Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 23, 1939 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1939
Page 6
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Finns Hope Soviet to Keep the Peace .They Don't Believe Kus- sia Wants War in the North MOSCOW. Russia — i.AV- Finnish hopes for a peaceful settlement of negotiations with Soviet Russia rose Sunday on the theory the U. S. S. R. \vns desirous of friendly neighbors on her northern flank, particularly in view of the failure of talks with Turkey. The Finnish delegation headed by Dr Juho Kusti Paasikivi sped toward Moscow by train and was clue to arrive ,ut 10.20 a. rn. Monday. The Finns were said to be prepared to make some concessions to Russia, possibly with islands in the Gulf of Finland, but were determined not "to give too much away." Russia having announced her intention of remaining neutral in the European war. observers said it was not likely she would try to push Finland too far and risk having a warring nation on her northern flank. Speculation on the results of nego- tations with Finland shared interest with Russia shortly would send an economic mission to Germany headed by Ivan T. Tevosyan. commissar of shipbuilding. The Russian mission will examine the question of machinery and manufactured goods to Russia, thus complementing work of the German delegation here. Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to loosen germ laden phlegm, Increase secretion and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. No matter how many medicines you have tried, tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding that you are to like the way It quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis OUR BOARDING HOUSE. . with ... MAJOR HOOPLE BOYS WAS KIWDA L&ST N16UT, MAJOR, WHEN BACKED OUT OP TUt BOUT W\TW FOR TWE BENEFIT ^~~ SAY, ' AS ONrs OWU TO ANOTHER, I COULD TOSS TUAT OLD W&SV4ED-UP WE CAN'T WRESTLE WlS OWN NECKTIE OFF/ DOM'T YOU TAKE MM ON ? JUST TO MAKE <3URE YOU CAN'T LOSEj I'LL -PUT THE RX Otsf BAB A/ EGADjSWUFPY/ WHAT'S THAT YOU SAY ? OF COURSE, \F THAT'S THE WAY THE LAMD HESy^vTWAT IS-^— -> ; WERE IT NOT FOR M OLD INJURY, TO BE SURE, I COULD PROPEL THIS BABk INTO TWEi GALLERY ^EATS ^-^BUT SUPPOSE YOU SEE THE FELLOW AND MAKE \T PLAIN I COULD NOT AFFORD TO-RISK AGGRAVATION OF MY OLD WOUND "***~ UAAAAF/r THAT NO to ONE 6ETS HURT.' COPR 193? BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. Of P. 4 Babies Smother in Steam Accident Radiator Valve Blows Off in Perth Amboy (N. . J.) Hospital PERTH AMBOY, N. J. -(W- infants in a nursery at Perth Amboy Gencrnl Hospital, two boys and two girls, died of suffocation early Monday when, Coroner James Flyn, Jr. .--.•ml, a valve blew out of a radiator, lillmjj the nursery with steam. The babies, none more than a week old, were unnamed. To Rush Planes If (Continued from Page One) Yerger Noses Out Texarkana, 7 to 0 Tigers Mark Up Fourth Win By Whipping Texarkana The Ycrger High School football team won its fourth game of the season by defeating Washington High of Tcxurkana, 7 to 0, Saturday night nt Texarkana. It was the first defeat of the season for Texarkmia. Hope scored in the last minutes of Ihc third quarter and then made extra point. Prescott Girl Is (Continued From Page One) Electrical and Refrigerator Service If others have failed, try us. Work guaranteed. Prices reasonable Graduate Coyne Electrical School ARTHUR MORRIS Day and Night Ph'one 686. QUALITY PIANOS Steinway, Haddorff, Cable, Wurlitzer. New Models §245 up. Terms. Drop us a card for catalogs. Beware of something - .for - nothing offers. BEASLEY'S, Texarkana, Ark. HARVEY ODOM Local Representative Now is the time to wear Costume Suits We arc Featuring a Group at for consideration by the judges. The crowning of the queens closed the exposition with its financial success assured by clicking turnstiles which easily shattered 193S attendance records. The attendance Sunday was 12.071 making a grand total of 87.526 compared to 57.000 last year. | Col. T. H. Barton of El Dorado. I president of the show association | expressed gratification over the en- j thusiasm with which the event was j received. j Started two years ago by public • subscription, the show this year prov- i ed an outstanding attraction. Premiums ! of S12.500 were paid to Arkansas breed: rs and nearly $8000 in prize money was i distributed to rodeo performers dur- | ing the seven days of the exposition. j The gates were opened at 8 a. m. ! and all livestock entries remained on ; exhibition until 6 p. m. { M. W. Muldrow, state extensive 1 i service animal husbandman, said Sun; day night that prices paid Saturday i at the auction sale of champion stock . exhibited by 4-H club members and ; Future Farmers of America were "very satisfactory." He said the exhibitors should feel [ "extremely fortunate at the prices of• fcred above the market value of the i stock." asserting that most sales were I at least ?2.50 abov