The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts on August 10, 1963 · Page 4
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The North Adams Transcript from North Adams, Massachusetts · Page 4

North Adams, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 10, 1963
Page 4
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rout THF NORTH XDAMS. MASSACHUSETTS. TRANSCRIPT SATURDAY AFTERNOON. AUGUST 10, 1963 Hnilding Permits 17 Issued for 7 Houses; Total Valuation $95,500 Construction of seven houses, ranging in value from $7,000 to $22,000, are among the projects for which 17 building permits were issued here in July. Total value of the new houses comes to ?95,500. The new home permits were Issued to John Kiley, $12,500 house, Wells Ave.; Mr. and Mrs. Burton D. Shapiro, $22,000 house, Kemp Ave.; Robert Pettibone, $10,000 house, Marion Ave.; Angelo A. Scavo, $10,000 house, Ashland St.; Norman J. Dupree, $7,000 house, 460 W. Shaft Rd., and Mohawk Homes, two $12,500 houses, George St. Other permits were issued to: Gladys Caproni, $3,500 garage and patio, Walker St.; Andre Gouger, $1,100 breezeway an garage, 90 Versailles Ave.; W» ler A. Timoncy, 575 garage »dd4 lion, 17 Frederick St.; Charle Thompson, $100 screen porch garage, 642 E. Main St.; Paul F Daub, $200 porch repairs, 29 Ashland St.; Frank DeMarsic $100 porch repairs, 457 W. Mai St.; General Trucking, $100 i pairs to a coal hopper, Boston Albany Railroad yard; Joseph 1 Batease, raze two-story barn, 69 Mohawk Trail; City of North Ai ams, raze five tenement builc ings, River St. Ext.; and Josep Pisano, enclosed porch to patii 24 Jackson St. Before You Start a New Home! S»nJ for ARNOLD HOME brocW. wilS full information regarding lha finest in tiomei regardless of sfylc. budget, or location. Engineered by th* "oldest lumber yard in America,,. Design servic* avail,bl.. WRITE OR CALL Fabrication Plant: Adams. Mass. Dial 743-0022 Got an Empty Attic? Why nof turn it into a useful extra room, or a room for the whole family to enjoy? If you would like to start an undertaking of this nature, or a similar (ob In your home, we might be able to help with a Home improvement Loon Stop in and discuss your proposed project with any of our officers. 93 Main Street Norfh Adams "On the Sunny Side of the Street" North Adams Hoosac Savings Bank f 1 'i d ' JUDGE ROBINSON PLACE — Above it the Judg« Arthur Robinson house on Ashford Rd., South Williamttowh, next to the Little Red School Houie, which has been purchased by Mr. and Mrs. William L. McGraw of Bridges Rd., Wrl- liamstown. It has 10 roomi and a barn. Few Simple Rules Add to Comfort Of Air Conditioning Every homeowner who lias a conditioning in his home or wl plans to have a system jostalli in his house can enjoy added coi fort and economy by following few simple rules. Air conditioning provides tw important benefits. They are, course, cooling air and controllir humidity. To begin with, the Bureau poin out, there's no need to overs!: the system. Economy is achieve by helping the properly sized un do its job. Under average conditions, lome needs two or three tons < cooling to meet normal comfo; requirements. One method of d lermining the size of the unit neei ed for your home is to .figure thi each Ion of cooling is suitable fo 60j> square feet of living spac (One ton is equivalent to the coo ng effect produced by melting on of ice in a 24-hour period.) But this is a rough gauge. A •xperienced plumbing - heating .exiling contractor will help yo make a more accurate choice ba ed on local weather condition. After it is installed, here is ho you can help the unit function i t was intended to function. 1. Keep the doors and window closed as much as possible. Le ling warm, humid air enter th muse defeats the purpose of .th >yslem. 2. Don't wait until the warme part of the day to turn the un on. By starting the system earlj t will remove penetrating sola ;ol continually. 3. Zone the system with a (her mostat in only those living area vhere cooling is required. 4. Ventilate cooking areas H> hat moisture from boiling water tc., will not get into the air. 5. Keep laundry area separat rom areas where the unit is work j to remove moisture. 