Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on June 27, 1951 · Page 11
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 11

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1951
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27, 1951 THE REGlSTER-NEV/5 — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS WASHINGTON Column BV PETER KDSON ^ NEA WasliinKton Correspondent Uncle Sam's ll()ii»i'Uf«>per WantH More Floor Spiice W ASHINGTON — (NEA) — Wtijliington is a crazy place —in case you hadn't hoard. On (he one hand, horo is (he goinK through all the \ /notions of tr/ins to reduce the number of government employes. And on the other hand, here _ Is the General Sorvicos Admin- Rlration (GSA), which is the gov- trnmcnt's houseitocprr, doing it.s darndcit to try to find more •office spa e and more records storage space to meet demands of the rapidly expanding defense agencies. They say they need nearly 2,000,000 SQuare feet of additional floor space for the 18,460 new employes they intend to hire in the next fiscal year. This is for the Washington area alone. % If that much floor space doesn't mean anything to you, it's roughly equivalent to one third of another Pentagon. Or, it's the equivalent of two seven-story office buildings a block long and a block wide. The government no'v figures it needs 100 square feet of floor space for every new bureaucrat and hireling. A couyile of years ago there wore 110 feet available. Today the crowded Pentagon is down to a 87-square-feet-per-em- # ploye basis. Defense Production Administration, National Production Authority, Office of Price Stabilization and Wage Stabilization Board need over lialf a million square feet of space for 5000 new employes to be added ir the next year. E .xpandlng Interior Interior needs 34,000 square feet for 340 new defense activity employes. Commerce need.s 200,«l 000 .square feet of storage space. ^ Atomic Energy Commission needs 20,000 square feet for 200 more employes. Department of State, which already occupies a main building, three former apartment houses and 20 other annexes, still needs room for 319 new employes in its information and education programs. Biggest demand of all, however, is for a n'lillion square feet of space for 10,000 new employes in g Department of Defense. There are now 31,000 people in the Pentagon. Armec. services offices slop over into 45 other buildings where there are 34.000 emploj-es. When the Pentagon ordered 10,000 desks for the 10,000 new em­ ployes it expects to hire next year, there was no place to store the furniture. General Services Administration advertised for two million square feet of warehouse for this and other records storage space within 15 miles of the Dis•0 trict of Columbia. It got 38 offers but none was acceptable. All wanted government loans and tax amortization (.speedy tnk write­ off) to finance the construction of new buildings. Every plan to solve the government's space problem by dispersal has thus far been stymied. A proposal to build eight new buildings at a cost of S197 million, to take care of 20,000 employes within 20 miles of Washington, was killed v'^ by the Senate. ^ A GSA plan to lease two new 300-unit apartment houses for Department of Defense was killed by House Armed Services Committee. But one new 160-unit apartment has been taken over ff Civil Defens- Administration. Some Proposals Two bills lust introduced in Congress may fjffer some hope for relieving the space situation. One is a proposal by GSA Administrator Jess Larson, presented to •9- the Senate by Sen. John L. McClellan of Arkansas, to move 50,000 government jobs out of Washington within the next two years. This is intended to decentralize government offices all over the country, instead of tr%'ing to disperse them around Washington. The second is a proposal by Rep. James Trimble of Arkansa.s It would permit the government to acquire space just as a private .. homeowner now buys his house on '•' the installment plan. Private capital would build the offices to government specifications. The governmen would lease the offices to government specifications. The government would lease for 15 to 25 years, at the end of which time it would be given title. At present the government owns 29 million square feet of space in Washington. This includes four World War I and 49 World War II temporary build- 0 ings with six million square feet of space .