Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on October 31, 1957 · Page 3
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 3

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 31, 1957
Page 3
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THROUGH THE .GRADEL 31 Kindergarten News Mrs n«,nir Homewood, Merline Brause, Ron- w , . i uenKer n ,e Lau, Richasd Gillette, Becky We have been very busy mak- Lamphier, Gayland Popenhagen, ing jack-o-laterns, ghosts, and and Jim BiUerman spe i led aU of witches. We have cut, colored, , heir words correct i v in , asl Fri . and drawn our own jack-o-laterns day's spelling lest. ' and witches. The little white , . . ghosts flying around our room are made from klcenex. Fourth Grade News Two poems, "The Terrible, Miss stL ' v <-'™>» Terrible Pumpkin," and "Thjj. The_fliuhas-hitl-We;-*iaVe~ninf Fiv»Umi UuL>im lJlULlus7 r weru ( "> u ^ th graders out today. Our learned and enjoyed by everyone. room looks q u 'tc empty. We hope "Black cat, Black cat, Looking for everyone will be back soon. a Witch," is a song which can be Last Monday we made Hallo- heard anytime or anywhere sung wec n pictures of black, orange, by a Kindergartener. anc) white construction paper. Three new children have been W f, a . lso , ha ^ c ... d . ra * n added to our group. Tommy Conington and Cathy Howe come in the morning, and Dicky Richards comes in the afternoon. We , . _. ... , . , have had lots of fun helping formations Diane Alber brought them get acquainted with our * mce ™ ck Collection and Linda school Henry brought some very good pictures of ancient animals. We Bringing pretty colored leaves have thcm on our bulletin bo;irci to school to show was enjoyed by Caro] W egner brought us all. One day we decided to wax treats ()n her birthday . Thanks, some so we could keep them c aro j pretty longer. We ' were sorry to lose Ricky We enjoyed watching the Fay- Hegland He mo ved to West ette High 'School homecoming Tj mon parade last Friday as it went by A11 ' of us en j oyed the Home our playground. coming parade last Friday. The We have all liked the treats f[oats were very pret t y . Tommy Conington and Jackie There were twenty-one "A's" in Frey have given us to help cele- spel i ing | ast Friday, October 111. brate their birthdays. Jackie Frey Those rece iving "A's" were: had a birthday party at his home Dianc A j ber> Nancy Becker, Da- and he invited all the boys that vid Buhman, Tom Butters, Ron- come in the morning. A Halloween Dessert , , of fal1 w .ork. Some of us had very ldcas in our P'ctures. ° ur f ience thas . tak f n ui \ lo " of ancl ' nt an '™ ls and THE TATTLER THE Halloween is u big night for the youngsters. They all look forward to some sort of celebration. Even the tiny tots adore the traditional Halloween decorations of witches, pumpkins and black cats which make parties so simple nnd colorful. The party might be just n regular meal with table decorations and a Halloween dessert. This one, made with orange soda, and garnished with black licorico cats, is sure to make a hit. Better double the recipe and tnnke extras for the ragamuffin* who ring your doorbell demanding "trick or treat." t'ii Icicles ,„, ., Vi cup sugar '*ViW- 2'/2 cups Canada Dry oranre soda midnight until 6 a.m. Wednesday morning for the women. Prayer EDITOR circles werc Iheld Wednesday ASSISTANT EDITOR ^afternoon, .Oct.. 23, in the homo CLOTHES HITS of Mrs. Henry Kappmcyer with MUSIC Mrs. Sam Holmes as leader and SENIOR SKETCH with Mrs. William A. Tock who also was the leader. GRADE NEWS On Thursday, Oct. 24, Mrs. BIRTHDAYS Kappmeyer, Mrs. Holmes and GIRLS SPORTS Mrs. Harold Hare attended the f°JS SPORTS Quiet Day program at Sumner T o P T^ N TH NV^ n v