The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 23, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 23, 1949
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23, BT-YTHEVn.I,E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NTNKJ rerman's Death 'enalty Upheld Gen. Clay Confirms Sentence of Naxt Massacre Participant FRANKFUR8, Germany, Marc! . w t — Gen. [Aldus D. clay yestcr- y confirmed the death sentence lit S 3. Sergeant Hubert liubcr, one •if the Malmedy Massacre defen lanl.s. Kuber was convicted with 11 oth 'r Oennans of killing minrniec •American prisoners of war on Dec In, 1S4-S, during the Battle of th •Bulsc. I The U. S. military governor con Binned the death sentence of an fithcr defendant last \ve?k and conv muted that of a third. The case/ of the other defendants are still luncier review. Gen. clay also announced an in- Ivestigalion is being conducted to [determine w'hether Use Koch "mls- |lrcss of Biichcnwald," can be tried .gain. The American military governor Iruleri that to retry her lor her [Buchenwald activities would "vio- llate the principles of double jco- Ipardy." 1 He said the investigation was I aimed at learning whether, after (she [eft the concentration camp in I August, 1943, she committed any I war crimes for which she could I properly be tried by a U. S. Army 1 Commission. Close Quarters Kansas Banker 'akes Poke at 'ruman Program WASHINGTON. Miu-ch 23. j/l'i — nme* O. Wilson, Wichita. Ka.v. .inker, told COIIRMVS yestei'duy tliiit resident Truman's plan lo jjive ederal tnoncy lo nil the needy re- unds him of a Pyramid Club. Spcaklnr, lor Ihc Wichita impendent Biisiiic.s.smen'5 Association, e .said "Ihl-s kind of legislation onlcl niln our ocouotny." WiLson testified befoi'e the Hoii^r Vays awl Means Committee. It IK tiidyln? Hie piasldenl's social scanty propram. "The theory seems to favor jroademr.p the scope both of tluxse vho would be Included m the pio- gratn (for relief payments and ibernllzinr, the benefits of al- •enciy covered," Wilson said. 'Thai's exactly what this Pyramid lub does—it takes In everybody— l>r( to nive a lot for a little What no one seems to be concerned about, hmvcve.r. is who Is Koln;; ;o pay the hill for all (Ills? The nl:l ing that yon don't get someltmig for nolhins still holds true." _._ „ . A police emergency crew tussles with wreckage of automobile \vhich Bernharril Thompsen, 4G, lies trapped. Brooklyn, N. Y. Afler minutes he was pried loose and taken to a hospital where his conditio was reported as fair. Thompscn was hurt ,vheu his car crashed into parked oil truck iu Brooklyn. IAP Wirepholo.) , Who Lived Alone, D/ed in 7939 and Police (Discover Body in 1949 WHALEBONE CORNER. Ellg- I land, March 23. (fl"j—The well-clad I skeleton of Aria Constance Kent. 1 66, was tounn almost buried today In dust and cobwebs that had gathered undisturbed for ten years in j her secluded cottage. Coroner F. E. Camp ordered an | inquest. An old theatrical performer who I had lived quiel'y and alone. Miss Kent was last seen in this famed j beauty spot 50 miles northeast of | London just before war broke out In 1939. For years villagers speculated about her disappearance, but nothing was done. Some thought she had "gone to entertain the troops." And then found a new home. Then this week a hank in which the woman had deposited a little money 12 years ago asked police to try to find out. Officers broke Into the. cottage. It seemed, apart from the dust and cobwebs, just about as it was ten Bears ago. police said. Miss Kent's supper tray WHS on nn oak dining table, a cup and teapot on it, the toast rack stained with rust. Her favorite chair was drawn near the. fireplace. A book of Shake- French Probing Alleged Marshall Plan Violations Oak Ridge Becomes Open City Veteran Gets Divorce In Bedside Hearing PARIS, March 23. Wi — Tlic French Foreign office is investigating a report in the European edition of the New York Herald Tribune charging the Ford Motor Company with "apparent" violations ot the Marshall Plan. The -paper said a French subsidiary of the Ford Company had bought automobile parts under the European Recovery program and resold