Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on October 31, 1957 · Page 4
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 4

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 31, 1957
Page 4
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MAYNARD COUNCIL " PROCEEDINGS October 1. 1957 Regular meeting of the Town Council of Maynard, Iowa was held at the Community Hall with all members present. Minutes of previous ini-i-tinu were read and approved. Treasurers report was read and approved. Bills for eurrent month were presented to the council as follows: Iowa Public Employee-. Ret in- ment (l-l.iiil Retirement Iowa Employment Security Comm 41.7 ft Social Security State Tax Commission _4 .l!!i Water Tax Interstate Power Co. (i-J.JU Street Lights and Blinkers Interstate Power Co. 'I 'l .'t 'l Community Hall Interstate Power Co 71.11(1 Pumping United Fire & Casualty Co. filial) Fire Truck Insurance Fayette County Abstract Co. 24 4(1 Continuation of Abstract Fayette County Farm Service Rat Poison 27.00 Lester Foss til. 00 Labor on Well Building M & W Standard .'i.Uti Gas and Repairs Thompson Plumbing Si Heating Labor & Materials 150.20 Ernest Jacobson (j .7. r > Labor waterworks KEEP THIS AD! Over 20,000 Arthritic and Hheumatic Sufferers have taken this Medicine since it has been on the market. It is inexpensive, can be taken in the home. For Free information, give name and address to P. O. Box 826. Hot Springs. Arkansas. Fayette Theater THURS. FRI. SAT. OCT. 1 —NOV. 1—2 ELVIS PRESLEY LIZABETH SCOTT IN "LOVING YOU" (In Vistavision & Technicolor) We will stop the Show and announce the Thank Nite Winners. 31 OCTOBER 1957 Gien Shafer 241.7!) Labor & Material- Karl Foss 20.HO Oil & Labor Shawvcr Well Co 2.4.'i:i.(IO Drilling Well Hillmans Mobilg .i-- A.O'.i Gas Parsons Stoic 4.01 Supplies Drs. Hall & Hall la.000.0o ('iinininni :> liuild ing Fred Sehwaiv 210.00 Wages Paul A. P .ui 'iineke 25.(10 Wages Kd W. .Meyer 7a.0."i Salary e_ Commissions Okeh's Gas .V- Appliance !!(> !> I Fuel Oil District Director of Withholiiini: Chapman i. Cutlei Legal services Matt Paic.lt Son, (', Flection supplies Karl Fo.-s Mowing weeds Motion In Filler Foss that lulu I. read. I JI. ( u ,, .11 held on the elect ion which will he held November f>. Causiis meeting lor the nomination of candidates was held Oct II. at 7:00 p.m. No further business, motion by Thompson seconded by Mc- Kiinli that meclini: adjoin n. Carried. Paul A. I'llenueke Clerk Grain-Drying with Unheated Air A Success, Farmers Report Internal Rev :M,44 150.00 10.1)4 00.00 -ecoilded bv allowed as ONLY ONE OF MANY KI iiin-drycrs using unhealed nlr now in use all over the V. S. is tins SI run-Steel installation owned by the |'i -neiner hiDllicrs near Tenlopolis, Illinois. Hy mill-October of last year they Mail f ield-sliellril their corn-crop, dried and stored it— and cut their field losses by more than two-thirds. Grain-drving with natural unhealed air is no longer n theory. It works, and it should work because it's the same air that has been ripening and drying the grain in the field. Acres* the nation innumerable farmers havo adopted the system. Bv far the majority of successful systems now in operation have been the prc-cngincered and far- liiry-huilt ones such as those manufactured hy Stran-Steel Corporation (photo above). This installation forces air through the grain hy semi-pressure fans. Moisliire-conlent of the grain is brought down to sale storage level farmers' experiences with their drying system which proves the revolution in traditional methods of harvesting, drving and storage of grain is rapidly taking place. The maj'ority of the farmers report cutting field-losses by at least two-thirds—equal to gains of ten bushels an acre or more within a matter of days; the fans i substantial savings in time, labor can (hen ho reversed to cool the and