v i T ^ from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for Metho- 1OP TON TUNES OF F.H.S. dist women of the Waterloo and pjj-R AND Dubuque districts of the North TYPISTS Iowa Conference. The visiting pastor, the Rev. SPONSOR Donald Forhes, Keokuk, was the speaker at the Sunday morning service, Oct. 27. He was present also for the meetings on Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 30-31. TATTLER STAFF . Barb Kauten ' Ruth Nims Donna Heth and Kathy Shaffer Steven Talcott and Carole Dahlquist Bill Hughes, Janis Schabacher, Jean Cue, Carolyn Bright Roger Otforstein, Jan Bennington Marge Downing, Becky Maxson Peg Eischeid Kip Knight, Gene Van Buren Kolleen Anfinson Gloria Alber and Marvin Buckmaster Lowell Paul . Jan Bennington Jan Schabacher, Ruth Nims Mrs. Paul Pickett FUR AND FEATHERS UTS got coon, I do know some were taken. There are quite a LADIES CEMETERY ASSOCIATION HOLDS MEETING Saturday night, October 26, ft?w n , rCH ' ncl - If y° l ;., have a 8° od coon season opened. Although I hound clo « and , llktc touir °* m have not heard bow many nun- around tho woods at nlght ' Ium * sure you could get one or maybe- and worship lenders for the W.S. C.S. meeting on Wednesday after- moro> Duck hunting has been pretty good around here lately. I hear noon. Nov. 13, at the Methodist tha , they .„.,, navjng good , uck I 6-oz. can frozen concentrated pineapple and orange juice Combine all ingredients. Stir Rontlv into six 4-oz. wiixed paper 'dishes. K "ir is dissolved. Pour . !i wnnilxu spoons. church. Hostesses include Mrs. ovcr al Sweets Marsh; even get- MAYNARD — The first meet- Glenn Nicholson, Mrs. Don Hart/., ting some geese, ing of societies and clubs ached- Mrs. _ Hugo Scharff, Mrs. Lester S( , asons on game anirna l s yet uled fop November Is that of the Martin and Mrs. Leo Anderson. (() opon incklde Pheasant-Novem- Ladies 1 Cemetery ussoclntion. It The regular meeting of the i )L , r g ; Trapping seasons: Raccoon, will be entertained in Us last Order of Eastern Star will be in November 10; Mink, Muskrat, meeting of the year In the home' the Mason's hall on Thursday and Beaver, December 1. of Mrs. Floy Glew on Friday evening, Nov. 14. Carnival. Socond Grade News Johnson," Eugene Ladbert, Tom Mrs. Schichtl my Lamphier, Rose Mary Owen, g ct . you rK , xt W et-k w ji|, Mon Our new unit in health is Mike Scnroyeri Robert Swehla, People in tho news! *«lT*»*»»-»r» i\\t* -riaVlf U-inric (\f TTrvrvM . **r i i r^ I T«r.» .»„,»., aid Crawford, Sandra Gray, Lin- up mothers und fathers lo help who have .sold $20 are Sharon afternoon, Nov. 1. A potluck "Women in Music" by Mrs. O. da Henry, Howie Hubbell, Ernie wor k j n our Concessions at the Thyer, Wayne Wegner, und Gary lunch will follow the business c. Miehe will be the program ~ Campbell. Our class quota Is hour. number for the Ada Reading S200. Members and friends of the circle on Friday afternoon, Nov. VVe received our report cards adult evening classes will meet 15. with Mrs. Dwight Fausch us Wednesday. We hope they will bo a t the schoolhouse Monday eve- hostess. Roll call will be an- better next six weeks. ning, Nov. 4, at 8 p.m., the women swered to discuss "Yeast Yummies" and the men "Silage". The regular meeting of the m-eds, chairman, of the Women's Ford and Kim Novak. Helping Hand society Mrs. Capell people by naming a fuvoriU; hymn. Mrs. Erne-st Jttcubson, special SENIOR SKETCH Roger Otterstein, F.H.S. senior was born in Waverly, Iowa July 30,1940. He has attended school at Bremer and Fayette. His favorites are shrimp, lemon pie. turquoise, Am. Literature, Glenn 'Eating the right kinds of Food." Larry Webb, Carol Wegner, We have learned many new and Rodney whitt, Larry Rates, Rita interesting