Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 24, 1939 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1939
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World-Wide Newt Covera f e Given Impartially by Associated Press Hope Star The W««th«f ARKANSAS - Cloudy to partly night and Wednesday. VOLUME 41—NUMBER 9 HOPE, ARKANSAS. TUESDAY,! OCTOBER 24,1939 PRICE 5c COPY DEMAND U. S. SHIP'S RELEASE •fr Two Persons Are Killed in Indiana Railroad Express Wreck __ ^ „ .- - _ .. .. f ,___-.--_.._._ __, . ... _ - ._ L __ —- | - - ... _ . _. T-.jJTJ.B- -n - --.. ---M *- '_ . _ ^^_ '"* Turkey Holds Key to Russian-German Oil Route; 11 Others Hurt as Express Is Hit By Engine, Ft. Wayne Pennsylvania P as s e n ger Train Hit by Switch- Engine in Yards BOUND TO DETROIT Third Coach Ripped Open by Switch - Engine While Backing Up , KOKT WAYNE, Ind. —(/!')— Two men were killed and at leii.sl 11 persons hurl early Tuesday in the wreck of a fasl eastbound Pennsylvania Pas.senger train pulling into the station tlCl'C. The dead were: KOUKItT, CliiciiKii. KVEN SALK.ELI), Birmingham, Mich. The train, the Mid-City Express from Chicago, was crosseg from the Pennsylvania to the paralleling Wc- bash tracks to continue to Detroil 70 Tons Polish Gold Reaches Paris Safely PARIS, France —(/I 1 )— Seventy tons uf Polish gold, removed from Warsaw in the opening days of Ihc war, has arrived safely in Paris, it was learned Tuesday, after a hazardous journey by truck, train and ship over 6,000 miles. Seventy tons of gold it was computed in The- Stiir office, after rc- ccpit of the above dispatch, is worth in Ibe neighborhood of 51) million dollars. The official Polish government has joined its gold reserve in the French capital. Debate Limit on Neutrality Fixed 45 Minutes Is Given Each Senator by Unanimous Consent WASHINGTON —I/I 1 )— The Se... . . . . . , —— wlicn a backing switch-engine ripped I , unanimously Tuesday tc off hulf the aide of the steel-con- curtnjl dcbllt in „„ cffort to reach jilructcd third coach. Germans Outguess British in News Nazi News Reels Superior to Those From the Allies Dardanells Is Loaded With Political Dynamite Turk Pact With Britain, France Is For Balkan Peace Cleveland Professor Outlines 'Chisis in the Balkan Area THEY FEAR SOVIET ich n final vote on the administration' neutrality legislation 111 is week. The agreement, proposed by De moeratic Leader Barkley, would limit each senator's general discussion of legislation providing for repeal of the arms embargo lo 45 minutes. •'*("• By TIIESTON CiKOVEH WASHINGTON — So far, the news reel releases coming from Germany arc very, very good and those coming through the British censor arc very, very lousy. The news reel companies distributing them arc trying to overcome the difficulty. Bui in a recent show the cause Ihc quality of Ihc one ET announcer frankly apologized because Ihe quality of the one so far outshone the oilier. He cautioned lhat both were censored and perhaps recking with propaganda. The German release .showing Ihe cruiser bombarding the forts al Danzig was an epic of quality. A section of the British release showed the Maginot fortresses supposedly firing on the Germans. It appeared to be an old pre-war pickup, for the French guns were firing blanks. Apparently the English people arc kicking, too. Recently a new propaganda executive was put in charge. We hope we don't have lo look al any mure British piling up any more sandbags. Washington doesn't known just what interpretation lo put upon those reports of submarines in American waters which the President or Steve Early, his secretary, give out occasionally. There isn't any doubt that they arc accurate. We heard a navy officer tell an inquiring reporter that ho could just bank on it lhat the While House .statements were based on official information. One wise-cracker jested: "A submarine a day keeps Ihe He- publicans away." When a report (old of a .submarine in the Gulf of Mexico not far from Florida, one of the bright lads who occasionally are found in this city discoursed: "Steve Ifannagan is back of that. If you'd open it up you'd find it full of chorus girls." Ilaiinagun i.s Florida's principal publicity agent. Whenever you see a picture of a pretty Florida girl parading on a Florida shore, chances are that Steve