Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on October 31, 1957 · Page 1
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 1

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, October 31, 1957
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DEPT. OF HISTORY 4 ARCHIVES DES KOINES 19, IOWA VOLUME 42, NO. 18 FAYETTE, IOWA Price Five Cents 3! OCTOBER 1957 thru the week with the editor Enjoyed addressing the West Union Lions Club last week. Thursday night conflicts besides Chamber were the play, "My Three Angels". About the play, compliments are passed on via this column to Mrs. Weller from many around town who saw the play and expressed much praise. Understand Buck Maxson and Randy Van Bogart were presented the key to Chicago last weekend while they visited there. They seemed to like Fayette much better after seeing how the other 99% lives. And that's good. • • « • There have been many speeches to give on my part lately. Combining this with a course I am now taking at UMJ I wonder at each sentence I say. * « • • • Now, we don't know much about gramrner and English; but I've made one observation the last few weeks. That is: Any person who writes a complete text book on English must be either a fanatic or totally insane. • • • • Besides, its interesting to note that Abraham Lincoln, who uttered some of the greatest words in world history—properly assembled—didn't have any English instruction. • • • • And Winston Churchill failed English completely while at Harrow before the turn of the century. Deborah Guild Hold Special Meeting MAYNARD — The Deborah guild of the Helping Hand society held a special meeting Wednesday, Oct. 30, in the home of Mrs. Floyd Simpson to pack donated table games for youfng people's groups in the Philippiness. There was a share-a-dish dinner at noon. Entertainment Evening Planned By A.A.U.W. Ladies FAYETTE — The American Association of University Women, Fayette Chapter, at their meeting Monday evening made plans for an entertainment, Monday evening, Nov. llth to be held in the Lounge of the Zenita B. Graf Dormitory, which will feature, Leslie Robert Maze, of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, who will give j program on the Interpretation of Fausi, which will be in the form of records and story, and which will be especially interesting to children as well as adults. Mr. Maze is one of the beat Howard Storms, U.I.U. Graduate; Dies In Colorado The son of an Oelwein woman, Mrs. Blanche Storms, died at Denver, Colo., Sunday. He was Howard Storms, 37, a former Arlington school teacher. Mrs. Storms had been called to Denver last week by the serious illness of her son. Funeral arrangements are pending at Hintz funeral home in Oelwein. Mr. Storms is survived by his wife, three daughters and one son. He taught at LaPorte City before LJoi'iR to Denver this fall. Mr. Storms was a graduate of Upper Iowa University here in Fayette. Funeral Services will be hekl Friday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. at Grace Methodist Church, Oelwein. C. R. CARPENTER NAMED DEAN OF IOWA BANKERS Peacocks Play Luther Here Saturday Dr. John (Doc) Dorman's squad's nexi encounter will be this Saturday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. on Dorman field against one of the Peacocks oldest rivals, Luther college. First place in the Iowa conference will be at stake in this all important contest for the Upper lowans as they attempt to try to make their best finish since the late 1940's. Pictured above is the saiv/tnary of the tt'eslevan MelhoHiM Church which was dedicated in .}erv>ees there Sunday afternoon. An historical .-ketch appears on the t• 'Mi.rial page. LT. GG/ERNOR TO ATTENED RECEPTION HERE Lieutenant Governor William II. Nicholas will he in Fayette November '23 for a reception in his honor. The reception will be given at the home of Representative and Mis. Donald L. Kimhall and will he divided into two parts. Townspeople receiving tnvita- :ions will call to greet the Lientenant Governor ;md his wife lie.'fen I :•'.