Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on June 28, 1951 · Page 4
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 4

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 28, 1951
Page 4
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f 4 THE REGISTER-NEWS ~ MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS THURSDAY, JUNE 28, 1951 MT. VERNON REGISTER-NEWi MT FEBMOU f»EW9 ESTABUSHED 1871 MT rtSLVOK REGISTEH ESTABU3HED 188t OOWSOLIDATED gEFTEMBEB 38. 1930 I •DWW RACSAWAT O. J XHOMPiOH — -OBUlt KETCAL* ~ L. 8HEB0RA ...Edltot Editor ^luit 8uD«riDi«ndeni fVMSMBU or TBa AHOOUTIS PUtS— AiKdkicd P TM* U ••elaMvaly «•• 'i 'MUad to iba am (M tl>* pubUeMlw el A U MW* eredlMd la it or BOI otbcrvlM er«dJi- I'mt iB ihit papw ud A I M tht locAl Mvt 'svubllibad thcraia ;i . 'iBUrcd M i««on(] CIiM matter for trmM- ,:v wrtation throusb ttae mail* tho Poat ;' «t ol March 3. 187». suBscaipnoit HATBS Sub«crtptioD» mu*i bt paid ID advan By mail. JatfenoB eoant; aod ad lolnln« countie» par rear 0 mo< tS.7S: a no« 93,26 I mo B7 maii outaid* iafjeraoe aod ad- Jolnlnf countlcf vlthln 25U milett raai 98 00' 8 mo* 80 00. 3 moa. 93.Sft pec ilovlf meatfa Outdidf 2S0 aail«» roar SP.OO: « mo* 85 78: •am 13 78: OB* month D*liTer»d by earrltr la dty par weak 86 .00 1.00 M A Thought For Today ^ Beiold, to this .hou art n«t J-t: I wlU ^.w« thee, that God Is greater than man.—Job 83.1^. ^ Man is the jewel of God, Jho has created this material world to keep '.his treasure in.— Theodore Parker. EDITORIAL TheyTl Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hatlo The World Today BY JAMES MARLOW WEST WILL BE WINNER IN MANY WAYS IF KOREAN CEASE-FIRE COMES SOON T HE WOEDS SOVIET DELEGATE Jacob A. Malik tacked onto the end of his United Nations broadcast caught the western world by almost as much surprise as the headlines from Korea did on another hot June Sunday, just a year ago. The words had been long-awaited, for there had been whisperings for some time that Russia was considering peace overtures for the strange see-saw conflict back and forth across the 38th parallel. But nobody was sure how serious the whisperings were. And in the immediate aftermath of Malik's suggestion for "Discussions between the belligerents," there was still a measure of doubt about the seriousness of the Soviet proposal. The reactions were swift, but tinged with wariness. United Nations Secretary General Trygve Lie immediately called for cease-fire negotiations. Nearly every nation had some comment within the first 36 hours—except Red China. The Peiping radio, airing its standard menu of anti-U. S. propaganda, said "No matter how brutal the American aggressors, we shall defeat them . . ." a a • I N WASraNGTON, Secretary of State Dean Acheson studied the Malik speech and then decided not to amend his official statement, marking the Korean war anniversary, that "Korea has exposed the falsity of Communist peace propaganda. They talk of peace and plan for war." The more skeptical are inclined to stand on that thought, too, for Malik mentioned his cease -fire proposal only after a long tirade- that Was virtually a summary of all,the Russian propaganda poured out in recent months. If It is mere propaganda, then Stalin must be grinning broadly, for Malik's speech raised the hopes of a lot of tension-weary people, jf nothing happens to the proposal, many of them will be wrongly Convinced that It was the West which didn 't want to talk peace. • • » UT IF RUSSIA IS SERIOUS, there is a strong possibility that the West will have won a good deal in Korea. The war which Russia has aided, but in which she carefully side- Iftepped any active role, is building up western defenses. And Russia ;»pw has other tensions, notably in the Near East, with which to oc- iJBupy herself. |i? The big victory in a cease-fire truce, followed by negotiations, as |hygve Lie urges, "In the competent organs of the United Nations,'*' <jivould be new strength for the idea of the UN as an agency of peace. It could mean, as Gen. Matthew Ridgway said on the anniversary jbf the invasion of South Korea, that "History may some day record j|hat the crest of the Communist wave of cold-blooded aggression was iiroken against the arms and will to fight of the United Nations battle team In Korea." loldier Must Be i Called a Soldier 6* •y AtaMlatad Wrm WASfflNGTON. June 28.