Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 24, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1939
Page 2
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Ifiiiwo H61»E STAfc, HOPE, Hope Star of Hope, 1899; Press, 1927. Consolidated January 18, 1929 -L - ^ Justice, Deliver Thy Herald From False Report i l*ubljshed every .week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Jnc. C. E, Palmer and Alex. H. Wnshburn. at the Star building, 212-214 South -WaJnirtstrwl, Hope, Arfe. ' C. E. PALMER, President ""' ALEX. H. WASHBURN, Editor and Publisher (AP) — Means Associated Press. (NBA) — Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'h. Subscription Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, pet •week 15c; per month 65c; one year 56.50. By mall, in Hempsfead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and LaFayette counties. S3.50 per year; elSewHere $$.50. Member of the Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it of ,ftdt otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Charges on Tributes. Etc.: Charge will be made for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy hi the news columns to protect their readers front a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility or the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. The Road Must Be Kept Open for Youth Repeatedly it has been said, but it can not bo said too often: -The war in Europe must not be allowed to distract the United States completely from' its own internal problems. They are just as important in spite of the war situation—perhaps more important. The American Youth Commission has clone a service in calling attention to the fact that the United States must "put its house in order at all costs," and that immediate objectives must be "the fmprovement of the health, education, and employment opportunities of our young people, to the end that they may have a sense of quickening life and power in his natibn.* 4 The Youth Commission, which is not a governmental agency, was formed in 1935 by major educational institutions and associations. It has a distinguished non-political board. It-believes that the first duty the United States oweS to its youth is to take care that it is not involved in the European war unless its territories are actually invaded, or its vital interests attacked. For it is youth which is sent out fo die, which bears the brunt of the sacrifice, the loss, the tragedy. Look at the pictures of the young men being called to the colors in Europe —French, German, British. They are bright-eyed beardless kids, ntany of them looking as though they would fit better into a Boy Scout uniform than into the shapeless dungarees which are today's war kit. This is no reflection on these boys. They will fight bravely enough, and die bravely enough, just as their father did. Look at your own picture. World War veteran, as you were when you put on khaki in 1917. These kids are no younger than you were then. • So the best service we can render our youth is not to sacrifice them. But the Youth Commission looks even farther ahead. "By remaining at peace." it insists, "allithe countries of this hemisphere can be of inestimable value to the other nations of the world when the present struggle is over. With their youth vigorou and unimpaired, they may become for a time the only repository of sound government throughout the world." .Go Weft.to 1919. Hitler, a demobilized corporal, finds a civil life awaiting nun which offers no place, no opportunity, no hope. He turns to political agitation. A million other veterans, equally frustrated, are eager listeners Younger men, reared amid the pivations and looming horror of the war and its aftermath, are equally eager for something that pi-omises-that offers hope Directly from the seed-beds fertilized by the World War. there springs up ilitler, and 1939 is on the way. Its youth is any country's greatest asset; in a sense, its only asset It must be guarded jealously by remedying deficiencies in employment in education m health. The promise of useful employment must be realized Only by