-.nd 31,000 employes. Under the McClellan bill, all the "tempos" would have to be torn ( down. The government now 600,000 square feet of Washington, for which • $2,900,000 a year rent. World War il, leased 7,000.000 rents 2.- space in it pays During the government square feet of space for which it paid $6,000,000 a year rent. These government rentals have advanced from a little under 85 cents a foot to nearly $1.10 today. Insurance Firms Buy Joppa Bonds By Associated Press WASHINGTON, Jijne 27. — The Security and Exchange Commission yesterday authorized Electric * Energy, Inc., of Joppa, 111., to issue and sell up to $100,000,000 of three per cent first mortgage sinking fund bonds. The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and the Prudential Insurance Company of America were announced as purchasers of the bonds. The proceeds will be applied by Electric Energy to the construction of power facilities to serve the Atomic Energy Commission ) project near Faducah, Ky. Betty Hutton Has Operation on Vocal Cords By Associated Pres^ HOLLyWOOD, June 27. — The noisy, harum-scarum, slam-bang Betty llutton you see on the sci-ecn is, in reality, the quiet type at home. Oh yo.s she is! She's as quite as a mouse. Tliorc's a reason. Betty can't talk because she's recuperating from an operation for corns on her vocal cords. She's been yelling so loudly for so many years that the cords acquired some nodes in the process of vibrating. (Nodes arc knotty growths, not unlike corns.) Betty's two small children, Lind. say and Candice, are in the enviable spot of having a mother who is speechless, temporarily at least. Writing instructions for them on a slate wouldn't help because they're too small to read. I T A L N BEAUTY AT ITS HEIGHT — Arch on highest point at Villa Jovis, built by Emperor Tiberius, affords breath-taking view of Capri's harbor. "Grand Manna. SPUD ENVOY-william H. Bruins, 19, honorary Mayor of Paris, N. Y., carries aboard liner America prize potatoes he will pre.scnt to Paris, Francfc. on 2,000th anniversary July 8. Josephine Gets Mohican Haircut By Associated Press LOS ANGELES, June 27. — Seventeen - year - old Josephine Amaya has been scalped by her sister, Velia, 14. It was an amicable scalping. In fact, it was Josephine's idea. She wanted a Mohican haircut, like some of the 'teen-age boys are wearing here this summer. Velia obliged and did a very good job. Josephine is slaved bald except for a three-inch wide strip of hair that extends from her forehead to the back'of her neck. Il.'s exactly the same kind of haircut 12-year-old Leon Kwalwasser got recently to revive a hirsute fashion once used by the Mohican Indians. Ot course, as a concession to feminine vanity, Josephine has a pigtail that hangs below the shoulder line, permitting a bow ribbon, if wanted. Josephine says she doesn't expect her girl friends to follow suit "because they're afraid they couldn't go any place with, their boy friends." Josephine says she doesn't have any BF's, so she doesn't care. LEGAL NOTICES TAX PURCHASER'S NOTICE TO: Crete Clark, John C. Clark, Carroll E. Clark, Mamie ,C. Irwin, Floy Hyre, Olive Ellis and parties interested in the Southwest Quarter (SWVi) of the Northwest Quarter (NW^) of Section twenty-one (21) Township One (1) South. Range four (4) East of the Third Principal Meridian, Jefferson County, Illinois. You are hereby notified that at a sale of real estate made by the County Treasurer of Jefferson County, Illinois at the