elevator fees, Importantly, grain and provide spoilage-free the system, which uses only elec. storage indefinitely, triclty, Is much more ivonomical Stran-Steel has recently re- than hot-air systems which released information based upon qulru fuel, SEPTIC TANK Clogging Prevented ^ONE TREATMENT I \ money back guarantee K | St* H'MI fucil rfrjlff I THE DRIVER'S §E_AX |U^_> | Gene Wm. Singer Fayette, Iowa Phone 247 lengths" with the naked eye. As a matter of fact, he bus trouble judging the distance across a room. Well sir. Speedy considered this problem for some time, because he is always careful to observe the rules of safe driving. Zipping along the highway one day with Mrs. Gonzales, there- long is a car length'.' fore, he mentioned the matter Con /ales scratched his uppermost in his mind. With the , . tvpicallv unpredictable logic of wonder as he pondered Wl , m ., n ; sho sugt , L , sted th:it pe| ._ over a newspaper article giving imps the State might place mark- statistics on safe stopping dls. crs at intervals along the road tances. Speedy had just read to indicate the average car that a motorist should maintain length, us u guide for the motor- at least one car length between i- s t. himself and the vehicle ahead for A little bell rung In Speedy's every 10 miles per hour driving head, Such markers, he reasoned. sP N TLCi ' c , , , , . would hardly be practical on Now, Speedv is a careful dnv- er. albeit he does like to go fast opt?n hl « hw ays because speed at times. But he has found it is fluctuates with the whim of the very difficult to judge "car driver. But what if little signs The Women's Society of Christian Service will meet Wednesday, November 6, in the church social room, with Mrs. Donna Johnson and Mrs. George Franks as hostesses. Mrs. Lee Jellings and Mrs. Caroline Arthur will be leaders of the program, "The Mind That Was In Christ." A special feature to be given by Mrs. Herman Hoepfner. Roll call to be ansewered by a Bible verse. • • • m Bunco was played at three nibles at the Women's P.i.V;it Corps social meeting at the home of Mrs. Ben Turner Friday afternoon. Mrs. Donna Johnson received high, Mrs. Arthur Dratt. low. and Mrs. Lloyd Sprague, Bunco. Kenneth Wilbur left Sunday for Cedar Rapids, where he has accepted a position as an I.B.M. machine operator at Collins Radio. Mr. and Mrs. George Carley, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Five. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Claxton. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Finch attended a club meeting Friday evening in the Farm Bureau building in Fayette. • • « • School was dismissed Monday at 1:00 p.m. because of so many being absent. The P.T.A. meeting was postponed. 9 MI iiw»in>i.iiw sw?*m-4m WEEKLY CROSSWClRD PUZZLE Sea Bird Here's the Answer HORIZONTAL 1 Depicted sea bird 4 They in colder regions of the North 9 Species of flounder 12 Anrer 13 Body _ main blood artery MI -: C gs 15 Hang loosely 17 Fisherman l'J Follow after 20 Correct 21 Yes (Sp.) 22 Guineas (ab ) 23 Exist 20 Observe 23 Exempli gratia (ab.) 29 Preposition iO Norwegian (ab.) 31 Near 32 Distress signal at sea 33 Scottish sheepfold 35 Epistle (ab ) 36 Symbol for neon 38 It is an expert and swimmer 42 Conducts 45 Satiric 47 Salt 48 Permit 49 Minute skin openings 51 Female sheep 52 Compass point 53 Make into law 54 Onatjer VERTICAL 1 Military assistants 2 Muse of astronomy 3 Recognizes 4 Large bundle 5 Fish eggs 6 Suffix 7 Greek letter 8Nativ • of 26 Fly aloft Denmark 27 Grafted (her.) 9 Charitable gift 32 Steeples 10 Vindicate 34 Enriches 11 Poets 35 Roman official 1G Gules (ab.) 37 Domestic 18 Gram (ab.) slaves 24 City in Nevada 39 Cast a ballot 25 Hen products 40 Half-em 41 Mature 42 For fear that 43 Babylonian deity 44 On the ocean 46 Against 47 Dry, as wine 50 Egyptian sun god The M.Y.F. have postponed their chilli supper indefinitely, because the members are ill. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Turner of Fayette were Sunday dinner guests in the Ben Turner home. How Speedy head in !!!i!:i!!!;i;!!:H:!l!!;:!i!:!lll:!:i:!!!l!il!iimiillI!!!!!ilHI!!!H !Hir THANK NITE SUN. MON. TUES. NOV. 3 — 4 — 5 JERRY LEWIS as "THE DEUCATE DELINQUENT" Jerry in his funneist ever. Matinee Sunday at 2:30 in $50.00 This Saturday could be posted on the backs of the oars themselves? Another little bell rang, Speedy remembered once hearing thut, with 20/20 vision, you can read a number or letter one Inch high from about 50 feet awny. Connecting this thought with his "one car length per 10 miles per hour" obsession of the moment, Speedy visualized a rear bumper with reflective numbers from 1 to 8, graduated in size so that the motorist behind could read only a certain number (or higher) if he were properly spaced for his speed. For example, it he ..were travelling at 50 miles per hour, he should not be able to read the number "4" on the car ahead — or if he were driving at 60 and saw the number "5," he was too close for comfort in case of a sudden stop. Speedy related his brainstorm to a friend, who thought it was terrific. "Only", said the friend, "What if you don't have 20/20 vision and can't see the numbers properly?" Speedy's face fell, then brightened. "Well, it's a swell way to test your vision — you might need glasses and not know it!" he crowed. This Speedy Gonzales is a pretty smart fellow, no? If his bumper gadget were applied to every car on the road, it would certainly help eliminate rear- end collisions, day or night. Here is a device that would automatically gauge the safe distance between you and the car ahead — and who cares how long a car length is. You there, in the driver's seat — what do you think? •»1i;2:H?n2!fln!nt1R!!H!!!!i!!!<. s:»::»n »utn!||Bi :g !i8mt»m!t!mi!H:n«:mi!>!: !»-»»s;i !;«"":»;mHmi .mmHi»HamfflBtt nnnum;!!! CLYDE E. OSTRANDER Fayette, Iowa (12, 14, 16, 18, 20) Livewire 4-H Club Plan Years Program MAYNARD — Harold Boulton, county extension youth assistant, mot recently with the Livewire 4H club of Smithfield township to assist in planning the program for the club year just beginning. The 12 members present at the meeting in the home of Charles LITTLE SHAVER — Latff >«or his first big date, Gary Trabant, five, whisks the razor across his face in an ofT-hand fashion that must make onlookers wince. Barring an unfortunate slip, Gary will be ready for his night on the town. Reed then filled out their year books according to the plans made. The next meeting will be in the home of Dennis Bigelow. Introducing the new Schmidt does it again with anothtr new pack- axing hit! The moat economical way to buy beer is in returnable bottles. First Schmidt gave you the "BIG SIX" for the folks who like beer by the quart. Now Schmidt introduces a great new package, the "DANDY DOZEN"—the best package for anyone who prefers beer in standard size 12-ouncc bottles. The "DANDY DOZEN " is the most economical way to buy twelve 12-ounce botiles of good Schmidt, beer. It's a case that 's easy to carry .. . easy to store at home .,. at a price that is a wonderful buy. Buy a Schmidt "The Brew (hat Grew with the Great Northwest Let's give the High School Football Boys a real welcome at their last home game with Elkader Friday night and UIU Saturday with Luther. BABO 2 cans 25c %j cans 29c Vets DOG FOOD WAX PAPER - pkg. FLUFFO 3 lbs. Potters Low-calorie V_ CD/* j ICE MILK 1 _ _ _ -- gal «J»/C | ORANGES _ doz. 49c! large OQ j LETTUCE head _U9C! SWEET POTATOES ________ 2 lbs. POTATOES _ 10" U>_ *4 §rC* GRACES _---..--— lb. We have Fresh OyRtocs w h%nd. Puce Ground ~ O , A(k BEEF O lbs. OVt (U.S. Good) mg\ ROUND STEAK lb. (krekeifc Fno&tilit Phone 10 Fayette, Iowa --i shorts |

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