Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 24, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1939
Page 4
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Washington Looks at M in Film "Mr, Smith Goes to Washington" Is a Political Melodrama 81 PKESTOxV GROVEB WASHINGTON — Washington does riot often nose out New York or Hollywt»d in getting a world premier view of a new motion picture but since it had first go at "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" it has had some uneasy hours. Early off-hand views were that it would be a. "money-picture" for several reason, first because it is .as a. war thriller, and second because Frank Capra directed it. Further it is a stirring piece, with more than an average quota of good acting and laugh lines. Photographically it picks out the capital's principal monumental attractions, such as the capito!, the Washington monument takes them to the scene-hungry public in a dress more gorgeous than any we've seen. Movie Newspapermen But for all the precautions taken to have it truly reflect the way of life in Washington, it will help to perpetuate a pair of faulty ideas about what goes on here. Hollywood seems to have a stylzed view of how newspapermen look and act, and wll go to the grave holding to that view, regardless. The idea evidently persists that a news man can snatch a story out of thin air about as readily as he can reach in his vest pocket and pull out a quart bottle of bourbon with fizz water and glasses. However, 'nobody should become perturbed about that What might be viewed with a more critical eye is the plot in the picture in which a whole state's newspapers, the radio and 95 members of the Senate com- OUR BOARDING HOUSE • i •*-••••-- -•— ....-..-.. - ^ . .__... HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKAIJ8AS WELL, , YOU'RE LOOKING TRk CWPPER THIS EVeN WMAT'S „ OCCASION? DID YOU FIND THAT ME YOU LOST, LAST APRIL ? THOSE LABORATORY COOL-SMOKING TESTS OPENED MV EVES ON HOW TO GET' MELLOWER, VET TASTIER 'MAKIN'S' SMOKES. P. A. SURE ISEASVON 'THE TONGUE!) "MAKIN'S" SMOKERS! This Fact Speaks for Itself! In recent laboratory "smoking bowl" tests, Prince Albert burned than the average of the 30 other of the largest- selling brands tested... coolest of all! N OW-gi ve the "gate" to tongue- bite from excess heat in smoking! Laboratory "smoking bowl" tests show Prince Albert is the coolest-smoking tobacco, as above. Now that you know the facts, why wait? "Makin's" fans everywhere know that P. A.'s "crimp cut" puts new joy in papers... cooler, tastier, full- bodied smoking of choice tobaccos "no-bite" treated. Rolls easier, faster. There's no other tobacco HkeP. A.! (Extra mild inp/'pes, too!) 70 fine roll-your-own cigarettes in every handy pocket tin of Prince Albert THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE Ccpr.. 1213. B. J. 6«;ssiii lib. '*i.. WisiW;-i»iK:. X.V. , EG At), My BOY. DEU6HTFUL LEVITY f KAFF-KAFF/c ASA MATTER. OF FACT, T 'HAVE BEEN FEELING .., 5UGH SPLENDID FETTLE OP LATg THAT I WAVE r > •RECONSIDERED AND WILL GRAPPLE WITH BAD BOUNCE BABA AT THE OWLS CLUB OLYMPIAD AF ALL, YAS/ with Major Hoople ME BEHIND THE DOOR WITH THE- AAOP/ 6' POSt HE MEANS IT? J Ci AT GUY BABA IS AS HARD AS AKJ ARMFUL OF CORNER TrAE MAJOR MUST BE TIRED OF GETTING . OUT OF' BED: Bruce Catton Says: Isolationists Fear Mediation by Roosevelt Would Entangle America as in Wilson's Time By BRUCE CATTON NBA Washington Correspondent Washington—It is not only President Roosevelt who is reluctant to ofCcr American mediation as n means of ending the European war. Some of the men who are most bit-Ci v --— terly fighting his arms embargo re \.\\v-- ^ r\ YOU'RE :.. INC. j y. BEC, u. s. c«r. oft'. 