Court House in the City of Mt. Vernon, County of Jefferson and State of Illinois, on the 10th dav of October, A. D. 1949, Noah H. Irwin, of JohnsonviJie, Illinois, purchased the following described real estate: The Southwest Quarter (SWU) of the Northwest Quarter (NW'.i) of Section twenty-one (21) Township One (1) South Range four (4) East of the Third Principal Meridian, Jefferson County, Illinois and that said land was taxed in the name of J. E. Clark. That the said sale of the said above described real estate situated in the County of Jefferson and State of Illinois was made for general taxes, interest, penalties and cost due and unpaid thereon for the year, A. D. 1948. And that the time allowed by law for redemption of the said real estate will expire on the 10th day of October A. D 1.951. 7-11 NOAH H. IRWIN. AOTICK or CLAIM n.» V Notice is lioreliv Kovon lo all prr- KOii.s thiit fttondav. AUKUst K, 19,^)1, Is the claim date in tlie estate of Charles C. T'otta. Deceasod, ppridinK' In the Coiintv Court of .lefffr.son County, Illinois, and that claims may be filed against the said estate on or before said date without issuance of summons. CORA R. POTTS, Executor. DKWITT * WOOTinrPF, l'" National Bank ifuildinp. Ml. X'eriion, llllnoia. Attorneys. '6-27 HOME FOR SALE, TRADE OR LONG LEASE-BY OWNER 227 S. 18th 7 rooms—3 bed rooms, large closet in each room. Carpeted throughout upstairs and down. Hot water heater, stoker, hot water heat, IV2 baths. Half way between Field and Jr. Fligh school. Venetian blinds throughout. Curtains. Ready to move in. New awning on every window. See Troy Hawkins 205 N. 14th DO YOU NEED THREE BEDROOMS? This Ultra Modern, Three-Bedroom Home Affords Exceptional Livability FOR INSTANCE, it has a large living room meandering info the kitchen and dinette area —high windows in the bedrooms, affording plenty of space for furniture. In addition to this it hos hardwood floors—inlaid linoleum in the kitchen, both and utility room—automatic heat, and it is located in a highly desirable area. THIS BEAUTIFUL HOME CAN BE PURCHASED AT A BARGAIN PRICE BUT YOU MUST ACT QUICKLY ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Call Us Today! JAMISON REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE AGENCY TELEPHONES: 372 -373 USED CARS 1950 FORD TUDOR CUSTOM— 8 Cylinder, Overdrive, heater and seat covers. 1950 FORD-CUSTOM— 6 Cylinder, overdrive, radio, heater and white sidewail tires. 1949 CHRYSLER 4'DOOR WINDSOR— Radio, heater. Low mileage. Exceptionally clean. 1950 CHEVROLET 4 DOOR — Radio, heater, seat covers, overdrive and white sidewalls. 1950 STUDEBAKER CHAMPION — Radio, heater, overdrive and'seat covers. Low mileage. 1949 CHEVROLET TOWN SEDAN— Heater ond new rubber. 1949 FORD CUSTOM CLUB COUPE— Radio, heater. Low mileage. 1941 NASH 2Door. 1941 CHEVROLET 4-Door. 1941 CHEVROLET 2-Door. 1941 FORD TUDOR. 1946 DODGE '/alTON PICKUP. HOLMAN MOTOR CO. INC. Your Friendly Ford Dealer 215 N. 10th Street Phone 266 High Wages For Cotton Choppers •» Aitoeiattd frtt* MEMPHIS, Tenn., June 27. — The man with the hoe—an economic problem most of the year— is making "big money" right now. Cottonbelt farmers are bidding against each other for Negro field hands to chop the grass out of their crop. Mrs. Clara Kitts, director of the Tennessee Farm Labor Office here, said chopping wages have soared to $10 a day in some areas —more than double last year's top. About 13,000 choppers are being hired out of 'Memphis daily. TIME TO BUY LIQUOR IS NOW from the only Liquor Store in Mt. Vernon East Side Squar« - FI^E DELIVERY. PHONE 100 or 708 Free ParkinR In Rear JULIA RUTHERFORD —REAL ESTATE JOHN R. WOOLSEY, Salesman Phone 400 or 48 1011 Main St. $200 Cash, S38 per month, bujs S roorai, north part—price $3000. 