The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts on August 10, 1963 · Page 6
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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts · Page 6

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 10, 1963
Page 6
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Officer Center Sfr*«t Adams News Section Di.l 74J-I700 — 743-1701 SIX THE NORTH ADAMS. MASSACHUSETTS. TRANSCRIPT SATURDAY AFTERNOON. AUGUST 10. 1963 Around Adams Fixing Up Property Doesn't Usually Mean Higher Taxes By CHARLES J. HOYE WITH ALL THE enthusiasm being generated in the p«st few weeks on cleaning up and freshening up the town of Ad»ms, one important problem seems to have reared its head. Advertisement Wilfred J. Gozailles Buy House in Adams Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred J. Gazaille of 23 Apremonl St.. have purchased a seven-room house and large lot of land at 37 Willow St. Adams, from the Sarah Cassidy Estate. After completion of extensive redecorating and modernization work, Mr. and Mrs. Gazaille and their children, plan to move to their new property. Mr. Gazaille is employed at the Charles Pfizer Co. New England Lime Co. Division. Sale of the property was handled through the office of Sawyer Boisvert, Adams realtor. The Adams Cleanup Committee, through The Transcript, h*s been encouraging residents to paint homes, fences, fix up wherever necessary and keep the grass anc hedges and trees trimmed, all for the betterment of the beauty of the town. The problem seems to be re luclance of some property own ers to get started for fear the Board of Assessors will come marching down the street gleeful ly rubbing hands in anticipation of being able to hike assessments the minute a homeowner takes up hammer or paintbrush. * * * WELL, that fear is just about a myth, according to the Board of Assessors, except in cases where a complete overhauling ol a house all at once takes place. Stanley V. Bednarz, chairman of the Board of Assessors, had generously provided a listing of things you can do to your home as a property owner without fear PIXIE Says ... "There Is a difference in ALADCO'S 'Senile Touch' professional laundering." Why Not See For Yourself And Give Yourself More Time With Your Family And More Time for Carefree Summer Living. TELEPHONE NOW Pirtifi.ld 442-5252 Adaim 743-0505 Laundering . . . Dry Cleaning Rug cleaning . . . Storage Fur Cleaning Diaper Service "Thruout Berkihire County" of having your assessment and taxes raised. There are certain things you may want to do which will raise your taxes and it's the purpose of this column today to explain jurt what's what, at a public service to aid the town's cleanup campaign. e * * WE'LL START WITH what you can do to improve your property without new tax assessments. he Hit in this category U lengthy! You can repoint, repair or re place masonry on the outside oi your house or on your garage, barn or retaining walls. You can repaint your house, inside and out and put a new roof on it. If you'd rather put on aluminum siding, do that for it won't increase your assessment. Siding can be asphalt or asbestos if you choose. You can replace plumbing and lighting fixtures, if you're not modernizing the complete house, you can modernize wiring, add electrical outlets and put in outdoor cable, lights and fixtures. A new lawn and new landscaping won't increase your (axes either. The town certainly encourages this, with the added hope you'll keep everything neat ly trimmed. * e e WANT A BfT of privacy? You can put up a fence if you'd like but of course for Hits, check and see if you'll need a permit for doing it before you go ahead. That might be a good idea for any improvement which is going to expand the amount of house ^quar,e footage on your lot. If you have to replace your furnace with one of a like kind, you may but if you're replacing a hand-fired boiler with an automatic heating system, you are liable in this case for reassessment. You can make plastering repairs, do redecorating, repair and replace porches and steps, ml in new kitchen cabinets, cup- joards and counters, closets and other builtins, new ceilings, new wall surfacing, insulation, weather stripping and automatic hot wster equipment without additional taxes. You also can put up storm windows and doors on the house and weather otrip without new assessment. An unused porch can be removed from the bouse and dated exterior trim can be taken off, you can repair or replace driveways or sidewalks, add or replace gutter downspouts, put numbers on houses, add lights near the house number, remove