Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on October 24, 1957 · Page 3
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 3

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 24, 1957
Page 3
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MAT T IJMf H nil A -jaJNttt October 28-NOvember 1 Monday Chili Con Carne >'ith Crackers Bread and Butter Sandwich Apple and Grape Salad Gingerbread Vfe 'Pint Milk Tuesday Escalloped Potatoes with Ham Peanut Butter Sandwich Cabbage-Apple-Pineapple Salad Chocolate Pudding % Pint Milk Wednesday Beef Stew Tomatoes Cheese Sandwiches Apple Crisp % Pint Milk Thursday Baked Pork with Dressing Mashed Potatoes with Butter Carrot Strips Bread & Butter Sandwich Peaches % Pint Milk Friday Fish Sticks with Tartar Sauce Hashed Brown Potatoes Buttered Green Beans Bread & Butter Sandwiches Graham Cracker-Lemon Refrigerator Dessert V4 Pint Milk 24 OCTOBER 1957 sentences begin with capital letters. We've found this lakes much practice. The following people had all their spelling words correct last week: Norma Tripp, Jimmy Niles. Patsy Teepe, Karyl Heine- matin, Billy Gillette, Julie Smith. Ladtryl Bieibower, David Orr. Eileen Bonjour, Mike Buhman. Mary Schmidt, Joyce Hall, Kenneth Becker, Barbara Ashby, Peggy Hofer, Joyce Gage. Clyde Pickett, Darya McBride, Terry Van Buren, Cheryl Heinemann, Diane PaUison, Linda Clark, and Norma Hammond. We especially enjoyed the story about Queen Elizabeth and her family in our Weekly Readers. We read it on the day she visited Washington. We learned that Princess Anne would probably be in our grade if she were here. We have been practicing our number facts with answer cards and colored squares. We learned the "Five" family this week, fov Halloween this \yeek. Watch out 'for the bills, cats and witches. There will l,e a few ghosts along too to keep up the tradition. Gary Maurer had the misfortune of having his horse fall on him right after the Homecoming Parade Friday. The doctor said his foot was severely dislocated or perhaps broken. Hope you're back with us soon, Gary. Dane McBride is hobbling around this week too. His bicycle got the best (if him over the weekend. Those absent witli flu are Lin- MUSIC Last Saturday two quartets left Fayette and wen' to Decora h to a remedial trvout for All State Chorus. Those entered ;is Quartet A were: John Rhodes-bass, Gary Nading—tenor, Sharon Blaker— alto, and Carol Dahlquist—soprano. Quartet C included Steven Talcott—bass, Max Gross—tenor, "Honeycomb." its probably Lauretta Quandt. Laurie is tall, slender, blond, 17 years old and lives southeast of town. Her favorites are fried chicken, apple pie, blue, gray. Bookkeeping, Natalie Wood and Tab Hunter. In her spare time she sews and listens to "Wake'Up Little Su/ie", "Remember you're Mine," and THE mm THE EDITOR ASSISTANT EDITOR CLOTHES HITS MUSIC SENIOR SKETCH Kolleen Anfinson — alt Campbell — soprano. Qualifying for this the learning of seven less than two weeks. and Kaye People who are always talking GRADE NEWS about someone is her pel peeve. BIRTHDAYS involved Laurie is also kept quite busy songs in with hor schoo) activities of Girls BOYS SPORTS , w « wcrc Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, nnd SPECIAL FEATURES King. Larry Wenthe, Keith competing against Cedar Falls, Bond Cresco, New Hampton. Sumner, Aftcr SC , U)0 , js olU next . Charles City. Garnav.llo and LaurJL . plans on ui ., j()() .ither schools in tins area. Quar- Bcst of lllck j jBUrotta Burns, Mike Beckner and Sharon Ash. Donna Kuhens has turned in 15 extra credit reports for Read- let C was accepted and will spend <he has earned for Thanksgiving in DCS Moines as GIRLS SPORTS BOYS SPORTS SPECIAL FEATl TOP TEN TUNES OF F.H.S. FUR AND FEATHERS TYPISTS ing plus the 7 she lias earned for regular weekly reports. The Reading Club named their club the BOOK WORM CLUB last Friday. part of the DCS All State Chorus. the homecoming festivities. The floats were presented and it was WITH THE HOME EC GIRLS SPONSOR TATTLER STAFF Barb Kauten Ruth Nims Donna Heth and Kathy Shaffer .. Sloven Talcott and Carole Dahlquist Bill Hughes, Janis Schabacher, Jean Cue, Carolyn Bright Roger Olferstcin, Jan Bennington Margo Downing, Becky Maxson Peg Eischeid Kip Knight, Gene Van Buren Kollcen Anfinson Gloria Alber and Marvin Buckmaster Lowell Paul Jan Bennington Jan Schabacher, Ruth Nims Mrs. Paul Pickett The Freshman Homo EC cla.