thus keepwg the avenues of hope open to the coming generation can the American future be kept bright. THE FAMILY DOCTOR r. M. Kto. u. •. »AT. • „. • Bf DB. MORKIS FISHBHN BOMB, JavmJ of the American Medina rtimdiMM, Hi ft Hygela, tb« Health Magaxln* «* „ Should'-Check Children's Ear Troubles at Once to Avoid Loss of Hearing Second of five articles on how- to prevent deafness, written in connection with National Hearing Week, Oct. 22-29. Problems creataed by deafness have given great concern to experts in many fields. Those.who deal with genetics feel the only means of preventing hereditary defects is to discourage iter- marriage among adults who have congential deafness. There are also adults who have congenital blindness or similar defects of the body, which may be inherited. zWe exercise great care not to permit breeding of animals and of stock, which might carry defects into the progeny. But human marriages are not arranged primarily with an eye to health or to the production of sound offspring. If infections in children's ears can be detected sufficiently early and relief promptly supplied, there is no ISLAND PRESIDENT HORIZONTAL 1,6 President of the Philippine Islands. 11 Sleeveless cloaks. 12 God of sky. 14 Cuttle bone. 16 Indian. 17 To moan. 19 Throe. 20 To tamper. 22 Burrowing rodent. 24 Mister. 25 Fentilating machine. 26 To exist. 27 Tone B. 28 Banana. 29 Palm leaf, 31 Spikes. 22 Artistic quality. 33 Stain. 35 Single thing. 26 Ell. 38 Yes. 39 Form of "be. 1 , 40 Street. Answer to Previous Puzzle 11 His government is a republic or 41 Sloths. 43 Conjectured. 47 Halfpenny. 48 Upright shafts. 50 Stir. 51 To smear. 52 Oak. 53 Mourning virgin. 55 Large hall. 56 Capital of his land. 57 His in office is for six years. VERTICAL 1 Mother, 2 Footless animal. 3 Necessarily. 4 Plural pronoun. 5 Gibbon. 6 In so far as, 7 Electrical term. 8 Dirigibles. 9 Large oceanic fish. 10 Baseball teams. 13 Forthwith, 15 The farming or industry is important in his land. 17 Cheek. 18 No good. 21 Roped. 23 Ovoid. 28 Marble. 30 100 square meters. 34 Japanese fish. 37 Falsifier. 40 Spirit. 42 Stalk. 44 To doff. 45 Thought. 46 Form of "no.* 47 Squalid neighborhood. 49 Ocean. 51 Obstruction. 533.1416, 54 Preposition. ' - ttieactay,. Ojctober .24, German Outguess (Continued Ptom Page One) • L-.... T .—.-...' New York Times: ,. "Wanted tot the Panama cnnnl— field and construction men, such as construction engineers, construction foremen, carpenter foreman, painter foremen, crime operators, bulldozer and angle-dozer operators (what in thunder nre those?) also journeymen mechanics of various sorts, such as blacksmiths, shipfitters, shipwrights, wifemen—" and a lot more. "Applicants must be American citizens (final papers) under 45 years. in good health. Free steamship transportation from New York or New Orleans: salary beginning sailing dole. Wrile, chief office, the Panama Canal, Washington." We might add (lint delegates coining from the recent Pnn-Amerlcan conference at Panama report that it is hotter than blu7.es here. IED • "The More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" • * You Can Talk to Only One Man «> Want AdS Talk td ThouS&nd* SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the rhone One tima—33 word, minimum 30c Three times— 3Hc word, minimum He Six times—«c word, minimum 90c One month—18c word, minimum 12.70 ^_ Rates ajfe for continuous insertions only. For Sale ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER Questions on Page One 1. Ballet is a dance; ballot is ticket used in secret voting; ballad is a song; balloon is a nonporous bag which rises when filled with a gas or heated air. 2. Chaise is a carriage; chase is to pursue; chuste is to be modest; chasis is the underpaid of an automobile. 3. Rumba is a dance; gumbo is a soup; jumbo means big or clumsy; inumbo-jumbo is an object of superstitious fear among curtain African Negroes. 