Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 8, 1971 · Page 7
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 7

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 8, 1971
Page 7
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Pilots Are Blamed in 6 Of 8 Aircraft Accidents WASHINGTON (AP) _ Six of eight fatal aircraft accidents in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska in 1970 were faults of TODAY IN HISTORY Tennessee Seceded By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Tuesday, June 8, the 159th day of 1971. There are 206 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: On 'this date in the year 632, the prophet Mohammed died. On this dlate: In 1861, Tennessee seceded from the Union.. In 1872, Congress authorized the penny post card.. In 1905, President Theodore Roosevelt offered to act as a mediator in the Russo-Japanese War. In 1942, during World War II, Japanese submarines shelled Sydney, Australia. In 1947, the Argentine president's wile, Eva Peron, was wildly cheered on a visit to Madrid, .-Spain. , . In 1967/34 American sailors were killed when Israeli tor- pedo'boats and planes attacked a U.S. communications ship off the Sinai Peninsula. Israel said the attack was accidental. Ten years ago—The Soviet Union protested against a proposed meeting of West Germany's upper house ;of Parliament in West Berlin. Five years ago—Hurricane Alma struck the west coast of Florida after 'battering Cuba. IN OKLAHOMA Harvest in Full Swing OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) The Oklahoma State Employ- meant Service reports nearly four mMlion bushels of wheat have been harvested this season in the state, and more than two million of them have been cut in the Enid area. Harvest was at a peak in the Lawton area with 888,000 bushels stored, and in Comanche Comity, with 40 per cent of the crop in. Cotton County is 85 per cent complete and Stephens County 50 per cent complete. The serivce said some test cutiting has been done in the WoionSward region. Harvesting has begun in the •Clinton area with Chickasha reporting 300,000 bushels in. The Altus area, hard hit by the drought, has little wheat to harvest this year and the number of bushels won't be checked until all the crop'is in. Garfield County is 32 per cent complete,' Alfalfa, Grant and Woods, 10 per cent, while Major is five per cenit. The first 10,000 bushels have been harvested in the Ponca City area and 440,000 bushels of barley have aJjso been cut there. pilots, the National Transportation Safety Board says. One of the fatal misiha^s, at Medicine Lodge, Kan., Feb. 28, 1970, remains a mystery. A Piper aircraft bound for Princeton, Minn,., from Nogaies, Ariz., hft tlie ground in a level flight attitude. Other misteps chronologically and the finding's by toe board.: Kansas City, Kan., Feb. 14 — A Beech craft on an initial landing approach crashed when the vacuum pump failed. Weaitiher and visibility were poor and ice had accumulated on the windshield and airfname. Mexico, Mo., Feb. 27 — A 68- yiaar-oM pilot with 1,200 total houns flying experience undershot the ,runway an a local flight ait nligiht and crashed into power lines. The pilot misjudged the distance and his al- titude. Mountain Grove, Mo., 1 — A Cessna craft en route from Branson,, Mo., to Chicago was desitroyied when the pilot continued visual flight into adverse weaither conditions. Visibility W'»s three-fourhhs of a mile or less. Uncontrolled descent stowed the pilot suffered Newton, Iowa; Maaxh 9 — A plane onasihe'd 750 feet short of the airport runway as .the pitat made ' Ms final approach in heavy snow. : The pilot, .who was not instrumeTnt-Taiijed, had continued visual flight with visibility lesis lihain three-fourth's of a The- pilot also was have suffered .fatigue during the- flight from Fort LaudeirdaJie, Fla., to Des Moimes. Aurora, Neb., April 23 — A 25-year-old stunt pilot, flying a Garden City Telegrnni Tuesday, June 8, 1971 en YOU'RE UJITH A 6i«-, IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO 60 TKOIU6H AM'/6MT|ftE WITHOUT $fitfWTU£ U1RON6 THINS I W6NTTOA CARNIVAL UIITH SOtJHAT L5E NEkl? SNUFFY tiMlTH .. Mooney aironalt at Elge Airpoint, misjudged his altitude and crashed in a vertical dive. j