(} and ;<•.:',() that day. At I! :U) ' enators ;m.l Kepresen- :itiv;.. ; fr.mi nil over northeast Iowa w:ll :itlen I :i reccpt : on :m I iiH'eting in Ihi' K.imSal! home. Con.'iresMiian lieiny (). Talk' and Speaker el' ;he lion e of Representatives William I.. Mon-y lire also expected to attend the gathering. GROUND TOWN,.. So, now we can all have compassion on the kids in school who don't do so well in English The best English teacher 1 had was 'Miss Bessie Ross of Oelwein, who in the early 1920'« qualified speakers on general taught my-father, -the -tthrt'Ocai, -«"»«<• -subjects of. Jod^y. -Mr. . . his English. Thus, with, my dang- Maze has been heard for hun- and Mr. and Mrs. Don Kimball Jing participles and split infini- areds of hours on the radio, hav- attended the Interstate Power Co. tives, and all that other rot, I ' n g h's own radio program, "The annual dinner Monday evening. to Proscenium and Music in Review" , * , * William H. Gould of 'Miami, Florida visited his brother, Ralph. Ctauld .and family last , week -for three days. . . . . Mr . and Mra. Dale" SKxsbn Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Car- shall continue my little note our readers. which are 2% hour each week • « • • throughout the year and for * , * T, .. , Congratulations to beautiful which he prepare' both the pro- ^ e 7U? S.l Io^[ £nte™ Colleen Hogan, Veterans Club gram and commentary. He also Convention «•»!»*«s candidate who was selected for has various radio programs for at t en d e d 70 UIU's Homecoming Queen. Also special events. Mr, Maze is also rnnv p ntionll congrats to the team, which car- director of the "Proscenium", a ^ nv *- nllun «- ried away the victory from Simp- club for the study of classical * music, and, he has written the Mr - and Mrs - Harley Fritz were '. • • • • book "An Invitation to Music" dinner guests in the home of Mr. The Upper Iowa Veterans Club for music appreciation classes. and Mrs - Donald Kimball Wed- has won the Queenship for their Mr. Maze has appeared as a lee- nesday evening, candidate four years now. But, turer before audiences thru the • • • • you know, those (or shall I say Mid-west for the past 15 years. Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Kjos of we) Vets'are. getting fewer in Thru these lecture-reviews, Mr. Waterloo, Wisconsin spent the number Maze provids an entertaining, week-end with their daughter • • • • • educational program, the purpose and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Maybe Syria will remedy that of which is to create and further Wells. situation You'll recall Teddy an interest in music. The pro- . • • . . Roosevelts remarks about Pana- grams are unique. So far as it is Mr . and Mrs . Ralph Brown and ma- "It wasn't much of a war, known, no other speaker offers a family spent Monday visiting in but' it was the best we could get program of this type, and you tne homes of Mr. and Mrs. Everat the time." wil1 fitlcl his lecture-reviews ett B rown and Mr. and Mrs. . . • • something entirely different; a A rc hie Chapman, Tiffin, Iowa. Mrs. K, Doc B, wife and son, program that everyone will en- « , , . and self travelled to Waverly joy. Sunday evening to see "The Rivalry." Raymond Massey played Lincoln in the story of the Mrs. Gourley Attends Lincoln-Douglas debates. It was Grand Chapter a wonderful play and Massey played Lincoln as only he can. D f *K« nnllpfff* there wfls sfluly Q*iy, . — - - — Snnrenared in the handling of in Sioux City attending the O.E.S. heart and family of Marion spent unprepuicu M. ^^ annual Grand Chapter of the week-end in Mrs. Lunds the giant crow . ^ ^ Iowa. Mrs. Gourley, who is sec- home while she was in Kansas. Also at the play, we saw Roger retary of the local chapter, re- Otterstein and three others from ported a very interesting meet- Fayette. Miss Harriet Ranney was mg. there with a friend. Several area THE BALLET RUSSO OUARTET ON UIU STAGE FAYETTE — The Ballet Husso Quartet, which will present the second prognnn in Upper Iowa University's current series, will bring to Ftiyette the grea.cst classical bullets. The program, which will be/mi at fl:l. r i p.m. in the Colgrovt!