them to Poland. "As far as we can find out, 11 a Foreign Office spokesman said, "the Ford Motor Company has not received any parU under Marshall Plan aid." Nimitz fo Supervise Plebiscite in India LAKE SUCCESS, March 23. < Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, time American Navy commander in the Pacific, was named by the United Nations today as plobiscite administrator for liic princely state of Janitmi-Kashniir. The 64-year old admiral, who became chief of naval operations before his retirement from active duty \viil supervise n vole to determine whether a majority in the northernmost slate on the Indian subcontinent wants k> Join Hindu In- I dia or Moslem Pakistan. ; No date ha.s been set for the plebiscite, ordered by the Security Council last year. SPRINGFIELD, Mo.. March 23 tft'i— A mniTlngc which ncRrui happily almost 32 years aso for Kuali FiMTicr. 58-year-old World Wm- 1 veteran ol Mexico, Mo., ended yesterday al O'Reilly Veterans Ho.spi- tal \vhcic Ferrier is a tuberculosis pa'.icnt, He was granted a default divorce afler a bedside hearlnp by Circuit Judge F. Hiram McLaUfrhliu. Judce McLallRhlin cranlcd the special hearing afler it, was explained that the veteran's physician said he wa.s too 111 to be taken to the roinl- honse. Terrier's wife, Mrs. Lottie Rehma Ferrier, 49, did not appear. Siie Is believed to be living now in Baltimore, Md. Ferrier wa.s granted custody of lluee of his seven children. Fertier said the youngsters are boinp cared ! for by one of his married daughters, also of Mexico, Mo. • ar- Smoke billows from inngnesUim. set off hy an ntotnlo. Impulse miles away nulling ribbon of Klxn CiMe Lo jet imbllc Into atomic I'ily o Onk RWsr, Trim. H look a mlUlonlli m n second for the impulse to Irnvcl over a telephone'wire from Ihr iiloniu pile, tviul then «o otf wilh i\ sound like an nlr rifle. (Al 1 Wlrrimoto.) Muny drugi, chemlcul*, per (units, lyes, saccharin mid valuable oils e made [rom coal Inr. The (M utility compinlM In thl» country employ about 160,000 work- U. of A. Medical Professor Dies in Little Rock l.riTU'l ROCK, March 23. (;?')-. Dr. A. c. Shipp, professor at the University of Arkansas Medlcnl School, died at his home here yesterday, lie wns 10. A native of isdlubuiB. Inrt., Dr. Shtpp had served as a director of the National Tuberculosis Association since 1923. He Is survived by his widow, « son, daughter and a sister. Read Courier News Want Ads. fine for flavoring vegetables Insist On GENUINE FORD PARTS CLUTCH PLATE $5.80 Exchangt CLUTCH DISC $4.55 Exchangt Students Protest Firing Of School Superintendent LAKE VILLAGE, Ark., March 23. (A*>—Student protest apninst the requested resignation of Lake Vil- In 1948, about 28 minion U. S. families were using gas lor cooking. speare's plays, opened at "Romeo and Juliet" lay near a little oil Inmp. "In all probability Miss Kent collapsed and died a lonely death from natural causes," .said Police Chief Clarence Webb, "but the possibility of, foul play cannot be ruled out for the time being." j lane School Superintendent M. J5. Forrest apparently ended iinsuccess- I fully. I School officials said "everything | is normal" at the Lake Village high school where students Nlonday staged a protest walkout. 1 However, nEter a meeting last. ' night attended by scliw)] board momhers and about 200 parents, the situation was unchanged and Forrest's resignation, effective nb the end o! the school yenr, i.s still in effect. Oklahoma Bus Drivers Take 2-Ccnt Wage Cut OKLAHOMA CITY. March 23. OT*! —Four hundred Oklahoma City bus drivers, maintenance anrt repairmen of ' the Oklahoma Railway Company have taken a LWO-CCMH au hour pay cut because nf a. drop in the cast of living. Robert Bowers, company penei al manager said the cut wns made In accordance with a contract with the CIO Almalgamatcd Association of Street Car and Motor Has Operators. The cul was made Mnrch 20 und l.s retroactive to Jan. 1, 1949. YOU'LL ENJOY HAVING LUNCH Read Courier News Want Ads. The modem design for '49 AGAIN... The newest of them all ! Come in- compare. ,,see why Hudson is todays best buy Visit the showrooms — poek, poke and pry! The mora you »ee, th» lurer you'll b» that Hudton It th» automobile you 1 v« be«n drvamlng about! ay o ng auomoes basically ri^ht. it freea designers of Ihe neod^ for "warmed-over" slylin^, ennbles Hudson to Hchiovc wonderfully symmetrical linos! Whot T i more, Hudson gives yon glorious room! Because you step dotcn into the lowest-limit car on the highway, Hudson ha.s mnazin^ liratl rooTn ami tho raomic^L scats in nny ninss- produced automobile built today! And all thu with full road clearance! And ride! Hudson brings you a sweet,, steady ridr you can't match at any prico! This automobile has the lo\ve,sl, center of gravity in any American stock c.-ir! ThnL's where Hudson geU its smooth, huK-the-road way of going! NEW HUDSON DEUVERfO HE" F»' Ly MUl INCIWXNG WFAIHER-CONTRO: en , y $2389.95 • Only th« acc»tiQTiit you crd«r • Caih or lime paymtnlt • Wilh or wllhcut lrad«-ln • Good oMowanee for your ear OUIVERY QK SOME MODULI Ihere'i porformanee — and how! Hudson's all- nc\v. high-comprcKsion Huper-Suc engine—the most powerful of all American-built sixca—or the maslerful Super-Might get every chance lo perform at their economical nnd brilliant, best iK'rmise thi.s car is so Inw-built, so streamlined 1 .* We invite you to come in . , . lo see—drivp— compare Ihe N'ow llndson- the automobile thai is so far ahead it is a prolfctrii ini-cstmcnl in motor-car value! 'Tt' rJmnlnt" in f/M/..-,n'« ".SIrp.H,ri-n" rlr-if* on r*- plair.fii in a iooA/ff n.ot/iWf ol nil Huiirnn dtntrr?. Hudson The only car you step All this, too, but only in Hudson Automate g+**r shifting in forward speeds with Kudion Driv*. iwi/y whan you wool, but doet all Ihfl wofV ... your choice, 1 1 \ or maitetful 128 h.p, Siip»r- light *« g ;r.* . . . Tn>;«.S«f« trait»s — fln«il hydraulic iyit»m on lome perfal, plus flnger-lip relenia porVing brake . . . Sup«r Cut-h'ron 7ir»t... C*nf*r. t^on 20 other import a r.t fcoturw rhat only Hudiofl brtngi you in on* cor. GLIN West Ash HARRISON MOTOR CO. AT THE Razorback Drive-In All Ihul m»kn m mewl » plpusurc you'll flnit al th« R«nirb»ck Drive-in . . , deUclounly different fond, friendly cnurtnou* itrvlte, jipnlleim aurrnunUlnfi, »nd »ery •conomlrat prices. Here we show jnu uiir Junch- wnn mrnn tnr the week hrirlnnlnir Stinrfny, MntcH 20, In nuggfut Iff yon how (tonrf tuttng out can be. Try at once and ynu'll want (n comr b»ck aiatn. ONE ENTIRE WEEK'S LUNCHEON MENU Sunday Monday Tuesday $1.00 Bnkrd Young Hen \vilh dressing nml crntiberry sauce. Snowflakc Potatoes Buttered Pens and Carrots Creamed AsparnRiis Tips Jello Fruit Sdlnd Homemade Hot Rolls and Duller 85c i-holr.f, of On* : Chicken Pol p| e Smnlhnod Stcnk anrt brown grivy Chicken nnd dumpling* Con; Pudding Green SlrhiK Bcjni.s Scalloped Potnloea Prach A-; CottRRR Cheese Salad Homemade Hot Rolls And Corn Mufllns 85c (Ihnlre «f One YontiK Bret Liver nnd gi'avy Hot Rojist Pork and brown gravy * Chicken and dumplings nliick-eycd Pens Fresh Onrdcn Greeni Ovcti-Bakecl PotRto - . , Tomato <fe Lettuce Snlad Homemade Hot Rolls and Corn MufTins Wednesday Thursday Friday. 85c Cliuicr uf One Onr own naked Ham Hot Roast Beef and brown gravy Chicken and dumplings Razorhack Baked Beans Buttered CntTots Bnkcd Macaioni & Potato Salad 85c (.'lioire oT One Breaded Pork Tenderloin Franktui tors and Kraut Hit rionst Beef atirl brown gravy Pinto Brans Given Garden Calihagc Snowllakc Poiatocs Apple fc Celery Salad Hijmrin.Ttlr Hoi. Ilolls and Corn Muffins 85c Choice of One CntHsh Mfftt Loaf with tomato sauce Chicken and dumpllnjrs Baked Sweet Poliito Great Northerti Beans Mustaid Greens Coinhiuntlon Salad llonirniatlt 1 Hot Rolls nnd Corn Mnrtins Phone 2552 Saturday 85c Choice of Otic Bieadcd Pork Chops Country Fried Slralc Chicken and dnmpllngj Oicen Lima Beans Slewed Tomatoes .Mashed Polatpcs Pineapple Salrvd Homemade Hot Rolls anrt Corn Miiflins DELICIOUS SEA FOODS - STEAKS - CHOPS RAZORBACK'S FAMOUS BARBECUE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE WE OFFER CURB SERVICE ALL HOURS RAZORBACK DRIVE-IN South Highway 61 Open 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. Week Days 12 Noon to 12 p.m. Sunday

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