'RAVO, MAJOR 5T SPOOFING IF 10-0.4 5000 Pennies . Bring a Penny After saving 5000 pennies, Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Penny ol Birmingham,'Ala., turned them all over to the doctor for one little Penny, Camelia Ann, shown above with her mother and some of the pennies. Papa will save more pennies in the old tobacco can to pay for Mis» Penny's future. On the Gridiron peal program in the Senate feel that such mediation would involve America in uropean affairs more deeply and directly than anything that has been suggested since Woodrow Wilson lost the League of Nations fight. The trouble is that mediation, ns diplomats use the word, means n good deal more than simply transmitting bnck and forth messages from the belligerent parties. It involves sitting clown with the belligerents at a conference tiible, taking part in the argument, working actively to bring about a settlement —and, in the end, it involves n certain moral responsibility both for seeing that any settlement which is reached is afterward lived tip to. Downey Sounds Warning of Pitfall.? One isolationist who teels that a great dcnl of raution ought (o be exorcised about any mediation program is Senator Sheridim Downey of California.. "The conference that will eventually • end this Wiir," says Senator Downey, "may be a general European warring NEW YORK -H/P)- Bob Ncyland's I Mountain Big Seven routed non~ e ° lhcir i Conference Idaho, 35-0.' Denver whi- ped UUih Slate 7 -°- ""<' Colorado u , gan. Ohio State and the rest of the unbeaten brigade Saturday as Pitt and Carnegie Tech fell in major upsets. Previously untested by major competition, Tennessee won a decisive 21-to-O victory over Alabama and demonstrated conclusively that preseason dope on the Vols was founded strictly on fact. Pitt No. 1 team in last week's Associated Press poll, was defeated by Duquesne, which spotted the Panthers two touchdowns then rallied to win, 21-13. Carnige Tech, generally recognized as Eastern champion a year ago, fell before New York University 6-0. Notre Dame, after winning three close ones, stopped Navy handily, winning, 14-7 Michigan gave another awe-some demonstration of scoring powe r in an S5-0 rout of Chicago. Ohm State knocked off Minnesota <!3-20. Texas A. and M. powerhouse of the Southwest, spotted Texas Christ lan a touchdown but won, 20-6. Tulaue and Tarheels Tic Two unbeaten Southern outfits Tu- land and North Carolina, fought to a 14-1-1 draw. Kentucky mopped up Georgia 13-6 and Georgia Tech halted Vanderbilt, 14-6 in Southeastern Conference gmes. Duke rolled up a 33-6 count on Syracuse, Washington and Lee checked West Virginia, 9-0, and Richmond trounced Gettysburg, 21-0 in intcrse- ctional games but Auburn, of the southeastern group, dropped a surprising 7-0 decision to Manhattan....' North Carolina State was beaten by Detroit 21-6 and Maryland bowed to Rutgers, 25-12. Rounding out the mtersectional program Nebraska ran up a 20-0 count on Baylor and South- „. ___ ^...^f^bu «^u t uii 1,1. .-j 114 tin,- [just, i jiij, it one very litllc years ago and under the huge Indian! in the way of mediating international the Sooners have been unbeaten in 17 disputes. Few of the cases in which f their last 18 games. j it has so acted get much attention in Stidham, Northwestern line coach lh c history books; the most notable under Dick Hanlcy, quickly placed probably, is the mediation efforts the Norman school among the nation's whie h ran from 186G to 1872, by which trounced Marquette, «"•«•" uiatlppuiiumg eXlllDI bine to preserve the integrity of graft '"§ to Yale, 20-15. Penn r and to block the efforts of a boyish | varcl,_ 22-7, and Princeton hero to have the right prevail. Except to an experienced Washing- Ionian's eye the thing looks too darned real. The Senate may be the world's most exclusive club but the most cynical would be surprised to see the whole Senate walk out on one of its members brazen enough to raise the cry of With ing up—as the picture relates—the