stage-managed il. It i.s fairly likely Ihe President uses this means of telling Americans that the war is already washing againsl our shores. Reveling note: In Japan the "pidgin English" word meaning an American is goddam. And just lo prove Ihal the United States is really gelling busy on the building of that third series of locks nl Panama, we quote from an ad in the (Continued on Page Two) Bobcats Prep for Conference Game Hammons Reports Team Shadow of "Russian Bear" Hovers Over Balkans and Turkey Kiitlur's Note— Thomas J. d. \Veimca, liciid of the Political Science department of. Cleveland College, here gives a first luinil account of the Importance of the Black Sea region in the war situation today. Professor Wcmicr recently returned from a lour of modern Turkey western Russia, areas brought In to the news l>y breakdown of Turkish - Soviet initiations and signing of an alliance lielwccn Turkey, Great Britain and France. .Russian field near Baku, potential German oil source. Russian freighter .fleet passes through the Bosporus. /to Be in Tip-Top Shape for Camden Barring injuries Ihis week, the Hope High School football team will be in "tip-lop shape" for its conference clash Friday night al Camden, Coach Foy Hammons said Tuesday afternoon. The coach reported lhat Norman Grc( -'"' ««'- in J« rcd »» , l ! lc N ;> s »villc game lasl week, would return to Ihc lineup Tuesday afternoon. Green sustained a hip injury kept him in bed Saturday and part of Sunday. Coach Hammons announced a double header football game for Saturday of this week betsvcen the second and third-string teams of Hope and Texarkana, Texas. The two games will be played in the Hope stadium, Ihe junior game starting al 2:30 o'clock, eight-minute quarters will be played. The .second teams of both schools will meet about 3:30 and play 10-inin- ule quarters. Fans may witness the double al- Iruclioii for 10 cents. Sea Urchins Made Twins by Boiling Strane Account Written by Scientists of the Sea CRANIUM CRACKERS Word Definitions The words in these four groups may look and sound alike, but they have entirely different meanings Can you define ihem? 1. Ballet, ballot, ballad, ballon. 2. Chaise, chase, chaste, chusis. ;). Rumba, gumbo jumbo, mumbo-jumbo. 4. Rain, rein, reign, Rhine Rhone. Ajtswers on I'agc Two By HOWARD I Al' Science dilor WOODS HOLE, Mass - Twins, triplets and quadruplets are made at will in sea urchins by a new methods at Ihe Marine Biological laboratories here The story, which looks like a combination of witchcraft and magic, is told in the Collecting Net. journal o this summer capital of American Biology. Sea urchins arc small, shell-backed ciniiiHils Ihal live in Ihe sand. They [row, like babies, cows or clogs, from a single, fertilized 'cell or egg.'' Dr. Ethel Browne Harvey has found a sea water brew which turns one of them into a crowd. She boils the ica waler, Until il is half evaporated. In ibis water, for 5 or 10 minutes, she places the embryonic sea urchin jusl al Die moment after its original, single cell has made ils first division, which forms two cells. Each of the two then grows into u sea urchin—thereby making twins of one individual. To get quadruplets she waits until the original cell has divided twice, into four. The Ihc bath gives her four urchins. To get triplets requires a litlc luck, two of the four cclsl becoming urchins, while the oilier two fuse to form only one individual. If scientists could find a way to use this on livestock, il would produce un- other farm revolution. By THOMAS J. B. WENNKK Written for NBA Service The situation along the historic •waterways connecting the Blaclt Sci to the Mediterranean is loaded with dynamite. To most people in the United States today, Ihc Republic of Turkey—which holds the key to the route—stands for American ntrocilics, a semi-orien- lal civilization, masques, mum(rcts and Mohammcclianism. To most young Turks, and to anyone who has visited the country in the past few months as I have, Turkey today denotes none of Ihcse things. Turkey, now a modern nation minus the fez and the harem of ils "Eastern" existence, today stands lied lo Ihe West. It is now committed to assist Britain and France if Ihe latter become involved in any war in Ihe eastern Mediterranean resulting from hos- lile aggression by a European power. The Turks also are bound to as- sisl Ihcir new allies in case England and France go lo Ihe assistance of Rumania or Greece, or both. France and Britain have agreed to assist Ihe Ottomans in case any Europen power commit!! aggression againsl Ihe Turks, or if Turkey becomes involved in wn in the eastern Mediterranean as consequence of an act of aggression by a European power. Crux of the matter is Turkey's fear of Ihe Soviet bear at the Bosporus possible Soviel aggression ag»inst Bes- sarabia, in Romania, and what, Ihc .