Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 24, 1952 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, March 24, 1952
Page 4
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PAOB FOUR ALTON KVENtNO TELEGRAPH Old Songs Keep Coming Back As Lot of Unmual Noises ny tttCMABt) KMStNfcft NBA BtAff Correspondent NEW YOMK. - (NEA> - "Gee, that song fakes me back." About Ihe only people who don't eel that reaction once In a while when they listen to popular music these days are people born in 1851. If you're any older, you're almost Certain to hear an old melody sandwiched In between the com- Werclals on every disc jockey show. That's because we're right, smack In Ihe middle of an era of song revivals. For proof of Ihe trend, look al the latest list of record hits as compiled by Cash-Box, a muga zlrto of the Juke box industry. beam * Profitable Profession Girls! BEAUTY CULTURE Short ear Advtnow) Count* Cintul Illinois School of Boiuty Culture 401 HKNKY OT,~-DI»I 8-0411 SO YMN ol Suocewfully Ormduatlni OimtonU. Top* Of the lop 25 most-played ox records, six are .longs nve been exhumed—"tiger ting, ' j I- 1 "''" Broken • Hearted," Charmnlnc'." i hark Undecided," "Garden In the! film Important, than the sound fngin- rer. Whether this Is the basic rnnse or nor, the new sontjs arc simply not. us good ns the old ones." That's nno opinion Another man say"! the recent movies on lives of som! writers, like- fhe current story ihatlof (in* Kahn. "I'll See You In My Unpaid Taxes Hurt French Finances After Gold Shortage nv MIAW.KS n. iiAmifwvK NKA Special Corr«*pon<lont PARIS 'Nf-:A) ••- If the French nulornailonlly brings uovernnient c.ould make peoplo pay Ihe songs wnrbloc! In Iho iheir taxes, revenue would exceed In this iMKtam-o, Doris Dny's expenditure If they would turn liable to lax on Industrial and commercial profits an a<.ot-Hgc of less than the mnioriiy of them being exofficio us having earned less than $1000. Of course the Into," , Of Iho ircls, ,md "Anytime." top SO bosl-splllng 12 nro okMlmerx record of Iho lillo song is coming rf , r . Ion fast, (ho i Another I henry fi.xrs Ihe to it Iheir holdings of gold jmid gold currencies Ihore would bo muse no trouble about, paying off debts bove-nnrnecl six plus "F'nrfldla," jn.s the revival of IMP ••Millor-lype'' bund, pnliornoci after Glenn Mil- 'Chlnntown," "Tenderly," "Jenl- msy," "Hnbfilu," and "Temptu- ion." The reason behind the InteroM n decrepit dlttlos In obscure. Hnlmd 1'hnnn "We arc \n a 'Round phase' In he record Industry," «nyH a lop wording official. "There's a pasttlon for unique sound effects — like the hnrpsichord behind lORcmnry Clooney's Record of Come On-« My Hoime.' Thm .timed n strictly ordinary SOIIK nto a nil." There are other top records that rely on unusual noises. Om» 'if he biggest recording si/trs of the moment is .Johnny Flay, who lowls Into voice boxes »"'! echo chambers to gel his effects. Pnlll Page sings duels wilh herself. Lcs Pnul and Mary Ford — whoso big hits like "How High the Moon" and "All the World Is Waiting for the Sunrise" wore re- vlvals — play around with echoes, Harpist Bobby Maxwell currently represented by "Chinatown" uses a triple recording to get unusual effects, "All thin preoccupation with sounds," the record man continues, "means that the song IH secondary. The song writer Is less ler's highly successful orchestra of the late '30's find early '-10's, "All ol a sudden " says this theorist, "Ihf bands all vsarit to piny like Miller played. And the only arrangements they can get are the stock arrangements made for Miller-thinks like 'At Lnsf and 'Kalama/oo. 1 Ho you <;o to a nightclub and all you hear are 'At Last' and 'Kalarna/oo.' " Trend The folk song trend, at Its peak about ft year ago. made people conscious of old melodies, too. It's rue s new folk-song, record is an "000 Miles." ancient and is looked on as a coming hit. incurred abroad. Against the less than 500 Ions of gold that constitute the official notional reserve, there are at least •nm. probably .1000 and possibly 4000 tons owned by French citi- xen.i. What, taxes citizens should pay Inii don't is the equivalent of at least one billion, probably two billion and possibly three billion dollars a year. Within two months recently, two governments bit the dust because Parliament refused to step up taxes In order to make the 1052 budget balance. A third, now In office, pronounced Us aim to collect existing taxes Instead of raising lax rates. Estimates of tax U : \ Better Yw, yM four better with • Zenith "Roy*f or "Supor Royal," or your money back under our unconditional MMny return privilege! And , , . here'* what • Zenith Hearing Aid offers you: Exclusive new ceramic VtHMATKOHE, performs efficiently under condition* where others of- tan lai \. Reserve Battery Switch •voids embarrassment apd Inconvenience.' When "A" battery U exhausted, flick switch, preato! . , , renervt battery instantly takes over. Come In for free demonstration. bin On*. Com* in .for FRfE Packet of Em«ry Beard Contact Cleaners AT 2 STORES 323 BELLE ST. AND 2523 COLLEGE AVE. lotnbarding the air' waves, if the money-makers arc "Always," "A Kiss to Build a Dream )n," "I Hear a Rhapsody," 'Sleepy Time Down South," 'Down Yonder" and there's even a fancy now recording by Johnny .ong of "Down By the Old Mill Stream." Even the new songs are often lresscd-up oldies. You'll be henr- ng a lot Of "Hambone" -- It's a new tune, with lyrics lifted right out of old folk songs. And "A Guy s a Guy," a big-budget Doris 3ay record, Is based, music and vords, on an old sea chanty. So music, maestro, please, and why not? They're digging that no up, too, There are many other old songs evasion run from 20 to 50 per Some rent. The budget deficit would be more I him covered If .just 20 per -.etit could be collected, Impossible I3ut It probably can't be, for jisl the same reason ns the two or Ibree thousand tons of hoarded gold can's he gotten into the nodious. nearly-empty, nil-steel vfiulls of the national bank. One shrewd Parisian put It this v«y: "Almost, every citizen of France s convinced that the government s certain to lose or waste a good pnrt of any gold or francs he may surrender into Its keeping. 'Therefore he snys to himself: less surrendered, the bet- Sweden's film industry, having von its fight, for government aid, s expected to make about ,'JO fcut- jro films a year. We Offer Complete FIRST CLASS SEWING MACHINE SERVICE We Hove Parts and Supplies for 426 Makes of Sewing Machines. Central Sewing Supply Co. 14 \V. llroiulway 1'lione 2-62 H progress of inflation brought payment. In francs of less and less purchasing value. Disappointment over the yield of direct luxation made France rely more and more on Indirect levies. Use taxes now contribute 61 percent, of (he revenue, turnover taxes 38 percent, But. there is exnsion there also. These turnovor taxes amount sometimes to 1!0 percent of the cost of a product, and naturally they rise ns prices and production rise. Thus the temptation Is to make out bills for less tha'n real values, the balance passing fn cash. The estimated lo-< loss Is hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Another defect In indirect taxation Is Its multiplicity. For Instance, M taxes fall on coffee on its way from the plantation to the consumer. Another, slill more serious, is that the more rates are raised the more prices rise. (irlevnncn The taxpayer has another grievance. Only tM^percent: of all pub- *lmpllfte*tlon of t«x««, more equitable Incidence, more moderate rates, and, last but not least, something like inability of the currency. An authority on taxation suggested the other day in the most serloug of Paris dailies that fiscal injustice may be today greater lhan in 1789, when fiscal injustice bred the Revolution. Like the franc the fiscal system is tottering. Sweden Ha* started mining Its *tale-owned ore deposit at Rudtje* back, In the north, where pyrites are reported to have a high sulphur content. MONDAY, MARCH 24, i«2 MHNM 0^g^ MtaMrtlj f M jl^g£4tittlMiMRttMlMM**ft'' | Wllfc>M Customs searchers who raided Darkley village, Northern Ireland, on a "hot tip", found only one bottle of whisky after searching every house. The Guff Stream docs not always flown in the same place, but along part of its course In some seasons j of the year Is nundreds of miles j away from its location in other tea- sons. FVir .ripe strawberries made headlines In Ballybeg, Eire, when Pat O'Neill found them "In the depths of winter." The :er!' " Seeing what has been happen- ng to the national currency for ilmost 40 years past, it is only natural that the French- citi/.en should held onto his gold and vade bis taxes. The government, after trying In vain to extort his gold, finally made it legal for him to buy and sell and hold it. It has now begun to make it legal for him to evade his taxes In full because they have become exaggerated, inequitable and complicated to the point of confusion. 