- Yes, now wo are seniors, that long awaited time when we finally have moved over into the seats farthest north in the study hall. Remember when wo first entered high school—how that large Eighth Grade News announced the Sophomores won have been making beds reading study hall nearly overwhelmed us, and that new found freedom! We ^ *r» *•__..___» ._ I. _. i » „!_._. *.. i.. »: ,. i u., * ; „ ..> n f f i..m-l4Vir>t THROUGH THE GRADES Ftrtt Grade News Mrs. Meyer Those who started to first grade with us but were not in Kindergarten here last year are David Jurgensen, Pam Curtis, and Dennis Brown. Just this week Kristene Covington from Californa and Roger Williams from Hawkeye came to our room. The old merry-go-round needs repairs so some of us who have been afraid of the fast merry-go- round now ride it and have found that it is fun. In number class we are learning to count by ten and write our tens." In reading we are learning about two new words per day. Recently we have enjoyed candy treats from Steve Butters, Jackie Schiedel, Bobby Dilkey, Janet Campbell and Darwin Con- high of Third Grade News Mrs. Brause Six weeks of school have passed and everyone was anxious to see their report card. After looking at them, we now have a better Jdea Of what we need to improve upon. Cathy Alshouse and Clark Austin both received 100':; in the six weeks spelling test. Twenty-four girls and boys were neither absent nor tardy the first six weeks. Everyone is busy making cats, Laredo", a witches, jack-o-lunterns, ghosts. i,, w j n( . Hie etc. so that our room will IH.* (left orated for Halloween. We have luorntid how to add and subtract two pliicp number* in arithmetic. Most of us have also learned how to elieck these problems. We are happy to three people huvf brought their dental cards buck They are Kui'i'n Ash, Uaynn Uunn'i niuUt. and Judy Umgermiin. We hop 1st and Freshmen 2nd in the Mrs. Stirk High school division, the. 7th, report that grade 1st in the Junior |ligh and Bqbby Fish wun 1st among the bicycle riders, a. climtenl thermometer, taking pulse and taking respiration. found we had to plan our own study time, that is, we found that out after the first report cards. Then wo were sophomores. Wo were growing older, we thought, Knv fimnhn)! rtomin«tr-i»^t »h.. ''"-" wo WLl€! sopnoinorc.s. we were Blowing uiut-i, we- uiuugm, K«y Campbell demmstiatcd the . >nd we suu , u , ied U) . u , t it _ We di( , nol n0(?d to bc to , d when to study _ use nnd care of an ice bag, Lavon In our Junior year we put on our Christmas Formal. Only ten ne Johnson demonstrated the use coup i c . 8 s | K)W ed up for it. We were surely disappointed after doing all At tilt' Homecoming dance fol- and care of the hot water bottle, a lot more pupils will briny theirs queen back soon. SPECIAL EVENTS ThM snake da,nce was begun Thursday niKhi by a small bonfire and a pep rally. We had our lowing the giirne the king and were crowned. The gym was nicely decorated with a large cornshock and pumkins and crepe paper. John Meihe and his band furnished the music. Next Wednesday UV»nUO.H Wf Will IUIVK a iruinunutttt Htiuw, ",lasun and thu tlukUin. Flu ceo" and Mrs. Ashby showed us how to change a bed while the jdck person remained in bod. that work. In the spring we had the Junior-Senior Banquet. I think most of us really enjoyed golting the Farm Bureau Building ready for it. Now, as Seniors, wo ai\> rounding out what some say "is the Other topics we have studied best yc.rs of our lives." \Ve hope for n pleasant year ahead. and (Ust'u.ssed (nolude: Wuys uf lnaki|\H bed patients more com- furtttbUt, Ut'urnlng when it is necessary to call the Doctor, How to help build morale of a bed Fifth Grade News Mrs. Everett Fifth Grade mudu u lot of progress in Spelling lust woek. We had 15 A's compared to our 13 for previous work, an "A" were: traditional snake dance down through town. Then we went to a show called "The Streets of western picture. Fol show we had a huge fjr(; afjd |hi; couches and players gaye speeches at ihu l j e(i ra|ly. Everyone was invited to a' waler- inelon f*'cd t( > eil( ' "" : »'vt'n,jnn. At tliu Iliiiui'Ciiiiiiny giluie wi|h Coygon Friday nighi Ihu h«ilf-. time parade was headed with the Queen and her attendants who rode in convertibles. The girls were presented with corsages of roses. Wanda Tope was named Qiiituii and Biib jVJarvin King for for nil the gcudest nnd high school patient, Things a bed patient may at 10:30. On Wednesday fternoon there do to help his own halations, Hot and morale, \i\ co.UI v«n\will be a special showing at the presses, Emnha.sis; OK oure In ad- theatre down town of the shfl\v "Wai: ;(iid Reace," btutients from to J2 arc given the spe- medlcine, Essentials of medicine cabinet and