6. Have the unit installed by killed plumbing-heating contrac COLD WEATHER WILL BRING A PRICE ADVANCE IN FUEL OIL Phone Us Your Fill Up Order NOW! 24- HOUR SERVICE BURNER SERVICE PLANS «v You Can Heal BETTER for LESS With Oil" AYDEN OIL & SUPPLY Cl. INC. ICOMFORT BY THE HOUSEFUL 483 Ashland Street Dial MO 3-6588 North Adams PORTABLE sun shield is made from aluminum tubing and fittings, The canvas is attached with plastic clothesline. ON HOUSE ly ANDT UNO AP Ncwsfeafurcs point of one of the 3-foof sides, It wasn't too many years ago ^.^ ^ (hrough the ^ that aluminum was a material Jiat could be worked only by pro day, mos hardware and i building be bent, cut and drilled with regular hand or power tools. One of the simplest projects that can be undertaken with this type of aluminum is a portable sun hield, suitable for the beach or jackyard. The support can be a imple spike that sticks in the ground or a wooden base that can re placed anywhere. The follow- ng materials are needed: •li" x 8 1 aluminum tubes 'it" x !)0-degree aluminum elbow fittings •V aluminum adjustable elbow 20' plastic clothes line 0 eye grommels 3',z' x 2',z' canvas (optional if using a wooden base) •V aluminum splicer assembly 2' x 2' x 1' board aluminum wood screws Saw one tube into two 3-foot engtlis and one 2-foot length. Saw ,he other tube into one 2-fool ength and one 6-foot length. The •foot and 2-foot lengths form the ectangular shield; the 6-foot engtli is the stand. About 15 inches from the top of he stand tube, make a bend of ipproximately 25 to 30 degrees, "ill the tube with sand before lending to avoid crimping the metal. Join the four smaller lubes inlo 3-foot by 2-foot rectangle with iie 9Q-degree elbow fittings. Lay he rectangle flat, mark the mid- Heating Systems New Bathrooms ' he boltom *»' screw it into place. The other end of the elbow fits inlo the stand, but it's easier if you finish all other steps before making this connection. Hem the canvas, sewing the grommels at equal intervals around the edge, and lace the canvas onto the shield with the plastic clothesline. For a spike, cut a sharp Iri angle from the bottom or the stand tube and hammer the lube to fill this gap, making a point. For a wooden base, screw the splicer assembly into the board, using the aluminum wood screws, Fit the tube bottom to the assembly. Now fit the lower end of the adjustable elbow to the stand lube — and your sun shield is ready. Actually, it's not as complicated ai, it sounds. This is one case where it's easier done than said. Two Williamstown Houses Change Hands Mrs. Gertrude J. Denoyan has sold her house at 2 Grandview Drive, Williamstown, to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Swanson- of Danbury, Conn. The house was one of the first to be built in the Haley development. Mrs. Denoyan, who has been associated with the Sprague Electric Co,, has retired and has purchased a lioine at Fort Lau- dcrdale, Fla. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Donati o! Stockbridge have purchased from Mr. and Mrs. Micahel Gerou., their property on Orchard Lane, Williamstown. The Geroulos are luilo'ing a new home on Hawthorne Drive, Williamslown. Mr. Donati enches at the Mt. Greylock Regional High School and this sum- .ier is attending the French School at Micidlebury College. Both sales were made through Mary L. Dempsey, Williamstown eallor. FREE ESTIMATES NO OBLIGATION Ashley Swift PLUMBING & HEATING Specialist*" Matter Plumbar R.g. No. 5267 434 State Road North Adami MO 3-7206 Judge Robinson Williamstown House Sold to McGraws Th* property known as the Judge Arthur Robinson house, on Aahford Rd., South Williamstown, ha* been aold by ius pre«nt owners, Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Howard, now of Ridgewood, N.J., to Mr. and Mra. William L. McGraw of Bridges Road, Williamstown, Mr. McGraw ia a Williamstown building contractor. Judge and Mra. Robinson occupied the property for many years and following the death of Judge Robinson his widow continued to make it her home. After her death it was purchased by the Howards, who built on an addition. The 10-room house, with barn, located next to the Little Red Sch<»l House, is a South Williamstown landmark. The sale was made through Mary L. Dempsey, Williamstown realtor. North Berkshire Deeds Recorded Thft following franitctipnt •r» among then r>cord>d it tli. North.