opposition party at least would stick in its seats to the last man to gather ern Methodist 16-0, Cornell Rolls On Cornel! continued to impress in the tast, rolling up a 47-0 count on Penn State as favorites otherwise performed about as expected. Army gave another disappointing exhibition, bow- v..i- ™ ,, „ routed Hargot a 14-7 verdict over Columbia. Holy Cross topped Brown, 20-0, and Dartmouth toppled Lafayette, 14-0 Boston College's 19-0 rout of Temple caused some surprise. Northwestern Wills Indiana scored its second Big Ten victory nosing out Illinois, 1-6 un d Northwestern finally woke up to halt a Presidential election com-j ^^^ ^-^"^"e tumbled Mich- Oklahoma opened defense of the Big -ix crown and crushed Kansas 27-7 as Missouri barely got past Kansas ^tate, 9-7. Iowa State surrendered to Drake of the Missouri Valley Conference 7-0. Arkansas Bows to Texas Jack Cram's 61-yard run for down in the final Col °™ l ° games. 13-0 in conference • THE PAYOFF By HARRY GRAYSON NBA Service Sports Editor Oklahoma had very mediocre teams for 18 years . . . never won a championship. But Tow Stidham moved up when Maj. Biff Jones stepped out three - „ . .....^ w. 1.1 {^v.-iiv.itii conference. Aside from the ,,,, 1I . 1 . 6 nations, there arc a score of other countries concerned in any European settlement. There would be many pitfalls for any American president who sought to take part in any such complicated conference as that. "On the other hand, the conference might not include any but the nations actually at war-Germany, England and France. In that case the fortunes of the other nations would to a large extent be settled by the negotiations between these three powers. Once a- ffiiin. il is easy (o see (lie troubles which mif>ht befall an American president who tried to help work out n settlement!" Like ninny others. Senator Downey feels that old-line "power politics" would be apt to be dominant in a European pence conference. Consequently, he- suggests that if this country wants to keep out of European ontanglc'ments it ought not lightly to consider taking part in a con- ierencc of that kind, As a matter of fact, the United Stat- the has done very little country unless the ground work had all been done in advance. A government prepared to mediate would sound out the warring parties first and ns- certnin that ench side wanted to cornc to some agreement, It probably would get n pretty straight Idea of the nmount of give- nnd-takc that was going to be needed. Not until a good dcnl of subsurface negotiating had gone on would an nctunl offer of mediation be made. Sports SSorts Lion Truck Stnrs NEW YORK - Resting lor the indoor track and field 'campaign, Frank Ryan, shot-putter, and Herb Wcnst, sprinter of Columbia University, have the pennant concession nt the Lions' home games nt Baker Field. They have cleverly hired Barnard freshmen mid sophmorcs to cajole citi/.ens into buying. How can fairminded men refuse to buy a flag from n pretty girl? Handball Times Humls . DETROIT Cecil Thompson, veteran goalie of the Detroit Rod Wngs, keeps j the liming of tho hands that pick pucks from nil angles in (unc during the off-season by playing handbill 1 and baseball. it helped bring to an end a war Spain was fighting with Ecuador, Chile, Another Roosevelt "Tendered Good Offices" Less risky—from the viewpoint collegiate football powers. There are few, if any, more formid-' - able varsities on the gridiron stafic 1 eru , ancl Bolivia, today. " The only belting taken by Oklahoma' in its current string of successes was' - s ''isky—f dished out by mighty Tennessee inl • , lsolatlonist - -— •• -,. the Miami Orange Bowl January 2 If , wn Jn d'Pl°matic language as ..(• .,•_ " ' •"*'"*"') ", "tontlprmu nnrvl „(•(•;„„.,» 'm.... of is the action which of this year. Stidham and his athletes nre , 'tendering good offices." That was ", 1 Th , cod1or ? K°°fvelt „ _ „„ v..