dilapidated, sheds and garages, all without changing assessment. You can put in a built-in vent fan, put up exterior awnings on the house and If there are other normal maintenance items that come up, you can do them, too. * * * NOW THE THINGS you can't do without expecting a new as. sessment are the following: Changing your home from single-family to multiple family use; constructing new baseinent to replace no baseinent; adding rumpus room; finishing new room in attic; any change in house making a large building; complete, all-at-once, moderniia- tion or conversions; installation of forced air, automatic heat, re placing stove heat; adding extra bedroom, bathroom, fireplace, porch or plumbing fixtures where none existed; and replacing hand- fired boiler with automatic equipment. Mr. Bednarz hastened to explain that this list applies to the present Board of Assessors and ihat he could not guarantee that a new Board of Assessors may not change this policy. However, at this lime, when Adams is encouraging cleanup, these regulations do stand. WRC Speciol Meeting George E. Sayles Women's Re- ief Corps will have a special meeting Monday at 7:30 p.m. in Memorial Hall. Scheduled for discussion are completion of a renovation project in the Memorial Hall kitchen and plans for a food and rummage sate Oct. 11. There is to be no social. Jesus' Compassion Is Sermon Topic Of Mr, Kilpatrick "Christ and His Compassion" is the sermon topic chosen by the Rev. Andrew M. Kilpatrick Jr. for the 10 «. m. union worship service of the Protestant Churches tomorrow morning at the First Congregational Church. The sermon is the second in a series for August on the theme 'The Incomparable Christ." Joining in the union services are the First Baptist, First Congrega- 'tional and Trinity Methodist Churches with the general publicj b chairman Alec J. Strzepek. welcome. Mr. Kilpatrick is pas-, tor of First Baptist Church, ' The music program, directed Polish Marian Do/ Adams^organist^merlin's of St. Tomorrow, Eden Hill Three Personnel Changes Made In Playgrounds Staff Three personnel changes in the staff of the Adams playgrounds were announced today by Director Edward P. Whalen, by whom the appointments were made to cover the last two weeks of the season. All three stem from the resignation, because of illness, of Miss Frances Jaworski, pl»y grounds specialist, for future operations beginning ini Appointed to the specialist po- the fall. Another meeting will be s' Uon is Miss Jane Kazlausl ? as > ,, . .... .. L , , iwho has been senior supervisor I called within the next two weeks "™ ~' - „ , t ^ mfM Democrats Will Contribute To War Monument The Adams Democratic Town Committee voted *t a meeting in town hall last night to contribute to the Adams Veterans Monument Fund sponsored by the American Legion to erect a permanent memorial to all deceased veterans on the Legion Home lawn. The committee also made a number of routine appointments John's Episcopal Church, North Adams, will be featured by the of Mrs. Benlon G. Howe will begin his program of organ music at 9:45 a. m. The preludes by Mr. Howe will be Handel's "Largo"; "Pas- torale" by MacDowell and "Prelude in G" by Bach. Mrs. Yeaton will sing ' "The King of Love My Shepherd Is" by Gounod and "How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings" by Little. Mr. Chambers will be at the organ for the other portions of the service. Briefly Told Timothy Charron, six-nionlh-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Charron of 62 Willow St., has been brought back home after several days of treatment at the Children's Medical Center in Boston. * * * Kenneth Szpila, IS, of 19 Notch Rd., was treated last night by Dr. Philip W. Mayo for a dog bite wound on the left thigh. Police reported the dog involved is owned by Frank Brown Jr. of Notch Rd. Many Adams residents are planning to attend Polish Marian Day tomorrow afternoon at Eden appearance Yeaton Jr. soprano soloist and Hill, the Marian Fathers Novitiate James D. Howe, organist. Mr. with a sermon and procession are scheduled for 3 p.m. Arrangements for bus service are being handled by Casimer Szetela of 29 N. Summer St. Last minute reservations must be made with him by tills afternoon. The annual Marian Week English services will be from Aug. 18 to 25. Elks Picnic Set Tomorrow Adams Lodge of Elks will have its annual family picnic tomorrow afternoon at Anthony's Pond, off West Road. The 1 to 6 p.m. program will Include swimming, entertainment and usual picnic food. In case of rain the affair will be held at the Elks' Home, Center St. A game program will be presented with prizes