™ B«rlnhir» R«gi»- try of D»dl in Adtmi during fh« put w«.k. Ada mi Owen B. McAndrews to Alfred V. Ostroski. Owen B. McAndrews to Joseph M. and Dorene A. Sadlow. Vernon L. and Barbara A. Cyr to Morris A, and Alice M. Davis, Hathaway St. Esther S. Kalz to Adams Auto Co. Inc., Columbia St. Abram Katz to Adams Auto Co. Inc. Cheshire Frank S. and Rita J. Lazarczyk to David W. and Annabelle J. Mahar, Lanesboro Edward H. and Helen Clairmont io Helen Clairmont. Rasmus and Irene F. Kristensen to Neils G. and Louise A. Kristenscn. Frances Crown to Frances Crown Stewart. Frances Crown to June Crown Tollefson, Main St. Allan E. Gehring to Harold D and Ruby Jost. Savoy Dean and Katherine Harwoot to Gerald J. Palmer. North Adams Yvonne Bullett to Alvin M. G and Dorothy L. Bard, State Rd. Ralph Bullett, by administra trix, to Alvin M. G. and Doroth F. Bard, State Rd. George H. Rooney, by executor to Ralph F. and Philomena M Scirretti, River St. Irene Beaudin Blanquart t Irene Beaudin Blanquart et als Front St. Aram G. Dicranian Jr. an Carol L. Dicranian to Alfred R and Jane Pellerin, Beaver Et. WiJIiamslown Harry R, and Anne A. Nichol to Robert J. and Alice I. Dana her,'Main St. Michael and Elizabeth Whale to Marjorie W. Hartt, N. Hoosa Rd. Hazel M. Maxymillian to Wi liam S, Anderson Jr. and Lila B Anderson, Water St. Cummings & Talbot Inc. to P Kerry and Nancy J. Walsh, Han cock Rd. R. R. Howard Jr. and Margerj H. Howard to William L. am Dorothy R. McGraw, Rt. 7. Arthur G. and Doris P. Ceely t William C. and Eleanor K. Plun ketl, Green River Rd. Mabel Benoit et als to Nelsor L, and Joan W. Pellerin, Hender son Rd. Frederick E. and Lillian C Williams to Esther G. Hartranft Luce Rd. Gertrude I. Denoyan to Rich ard L. anrl Rosemary S. Swan son, Grandview Dr. Windsor Samuel and Adeline B. Silgibe to Trustees of the Masonic Hal and Asylum Fund. All-Weather Hose Developed by Du Ron A new all-weather hose mad of "Hypalon" synthetic rubber I on the market. This should piov a boon to the lazy gardener wh leaves his hose out in the bakin sun or sudden freezes. The de velopcr (Du Pont) says tlif hos will not soften, stiffen, crack o become brittle, and will resis discoloration. 1 The hose is rein forced with cord to prevent kink ing. More lhan 15 million pounds of oft latex foam rubber went into w production in 1962. Seventy-five per cent of all U S. foreign commerce is financci ay New York banks. FOR LOT OWNERS DID YOU KNOW? You m«y own t NEW hom« for $ 10,500 without >*crificinq quality. For Information About • Custom-Built Home Call WARREN WINTERS Hancock Road, Williamitown SL 1-3447 W. C, Plunketts Buy A. G.Ceely's In Williamstown Mr. and Mrs. William Caldwell Plunkett, at one-time prominent residents of Adams who now make their home al Pinehurst, N.C., have purchased from Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Ceely Iheir modern house on Gale Road, Williamstown. Mr. and Mrs. Plunkett will occupy Uie property as a suiamer home. The house was originally built by Dr. and Mrs. Volney Wells. After Dr. WelLs' retirement as a member of the Williams College faculty the property was bought by Mr. and Mrs. Ceely, Dr. and Mra. Wells moving to Florida. The Ceelys buill'an addition to the original house. Mr. and Mrs. Ceely have purchased land on Ob long Road, Williamslown, on which they will build. Until their new house is ready for occupancy they will continue to live in their present liome. Sale of the Ceely property was made through Mary L. Dempsey, Williamstown realtor. 