things about foods j e uj ngs> Frances Kauten, and Seventh Grade News that are good for us to eat. We Allia Omar. have drawn pictures of a good We are i earn i n g to spell the breakfast and have seen three five parts o f a friendly letter in neither absent nor tardy the last movies on good foods. We also i an guage. Many of us know oil six weeks: Diane Ashby, Carol took breakfast charts home and five of lnem . p 0 r social studies Beek, Bur-barn Burgui, Paul Siirmsun Mrs are to color a square each morn- we are learning to spell the'Clark, Burbaru Fish Robert ^ *• . \ and Mrs. Wank day, NQV! "l3? because the U»*»y St. Paul's Lutheran church. Topic s'wiiii." People win ing that we have a good break- cs of the seven continents Gould, Clcon Hummond, Henee w - -* u t . * d - ^ b the fl|lt dl(t(<i for tho d is .- Cunu , lnt<) M ; , , fast. and foU r oceans. Our new unit in Jelling*. Kathy Ketg, ZooAnna *ftU.ihh^ * u c « twzwwn inw j .».»•„". „ Those children that have read socjal studies is ca n e d "Children Martin, Llndu NlUm, ;,nd Ron d ^| ^^ !^J, Q^^ ™" ' stories to us on Wednesdays after of tne Highlands." These people Timmerman visiting the library are Mary live in tne country of Guatemala Robert Gould, Kuthy Keig, und Schmidt, Irene Lambert, Laderyl in Central America. They live Dj ane Ashby have had perfect Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bierbower, Karyl Heinemann, qu i te differently than the people spe iij n g papers since school has Marilyn and Murk, and Joyce Hall. ^ the Amazon Rain Forest did. started. were Sunday, Oct. 20, afternoon We especially enjoyed the way We have b een writing sentences Th(j following people got A's in which Irene Lambert read the from dicta tion each Thursday in m lling this week: Mary A us- story of "The Three Bears." She speUing> This gives us practice in Ken Bultei . S) Carol ciark, Misstonury society, will be the i n his spare time Rog likes to fpr Wednesday afternoon, Nov. Q, program leader when it meets t . a t, (who doesn't) and listen to has been postponed until Wednes- Tuesday afternoon, Nov. IS), at "Honeycomb" and "Moonlight who don't prac- preach is his pet Mrs. Vivian Hubboil will be Hourt," hoste»s to the Eve guild of tho Tho Rubckah guild of the peeve. Helping Hand at her home Thurs- is kept busy in band, annu- Helping Hand society will be en- al staff, and paper staff. After graduation, Roger plans on going Ui college. Best of luck, supper guests of, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Samuelson. imitated Father Bear so well spe nj ng many words and also in when he growled, "Who has been pnnHaH/ation and punctuation- Ashby, Diane Franyen, day evening, Nov. 7, with Mrs. tortnined Wednesday afternoon, Howard W. Sulth leading the Nov. 20, in the home of Mrs. lesson study. u Floyd Henniges. Three circles of the Women's Tho pro graiu Cor the Junior Society of Christian Service will Mission Band on Thursday eve- meet on Thursday afternoon, Nov. ningi Nov 21 ., t t h L , st. Paul's 7, as follows: the Esther group Lutheran church includes prayer , , ,.,„. . , ~r «, ^ . .. ^, u ,.^ .^..^j, Women of the Helping Hand w jth Mrs. H. L. Bryant; Uie Mar- and scr i n mrt) bv Carol Jean when he growled, Who has been capitalization and punctufttion. Mike Gaynol ., Robert Gould, society who attended the fall tha group . W u h Mrs. Henry Kap.p- Wegner a atory of "My Neighbor sitting in my chair, that we Don - t {orget the carnival on RL jeljjngs, Helen Kauten, meeting of Dubuque presbyterial meyer and the Ruth diviatpn with. i n Africa" bv Burbura Knief• roll thought he was right here in the October 31 . The time for start- Kathy Kpjgi Linda Ni i es , James al Manchester Tuesday, Oct. 22, Mrs. Glenn