the maket quota| tions. He said most of the boys who ! exhibited were,on a production basis , j and realized a profit from their stock. Negro Fair to Be Staged This Week ccl as the major activities for the ; two-clay annual affair. \ C. S. Wooclarcl C. C. Harraway. and J. K. Blaklcy will be the principal I speakers. Tlie program is sponsored j by the local community fair organization under the direction of 'the vo- ! calional department of Yerger High School. j The 'best farm and home products | will be on display. Awards will be | made for all worthy exhibits. Refreshments will be on sale. The officials and committees are as follows: Grey, Noted Writer Is Dead rt Attack Fatal for Author of "Westerns," Age 64 France and Britain need in a hurry the fighters, bombers and other crnft ordered here to reinforce against any German aerial "blitzkrieg-" Probably none of the 300 or so planes awaiting delivery is capable of spanning the Atlantic by air, but they could go part of the way. Indications are ' that some ut least will leave the United | States under their own power, in- .-tcacl of in creates stowed away in the holds of freighters. To save the delay involved in shipping planes in knockdown form, they might be conveyed ready for action in a fast British or French aircraft carrier. If a pesidential proclamation or neutrality law ruling should bar a belligerent warship on such n mission from American ports, it could sail from Canada, after the planes had been | flown across the border. An even faster and 'more spectacular method would be to fly the planes sev- ; era I hundred miles at sea to a carrier 1 which could launch them into the air upon Hearing Europe and then speed ; back to this side of the Atlantic for another cargo. Garner Is Pushing Embargo's Repeal liter crmi oixi-j n • •> . rn i • A their defenses | Vice-President Taking Ac- 39.75 LADIES Specialty Shop S. E. Evan, president; J. A. Trotter, vice president: P.M. McDonald secretary; A. W. Wheaton, treasurer; J. A. Harris- vocational instructor. The committees: Agriculture and Live Stock: Mathews White, chairman. Tommie Jones, Chester Harris, J. A. Trotter. Erwin Wheaton. W. M. McFaddin. Business and Finance: S. E. Evans, chairman. M. H Yerger, A. W. Wheaton. P. M. McDonald, L. M. Maxwell. L M. Maxwell, Chester McDonald. Program: E. B Brizell, chairman, L. M. Maxwell, E. F. Franks, L. McDonald, Ellen Harris. Amusement: Ervin Wheaton, Tellous McDonald, Chester Harris, Tommic Jones, M. B. Maxwell. M. H. Yerger, Harden Harris, E. Wheaton. Gouvace Maxwell, Sophie McDonald. Domestic and Fine Arts: L. M. Maxwell. L. J. Jones, L. Maxwell, C. M. Maxwell, L McDonald, J V. Washington, Mary Harris, B. Laudermilk, McDonald, Tommie Jones. Nee dStrong U. S. (Continued from Page One) ALTADENA, Calif."!/?)—ZancTJrcy. 64, noted writer and sportsman, died suddenly Monday at his home here of, _ „ -i- n ' I an heart attack. Attending physicians said the author, suffering from coronary thrombosis, succumbed to a sudden seizure early in the morning. By this means the warplanes might be in France in three or four days. Difficulties with the new .'!00-milc .safety /.one around the Americas might by keeping the carrier beyond its outer limit but .still well within the range of any compat plane. Or. to minimize the peril of 'a submarine attack, the planes 'might be delivered to American, British or | French islands in the West Indies, and j Tea Bushes require an annual rain- : there either loaded on freighters or on fall of 100 inches or more. I a carrier. live Part in Revision Fight By 1'R.KSTON GKOVKIl WASHINGTON — Vice - president Garner has taken such a firm hold of the Administration's case in the neutrality fight that credit for repeal of the arms embargo likely will go to him if it goes to anybody. From the night of the first conference at the White House at the beginning of th. special session. Garner has been a calming factor in the debate, It is reliably reported that he spoofed at frightened senators who said repeal of the arms embargo would be the first step of thi.s country toward war. His 30 years and more of experince in Congress make an impretssive record. His skill at unravelling legislative situation and int. rpreting public sentiment gives far more than average weight to his maneuvering. It is all cloak-room operation. The members just naturally drift into his famous "bureau of education," tin. vice-president's private room off one corner of the Senate chamber. There he talks frankly, at times bluntly both with members of the Scnnt< and with certain news men in whon he places considerable confidence. He never is officially quoted, but on th other hand, the numerous quotation attributed to him are more often thai | not unofficially authorized. The debate on the neuraliy bill wa barely a week old when it became known that Garner was advising senators against restrictions on Amer- ican shipping, Serifllora objected thftt to let