Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on June 27, 1951 · Page 10
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 10

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1951
Page 10
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10 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, fLLINOrS WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27, 1951 SAYS COAL WIULAST 2^ YEARS lllinoii Expert Sees Future for Engineeri in Mining Industry. •y AstocisUd PrtM D'JQUOIN, 111,, June 27.—Our coal will last another 2,000 years ind ways to make it cheaper will Be found, predicts a University of Illinois coal expert. Harold L. Walker, mining and metallUi ^ical department head at the school, address a DuQuoin meeting of University alumni and new students last night. The professor has twice been mine direc tor for the state of Illinois.- Walker said mining engineering graduates need not fear that jobs for them will run out. He added that higher starting salaries — $3,600 to $$4,800 a year— are being offered to them than to engineers in other fields. Walker is a native of .southern Illinois' mining area and his father, Roy Walker of Benton, has been associated with the industry since 1903. He said in the late 1920s and early 1930s mechanization revolutionized the coal industry, and forecast other revolutions are coming. He explained that coal still is handled "a dozen times" from its source to consumers and a way should be found to cut such handling and costs. He also predicted improved mean of cleaning coal and in its uses. "Mining engineers trained in scientific fundamentals beyond the immediate practical know how of present methods will fit into changes that may come and be the leaders for keeping their mines and their companies busy," Walker said. SO Scholarships He noted that mining companies have set up 30 undergraduate scholarships at the University of Illinois and three fellowships to encourage mining research. American Ships Can Sail Again By AtMMiaM Prt>i NEW YORK, June 27. — All American-flag ships returned to the seas today after 11 days of labor disputes. At one time, non- defense shipping was tied up in every major port in the nation. The CIO National Marine Engineers Beneficial Association won contract concessions from 40 Atlantic and Gulf coast shipowners last night to mark the complete 'estoration of maritime labor peace. West coast ships started moving ^st Friday after the CIO American Radio Association settled a Jtrike with Pacific ship operators. Some east anl gulf coast vessels failed during the past two days following weekend agreements with the owners and the radiomen's union and the 52,000-member National Maritime Union (CIO). The Marine engineers won their most important demand, that all engineers below the rank of first assistant be hired through union hiring halls. Ship operators had resisted this demand for years. TROUBLE ON FOOT —Callouses, bunions and blisters are the subject of inspection by Cpl. Harvey Gibson of Tampa, Fla,, on the central front in North Korea. With a wrecked jeep as a back-rest and a hard rock lor a seat, the corporal gives his weary dogs a thorough going over. (NEA -Acme photo by StaS Photographer Jim Healy.) Arrest Preacher For Sending Card To Miss Truman By Associated Preii LOS ANGELES, June 27.— A PUBLIC SALE I will sell at Public Auction at my home in Belle Rive, SATURDAY, JUNE 30 at 1 P. M. 1 3-bottom tractor ploj»'. 1 Sulky plow. I Disc. 1 Disc cultivator. 1 shovel cultivator. 1 Diamond plow. 1 Mowing: machine. 1 Rubber tired wagon. 1 Saw Gummcr. 1 Gasoline 2 -cyl. engine. 1 Lot tools. I Lot harness. I on stove. 1 Lot dishes. Other things too numerous to mention. MRS. BESSIE SANDERS Owner T. B. RUSSELL, Auctioneer '42-year-old itinerant street preacher, Paul De La Croix, uas in jail today on charges of sending a libelous, scurrilous and defamatory post card to Margaret Truman. Post Officer Inspector F. H. Casey said De La Croix had sent other cards to prominent persons, including President Ti-uman and television star Faye Emmerson, and had been warned to discontinue the practice, Casey said the card to Miss Truman was sent to the National Broadcasting Company in New York and that on the back was a magazine picture of Miss Truman showing her in a low cut dress. D«.UGHr.fuily smooth ond dr/ 3 »lt«tDIEei< «»t«TE»N B0EWE3T r.O.. B EL ^ E VILi. E. ILL,. ST. LOUIS, MO atience eward Let us say, just for the sake of emphasizing a truth, that we are tallying about you. All your life, since you were old enough to see and understand, you have known that Cadillac represents unquestioned supremacy in the motor car world. And you have said that—"when the time arrived"— you would own a Cadillac. Now, "the time has arrived." You have reached the point in your endeavors where you feel you are entitled to a Cadillac—and all the thi^s it represents. •But you hear that some delay in delivery has become unavoidable. "Maybe," you think, "there is a substitute. Perhaps some olher car, which I can get more quickly, would cio." Standard rjuii^mini, aufsJiru: and '.nm Uiuslratid art lubjiet (a chanfi teitkout Mliet, For the sake of your own welfare— please listen to this: There is only one car which is recognized wherever highways lead as the "Standard of the World." There is only one car which is held in the highest respect by newsboys and millionaires alike. There is only one car which is the hope and the ideal of motorists everywhere. And there is only one r^/v which you, yourself, ri?fi//y and truly want. So stand firm in your convictions! Be patient! For patience will bring you the richest reward in the motor car world. It will bring you—a Cadillac! See your Cadillac dealer today— and get your name on his order list. JEFFERSION MOTORS \ 816-20 Jordan — Mt. Vtrnon, III. — Phone 334 CITY REQUIRES APPOINTMENTS FOR^EDDLING Alexandria, Lo., Finds Out How to Stop Door-to- Ooor Sellers. By Associated Press ALEX.