^, T wn_wm;(;i3 t tllC Sooners believed they were tough. The result of the game was that now they really are hard boiled. ; This year's Oklahoma club has better A tender of good offices simply mean that, the country which makes the offer acts—as the State Department puts it—as a postofficc. I forwards mcs- - - - -•«« "ao uuiu-i i-_iu-> i.—,ia u i-os.omcc. i lorwards mcs- and more br.)!._.n. backs, backs who sage from one belligerent to another aic likely to go all the way or lose 10 and is nothing more than a go-bc- yards on every play. It has bettor re- j twccn. serves, about two dander good teams, It docs not take part in any con- wnercas in 1938 Stidham had only 15 feronce which results from the ex- top warriors. change of messages, and has no irn- responsibility to see that peace ' » BIG REASONS It is milked clean. Kept clean. Put in clean sterlized bottles. ',* to a 14-13 decision over Arkansas. top warriors. When three of them were knocked out just before the Tennessee engage- i •ment the Sooners were left as hopeless as Poland. It Will Take Lightning to Stop Oklahoma Team Oklahoma coaches and players have nothing but the highest regard for Tcnnesse, however. With all their cripples in at Miami, the Sooners believed they would have been beaten by about one touchdown. They go further than that . . . declare the Vols would have trimmed any out fit in the country that bad. "We had never seen blocking, tackling and running as vicious as that of -Tennessee," asserts Stidham. "The licking did us good. It made us a better tca'm 1 this season." This tnp Oklahoma has been tied, 7-7, by Southern Methodist and has repelled Northwestern, 23-0, and Texas 24-12. And everybody attached to the squad believes that potentially it is much better th aa it has shown itself Properly refrigerated. It milked from government in - is J» '< », and tested cows, and is *. •g aiJiuicu euiu lu^itju uuws, cuiu w i* pastuerized according to health j— standards in a plant that has ,' passed inspection by the J« United States Government. Ji Call 938 and place your order ,' or call your grocer and insist ^ on pastucrized milk. *£ HOPE CEAMERY and DAIRY CO. Electrical and Refrigerator Service If others have failed, try us. Work guaranteed, Prices reasonable Graduate Coyne Electrical School ARTHUK MORRIS Day and Night f'lionc 686. QUALITY PIANOS Steinway, Haddorff, Cable, Wur- l^cr. New Models 5245 up. Terms. Drop us a card for catalogs. Beware of something - for - nothing offers. B-EASLEY'S, Texarkajia, Ark. HARVEY ODOM I.ucal R''prc:-c-nlativo , State remained unbeaten, stop- Washington, 13-7. California final, y won one _ a 13 _ ? verd . ct Qvei Wa ai_ mgton State. U. C. L. A. -won from non-conference Montana, 20-6 but unbeaten Oregon took a 12-7 beating from next six games on the Sooners' schedule do not appear to offer the problems the first three did, so the Ok- fahomans believe they -~ v. b ^..],uii wvvri rn ndnsas ,i ""-.y In the Pacific Coast Conference, thl ',°" 8 ' ""beaten unless u.uy g — --"•• ' ' we field or lightning;strikes them .S^. <" 'he ""rf'n-droppi.r in Utah, .strong team of the Rocky in the dirt being spilled on the other side. 'Very Few Senators' In real fact the Senate is fanatically jealous of its reputation. It was f-nly a few years ago that the Senate pilloried one of its employes who wrote ;i magazine article in which he said, in a thoughtless moment, that "very few Senators take graft," Washington probably won't say yes or no to whatever the credulous wish to believe but it would bu a fine state of affairs it the funny impression got around that the Senate would walk out in a body to avoid hearing a hint of foul dealing. Yet these are only lesser matters. lous i.s the implication that fist-swinging country boy could More one take on the whole Nation! Press club! two to ten at a time and lay them fold in tho aisle. Doubtless the Press '-•lub is mightier with the pen than with the sword, but gad, sir, we can't let it get Hbioad that the Jad.s can be spread around like marmalade. However, the picture gallops freely and does a right smart job of clra- inatixing a piece of government that .