Kansas City, Kain., May 15 —! The pilot, a 39-year-old flight | ins'trU'Ctor wiitih 7,067. total hours I flying, . i0advertenitly^ dis-' | engaged the clutch. The plamis ; crashed into power lines. j ; Waldron, Mo., May 16 — On a local flighty the afrcraft lost j powor about halfway down the : 'j runway amd was destroyed aft-1 er spimmkig out. Water was found in the fuel. There was a ' partial loss of power in onie engine. The aircraft had not been flown for one year and the pilot, who failed to abort the takeoff attempt, had riot flown for several months. LL BE RIGHT THflR, ELVINEV— GO ON IN TH' HOUSE AN 1 MflKEVORESELF AT HOME THE RYATTS AT THE GARDEN CITY Elks Club Friday — the Mexicati Brass. Mexicali Brass to Perform Sounds of Tijuana will per. vade the : Elks Club Friday night when Teddy Phillips and his Mexicali Brass perform with mariachi style!, TKe group will feature Teddly Phillips on the saxophone, as well as singing by Ole Girls Jill Leonard and Chernie Parole. Besides appearing on top network television shows and with widely-known performers like Bob Hope' and Red Skelton, the group has juisfc returned from * tour of the Orient and Europe. While in Thailand, the musicians played a command performance for the King of Siaim. In addition, they recorded more than 30 albums. The Ole Girls, who sing and dance, have appeared on the Dean Martin Show as two of the GoUiggers. Their "Hot Pantos" song has been a high* light of their engagements. Elks members and their guests may attend a dinner Friday from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m., followed by a dance from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. ' Copter Pilots Given Land Fan Messages EAGLE RQCK, Oalif. (AP) — Barlj^ra Ross likes the police helicopter that patrols over her house and tells the aircraft's pilots so—by spelling out hundreds of fan messages with wooden shingles on her tennis ;_ court. . "Welcome to Eagle Rock, LAPD Astro Supercopter," Mrs. Ross spelled out one day. "What flies and has no wings—is blue ;but not sad- whistles but has no teeth? The LAPD Supercopter," ••'she, declared another time. '.-. Her pen pal letters via shingles "began last year when : she looked up and saw a Los Angeles Police Department helicopter flying overhead The department has jurisdiction in this,suburban community. It- must be lonesome up there, she thought.' Then she remembered, there were a lot of shingles'"left over from a roof; ing job on her home. "I arranged them en our back yamd tennis court to spell out 'Hi,'" she recalled; Since then she's sent nearly 400 messages to brighten the day of,her "Supercopter." For a long time Mrs. Ross wasn't sure if her messages were reaching upstairs. Then one rainy day, after spelling out "Rain, rain, go away so Su- percopter will fly around today," she heaird the aircraft buzz over. As Mrs. Ross came out, the helicopter made an extra circle and the pilot tipped the craft slightly as "if it were a halt," she said. ( The 'copter pilots, policemen John M. Ooyle and Daryl Mortimer, said they were intrigued by the messages but never knew who their friend was until several weeks ago when, out of curiosity, they drove over to Mrs. Ross* home. • "We were delighted to finally meet Mrs. Ross and her jaimi- ly," Mortimer said. "They are wonderful people." ; ' , Mrs. Ross said her two,sons, Mike, 13, and Mekine, 11, her husband Mel and even grandmother, Ross join in the message making. WEDNESDAY ONLY Smutted SpMklng Film Lmt Tl Alln—Cactii* Hew«r indi Tonite 7;35 * 9:35»lr's "6" HOW TO FRAME A FIGG Starts Wed$.-The Gunflghter Johnny Cain and Kirk Poiiajcit Hopes to Bury the Casserole for Good RUSSELL, Kan. (AP) — To say that Russell Townsley, publisher of the RusseJl Daily New®, 'dislikes casserole dashes would be- am undansbatemeinit. He detests them. A conisifcannt oniitic of casseroles in Ms newspaper column,' "Coffee /lime notes," TownsJey afempfced to use the Russell Praiiriesta-lOO celeibratooin to rid the « town of the oven-bafced cuinse. , : Among 5ibemis ; buried .in a time capsule during the town's centanaiiial , oalebraition last" week wias a. package Irom Townsley eoniiiaiinittg a lidded glass disih, a package of spaghetti, a oaii of tuna fish, mushroom soup, and^ a can of peas. A recipe to use the in- girediienits din -a casserole dish was taped to thie top. A warning note was aftbaehed to whomever opened the capsule 50 years from now: "This contribution is from Russell Townsley who finds casseroles repugnant, distasteful, Plebian, and a bane on all -self-iriesp&citing, hungry breadwinners." "It is with the hope that by placing tMs casserole in the time capsule- these horrible concoctions will be removed from sight and taste of all Russell menfolk for at least 50.. years. Bible Thought "And forgive us our debts, as we forgiva o«r debtors."