet Piano. For information write Credit Manager, Smyth Piano Co. 505 Euclid, Des Moines, Iowa. (18) WANTED — A September 5 and 12th Leader. 5 cents refund at Leader Office. WANTED — Odd jobs Phone 188 Fayette. R. E. Farley (18-19) helper for the first grade teacher. Requirements are a regular or substitute teaching certificate. Phone 206. (16-17) NEW LISTING * Frame — 3 bedroom cottage — new hot water heater — just right — terms. Fayette Insurance Agency .18) ARE YOU DRIVING a new fangled car with old-fashioned insurance coverage? Accident costs are up — are you protected? See the Fayette Insurance Agency for complete auto insurance. .(18) FAYETTE CONSOLIDATED FOR SALE — ScratPh pads, (jo SQHQOL j a se€ klng a part-time B each. Fayette County Leader - • Corn feed Beef with that delicious corn feed flavor, cut and wraped for your deepfreezer or looker. Just the way you like It. While you wait. Yes friend we have tons of aged and cooled beet in guaxters or sides for you to choose from. YOUB CHOICE BEEF CO. H mile South of West Union on. Highway 150 (15-16-17-1819-20) spring, may be cribbed at 20 percent Will growth stop In forage and moisture for year-round storage grain sorghum stalks that have if the crib is well-ventilated. A been hit by frost? Is It all right United States Department of to make silage from frosted Agriculture publication with in- , ,, ,„ .,,»,»,»„,„,.„ stalks? formation on corn storage and i noh In diameter, Fraotioally does Where frost has been heavy storage structures may be ob- Wftv with dustlngl What mors enough to kill stalks, sorghum talned from the Extension Agri- 0Bn * " 0U8 «wlfe ask? growth will stop, says Agronomist cultural Engineers, Iowa State — — Thompson. But if the stalks are College, Ames, Iowa Van Fossen says only partically killed, stalks may Is it better to apply fertiliser send out new shoots during peri ~~ FOR SALS: QUALITY WASHED sand, aggregate Pea QraveL Black dirt for lawns and gardens, Carl Zupke and Son, Randalls phone 06*17. (3 -TF) FOR SALE — Home Comfort. Coal and wood heater. Mrs, Naomi Hanson, Raudaua, •Phone 13Qfi (16) FOR, SALE — Pure bred sutfex buck sheep. Ray S. Mitchm, R.R, 1 2 mile southeast of Fayette on Lima road. Ph. 4819 (17-18) ods of warm weather. These jj shoots could be high in prussic j acid content, and dangerous as pasture. Thompson adds that sor- Allow the material to ferment ghum can be ensiled after frost, before it'» f<'d, however, he advises. fuls of standard laundry bleach What's the maximum moisture into the well — or enough bleach percentage at which corn may be so that after water is drawn itored? !!mii!!!!i!i!i:i!!!!;::: is from the well, a chlorine smell can 'be noticed at every faucet In the water system. This treatment will disinfect the well and entire water system. The bleach should be allowed to remain overnight in the well and water system. If desired it can be flushed out the next day. However, the water will not be harmful for use. Water samples can be tested for purity at theState Hygienic Laboratory at Iowa City. Instructions for submitting a sample can be obtained by writing the laboratory. Whai's tho bast way to utilise •oluntswr OJUS? Agronomist Harvey Thompson of Iowa State College answers: Volunteer oats could be pastured, made into silage or made into hay. Pasturing or ensiling would be preferable, because it's difficult to dry hay at this season. Where there's a seeding under the oats, taking the erop off in some way is advisable. If the growth is left on the field, it will pro- tcr, and for plant diseases in the vide a harbor for mice,this win- H0TUE Fayette- Iowa GAY'S BARBER SHOP WO) be doeed Friday — Nvrtmbm 8, 1957 Agricultural Engineer Larry Van Fossen of Iowa State College answers: The moisture percentage allowable depends on whether the corn is shelled or in the ear, and the storage facilities. Shelled corn to be stored just for the winter may be put in the bin at 15 percent. If shelled corn is to be carried into warmer weather, it should go in the bin at 13 percent. Ear corn NAPKINS IMPORTED FROM GERMANY 29c Pkg. Fayette County Leader Fayette, Iowa uiimmiummiiimmiiiiiiiiiiiiimiimiii^ FOR SALE — Muscovy ducks „ . and stewing hens, 30c per pound Halloween Night. dressed. Mrs. Ralph Dickinson H. S. HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL till November 15 due to flu. The City Council will still give free tickets to each child on November 15 if they are not destructive on .YDE E. OSTRANDI Fayette, Iowa (12, 14, 18, 18, 20) TYPING PAPER One Ream (500 Sheets) $1.99 Fayette County Leader Fayette, Iowa FOR SA.E — Two 50 gal. oil barrels. Blue 85 Henry Procter (18) ahead of fall plowing or wait and put it on in the spring? Fall applications plowed down have given as good results as spring applications that are disked into plowed ground, says Agronomist Joe Strizel of Iowa State College. There are several advantages to fall applications, he adds. Ground is usually firmer during the fall. Soil structure isn't as likely to be harmed by passage of equipment. There may be some saving in price by fall purchase of fertilizer, and t^ime may be less of a problem in the fall than in the spring. NOTICE Starting next week garbage will be picked up only once a week. Monday on the East side, Tuesday on the West side and Wednesday across the river. dinHiHHWiiimimmiiWHHHiiimuwTO^ THANK NITE $50.00 This Saturday liiiiiiiiiiiHiniiiiHiiiiiiffliims^niifflii^ FAYETTE FARMS FOR RENT 180 acres — near Clermont 80 acres — near Fostville 80 acres — near Edgewood 0STERMAN & BUSSE Strawberry Point, Iowa Phonue West 3-4973 TOMORROW'S SPIC /Al OCTOBER 31 — NOVEMBER I — 2 Van Camps OA _ TUNA FISH L cans OU C SunKist (concentrated) O OC*% ORANGEADE O cans LOC Hills, Butternut, Folgers Qf}** COFFEE . lb. OifC Liquid Pastic OO, GLOSSTEX STARCH qt. LuC Shillings A QO BLACK PEPPER *§ 02. OOC Peter Pan Ig Cfi PEANUT BUTTER jar D*fC GRAPEFRUIT 10 f „59c Jersey «V Of* SWEET POTATOES Lib.. LoC THRIFTY FOOD MART Fayette, Iowa Phone 81 H. A. Schmidt

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