-Wnlkt-T auditorium. of/era the most brilliant duets. trios, solos und quartets from the familiar classics, danced in the authentic style of the Ballet Russo. George Vprdak and William Glenn, organizers, directors and male dancer^ «f the BalU-t Russo Quartet, together speni a-total of fifteen years in the Ballot Russo do Monte Carlo company. There, from the great Danilova, they learned the intricacies of the great Russian ballets which aro traditionally handed down from one generation of dancers to another and can lie learned only in this way. Today they are among only 00 or 70 dmic'Ts in all of America who know the cum plete authomic bullets. When the Ballet Russo was disbanded in 1952 for reorganization into a smaller company, Venlak and (Ilei.n 1,-|. it to form their own small company, feeling this would give them an opportunity to do more creative work. IViina ballerina Maria de Bniviii'olii w.i.-. also a member of Ue l',a>il': original Ballet Kusso company ,m<l toured extensively with them in Kurnpe. In recent years she ha.-, toured with other ballet companies in Europe, North A'Vica. and North and South America. Currently she is a leading ballerina wiih the Venezuelan National Ballet from which she lias a leave of absence to tour with the Ballet Russo Quartet. Second ballerina, Ruslyn Bohrer, has danced with Verdak and. Glenn for ji uumOur oi years _J" their Ballet .Concertant ensemble which due* symphonic, operatic arid modern ballet productions. The program will feature excerpts from three of the beloved Tchaikowsly hallei suites, the Nutcrakei, Swan Ixike and The Sleeping Beauty, the light-hearted Coppelia and idyllic 1 Los Syl phide.-:. The full orchestral accompaniment on high fidelity recording and the traditional beautiful costumes make each dance a faithful reproduction of ils counterpart in the full ballet. Visitors In Odell Home Monday Mrs. Clifford Hortz and Mrs. Kinipp of Waterloo visited in Hie home of V. J. Odd! Monday. Mrs. Heir I/, is n neicc of Mrs. Odell. SCHOOL CARNIVAL POSTPONED The Fayette High School Carnival is being postponed to the evening of Friday. November 15, provided the flu epidemic has subsided by that time. 23% of the students were missing from the clasg rooms- Wednesday but SupCKlntt-ndent Paifl C. PicrKeit said the school is not expected to be closed. The City Council has given a number of free tickets to each child at the carnival in tin- past several years so that the children would be at the carnival and NOT on the streets doing de •Ul'uctive mischief. They have agreed to continue this custom for the November 15 date, IF the children of the community will cooperate on Halloween as in the past. In oilier words, the Council will keep their bargin, if the kids keep iheir end of it. What a Neighborhood! Mr. and Mrs. Floyd RinudU- of Dubuque and Mrs. C. A. Lund went to Topeka, Kansas to attend the funeral of their sister. Wednesday and Thursday Oelwein and Mrs. Darrell Engl- citizens and several Oelweinites were there, too. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Soener of Independence, Iowa visited Mr. and Mrs. Jack Soener to attend the football game. MUNICIPAL ELECTION The Town Biennial election iRAr SHUUI gratulationsatthis time to e own enna eecon grdiuia wining wl11 be neld at tne Town Hall two Faye tte "tizens w imng awards at co "^ n ^° nsw j orrnl> Charles ~ ar P . ' -.-p-pnt Bankers Association P^ *?' ^^M™ £ Polls will open at 8 a.m. and p.m. The event will be held tho Ton third close at 8 p.m. miles North ol Fayette on High, who w on Treasurer and Clerk are ap- way 150 by Stepps Melon Stand. Prizes will be awarded. 70 year vT/n' Eldon CITU!\AV g , 957 fit which ^ SUNDAY he a Mayor and Councilmen and a The Rod & Gun Club of Faya Park Commissioner will be elec- ettc are sponsoring a trap shoot a g Member 3, at 12:30 3 .Local Ladies Attend W.S.C.S. Meeting Mrs. 1). C. Lewis, Mrs. E. A. Billings, Mrs. Grant Kiel, and Mrs. Gertrude Downing, attended an all-day W.S.C.S. meeting in the Methodist church in Sunnier, on Thursday. FAYETTE — Charles R. Carpenter, Chairman of the Board nf Dime-tors of the State Bank ot Kayetle was named Dean ot lowu Hankers in Des Monies last week. Mr. Carpenter, who has been associated with ;he Hank line .".111,-e III,'.7, xv.is presented with ,M piauue as a Uik.