— The ilang expression "GI" has been i^led out to army public rela- 0ona officers. They'll have to re- |fer to a soldier as a soldier. > In ordering this in liaison bulletin 242 of the army public infor- itnation division, issued June 15, ;the army said: r "The term soldier is ancient and honorable. Webster's dictionary defines a soldier as 'a skilled warrior.' And never before in YOUR MANNERS You want your son, when he reaches dating age, to know all the small courtesies that men perform for women. WRONG: Expect him to learn them all at once. RIGHT: Begin in childhood to teach him to rise when a woman enters the room, to hold open doors for women, to seat his mother at the dinner table, etc. history has a soldier so richly deserved this definition . . ." Pachydtrm Answer to Prtvlout Puxzf« HORIZONTAL VERTICAL 1 Depicted pachyderm, tht woolly litbada coat of reddish hair !l3Unwur7 14 Pilgrim father 15 Make a lac* edging 16 Glacial Ic« is City in The ^ NetherUndt 19 Electrical unit |20PUot6d 32 Eye (Sco<.) 23 Size of shot i24 Symbol fte erbium t26EdibIc rootstodc 28 Communlili JlFUhsiuo* S2Exud* SSSummU 34SoUtaiy SSCattrpUlMT hslr W Entry I D • ledger 17 Yard (ab.> 48 Symbol for ccriunl MSungodoC um 41 It now is 1 Silent 2 Genus U ducks 3 Entangle ^ 4 Most wortbgr (ab.) 5 Hops' kiln 6 Large plant 7 At this place 8 Be silent 9 House of Lords (ab.) 10 Fish 11 Surrender 12 Leg Joint 17 Measure of area 20 Defensive barrier 21 Abandoned 23 Diplomatic agreement The Doctor Answers Doctors Don't Soy They 'Cure' Tuberculosis; It Can Return After Having Been Under Control BT EDWCV P. JORDAN. M. D. Writtea for HfJk Service The first a.uestion is rather complicated and hard to answer, but here goes. Q—What chance has a person who has T.B. and one kidney out ? Can he ever be definitely tured? What is meant when doctors say it is "checked" ? Can you get it when you kiss a person who has had T.B. ? E. H. C. A—In so far as possible a tuber­ culous kidney is removed only when the disease is absent or under control in other parts of the body—particularly the other kidney. Therefore, there is a good chance for the person who has had one kidney removed for tuberculosis. Doctors have a tendency to shy away from the word "cure" when speaking of tuberculosis since the disease can become active even after it has seemed to be under control for quite a long time. Such words as "checked," "arrested," or "quiescent" are often used instead to indicate that there are no active signs of the disease. Finally, one can only acquire tuberculosis from kissing if there are living germs on the lips. This comes when there is active tuberculosis of the lungs and the germs are ft-ought up in the sputum. • • a Q—What is the food value, if any, of white bread? Is there any reason why I should develop an extraordinary appetite for bread that has been toasted albost to charcoal? W. G. A—White bread and toast have a few calories made up principally of carbohydrate or starch, with small amounts of protein and fat. As for burnt toast, this is apparently a form of abnormal appetite or pica since it is hard to explain on the basis of any real food need. • * • Q—How many hours of sleep should children of 11 and eight have at night? Mrs. B. S. A—Probably around nine or ten hours. If they are getting enough they should wake in the morning by themselves and be eager to start the day. • a a Q—What are the symptoms of 25 Distant 26 Bugle call 27 On the. sheltered side 29 Eat 30 Plant part 39 Speed contest 40 Hebrew month 42 Dry (comb, form) 43 Symbol for thoron 44 Passage