0 room modern home in west part—2 baths, basement, suitable for duplex; cottage in rear. Immediate possession. A real buy for quicli sale. 41 acre farm, 5 miles east of city, 4 room house, barn, chicken house, electricity, telephone—price $3500. $500 cash, balance like rent, buys 4 room all modern bungalow, north par^ built-in bath built-in cabinet, hardwood floors, possession July 1—a real buy Price only $5500. For rent—4 room modern furnished apartment, 712 Jordan; 2 room modern furnished apartment, 315 south 7th. Fhon« 400 or 48. JOE P. BOYLE & GEORGE M. COX REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE Harvey Williamson - Don Thomas, Salesmen 1009 Main St. — Phone 3150 New 4 room bungalow, modern except heat, 10 acres of land, t miles out. 4% acres, 5 room house, close In, all weather road—$1000 down. New 4 room bungalow, modern except heal, attached Karage, near 26th street, west Broadway. S room modern bungalow, 97 feet hard road frontage, near 8um- mersvilie school, east hard roaa—priced reaaonable. New 4 room modern bungalow, suburban, city water—$5000. Terma. « $750 down and $50 per month, buys two properties on one lot, paved street, Franklin school—$4750. The former Kerley restaurant; equipment only. Priced cheap and on best of terms. See us for building lots—we have a good variety. HINDMAN & HENSON 309 S. 10th HINDMAN Phone 4035 Real Estate Brokers Phone 3622 HENSON Phone 3149-J New 4 room brick; hardwood floors, nice built-ia cabinets, utility room, oil heat, very nice—west of town, Well located 5 room modern home, basement, stoker, full lot—408 South 19th. 4 room modern, hardwood floor, nice cabinets, well located—only $5800. Terms. In Ccntralia—new, two bedroom home, aluminum siding, storm windows, rock wool insulated, hardwood floors, varnished cabinets, gnrhnge disposal, 6 closets, near high school. Modern In every respect. New, modern 4 room, cabinets, oil heat on South 15th street. 4 room house, east of town, $750 down, balance on contract. 7 room home on south 12th street; corner lot, modern except heat 6 room modern, 20 acres, good land, all weather road, newly rt- conditioned, basement, stoker, joins school, A very nice 4 room bungalow in Opdyke—only $2800. 60 acres, 5 room house, modern except heat, barn, garage, other outbuildings, all in excellent condition; 40 acres hog fenced, some timber, on all weather road. 15 acres, 4 room house, barn, all hog fenced, orchard, on all weather road and school bus line, beautiful shady yard, close In. 20 acres unimproved on all weather road—only $600. i 5 acres, good building site, on Fairfield Road. L L PHEMISTER REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE 1007 Main —Tat 187 New two bedroom modern home shown above. Modern kitchen and bath, hardwood fIoo.~s, utility room; Gl loan on property. Suburban location—priced at $7000. 1.— \'ery Liveable five room modern home, with nice lawn and shade; 2 acres ground, garage, Fairfield Road—price $10,000. 2.—.Store building and modern living quarters—established location- good investment—price $13,500. 3.—The "Million $ Grape" property at 1500 Salem Road. Building is 50x60 feet; nice lot, city water, immediate possession—terms. 4.—Small down payment, balance like rent buys business building on state highway in Opdyke, III., with living quarters on second floor. 5.—Income property, part—$95 month rental—price $6000. BEN E. SMITH Oftica 1744 V. H. QUIGLEY SALESMAN am Annth lAth ntvf>## 8 Room duplex, modern except heat; corner lot. paved strait. in, west—easy terms. 7 Rooms newly decorated (nslda and out, water system, garaM. I lots In Waltonville—$5500. 3 Room house, water, electricity, large chicken house, at, edga •( town—easy terms. 4 Room new house, insulated rockwool, 2 lots, gtasscd-ln back pwsli. water in house' $4250. Located tn Bonnie 5 Rooms, water and Ughts 605 Bell street. Can be bonght terms 4 room new house, modern except beat, west location, good term. Price $4750—a good buy, 4 room, modern except brat, west location; $600 down—total priM. $5000. 12 Room apartment house, all famished and modern—$7fM, !•* down payment Farms—7, 8, 10, 30. 