3 Defect* The fiscal system developed these throe defects by reason of the French genius for dodging taxes and successive short-lived governments' need of getting In more money as quickly as possible by any and every means. So one tax was piled on top of another rind rates of taxation contantly raised. Income taxes, Introduced Into France less than 50 years ago find never a success, proved slower and slower to react to incessantly rising prices and harder and harder to collect as their rates were raised. Of all state revenue, they never produced more than 26 percent and now they produce 23 percent. Where they are paid in full it. Is by the salary- earners, who represent 60 percent of all income declarations. Business contributes only 20 percent and agriculture a mere 1.3 percent. In .15)50 just 80,000 fanners paid income tax on profits averaging loss than $650, while the 6-10,000 revenue comes from national taxes. In addition, 26 percent represents "purafiscal" charges, such as social insurance, and 10 percent local taxes. The Ministry of Finance estimates that "fical and parafisciil pressure" absorbed 38 percent of the national income In 1951, against 28 percent in U.S.A. and 40 percent in Great Britain. Parliament's recent revolt against higher taxation makes some sense. What is wanted is WATCHES REPAIRED to Look and Run Like New! WHEN YOU DO CLOSE WORK comfortable working with properly fitted glasses . . . come in for an eye* check-up soon. You'll more 623 E, BROADWAY, ALTON Opposite the Wedge Bank Building We will Clean, OH, Regulate and Adjust A NEW EXPANSION BAND TOTAL VALUE OF $1150 Now for a limited time $£.95 Complete only .... U Any Lady's or Man's Watch Plus Double Eagle Stamps 602 E, BRO»DW»» — ALTON - PHOME Mill SAVE '2 on your Boys' SHEEN GABARDINE JACKETS Special Purchase! Usually $ 8.95 These are expensive Calisheen gabardines (rayon and acetate)-with luxury "doeskin" finish. And they're Unisec-treated... non- oily spots wipe right off with a damp doth. Wrinkles vanish like magic overnight! Fully fayoo lined too! Navy, sea green, rust, brown. Sues 8 to 20. 117 West Third St. § STOKE HOURS t » To 9 f.M. other Ua^ 9 to 5 p. Write or Phone 3-8818 Add 'i'i Sale* Tuv Beyond Delivery Area ROSEBUSHES TWO-YEAR, FIELD GROWN, CHOICE OF II VARIETIES, TOP QUALITY! WELL PACKED! Others 3 in Pack $1.98 BIG STORES Sale Tpnignr, Tuesday, Wed., Thurs. I All 5c Tobaccos • ..Your choice, Dull Durham, Our Advertiser anil Duke's Mixture. (Limit H) 2 lor 5 SHAMPOO DO YOU SUFFER FROM SINUS CATARRH Nasal Congestion, Hay Fever Amazing new formula acts like magic to relieve nasal congestion and irritation. Men and women with torturous sinus headaches, stuffed Most 1 , earaches and fits of snop/ing speak of wonderful relief after using NASOUEL,. NASOUKL may appear to be an expensive medicine, hut considering the relief you will experience, the $2.00 It cost is only pennies per dose. NASOftEL (caution, use only as directed) js solri with a money hark guarantee if not delijjhied. NOW DOLCIN! ..BEST KNOWN PRODUCT FOR RILIIF OF PAINS OP ARTHRITIS.. RHEUMATISM * 100 tablets..$200 *200 tablets.. $350 *500 tablets.. $800 FROSTILLA LOTION \ O a I/O 89c H\J| IU LADY'S Yes, pamper all of you with »oftly fragrant Frostilla, the lotion that imoolhes imoother, drifts (aster. LOTION SINCE IU73 Eating Is No Pleasure If FALSE TEETH No Longer "Stay Put" Use ALMLINE DENTAL PLATE AMUROL AMMONIATCD )29<49 C I KEEP AWAKE rVER A BILLION SHAVES TO DATE 33c 'ACKAd'l L H ublcit, etch <l effociiv* •aa hirmtcsi M • cup of cof* fee. A lift without i letdown. HOQOZ AWA K E N E R $ NEW I95IOTICK INJECTOR "GOLP NOWGRAND SUM" RELIEF IN ANY STAGE OF A COLD | (COMMICU MtSIU wa. nun an 98c 55c Enjoy'Extra Advantage' BUY THEM SHOP AT NIGHT AT HEREI YOUR THRIFTY DRUG STORE • Now I Follow the example of famou* film itan who reduce the Ayd» Way. CHAMBERLAIN Gnasel«« Supptituy 6iv« Hours »l (onlinuBU} Mtdkolio* few Super ANAHI 100 tablets • »1.98 only about 2t per tablet '•*«»•** 4NAHIST WOU The only nntihJHtamm a proved safe «nd effective by doctors in {leader's Digest For Silk'n Satin Hands and Skin PACQUIN'S LOTION Never Creasy Never Sticky! 49« Make' Y^ur akin ieel good Small Size B R ECK There are two Breck Beauty Boxes. One for a dry hair, scalip. and dandruff condition; the other lot oily hair, scalp, and dandruff. A Breck Hair and Scalp treatment before and after permanents i fceep your hair more »nd more beautiful. |1. M plut Hi T«*

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