'Stub-In' Piping When You Build Means Saving Later You can save money in your new home by having the plumbing contractor "stub-in" piping to provide for future water needs, as family and finances grow. Not all prospective homeowners, says the Plumbing-Heating- Cooling Informaliort Bureau, can afford to have every convenience in a new home. Bub by pre-planning, they can add them at greatly reduced costs. "Stubbing-in" is easily accomplished by the plumbing contractor when a house is being constructed. In a family room, for example, the homeowner may anticipate the need for hot and cold water but be unable to afford installing a sink or drinking fountain. In such a case, the contractor will install the proper piping at the proper location and cap it. When the house is finished, the pipes will be concealed by the walls of the room and the j homeowner will be provided with plans showing the location of the stubbed-in pipes. When the homeowner decides he is able to have the desired fixture installed i he saves in two ways. First, remodeling costs are held down. Walls are opened at exactly the place where the sealed piping is located. This reduces the cost of' plastering or new paneling, etc. Second, because the piping is already there, the contractor can install anil adjust fixtures quickly. This provides a savings in time charges. Such savings can make it economical to bring a host of conveniences to many rooms in a house. Pre-planning and stubbing- in for a laundry room, powder room, bedroom lavatory or even a patio sink will mean added convenience at minimal cost. Any experienced plumbing contractor will be able to describe lh,e benefits of slubbing-in piping. David G. Damons Buy laconic Trail House Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Heran have sold their seven-room house located on Taconic Trail, to Mr. and Mrs. David G. Damon of Woodlawn Drive, Williamstown. The Herans purchased (he property in June 1%I from Mr. and Mrs. jTohn Walsh. Mr. Heran, formerly employed at the North Adams Transcript, is leaving to join the Perry Publications and will work with the West Pnlm Beach Post and Times. He and Mrs. Heran and their two daughters left today for their new home. Mr. Damon, teacher at Mt. Greylock Regional School, is director of boys' physical education and also coaches basketball and soccer. Mr. and Mrs. Damon are the parents of two sons, age 2 and 1. The sale of the properly was made through the Alton L, Perry Agency of Williamstown. FLOOR TILE • INLAIDTINOLEUM • VINYL • ASPHALT • VINYL ASBESTOS • RUBBER • CORK Professional Installation or we loan you the tools and show you how! William Rudnick Co. QUALITY WITH SERVICE 136 Aihl.nd Sf. Di.l MO 2-5107 (N««t to A4FM . NOW! December's fuel oil bill can be as low as June's with our convenient BUDGET PLAN! Pay year's total fuel costs in small monthly payments! Easy payment* We estimate your yearly fuel needs. The cost is divided into equal low monthly payments. There are no finance charges. FOA-5X protection, too Only Shell Heating Oil contains FOA-5X, the wonder additive that keeps your burner filter screen clean all winter. Plus Free Soollof We treat your storage tanfc with Shell Sonitor to protect it against inside rust and corro* sion. No pharge. Automatic Delivery We automatically deliver yotjr Shell Healing Oi!. As your supply diminishes our records tell us when you need oiL Ask for details —no obligation MOHAWK OIL CO., INC. I Main Street Dial MO 3-3729 PREMIUM GRADE HEATING OIL PREMIUM SERVICE For cleaner, cheaper, •atier home healing Get new MOBILHEAI with RT-98 "You Pay MUCH L«si To H««r B«tt«r With Oil" Blackinton Coal & Oil Co. Charlei E. Kronick, Prop. 26 Eagl. St. MO 3-9265 North Adamt • Wa Maintain 24-Hour Oil Burner Some* A ROOF MOTKTS YOU AND YOUR BUILDING AGAINST THE WEATHER-BE SURE-BUY THE BEST SHINGLES! INSIST OH BONDED ASPHALT SHINGLES WITH BONDED PERFORMANCE! TINB TMHD! • TIMI TBIEDI BONDED PEIFORMANCE IS YOUR OUASANTEEt-BACKED BY ONE OF THE WORLD'S LARGEST BONDING COMPANIES. FULL INFORMATION FURNISHED WITHOUT OBLIGATION NEW COLORS! SEE OUR DISPLAY SCARPITTO LUMBER COMPANY 420 Curran Highway, Norfh Adams MO 3-3766 QTflPM WINDOWS OlUnm and DOORS AT FACTORY PRICES PRE-SEASON SALE! Drive Up — Bring the Family FACTORY SHOWROOM OPEN Sundays 1-5 P. M,; Won.-Sat. 8-5 P. 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