in the brain 45 Roman emperor 46 Stuff 47 Grape refuse 48 Gaelic 50 Greek letter 52 Writing implement 54 And (Latin) 56 Symbol for samarium THE CHINA DOLL Restaurant CHINESE and AMERICAN Style • • 904 MAIN , Air Conditioned CALL 72 To Place "Carry-Out" Order* • Chop Suey Chow Meln 90 Plain Chop Suey 75 Plain Chow Meln 1.00 Subgum Chop Suey 1.10 Chicken Chop Suey or Chow Mein 1.25 Chicken Chow Meln With White Mushrooma l.flO Special China Doll Chop Suey 1.76 Shrimp Subgum Chop Suey 1.45 Egg Foyaung 75 Serving From A p.m. Until 11:30 p.m. ^— house dust allergy? Kow are the tests given? What is the cure? D. P. A—A running nose, sneezing, and other signs which resemble those of hay fever are the most common. Diagnosis is usually made by gathering a small amount of dust from the house in which the patient lives and bringing it to the doctor or laboratory. 'This is made up in a liquid Emd a small amount injected under the skin. If the patient is sensitive it will cause a local reaction. Treatment cqnsists in moving to new quarters where the dust is absent (only rarely practical), injections of gradually increasing doses of the house dust extract, or oiling or some other treatment of the living quarters to lessen the amount of dust in the air. * • a Q—My son who is 12 has a funnel chest, but has been told he! will be all right if he takes cod liver oil and chest exercises. Now he is starting in high scholl gym and my worry is how much danger there is if he is struck in the chest. Mrs. C. R. A—There is probably no more danger than there is to a boy with a normal chest. • a a Q—WTiat causes an excessive amount of intestinal gas ? M. E. C. A—This is usually dietary. Beer or liquors produce this in some. Excessive coffee drinking is not an unusual cause. Some foods such as baked beans or cabbage are notorious. a a a NOTE ON QUESTIONS Dr. Jordan is unable to answer directly individual questions from readers. However, once a week, in this "Q & A" column he will answer the most interesting and the most frequently asked questions received during the week. Largest multiple-arch dam in the world is Coolidge Dam, in Arizona. Today In WASHINGTON By Aiiociattd PriM SENATE: Continues voting on bill to extend authority for economic controls (10 a. m.) Crime Committee holds hearing on gambling and other underworld activities in Reading, Pa. (8 a. m.) Finance Committee hears Secretary of the Treasury Snyder on S7,2(X),000,000 tax boost passed by House (8 a. m.) HOUSE: Considers resolution temporarily financing federal agencies from July 1 until Congress enacts regular money bill (10 a. m.) Banking Committee considers one-month extension of present price-wage and rent control laws (8 a. m.). Foreign Affairs Committee con- This Tardy Congress WASHINGTON, .fune 28.—This Congress—between sitting on its hands and conducting quizzes— lias made hash of its regular job of lawmaking. In this the Senate has boon worse than the House. The result: Such delay in vital legislation that the Senate, at least, must stay here all summer. Since nothing can become law unless both Houses approve, it would have made no diferencc how fast the House alone worked. And the Senate has lagged behind the House, away behind. Various suggestions have been made around Washington to explain the tardinc-ss, such as those; That President Truman, even though his Democrats are in a majority, has lost so much control over Congress he can't get the lawmakers to work with him; that some of the Republicans — and some Democrats, too—are so antagonistic to Mr. Truman that they've been lying back, doing nothing; and that some of the congressional committees, were tiio lawmaking starts, have been doing nothing. But not the least of the reasons for the delay is this: the Senators have turned into such a bunch of quizmasters, they've let their regular lawmaking job slide. Each year seems to bring its own sensation which then is expanded into an investigation, giving the senators—besides information—a chance to play politics and make the headlines. This year there was a deluge of investigations although the ones which got the most attention were -these three: 1. The Kcfauver Crime Quiz, It made headlines and TV tor months and now — but without Kcfauver—in a switch from gambling to narcotics it is back on TV again. (In fairness to the members of this committee, it must be said there are so few of them that their particular quiz couldn't slow up the whole Senate.) 