40, 80, 180. 200 acre. LISTINGS WANTED: FARM and CITT PBOPERTT Here is the buy—new 5 room efficiency, long living room, fireplao*. hardwood floors, built-in bath, modern kitchen, full basement, furnace, west edge of city. Prewar 5 room moderi, bungalow, built-in cabinets, bath, basement, stoker heat, 2-car garage, corner lot, 916 south 21st street- only $7500. Beautiful 7 rooms, ultra modern, long living room, fireplace, built- in kitchen, 2y. baths, hardwood floors, fine basement, play room, gas heat, garage, exclusive south side location—vacant. Attractive 4 rooms, modern, built-in bath and kitchen, hardwood floors, full basement, garage, west—only $7850. We have 2 new 6 room ultra modern ranch style homes near completion. Extra nice S rooms, modem, fireplace, hardwood floora, bnlH* in bath, modern kitchen, fine bua> ment, furnace, garage, Ntt, S Shaw's Garden—a bargain. New 4 rooms, painted pUttor walls, built-in cabinets, X bad* rooms, garage—only $3150. New 5 room modern raaeh style, long living room, hardwaa4 floors, bullt-tn bath, modern kitchen, den, breezeway, garage, ••• burban—only $10,000. 4 rooms, kitchen sink, fall M, 1112 Westcott—terms. 5 rooms, full basement, 1 Mf% airport road, eas^ terms. A. HAROLD WILLIAMS LOGAN C. RICHARDSON "YOUR RELIABLE REAL ESTATE DEALERS" 315 South 10th Street, Room B — Telephone 251 -755 SEE US FOR THE FINEST SELECTION OF REAL ESTATE L0% MS! K CITY HOMES -.fARMS ^^BUSINESS LEASF' Sdo G &uiK XAJJ^ 6ajJLe^ NEW LOCATION TENTH & HARRISON — Some Phonei 62-7tf FOR YOUR CONVENIENCR "FREE PARKING FOR OUR CUSTOMERS" 8 room all modern home; extra large lot, \% baths, built-tn UtelMa cabinets, splendid state of repairs inside and out, besatlfBfltf decorated, 1 block of' Franklin school, and 4 blocka •! tlw public square. A wonderful. home for a large family or anltaUe for renting out rooms, or ideal for a duplex. This fine hen* can be purchased on attractive terms or owner will exehaaff • for other property. Owner willing to sacrifice. $300 down, balance $25 per taionth buys 5 room home; modern except heat, full lot, close to Car Company, Wagner Electrle and Jefferson Memorial Hospital. Why rent? 9500 down, balance like rent buys new 5 room efflcleney bunfal**? hardwood floors, built-in bath, built-in cabinets, fine loeatloa west. A real buy. $500 down, balance like rent buys two new homes, 1 2-room borat; 1 3-room home, near Shoe Factory. GRAB this before It to too late. $500 down, balance like rent buys 1119 South 26th street; full M, 5 room home, modern except heat, $300 down, balance $35 per month buys S room efficiency bungalow, modern except heat—fine location west. $1000 down, balance like rent buys 5 room efficiency modern bunf- alow, hardwood floors, built-in cabinets, built-in bath, stoker heat, paved street, full lot. A wonderful bargain, f1000 down, balance like rent buys new 5 room bungalow, stairway to unfinished upstairs, hardwood floors, built-in cabineta, bollt- in bath, nice lot. Wonderful location west side. $500 down, balance like rent buys 5 room efficiency; modem ••- cept heat, new home located on the south bard road, near Bethel school, lot 140x175, 140-ft. frontage on the hard reai. Owner leaving, will SACRIFICE, $500 down, balance like rent buys 5 room efficiency home; Meadew> brook Addition, located in the Summersville school distr<eC~ only $3650. Fine duplex, located on paved street, west part. eoRsistng af 1 5-room effciency, 1 4-room efftclencv, all furnished, hardwea4 floors, electric hot water heater, stoker heat, full basement. Owa« er win sell. New 5 room efficiencv home, 1521 Lamar; hardwood floors, built-to cabinets, electric hot water heater, built-in bath. Owner Is wOllaff to sacrifice this fine home for an immediate sale, Consult o Rcol Istot. Sp«eiollit who know, on^ «![• has hod o»or twenty yoort ot successful e«pofio»ie» W« will moke you o CASH OFFER for yout how ot

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