—Mat. thew 6:12. Have you ever thought that wtai .you repeait the'se wordis from GUI' Lord's prayer, you might be condemning yourself? To be forgiven we must forgive. "We warn ittase who open this package *hat there Is a curse upon it, and .unless imme- ddaltely reseated, casseroles may again return to the environs of RuisaeU, Kara., to wreck havoc upon we^.-meanimig, good- iMtending,- hard-workinig men." LEGALS (Published iA the Garden City Telegram this 1st day of June, ,aiid Stii day of "Juiie 1971.) '' RESOLUTION NO. .901 A RESOLUTION FIXING A TIME AND PLACE AND PROVIDING- FOR NOTICE "OF A HEARING BEFORE THE GOVERNING BODY OF THE CITY OF GARDEN CITY, KANSAS: AT .WHICH THE OWNER, HIS AGENTf LIEN- HOLDERS OF RE3OORD AND OCCUPANTS -OF Lot Four (4) ol Block Six (6) of Holmes 1st Addition to the .City of Garten City, Fliincy County, Kansas located at 306 Washington Street, Garden City, Kansa« IN SAID CITY MAY APPEAR AND SHOW x/CAUSE WHY SUCH STRUCTURE SHOULD NOT BE CONDEMNED AND ORDERED REPAIRED OR DEMOLISHED AS AN UNSAFE OR DANGEROUS STRUCTURE. WHEREAS, the enforcing office of the City of Garden City, Kansas, did on the 26th day of May, 1971, file with the governing body of said city, a statement in writing that the structure, hereinafter described, is .unsafe or dangerous. NOW THEREFORE Be it Resolved by the Governing Body of the City of Garden City, Kansas: That a hearing will be held on the 9th day of Juno 1971, before the governing body of the city at 10:00 o'clock A.M., in the City Commission Room of City Hall at which the owner, his agent, any lienholders of record and any occupant of the premises known as Lot Four (4) of Block Six (6) of Holmes 1st Addition located at 306 •Washington Street, Garden City, Kansas, may appear and show cause why such structure should not be condemned as an unsafe or dangerous structure and ordered repaired or demolished. Be it further resolved that the city clerk shall cause this resolution to be published and shall give notice of the aforesaid li oaring in the manner provided by law. . Adopted this 26th day of May D. C. GARCIA Mayor pro tern (SEAL) ATTEST: Chas. R. Peebles City Clerk YORK HAM HUT a new management tool for your hog operation. An expandable unit which can be used either as individual pig; shade or as hog shade. And it's loaded, with convenience features . . . towable from either end; can be quickly and eaVily ?ssembled by one mari; sturdy 22-gauge galvanized steel construction on tubular steel baseband superstructure; preassembled end panel with door; can be staked down. Individual-sec" tions 12' wide and SVa' long can be bolted together to form larger unit. • ' ' ' ••-' Jgp The Systems Peopl* For Farm 4 Industry. For Estimota, Call MELKREBS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 276-7232 or 276-3528 125W. Pin* Garden City WHAT'D YOU WISH > THAT YOU FORGET AAY PRESENTS/ MICKEY MOUSE 1 GU559 rSHSDLPN'T HAVE <SONE TO TH£ STOKE V ON "MV'FKfcSO STICK. J STEVE CANYON THEN YOU CHECK tN~Y WALK THROUSH YA WAfflNO CAR TO THE TOURIST- WIU-TAKiYoUTO CLASS POOR ANOTHER SOIUPINS THEflRST-OLAS?POOR! ANP DOWN i -WHERE YOU WILL THE RAMP A PUT ON COUNTESS THEN APREART&STfPOWOPA PLANE f ROM EUROPE -ACC0MPANIEP BY A HAtiPJOME VbW*3 LOVEfe-ALSO PROVIDED To YOU HERE AT THEN.Y.ftleHT SUMMER/THE ,'BEITJ$H ARE0LP HANDS AT THIS... LET/S HAVE A FAM! LV VOTE - A SHOULD We O|2 SHOULD | We WOT HAVE A SWIMM/W©/ POOL PUTINS St POGO "MY CLUB IS HAVING A BIG FUNP RAISINS RAFFLE WE'RE JUST RAISINS FUNPS THERE ISN'T ANV PRIZE WHAT'S , THE \ PRIZE -L BLONDIE IEETLE BAILEY PO WANTTOTEU. HIM ABOUT BOAT? WATER-£KHN0/ PON'T THINK MLJcrf

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