Nichqlsfln.. Mrs. B<Wh c . a i t « bo answered by telling room - „ , . . ing is 5:00. Our room has the Rhodej Don Timmerman, Dennis i, (c luded the following: M. l 's- D«n- Morris will entertain the Naomi -what Aiv You Thankful For?"We must know all the words in desseri par t of the lunch stand T _ Ronn , fl Brown , Jjn , B uh- u ld Roquet. Mrs. Charlutte R?H- circle that ovenilig, MU d the topic, "Our Pastor" by the story and practice reading it and also the Bingo stand. The m Me l o dy Gillette, Sandra ney, Mrs. Irving Pai'idge, Mrs. fhvu-^day anepnoqn, Nov. 1, B eUy Arthur. On the serving to ourselves before we can read it fifth grade has the Bingo stand Henning> Zoe Anna Marvin, und Donald Fish, Mrs. fid W. Meyer, wW ltm g ^ day at the Ladles' COTnm i tt ee will be Mary Ann to the class. with us. See you all at the Carnl- Ron Timmerman. Mrs, M^ynard Mepefee, Mrj: ^i(j spciefy meeting tU the St. HnrWMton, Uichard Evans, Jerry Clyde iPickett has brought us a vajl ^ .. worl * , lrst pt . izc irt -Prank CuromJngs, 'Mrs. J. F, p^i-g ^fheran church. Those Betz and Betty Dugan. sweet potato. We can see the . -. . • ^ junior High division. Our Ingels and Mrs. John Jngels, pros. prepa ring the program are Mrs. Newt theme was, "Let's Trim Coggon." byterial president. James Hamilton, Mrs. Alfred Harlan township Farm Bureau Mrs. Everett Don Timmermun was the barber Thp fi u hug gave us a good a nd Ron Timmerman was getting Mrs Brause chance to figure averages this h i s hair trimrm'd with hedfie A K, last week We had a lesson on trimmern, Some of our parents, no doubt, ".f.. *!„',„ Arithmet ic so we Streittmatter and Mrs. Dale womcn wil1 s t uci y the "Art of Mosaic Tile" when they meet Third Grade New* Drs. C. C. and B. A. Hall ac- Streittmatter. On the serving Thursday afle ,, m>on) Nov , 2 1. •ompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Vic- committee will be Mrs. Q. J. whh Mrs F , Q d Honnige; . Mrs Lfir Hoth of Fort Dodge were in Tofcheim, Mrs. qien M>ttelsladt, RaymonU Arthur will be th( , ithmetic 80 UMfiUUIIV* *»•"•*'»'"*-•»" " • —, - r _-. . -Kr /-, 11? *VttJ IJlJJIUi ^»4hftL«i Wl*l I_»V- till. Rochester, Minn., Sunday, Oct. Mrs E, H Bprphers, Mrs. Carl K. lead A women in the town . T-.. TI..I » v^r^r. MioViB Mrs. ijhnples Huonkem- , • , . ... Wednesday afternoon ou: this went to tne movlc> " Wur tn. Peace." It was enjoyable educational. '40, to seo Dr. Bt'Jrnont Kqpp : •s. Stick meyer who ifi n surgical class in tlie hospHul " Mrs. Charles and und , . hore for a convalescent period, eveing v . i«, serve* and the men will consider "Feeds and find for social studies. We were ----- • - . surprised to find that there were to do the same thmg so many different kinds, especial- weeK. we a* wu< ,«, vw ..-.. ly when we thought about homes day, the mosi ,w • s ning In our magazine campaign the Methodist Church of animals as well as of people. we had eigm n. ^^ ^^^ ^ $155.86 us of "Mission To Iowa" Legion will meet in regular ses- We also discussed and found last ween. eople w ith an October 25. Eighteen pupils have '_* " _ ^ t sion on Tuesday evening, Nov. 12, There were _ f__ i; ^^ mgde ^ lcagt Qny sa]c They ^.^ ship are welcome to attend. Monday evening, Nov. 25, 3 the close of the adult night program. It will be Fami- take part in the "Cookie Chatter" f ch ° Ql program, it will be Fami- Qn ri thA ,m»n will mnsidcr "Foeds X Fl »n N| fi"t nt the schoolhouse i ^ your cesspool ajid septic i:ink to clog-free, oJor-lree, tioiM'Ic-l'rcc service, as hundrojt ol UiousaiiJs ot u^ci'S know VANDERSEE Plumbing & Heating pictures of homes of people .*' . ., ._ „* *u« manv pictures 01 nomes ui ycui"c -. cnr-ial Studies Test, maae ai icusi one sun.