•{(Hlo'mcn of Ankara believe may be 11 Ducc'.s designs in the easten Mediterranean. Bulgaria Stands on the Klank The Turkish high command must also protect its western flank againsi possible allack from Bulgaria, wind- is covetous of territory in Thrace— formerly allotted to Greece but lalcr ceded lo Ihe Turkish republic during Hi Alaturlc regime. Alone, Burguriii is hardly in a position from either an economic or military standpoint lo engage a re-mili- lari/.cd Turkey. Bui a disgruntled Bulgaria in concert with Russo- German designs in Ihc Balkans might make plenty of trouble for the Oott- Berlin Moscow Warsaw GERMANY \ Shipmenti must bt transferred here'from Ruiiian broad guage to irandord rail can; if Iritiih cut thort route, this it only oil route left. Italian naval bases t A British novol bases | _. Scale of Miles 200 400 0- AHeriutlive routes lij which Germany can pel oil from Russia. Action <:f Turkey in keeping open the Dardanelles and Bosporus lo England ami France, holds a potential threat against the sea portion of (hese -routes. The slower, more difficult of the two, however, is heller shellcrcil under llu: wing of the Russian fleet at Sevastopol. Russia Accuses United States of Blocking Peace With Japan Asserts U. S. Is "Putting Pressure on Japan" Due to Jap Imports From This Country MOSCOW, Russia—</P)—A special dispatch from Shanghai to the government newspaper Izvcstia Tuesday accused the United States of trying to block improvement in Soviet Russian-Japanese relations. Quoting "responsible quarters," the® dispatch said "agents of Washington ' arc active" in trying to put pressure on the Japanese government because of Japan's dependence upon imports from the United Stales. A Socialite Bails Red Out of Jail Earl Crowder Released by $7,500 Bail Posted by " Woman Most serious price for an alliance. NEW Y°? K ,7 (/1 V^ T !, C ?'"•''.">' with England and France is Ihe pos- ' ' ' "" sibilily lhat Ankara may too greatly have offended Ihe powers lhat be in the Kremlin. It is feared in Turkish diplomatic circles that Russia may have designs oiiRomaiiian territory, which might be the signal for both the Nais and Bulgars to cooperate militarily in it revision of the Balkan status quo. Besides R.ussia has no intentions of seeing Soviet commerce Jcpordizcd in the Black Sea, or of being bottled up al the Straits in case Ihe wesiern allies decide lo bring pressure on the German rear by transporting war materials and troops through Romania. Across the Caucasus from the great Baku oil fields of Russia lo Balum on the Black Sea run oil pipe lines allowing Soviet oil egress by watci routes toConstanza, in Romania, as well as lo Sevastopol and Odessa in southern Russia. Fom the latter, overland routes can transport this oil through Kiev anc Russian Poland to Na/.i Germany Strategic railways also run from Buk; northward lo Grozny and Iliencc pipe line lo Tuupsa on the Black Sea Any threat to Ihcse sea routes mus (Continued on Page ' imminent Mrs. Hcsert G. Huntington, 'ho came to (he aid of Earl Browder as n matter of principle." posted 7,;-!()0 security Tuesday, freeing the Jonimunisl leader from Ihe federal louse of detention. For her pains she was served with subpoena to appear before the fcd- •ral grand jury which is invosligal- ng a fake passport ring. She made t clear, however, thai she did Jioi snow Browdor personally. Dies Promises Action WASHINGTON —t/P)~ Chairman _)ics declared Tueday his house com- mittce which is investigating un- Amorieanism possessed evidence which would permit the persecution of every leader of Fascist and Communisl organizations in the United States. School Carnival at Patmos Friday Night The Pat'm'os Parent-Teacher asso cialion will sponsor a carnival at Pat mos Friday night, October 27. The car nival is an annual event and a collcc lion of freaks has been assemblec The public is invited. "Rose Time" Will Be Given at Washington The Washington PJ. T. A. is sponsoring "Rose Time," a Wayne P. Scwell show, to be presented In the Washington High School auditorium' Thursday and Friday nights of this week. The main east is composed uf Clifford Byers, Jean Thompson, Mrs. Joe Jackson, Paul Rowe, Bill Stroud, Nelson Fra'/icr, Rcba May, Lola Lee Martin, Woodrow Parson, Otis Broach, Mrs. Paul Howe iind Mrs. Nelson Frazior. In addition. 