-n >il his 70 years as a banker, a The plaque read: "To the Honorable Charles R. Carpenter, dean of Iowa Bankers, Chairman of the Board of Directors, State Bank of Fayette, now .serving his •WU-k consecutive year in Banking in Iowa: The"Iowa'Bankers Association offers its heartfelt an.I warm congratulations." Mr. Carpenter, who was born place o7 94 entries with his but- Treasurer an, fer Fayette should be real proud pomtive offices. of both these gentlemen. * * • » Went up and got my flu shot from Dr. Scott the other day. Asked him if that little tube of gray stuff was a tube of Asian flu Reminds me of the army. Before you get overseas, you have to have a vaccination for everything in the world including change to political affiliation and ability to learn proper English. ^ What we think is the nicest looking Chevrolet yet. is coming out today dow at Kenyan's. Understand they're having a big doings with lots of free stuff. See you next week. - - Don _ URE CltlZENS" ^T™ MTfsha, Randy Frey are the children of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Frey of Fayette. Their ages are 6 years, 4 year6 an( j 4 months. A very lovely portrait. SENIOR SKETCH Roger Otlerstein", F.H.S. senior was born in Waverly, Iowa July 30,1940. He has attended school at Bremer and Fayette. His fn- vorites are shrimp, lemon pie, turquoise, Am. Literature, Glenn Ford and Kim Novak. In his spare time Rog likes to eat, (who doesn't) and listen to "Honeycomb" and . "Moonlight Swim." People who- don't pruc-. tice what they preach is his pot peeve. Rog is kept busy in band, annual staff, and paper staff. After graduation, Roger plans on going to college. Best of luck, Rog, . HALLOWEEN NIGHT The 12 grades of the FayeUe Consolidated School are pooling their efforts to have a large Halloween Carnival this Oct. 31. Parents, teachers and students of all the grades have worked hard in this project. The carnival which is sponsored by the school Music Club and P.T.A. will have a large variety of booths, side shows, Cake walks, jail and many other forms of entertainment for an evening the whole family will enjoy- The fun begins at 5:00 in the High School Gym. Prizes will be awarded the best costume. Proceeds will be divided equal- .y between the P.T.A. and Music Jlub and will be used to purchase some useful school need. BOY SCOUTS WILL PICK UP BAGS SATURDAY The bags the Boy Scouts delivered to each home la'jt Saturday will be picked, up this Saturday, Nov. 2 at 8:30 a.m. If you have more than the bag will hold, please use any other container. The articles you give are used to help the handicapped to earn their own way . . "not charity, but a chance." Here is a list of things needed: 1. Clothing of all kinds. . men's,, women's and children's out grown, unwanted garments, including usable, repairable or worn out materials, or just pieces of cloth regardless of size or fabric. 2. Anything made of cloth, such as draperies, curtains or linens. 3. Shoes of in ISifiG — one year after Lincoln was assassinated and three years before Grant became President — near Lamont, Iowa. His parents moved to Arlington, then Brush Creek, where his father and uncle had a repair shop. At the age of 20, young ,Mr. Carpenter was given a job with the State Bank and remained there to the present time. From 15)21-1923 Mr. Carpenter served on the Stale Banking Board. In 1957 he retired as President of the Bank and assumed the duties of chairman of the Board of Directors. Al the DCS Moines Convention last week, both Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter were in\ ited to the platform where the presentations were made. Mr. and Mrs. Husse.U Swartz attended the Convention with Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter. all kinds, with pairs tied together. 4. C'oats of every size .and material, cloth coats, overcoats, topcoat'., fur coats and rain coats. 5. All kinds of blankets and bedding. 6. No paper or magazines pk-.ise. Thank you.

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