American ships cruise about the seas would stir «P American sentiment for retaliation. Again Gnrner is credited with the assertion thnt publl sentiment Is so solidly against war that Congress never would dnre vote for any kind of pnrticipation unless sentiment chang ed radically. • His position on neutrality is right down the same lane with the Administration's. This puts him in the Roosevelt camp almost for the first time since he led the las-minute demand for a compromise on the court bill in 1937. So quiet is the Garner way of working that it is almost overlooked that he has had n greater hand in the administration than almost any vice- president since Jefferson. He mancu* vcrcd for the selection of Joe Byrans as speaker of the House in the first New Deal congress. He had n guiding hand in the selection of Bankhoncl as speaker to succeed Byrans on the Inttcr's death, and in the selection of Representative Rayburn of Texas to sucecd Bankhead as majority leader. On an actual count of noses at those little "big hat" conferences at the President supported only by. Senator iarkley of Kentucky, the Scale maj- »-ity leader. These conferences on legislative trategy, which came Monday of each r eek during the regular session, have cen discontinued during the current pccial session since only one issue is of ore the Congress and the five ure n harmony on it. So earnestly is the Vice President working at thi.s business of obtain- ng an early repeal of the arms embargo that senators have found him wearied by the steady drag of personal conferences. % His principal recrctation during the early days of the present session was baseball. Almost every afternoon he would spend an hour or so beside his radio when he could not be out at the ball field. The United States army in the lean wnr numbered only 100,000 me Not Measured In Terms, Of MONEY The trust you place in us in filling prescriptions has no dollar and cents value. It is something priceless, which we endeavor to earn at all times. 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The millions of packages used prove its merit. 40 doses: 25c. to contended that the losses are small in comparison with those of 1917 when ' . j Germany began her unrestricted sub- Two-Day Fail' tO j marine campaign in the World war. Be Held at Mount • Thc clisclosurc was macle Hebron School Thursday and Friday. October 26 and 27 has been set for the Mount Hebron community fair at Mout Hebron school house. Community achievements, races. j public speaking, ajid singing are list- i of the sinking of two British vessels ' with a total of at least 14 persons j missing, and 30 survivors accounted for, from two ships. ! An air raid warning was sounded : over the Firth of Forth area in Scot' land Monday but was canceled shortly afterward. The "all clear" signal was sounded 15 minutes after the alarm had been given at noon. Have you ever noticed that Camels burn longer and give you more smoking?" ASKS VAN CAMPEN HEILNER FAMOUS GAME AND FISHING AUTHORITY Whatever pricc'you pay per pack, it's important to remember this fact: By burning 25% slower than the average of the 15 other of the largest-selling brands tested—slower than any of them—CAMHLS give a smoking plus equal to 5 EXTRA SMOKES PER PACK! Attack Submarines 1 LONDON, Eng. -</Vi— The air ministry announced Monday lhat Bri- i lish warplanes had made two attacks on German submarines, both 'be- 1 licved to have been successful." The announcement said one attack "took place in the North sea, and the other in the Atlantic, many miles ' from the aircraft bases." United States railroads carry about: 500 million passengers a year. i Sale. *l "NIGHT LIGHT" j REFLECTOR LAMPS Brogues are- right this Fall! And our Jarmari "British Brogues" are styled in the English Manner, after styles developed -by custom British bootmakers .... Drop by and look over a_ pair—and v/n'!l sho-.v you our Jarman "Style Charts' on hov.- they should be worn! $ 5to*7 50 SHOES FOR MEN Most Styles REPHAN'S THE FRIENDLY STORE Jusl think of it. Tim complete mod* ern Floor Lamp with the new "NITE-LITE" base, three-way light* inj reflector at juch i sensationally tow price,' 7-WAY REFLECTOR LAMP $7.95 ctumt! inn su :UK « s«« 4-WAY STUDENT BRIDGE LAMP $7.25 comm WITH siu SH<H Choice of finishes: • AHTIQUE IVORY. BRONZE SMOKERS: SR\IE RGMHST WE who live in c "' n ™ r ""|" c tic* where ccrum^ ^ ^^ ^ tuxes nr c . __. im j, 'm s "'" c '""""• !"c>'""i r .v« { p'^"t "<'";' ^:yi"-^''9::^ \ pxir'ti c*"l * cooler, "«' d1cr1 \;'°! tc1Ill i s . Bl ol Above, "VAN" waiting in the duck blinds for the "aero hour." Explorer, sportsman, scientist, conservationist, author of the authoritative, new "A Hook on Duck Shooting," Ilciliicr knouts the waterfowl flyways from California to Maine, Alaska to Mexico, and those of Europe too. 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CAMELS Long-Burning Costlier Tobaccos

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