40 high school girls will ie attractively costumed and will con- ribulc musical numbers. Endless Wooden Chain And endless wooden chain of 'i\ nfilbs, fill from n cypress Jog and vhittled out, was cxhbitcd here Tucs- la by Francis P. Gilley of Patmos. The lengths arc about three inches ong. Mr. Gilley said he plannrl lo displayed the chain at Ihe Louisiana Slalc fair next year. Mr. Gilley estimated that it would require four days oi constant whittling to make a duplicate of the chfin. lie said he worked at odd times on Ihc chain, and spent several days on i before its completion. Finn-Soviet Conference HELSINKI, Finland— (JP)— The Finnish delegation negotiating with Soviet Russia was to leave Moscow Tuesday night to return to Helsinki, bringing new written proposals from the Kremlin, a Finnish government spokesman said Tuesday. The Russian proposals and the Finnish counter-proposals were an official secret. The statcnicnl lhat negotiations would be continued was greeted here with relief, but there was no relaxation in military preparations. I'Ycnch Repulse (icriuaii.s PARIS, France—(/I')—French military commentors reported Tuesday three assaults an n German village hclil by ;i i French outpost in Wariult forest had been repulsed. The patrol attacks on the village which was not identified, coincided with increasing Gei'maii pressure on Ihe French lines Monday night, they said. Italy Leans to Allies BUDAPEST, Hungary—(/I 1 )- Reports that Italy was pushing formation of a bloc of southeastern European nations were interpreted by Balkan diplomats Monday night as foreshadowing belter relations between Ihc Fascisl government and Britain and France. Pointing out that such a bloc, composed of Hungary, Yugoslavia, Greece, E. J. Baker Dies Early Tuesday Funeral Services for Hope Man at 2:30 p. m. Wednesday E. J. Baker, 61, veteran employe of the L. & A. railway company died at 1:15 a. m. Tuesday al his home, 503 South Elm street. He had been in all health a number of months. He was born October 4, 1878, near Stamps, Ihe son of James F. and Sarah Baker. He had tjeen a resident of Hope many years and was employed by the railway company 33 years. Funeral services will be held at 2:30 |). m. Wednesday from the family residence on South Elm. The services will be conducted by the Rev. Kenneth L. Eporc, assisted by the Rev. Fred Harrison of Arkadclphia, and the Rev. W. R. Hamilton of Hope. Burial will' be at Lcwisvillc. Masonic services also will be held by Whitfiekl lodge No. 230 F. & A. M. of Hope. Mr. Baker also was a member f First Methodist church of Hope. Surviving arc his widow, one son, J. . Baker of Little Rock; four brothers, ohn Baker of Stamps; Tom Baker of linden, La.; L. J. Baker of Bradley; V. A. Baker of Fort. Worth; one sister, Ins. Nettie Webb of Wyoming. To Serve Demand on Russia, Where Nazis Placed Ship S. S. City of Flint Is Center of International Incident NAZIS RAIDER LOOSE German Pocket-Battleship. Raiding Commerce on High Sea 'WASHINGTON—(/P>—The American government was expected Tuesday to demand that Russia release the freighter City of Flint which was taken into the Soviet harbor of Marmansk by a German prize crew. ; It was reported in official quarters that' the government would base its request on the ground that Germany, in the absence of extraordinary circumstances, had no right to send the 4,969-ton vessel into a neutral port, regardless of any contraband she might have Carried. (In Moscow, the Soviet government promised full information would be furnished as soon as available.) While this international aspect of the seizure of an American vessel was fast developing, the White House was represented to have taken • the view that insofar as domestic law. is concerned the City of Flint was on "a