4. Rain is falling water, rein is the strap of a horse's bridle; regin means to rule; Rhine is a river forming the Franco-German border; Rhone is a river in France and Switzerland. FOR SALE--We save you mdney on your furniture buying. Complete stock new uiul used furniture, stoves, beds. We p;iy highest prices for furniture. See u.s. Franklin Furniture Co. 02 im 193 Acre Farm, h;ilf in Bridge Creek Bottiuii. some good timber, near McNab on All-Weather road; Half in cultivation; Cooperating with the Agrictil- tunil Program. Must sell to divide among Heirs. A REAL BARGAIN— Write or see Cecil T. Wallace at Lakeside Schools HFD No. 2, Hot Springs, Arkansas. 2:i-Btc Male Help Wanted Good Watkins route open now in Hope for the right pnrty; no car or experience necessary; 11 chance to innUe .some rent money. Write THE J. R. WATKINS CO., 7()-«) \V. Iowa Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 211-Up Lost FOK -SALE - nesixterwl Poland- Chinii Piys. (i weeks old. John Ames, Temple Oil Mill. 2;!-3tp FOR SALE I-'ordson Tractor complete, side hreiikhij! plow. Oliver disc, will trade for young entile. Runs R. Gillf-spie. Phone 24'.',. Hope, Ark. 23-«tp FOR SALE OR TRADE: Regular F'armall tractor, recently overhauled, on rubber tires in good condition. Apply Hope Star or phone 2G-R1-1. 19-fit-p. In Finishing a Job LONDON— (/P)—Edwin Drood. mystery story Charles Dickens left unfinished when he died in 1870, has had more than 450 conclusions written for it. ( LOST—Lewnllen Srttcr. 2 years old, with collar and short chain. Reward. Ross Bright 1212 Easl 2nd Street. 21-3U: LOST— October 14. Ladies blnck hot on HiRliway 29 ueiir Urrey's Store. S. L. Crmrchwell. Washington 1 23-3lp For Rent FOR RENT-Fin-m. 175 ncres, eii;ht miles .south of Hope on Highway 2.S. Good pasture, house, and barn. K, acres in cultivation. E. C. Hni-kler, liuiile 1, Patmos. Ark. 23-Slp FOR SALE—inn ncres on Highway G7. three miles Enst of Fulton. Write Lea Williamson 1410 Pecan Street, TexarkHiui, Ark. 20-3tp need for permanent bareness of hearing. Whenever a child suffers with an infectious disease ,the physician should inspect the ears regularly for signs of internal auditory inflammation. If a baby is fretful or has a fever for which the cause cannot be determined, there should be a prompt examination of the ear to determine'if infectious material is locked behind the drum. Should a child object to a gentle pulling of the lobe of its ear, the parents may well suspect some painful disorder. A doctor can make a quick minor incision in the eardrum which will permit pressure to be released. This treatment not only saves hearing in the vast majority of cases but, in some instances, saves life also. If a child is completely deaf by the time it is three to five years of age. the parents should make an effort at once to get the child admitted to one of the special schools for he deaf in the various states. Dr. Gordon Berry says that there arc about 20,000 deaf children in the state schools and in those in large cities. Early education in a proper school for the hard of hearing may mean the difference between a self-supporting, happy child or one that becomes ;i drag on the community. FOR SALE—Lumber and shingles, see Mr. Claude Waddle, Phone 289W. 23-3tp FOR SALE-8 weeks old Male Screw-Tail Bull Pup. Call 872. 23-3t FOR RENT—Room with private entrance, private bath and garage, reasonable, call 8911-W before 8 n. m. or after 4 p. m. 18-3lp FOR RENT—3 room modern apartment. Southern exposure. Mrs. J. H. Bennett, 110 North Washington Phone (1G9-J. i7_3 lc Radio Repair Special for 30 days. Have your radio cleaned and adjusted 52.00, Tubes Tested. Phone 806 or 133. RAY ALLEN East 14th St. Services Offered SERVICES OFFEREO-SMi Hemp* stead Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth, for new and re-built. Phone Paul Cobb 658-J Sept. 2fi IM. Our plant is again open tor Meal Curing nnd your pntronnge Will be appreciated. Home Ice Compnny, Enst 3rd Street. Phone 44. OS-lino Wanted WANTED PKCANS-Wo \'ny highest prices for Peeuns. Mi-Hue Mill ft F«>d Co. O-17-IM In Procrftgtlnnllon COLORADO SPRINGS — (if) — Mrs, M. Pnvlik, of nearby CiiUihan, attended her first "talkie" after n 21-year holiday from motion picture shows. Shu "jusl didn't get nround to it" before. FOR SALE- Young registered Hereford bull of