-, mw^ ui^ wn. »»•««»»" ^- -••- •• av v>ic v-uiummnv/ »<un. who live in other parts of the A in the' °°c"* Franzen and Gary Campvell, Jean Cowles, Methodist church, Maynard, was M rs. H. L. Bryant ; world such as the Japanese, Those were Donna eranz ^ Dummemulth Shu ,. on ^.presented at the district lay- Don Woods wlll bo the Eskimos, and others. Dai l e i, °^, t^, over today, be- Thyer, Larry Keig, Jon Knight, ma n' meeting at Independence ..":.' .__. j™ „ v, 0 ir,«r tn take the test ovei iwuajr, ,.•'_ ,».,„„ n n ,.,, nuiriov M^r, r in,, n^t 21. bv Sam Holmes, MAYNARD — Tho Emmanuel at the Community hall. Mrs. H, L. Bryant and Mrs. progrnm beginning at 8 p.m. :_»_. Here Which word needs a helper, «° —- "-^ a eople did or done, or saw or seen? This "1^°° or ? the test. „. has been the most popular ques- hal '™™*™ \ eiier this ti<m in lanHuase class this week everyone a"" , ^avecome / oeopie go, over Mary ' Manson, Gary Oakley, Monday, Oct. 21, by Sam Holmes, the tSt We hope Sharon Henry, Wayne Wegner, David Parsoi^, Elmer Miller, hrtter this time. Jim Maurer, Judy Langerman Dwight Fausch. Cheater Cumber- Jostin Talcott, JoAnn Quandt, land, Charles Werden, Kooeri Dennis Heth, Duane Schneider, Roquet, Harold Hare and the Rev. as we have been studying these four words and how they should i-»" be used correctly in sentences. ^u'^rnltal'^We^share the Wehb. Those who have sold ovur Peter Vermazen celebrated his to the v,arni th Grade $10 n re Gary Campbell, Sharon 0 _. birthday last week and brought Bingo Ga ™« ^Vve the movie, Thyer, Dayna Dummermuth, a prayer vig.l was held at the • ' "-- -'"", *« y ear "^A,* Ind Popcorn Wayne Wegner, Mary 1 Popcorn Machine and P fur _ Dennis ^^ ^ . Balls. We woum »PP 1 "-. a for Our SUDer sa i e sman ol as we nave uev»» avuu,>r«.& -"— Tocto in Aritnmevw;. «-»CIHHO *»v.,..., ^««..^ -, i( .w^«^-, -• four words and how they should Progress Tests inn forward Carroll Schuety and Marjone Herbert L. Bryant. •e used correctly in sentences. ^f^nval We share the Wehb. Those who have sold over In connection w,th_ the 'Mis- Peter Vermazen celebrated his to th V ™ ™ th Fourth Grade $10 are Gary Campbell, Sharon s ion to Iowa" the week of Oct. 27 * * *~ * «««*r» Vja*n*- vv _ ,. «,,.;« TAHij ray as i candy bars to treat the class, this year and ^ have i "> w Wegner, Mary Manson, Methodist church Tuesday eve- Thank you Peter. Popcorn Machn e. and ^ P ^ Marjorie Webb, ning, Oct 22, from 6 p.m. until reciate Stephen Torson, Cathy Als »,«,,«? Eueene Weyant, Bob ther WrTght, Chuck Clark, Peggy the Bingo g«ne. . , , , We would app reciate 8ales man of those midnight for the men and Irwn contributions Of pnz g iU i imu aiHH!U!::U«:iiHiH!H!iUHH»:iii:m:ini:i!!i::i:::i:i:-mi»H:i:l!iiliill!! ..... li8«lfflJIBiaUBHUUUiUIBB|| Mothcr OF WATERLOO UNIVERSITY CLEANERS 100 N. Maine — Phone 152 _ ...... "; ..... 7"| Now that fall Hou.e Cleaning time i» at hand you wiU want to redecorate the Dining Room and Uving Room with new and fre»h paper. Now i. the time a. we have a very good Section te choo* from at reduced price*. Also waxes and Room Set in very good condition. pte«d at $37.50 at DEISING FURNITURE "See us at our best . Choice meat and poultry Play their part But savory cooking Is.an art. see u» at Ott's Drive !n!' r DRIVE. IN , "'^^ CARL ENQLER Maynard, Iowa (12, 14, 16, 18, 20) U.I.U. — NOV. 2 Luther College 1:30 p.m. F.H.S. — NOV. 1 Elkader Here Limeulone and spreader Iruoks are awaiting your order. Fayette Stone Co. Inc. Phone 73 Fayette, Iowa 6/VZS W£tY UFE! DISCONTINUED COLORS REGULAR $5.15 PER GAL NOW SPRED LUSTER IN GALLONS $2.99 We are happy to announce that Mrs. Coffman will continue to clerk; in the store. BAKER'S 5c to $1

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