perfectly legal and lawful voyage." The question of right of seizure— apparently supported by the Germans on the belief that contraband was aboard—is being investigate!! by tlie De'pajrtmeftfegf S^ate. • ••'" : -,,«-;--.: ' -• The City of Flint was in the hands of a German prize crtw, flying the Nazi [lag, when it put into port at Tromso, Norway, last Friday night, to land 38 survivors of the torpedoes British freighter Stonegate. Russian Account The Russian news agency said at Moscow that 18 Nazi crewmen from a German cruiser took charge of the •1,963-ton ship owned by the United States Maritime Commission and arrived in Kola Bay without a' Soviet pilot. Murmansk port authorities for the time'being detained the ship and interned the Germans. The City of Flint was said to have been en route from 'New York to Bulgaria. Roiitnaiiia A Thought Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrell againsl any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do yc.—-Colossiims 3:13. Turkey. vould resist expansion of Soviet or jprinan influence in tlie region, dip->mats sairl it would provide a common round for a meeting of the Fascists vith the Western Allies. There were widespread reports that 'remicr Mussolini intended to call a iiccting of (he interested states at Rome or Belgrade, perhaps next week. Formation of a Balkan neutral bloc would be made easier by the fact that Turkey is allied lo Britain and France A'hile Greece Rou'niania have French-British pledges for lefense their independence. Yougoslavia always has been in close .sympathy will France and Britain and King Boris oi Bulgaria was said to favor close relations with Ihose powers. Bulgaria to Play Ball It was believed widely lhat. Bulgai ia's new government, now being form cd, would agree lo co-operate with il neighbors under Italian Icadershii thus postponing territorial demand on Roumania and Greece. Premie Foreign Minister Kisscivanoff was in (Continued on Page Three) Manchester, England, with a 3,700-lon cargo of tractors, grain, fruit, leather and wax. (Tlie Russian report failed to say what become of the American crew or when or where she was halted.) To reach Kola Bay, on which Mur- mansk is located, it would have been necessary for the ship to skirt more than 200 miles of Norway's northern coast from the Atlantic into the Barents sea. Many German vessels, in- cludin gthe Bremen, flagship of the German transatlantic fleet, have been reported in refuge at Murmansk. Nazi Battleship Loose OSLO, Norway-(/P)—The German "pocket battleship" Deutschland, speedy 10,000-ton fighting ship, was reported toy authoritative sources Tuesday to have been the vessel which sank the British freighter Slonegate in mid.Atlantic. Thirty-eight survivors of the Stonegate were picked up by the United States freighter City of Flint, which ater was captured by the German aider. Percy B. Estes Is Dead at Nashville ^romincnt Ho\vard County Man Succumbs Monday Night Percy B. Estes. G8. prominent eil- y.en of Nashville and large land owner, died at his home there Monday night of an heart attack, include his widow anc one daughter, Mrs. A. M, Sutton o! Houston, Texas. Mr. Estes had bcci a resident of Howard county majij years and was well known. Funeral arrangements had nol bcci announced al noon Tuesday. The \Vealhcr: Snow SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Wi— Firs snow of the season fell on the ncarb, Sierras September 13 this year, a mont ahead of normal and the earliest o record. Youth Is Injured As Car Overturns 3ryan Camp, 15, In Julia Chester Hospital for Observation Bryan Camp, about 15, was brought o Julia Chester hospital here about 1 p. m. Tuesday following an automo- )ile accident 12 miles south of Hope on the Lewisvillc road. Vn attending physician said ' the youth may have sustained a mild concussion, but for tile present he was confined to the hospital for observa-- ion. An automobile in which young Camp was riding turned over. His sister o£ Shrcveport was driving the car which also was occupied by two children. All escaped injury, with the exception of Camp who lives five miles south of Hope on tlie Hopc-Patmos road. Cotton NEW YORK—(#)—December cotton, opened Tuesday at 9.01 and closed at 9.07-08. Middling spot 9.35.

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