the care of poisons, and The care of a s,jck cial admission price of 50c. This child and takjng th,e. s, mil II oh i Id's is ail educational show b,,;tse.d p,n. temperature, q historjcaj |V( v 't:| a.bo,ut ((IP N.;||i<|lc«in.jc. V/HC with Hi'ssiiu.. This nitvol by Tulsluy u fun»iu>rtjd to be the world's (jruntcgt novel. SENIOR If you hear SKETCH arqtind FM1.S,. -Si GIRLS SPORTS Thirteen girls reported for Basketball last week. They arc Becky Maxson, Bonniv Ol»tw, Elaine KutienSi Murfio Downing, rujWna C:\m\v OnhlquUt, Lois Bennington, Dorthoa Schuety, Kathy Lambert, Kathy Shaffer, Dorothy Burget, Lois TimmenuJin. Pen Eischeid and Barb Nmling. Kay Campbell and Lavonno Johnson, are going to bo thr nvn\«(iors. We haven't decided on a ohnperone as yet. Practice will be starting in the next couple of weeks, PHILATHEAS TO MEET OCTOBER 30 The Philatheas will meet with Mrs. I. T. Shaffev on Wednesday. Oct. :iO, with picnic dinner at 12:15 i>.m, TOP TEN TUNES OF F.H.S. 1. Jail House 2. Tammy !i. Just Between You and Me 4. Happy Birthday Baby 5. Wake Up Little Susie li. In the Middle of an Island 7. Moon Lighl Swim H. Chances Aix v !). Black Slacks It) Remember You're Mine KEEP THIS AD! : Over 20,000 Arthritic and Rheumatic Sufferers ha.v» taken this Medicine since it has been on the market. It is inexpensive. can be taken in the home. For Free information, give name and address to P. O. Box 826, Hot Springs, Arkansas. ner. Rosanna Stepp brought cup Those receiving an "A" cakes for her birthday which we Mike Beckner, Donna Franzen, ate with our milk. Barbara Keig, Donna Kuhens, Every recess the first graders Duane Mandt-rfield, DBVO Mc- comsume 41 glasses of milk Bride, Gary Muurer, Chuck Nol- which is 10 V4 quarts each recess son, Steven Niles, Donald Rohde, or 5V4 gallons per day. This is in Tommy Schmidt, Dottls Van addition to what we use with our Bogart, Alice Kauten, Kenneth Quandt and Larry Hennig. In Language we addressed en- on letters dinners. We took home report cards last Wednesday. At the end of velopes and worked the next six weeks our parents again last week, will be invited to come to a parent-teacher conference. Mfonday, Oct. 21 we wrote a test over the Middle Atlantic States. We hope e_veryone re-menv, bers the important facts about these states. Next week we will tell who got an "A" in this test. With all the fuss over "Sputnik," Mrs. Everett decided we'd better learn more about the Second Grade News Mrs. Schichtl There is no doubt that Halloween is near with the black cats and witches flying about our room. •After visiting the library each earth and its satellites. Conse- JYednesday a second-grader reads quently we are starting an unit a story that they have prepared in in Science called Seeing the their spare time. Planets. It should be interesting, •In language class we are trying especially with the clear skies we to learn which sentences need usually have this time of year periods, which sentences need for star gazing, question markes and that all We plan to decorate our room Ivy League Caps 1 Hormel CHILE _-_ . FLUFFO Como TISSUE Potters Polar Pak ICE CREAM Comet CLF.AKSF.R WAX PAPER ORANGES U:.,,- .- f CRAMBERRIES 1 / K)TATOES Pure Ground ! Goeken's I Phon. 19 _ can fwt/ix _ _ J Ibs. O«/C ..... 4£29c Va 7Q r gal. 1 v\+ M boxes ut7v> box 19c ,, 4Qr doz. ~t/V ..... IK 25C .10 *. 45c ... 3 k 89c Food Mkt Corduroy — $1.98 up IVY LEAGUE SLACKS FOR YOUNG MEN Lee Polished cotton, Black cotton, Gray strip, olive green, Blue corduroy — $498 to $5.45 Ball Brand rubber footwear for the whole family 'The Best Money Can Buy" Mens white bucks — $7.95 Mens dirty bucks — $7.95 Glovet shoes for ladies and girls Metis Dress Jackets .98 to $19.95 BOYS & GIRLS PARKAS <KK Qft up «DO.*7O r FLANNEL SHIRTS FOR MEN AND BOYS Ladiev wool, Sweaters orlon- Banlon to MENS $2.98 to $3.98 BOYS $1.95 to $2.49 Red Wing Engineer boots, 8 in. boots, Work boots and work shoes — <£Q Qfi to <DO*«7O Tingley dress rubbers for men — J7 fi5 Soxs for boys and girls from 6 to 60 — 39c up Pkg. groups — 4 pair for $1.00 • ~i Yankee Doodle gloves for the entire family Conroy dress gloves for men and ladies Ball Brand Basketball shoes for boy* and girls $4^5 to $5Jg Hanes ski* pa jamas for boys and girls — $2.98 to $3.98 Ladies $4.69 Wonderfully Warm GIRLS, BOYS, MENS, LADIES Hooded sweat shirts — $3.49 CAPS of all kinds — 59c up Lee & Big Smith Work Clothes for Men & Boys Hanes underwear for men and boys Insulated underwear for men — 2 piece $9.00 NELSON'S SHOE & CLOTHING FAYETTE al tUl A

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