Domino breeding. In good condition and ready for set-vice. Pnrkor Rogers Route 2, Hope, Ark. 24-3tp The Last Round-Up . Ha* Been Helc SACRAMENTO, Cftlif. -l/f)*- Wildf Inn IDS, relics • of , many n prospecting| expedition, tire now protected by laws in California. A now statute is designed ; to end the practice of rounding them < up and slaughtering them ;is mcnt for zoos. In linx Office JEPTF.RSON CITY. Mo— (.4')— Firo in nn ice box brought out one firt truck and 105 carloads of spectators. OUT OUR WAY By J.R. Williams OH, THESE? WHY, WE'RE PUTTING THIS STUFF AROUND SO WE CAW PRACTICE ZIG-ZAG WITH TH' FOOTBALL... OU KNOW - - POP6IK1' PLAY £Cl YOU PON'T HAVE TO GO TO ALL THAT WORK.--JUST &O UP IM VOUR ER.POWM IW THE BASEMENT AFTER YOU BEEM MAKIM' SOMETHIM'/ BUT THIS If;. 100 INDOOR. GAME; T. M BtC U. S. PA1. Off COPR 193V BT NE«StBVICC. INC. /O-2 1 / BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES An Impulsive Young Man By Edgar Martin NEXT: How paralysis of hearing nerves brings on deafness. WAR STORIES STAMPS Rumania Fights Terror, Guards Vast Oil Wealth A CTING swiftly to protect Rumania's rich oil and grain resources against any threat of foreign seizure, King Carol II has adopted vigorous measures to quell the Fascist Iron Guard uprising which flared into violence With the assassination of Premier Armand C a 1 i n e s c u. Reliable sources report more than 300 terrorists have been publicly executed and hundreds interned in concentration camps. Meanwhile Rumania seeks protection of its frontiers, as the Nazi-Soviet menace increases. Treaties are being backed up by concentration of troops at strategic points. Chief prize of all the Balkans is Rumania's oil. The nation ranks second only to Russia as Europe's major source of petroleum, is sixth among the world's oil pro- .ducers. Equally important, too, are the wheat, timber and metals which ; go to make up the country's exports. Germany was Rumania's best customer in 1938, with England second. 'Present-day Rumania is about the size of the state of Arizona; i nearly two-thirds of this area was acquired by post-World War treaties'. The 19,000,000 population in- eludes 13,000,000 "real" Rumani- i ans, descendants of Roman colo- j nists who intermarried with natives, 1,000,000 Germans, 1,500,000 Hungarians, 500,000 Rutheni- ans, 100,000 Russians, 100,000 Turks and 200,000 Tatars Shown above is the Rumanian stamp, issued recently to commemorate the ninth anniversary ol-the accession of Carol II, r Oot-i'T CARE E TH\S ViS\X oo A ^C\<-OOT; JiOPft. 1839 BY N[» StRVICt. IMC. T. M. REG. U.VpAT.'oVV ALLEY OOP The Wunderer's By V. T. Hamlin /ALL T2ISHT, WONMLI& HOLP IT, HERIFF. WAIT/ SUCCESS AT LAST/ GREAT JUMPIN CATFISH/ FROM THAT CONTRAPTION GOIK1&,POC KMEW WASH TUBES They're Off By Roy Crane HO HUM. UO JOBS. \ THATLU BE AT UEA€>T I WEAM TO A FOOTBAU OR-SUWPW.I60T TH 1 C/\R FIXED OP. WE CAU TAKE VIR- 6IWIA. AMD HER MOTHER LIKE VOU SUGGESTED OF COURSE WE CAN GO •SOMEWHERE TO A BIG FOOTBALL GAME OUBSELVES SAY! I KMOVJ WOT WE CAM DO, EASV. WE CAW 60 OU A TG\P OF COUBSE WE CAM. AMD •SINCE THERE'S WOTHIU'TO to AWVWAV, WE MAY A-S VWEtL •START OUT WOW WOTWW6 TO DO BUT WA\T FOR McKEE TO (SET BACK AWOTHEB WEEK ' BUT WE JUST 60TeACVC FROM A TRIP COPR. 1939 BY NEA SERVICE. INC On the Carpet FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosser ISN'T IT ONE OF DUTIES AS ASSISTANT" JAMlTO/5 TO SWEEP OLfT ROOM 2O4- AFTER. SCHOOL EACH NIGHT? MISS KLENK , DIDN'T ^rOU HAVE THE EXAMINATION) QUESTIONS ON THE BLACKBOARD IM REAOIMESS THS FOLLOWING ? NUBBIN , IF You RAISED THAT AND COPIED DOWN THE" QUESTIONS, DON'T YOU IMAGINE YOU COULD PASS THAT EXAMINATION NEXT DAY WITHOUT VERY MUCH TROUBLE ? L WROTE THE QUESTIONS ON THE BOARD LAST TUESDAY .' THEN I COVERED THE BLACKBOARD WITH A ROLLER SHADE TO HIDE QUESTIONS i RED RYDER Help Needed By Fred Harman VJAS~6.MPTY VJriE.(vJ ITS A TOUGH TO PA55 OUT, LITTLE 6EAVER,6UT NO ESCAPE FROM TH' WEREWOLF'S CELLAR.' SHE£ FAINT AWFUL HOT-- THAT0URMIN' CABIN'S WHERE WE. LOOKED TOR. RYPE LISTEN—SOUNDS 0ME800Y YELUNV LD-SIGER., R&D RYDER. .'

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