\NDRIA. La., Jtinc 27. Nearly 200 cities from coast to coast "are asking how this city of 50,000 found a way to keep door- to-door peddlers from bothering busy housewi\es and slumbering husbands. Alexandria has received lequcsts from 171 cities in 39 states for details on the city's anti-peddling ordinance, and the requests are still coming in. Mayor Carl B. Close said 'he ordinance was passed to keep out unreliable solicitors and because many persons complained about being disturbed while busy, ill or sleeping. The ordinance, recently uphold by the U. S. Supreme Court, classifies peddling as an illegal nuisance unless an appointment for the salesman has been made ahead of time. "Housewives generally have praised the ordinance," Mayor Close said. "We have had very few complaints from the major sales organizations as wc always e-xplain to them that the law docs not interfere with their business so long as they made appointments oeforehand. Mayor Close said the operation of the ordinance is simple; "There were a good many arrests made right after the ordinance w-as passed four years ago. Most of the peddlers represented organized agencies. When the agencies found out we were enforcing the ordinance many moved th«r campaigns on to other cities. We seldom get complaints now." The ma.ximum penalty for viola- U.S. Arranges for Evacuation Port By ltssacla«*d Prais ROME, June 27. — Military sources .said today the United States would use Leghorn (Livorno) in northern Italy as an evacuation port if the Russians should attack from Eastern Europe. The desire for such an escape route played a part in the Allied decision to make the Communist- ruled port a supply base for U. S. occupation troops in Australia, the informants said. An agreement is ready for signature by the U. S. and Italy for use of the port as a supply base. tions is a .?100 fine or 30 days in .jail, or both. NOTICE LOST 15 LBS. CHRISTOPHER LAOT ENJOYS WORK AROUND HOUSE AGAIN "I had a tired feeling in my chest and thought it might be fat around my heart. It bothered nie so I was unable to fend my garden and take carts of the house. I bought a bottle of Rennel Concenlrate to see if it would help. I reduced from 180 lbs. to 165 easily with Rennel. Thanks to Rennel I was able lo spade he garden, paint four rooms, pick my trawberries and keep the lawn mowed, know that if I followed the direction iid took Rennel regularly I could lose lore weight. It sure is good to feel able o do things again. Rennel is wonder ul," So writes Emma Burbank of 203 Ernestine .\ye. It's amazing how quickly you can •ose pounds of bulky, unsightly fat right in your own home. Make this recipe yourself. It"s no trouble and costs little. Contains nothing harmful. Ask your druggist for 4 ounces of liqtiid Rennel Concentxate. Pour this into pint bottle and add unsweetened grapefruit juice to fill bottle. Then take two tablespoonfuls twice a day. It's that simple. If ra ducible pounds and inches of excess fat don 't seem to disappear almost like magic with the first bottle, return it to the manufacturer for your money back. Note how bloat disappears—how much better you feel. Now is the time to re- doea. Aak yow druggist for RenneL There Will Be NO Meeting of Painters Loco! m No. 888 July 4th THE NEXT MEETING WILL BE HELD ^ WEDNESDAY, JULY 18th | ELMER CAMPBELL, Pres. M DRY CLEANING mm Summer clothing needs more \hQr\ or6\r\Qry c\ear\'mq a\Xer\\\on. \ou'\\ get more wear Uom yoi^r garments if we dean and pre%% them for you. ftOC TOnk^ FOR Bring Your Cleoning in This Week. Will Be Closed July 1 to July 7. KERLEY'S CLEANING and DYEING CO. OWNED and OPERATED by CUV J. KERLEY 0 Try D-X MOTOR OIL immi UMf yourMlf that DX with ihe "e »tM "of Extrinol i« I locgber, Mfer, more MooMnicil motor oil or f *t your moory back! Chimr «> IXX at yout •iiihhnrtifiiiiit D-XStatiofL D-X is a high anti-knock, catalytic-cracked gasoline to which a specially refined lubricant has been scientifically blended. This lubricant gives extra protection to the power parts of the "flame zone"—parts which crankcase oil alone often fails to protect adequately. In addition, D-X provides quick starts, knockless power and long mileage. Try a tankful of D-X Lubricating Gasoline today! MID-CONTINENT PETROLEUM CORPORATION The'SAUCERIEST^givesVoa When you burn D-X Lubricating Gasoline and ordinary gasoline in open saucers you SEE the difference. Ordinary gasoline leaves dry, hard carbon deposits. D - X leaves a smooth, oily, protective film. Flaming Proof that D-X provides — at no extra cost—^xtra protection to your motor! HUNDREDS OF 6ASOUN£S BUT ONLY ONE TRY A TANKFUL TODAY-ON A MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE HOTTENSON& ROBINSON D-X SERVICE lOth and Perkins—'Phone 423 HARMON & HARLOW MAIN D-X SERVICE 603 Main—'Phone 431 HODGES & WARREN D-X SERVICE 1713 S. 10th—'Phone 403 M. D. HAUN DISTRIBUTOR 202 </2 Main—Ph. 2354

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