- . . - .. fairly .'-Uiyyifih buiijieiS. j 'naking fishermen here Jui^y. is attained. Goocli Piriife Scout PITTSBURGH - Johnny Gooch former Pirate catcher and coach, will scout and conduct schools for the Pittsburgh club in the south. Harmon Credits ANN ARBAD Tom Harmon .credits the Michigan men up front fur the four touchdowns he scored against Iowa. "They opened the way," beams the Wolverine hidfback. Coach Fritz Crislur singles out Ronald Eavilla. tackle; Forest Evashc- vski, quarter, and Capt. Archie Kodi-os, center, as having played a fine game against the Hawkeyes. Crisler thought his ends, especially Joe Rogers, did well in the .second half, More Cuddle Clubs DETROIT — Detroit first Caddie Club, initiated last year, proved such n success that district golf officials plan seven clubs with a membership of 1000 at Y. M. C. A. branches in Detroit and Pontiac. Federal Game Funds WASHINGTON - Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas will receive tho maximum nmount of money ... $150,000 . . . awarded iitnnually by the federal government under the terms of the Wildlife Restoration Fund Act, In Coincidence .YARMOUTH, N. S.-l/fj-It was a tough week-end for people named Joe LeBlancc. The first Joe LcBlancc had to be taken to a hospital to have a fish hook removed from his thumb. The second was treated for a burned finger r urne nger As a matter of fact, no offer of mcdi- The third slashed his finger with brok- ation would ever be made by any "en (glass ' Kicking "Attraction in This League Sooners Have Towering Ell( | s In Shirk and Ivy Individual standouts arc John Shirk M-pound 6-foot 4-inch left end; Frank ivy 197-pound 6-foot 2V-inch risht snd; Gilford Duggan. 218-pou n 8 f 0 oo'Cnd I f laC t ; B ° b S ° ym(JU '- N- ,)ound 6-foot 2-inch fullback; Dick ft-vor I«-pound blocker. line'bacier ^nd place kicker, and Bill Jenninss junior nght half who calls play s g ' When Jack Jacobs, highly touted ndian sophomore back, was hurt in the first quarter against Northwestern. a little senior third-stringer from 1-isi yea Beryl dark, fil, e d the bre^h OWiTl M'MK haS C ' iVidtd tim ° with Wvillc Matthews and L. C. Fi-icdi-ichs and when Jacobs recovers, whj, t was expected to do in ti'me for tl le O k- -homa Agg,c battle, he may have a "me making the clubb Stidham has Oklahoma up a ,, d has fmc^prospects of keeping the Sooner, Tom Stidham has Oklahoma football Players going to Oklahoma. Fisherman's Luck SANTA CRUZ, Calif.-f/h-An exceptionally good run of ulbacore and rising prices attributed to the war are Southern California girls have organized Powderpu/T Football League. They wear Softball shoes and chest protectors and play 12-minute quarters. Bubbles Brepsie, above, is triple threat quarterback of Hollywood Stars, SHOP-COMPARE SPECIAL FOR WEDNESDAY 100 CHENILLE 100 CHENILLE g+ • Bed Spreads^ I . MEN'S VAT DYED KHAKI *_ SHIRTS O9C ALL SIZES,, ( BOYS' GENE AUTRY SWEAT SHIRTS WARM FLEECY 25% WOOL Double BLANKETS LARGE SIZE FOR FRIDAY 2000 TOWEL - F . REMNANTS 5C Each LARGE SIZE MEN'S ARMY TWILL KHAKI PANTS SANFORIZED SHRUNK* $1.98 CHILDREN'S RUBBER PUDDLE BOOTS ALL SIZES GOES ON SALE AT 2 O'CLOCK THURSDAY CLOSE - OUT 2000 Yds. c v , PRINT 3C Yard First Come — First Served MEN'S TOPFLIGHT DRESS -<Q SKIRTS 9oC FULL CUT—SANFORIZED* REPRICED FOR YOU Men's Broadcloth PAJAMAS SIZES A to D MEN'S 50% WOOL Blanket Lined JUMPERS 'Fabric Shriuktigu not to cxm-U !•> ACROSS STREET FROM POSTOFFICE WHERE HOPE SHOPS AND SAVES « # •'f .fa.

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