awarded. William Ryan is general chairman of the affair. Tickets will be available tomorrow at Anthony's Pond. at the North Summer Street Field, Richard Anton has been promoted from tte junior supcrvisorship there to senior status to succeed Miss Kazlauskas. Miss Constance Callahan, who has been an alter nate is given the junior super- visorship. The changes are effective Monday. This week's attendance at the playgrounds increased by 244 from last week's figure of 1,999 to 2,243, including 1,390 boys and 853 girls. North Summer Street field was leader with a 728 attendance. Next in order were: Renfrew, 592; Russell, 544 and .Bowe, 379. Monday's activities schedule will be as follows: North Summer Street, Yankees and Red Sox at 10 a.m. Crafts at 1:30 p.m. with witch doctor pins to be made. Russell Field, Braves and Giants; San Sota and Crystal Creamery; Renfrew Cubs and Cardinals and crafts at 1:30 p.m. Chess and horseshoe tournaments will be held at Russell field every afternoon next week. Briefly Told Miss Hectorine A. San Soucie of 78 Park St. left by jet plane last night from Idlewild Airport, New York City, to spend a 10- day vacation with her nephew, Dr. Robert L. San Soucie and family. She is on vacation from her duties at the Northern Berkshire Registry of Deeds. .Hile League Annual Picnic Set for Tuesday The Adams Little League will lave it> annual picnic Tuesday at 10 s.m. at the Little League Held on Sparrow St., off North Summer St. All uniforms with the exception i( those held by boy« on the tour nament team must be turned in « Tuesday. The uniforms must be cleaned »fore they are turned in. AUo due on Tuesday are final ticket returns from the annual booster drive.' Marriages Today Miss Lillian J. Chase, 1 Smith 1., and Frederick J. Duval, Laonia, N.H., 9 a.m., St. Thomas' Church: Miss Eleanor L. Freeman, 11 ayles St. and the Hev. Edward . Shirley, Ashtabula, Ohio, 3 >.m., St. Mark's Episcopal Church. Miss Mary Lou Griswold, 29 Burt St., and Kenneth T. Klein, 8 Anthony St., 10 a.m., Trinty Methodist Church. Wedding details will appear in; Monday's Transcript. DECKER'S Cleaners & Dyers, Inc. SPECIAL 25% Off on Children 1 ! Back-to-School Clothes. For the l«st—Dial 743-0780 And We'll Oo Hie Resf VOOOT.V. STAMPS Given Weekly to a Lucky Customer Last Week's Winner Mrs. Dan. Haskins, Cheshire Cheshire Delivery Tuesday and Friday North Adams Daily TOMORROW Sunday, Aug. 1 1 • ANTHONY'S POND, OFF WEST ROAD • I P. M. to 6 P. M.— $3.00 Per Family Ticket Includes: • Food • Swimming • Entertainment • Games • Prizes In Case of Rain Will Be Held at Elks Home Convenient Adams Shopping Good* and ScriJees For Adams iWpie By Adams Pcoplo For the Tim* of Your Life . . Have a Back-Yard Cook-Out! ...And Get Your CHARCOAL CHARCOAL BRIQUETTES AT STANLEY'S! 5 Ib., lOlb., 20 Ib., Bags • ASK ABOUT OUR PATIO PLANS! STANLEY'S LUMBER. HARDWARE 20 North Summer Street TEL. 743-0831 ... WHEN YOU BUY NOW! OUR SUMMER PRICES NOW IN EFFECTI Call J. E. Arnold for Best Healing Coal at Low Summer Pricei! JOHN E. ARNOLD COAL - FUEL OILS - CEMENT 40 Spring St. Dial 743-0157 FOR ALL! • Legal Beverages • Swimming • Camping and Picnic Area Red's Hidc-Away Route 116 — River Rd., Savoy Stop at Evelyn's! BEST 'BURGER IN TOWN! Over 20 d*lrcioui i«ndw!ch*i t» eS fr*m . • i Pin* *nd Grind*n ( 4e«l EVELYN'S SNACK BAR 171 Grove St. 743-2396 . . . CHECK THE BIG SAVINGS! Chock wMh Frank Gulimka about Aetna's new, low premium charge on Iris Homeowners policy. Yes you can real* ii. BIG SAVINGS! Dial 743-1391 for full information. F. J. GALUSZKA INSURANCE AGENCY 57 SUMMER ST. DIAL 743-1391 PLUMBING PROBLEMS? Dial 743-1565 No Job it too complicated for ui, Our work 11 expert, prompt and caurftoui. Albert Delisle &Co. 3 Dean Sf. 743-1545 Reg. No. 5285 Proud! You can hava f h • f "proud feelfng" that goei with having clothei dry cleaned at Connie's. Each garment given ipe- clal attention! FREE PICK-UP, TOOt C onnie's leaning Service Richmond Lane—743-1496 Mernb* crIN.T.O Sine* 1947 Want to Repair or Remodel Your Home? Ask About Our Low-Cost Home Improvement Loans. A TRUST /: /COMPANY L» COUNTY-WIDE-BANKIN8-Wlip=. ADAMS • AUENDALE • NORTH ADAMS • PITTSFIELD • STOCKBRIDGE Member Federal Depoiit Iniuranc* Corporation rue Beauty starts with the way you wear your hair. Our stylists can help you look your best for Fall. Call for Appointment BEAUTY SALON 56 SUMMER STREET DIAL 743-0337 * You Get if Double Stamps WITH ALL SUMMER FILL-UP ORDERS OF CALL US NOW! Adams Coal Association, Inc. o9 Columbia Street t HOWARD „ Jownsonj LUNCHEON, DINNER. COCKTAILS. 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