2. The troops-for-Europe debate, which took up weeks of the tinues questioning Secretary of State Acheson on $8,D OO ,000,000 foreign aid program (8 a. m.) WHITE HOUSE: President Truman holds weekly news conference (2 p. m.) MT. VEB^OIV riwe-ln Theatre Last Times Tonight Joan Fontaine — Robert Ryan — Zachary Scott "BORN TO BE BAD" 'II it Fridav an** ^«*wday TIM HOLT • RICHARD MARTIN 'MASKED RAIDERS' PLUS JOHNNY WEISSMULLER TARZAN and the MERMAIDS Saturday Night Only It "Marines Have Landed" Midnight Show ^ FREE TO THOSE ATTENDING EARLY SHOW STARTS TODAY 3 - BIG DAYS 1''^"^ ,N wo TITANIC THRiUEn^^r^Cle "Both w£iv fijisr. "SEE*, t>(MK« of tha M «d«wl Whot Mao Could Torn* Vtia^ Pro«d, Sovo,. Saout^T ^gMM" KHisnnc mrsi " See /MaddcMtf MastitfMs wife warfare t8 the tfntti in i land that time forgot! in Gorgeous TT »Oe/ the earth splH •nd pour forth scalding lava droqen -liiardi' ON OUR STAGE-TONIGHT ONLY! FROM 8:30 TO 9:00 IT'S NEW! • ITS DIFFERENT! • IT'S CRAZY! • IT'S FUN! irS'lOONEY AUCTION Featuring: The One and Only "UNCLE ZEKE DIRECT FROM CORN COB JUNCTION HE BUYS! • HE SELLS! • YOU'LL SAY HE'S CRAZY' • IT-C A T^MI/H FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY! • NO ADVANCE IN ADM^^^^^ Senate's time before it agreed with reservations that troops should ho sent. Thi.s one is over. 3. The MacArthur mnuiry, one of the most .sensational quizzes in years. It took up eight weeks of time and involved 26 senators and over,2,000,000 words of testimony. This one is finally finished, too, so far as hearings go. The proof of Congress' tardiness shows up this week, since June 30— it 's Saturday this year— is always an oxtremoly important date. That's because the government does its business on a fiscal year basis, with the year beginning each July 1 and ending the following June 30. Before Junt 30 roll.s aroqnd Congress is supjxjscd to vote the money necessary to run the government for the fiscal year starting the next day, July 1, This year Congress has not passed a single one of the dozen big appropriations bills. So it will liave to vote stop-gap money to keep the government running from July 1 until Congress votes the regular appropriations. About 10 months ago Congress passed the Defense Production Act, giving the government power to control prices and wage and other things, and said the law would die June 30 unless before then Congress decided to continue it. In spite 'of the months it had to make up its mind. Congress now finds itself unable to agree just what kind of law it wants to continue after June 30, and for how long. House leaders say it can 't do the job by Saturday. They are pushing for a quickie decision to keep the law on the hooks as is until a new law can be agreed upon. Rut In the Senate, there is strong opposition to such a course. Whether a way around this lmpa.sse will be found is uncertain. Then there's the question of taxes, Some days ago the House voted to up everyone's income tax. The Senate Is starting hearings on that problem today. It probably can't get around to voting on a tax boost before September. Nor has Congress approved yet the mouey for the big foreign aid program, about 8% billion dollars, although in this case the Truman administration didn't tell Congress how much It really wanted until a few weeks ago. GRANADA THEATRE MIDNIGHT SHOW ONLY SATURDAY — JUNE 30 Starting at 11:30 — Doors Open at 11:00 ONLY CAPACITY WILL BE SOLD! 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