Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on October 17, 1957 · Page 3
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 3

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1957
Page 3
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Second Grade News Mrs. Schichtl We are happy October is here with its bright leaves and frosty air. We have made our room look pretty with cat-tails in the windows, squirrels running among the leaves, and turtles and butterflies on the board. Lowell Voshell and Clyde Pickett brought some pretty gourds for our exhibit table. Linda Clark has brought a vine to make our room look nice. Peg- ... .. brought a jack-'o-IanMW to remind us that Halloween is nearly here. Wednesday we all had a day off—all but the teacher! Thursday we were hard at work once again taking a Weekly Reader Reading test. Tl TATTLER • Well Drilling • Modern Equipment • Rotary Drill JOHN D. AKIN Ph. 2574 Day or Nile Lament P. 2-58 John Hofmeyet or Bob Anlhony ABOUT THIS QUESTION "Uninsured drivers often cause accidents, yet could not pay a judgment if a court awarded one. The victim then has to pay his own medical expenses — perhaps thousands of dollars. Does your agency have this 'Uninsured Motorist' endorsement, costing only $3.00 that pays the legal liability of an uninsured or hit-run driver |or injury to any member of the insured's family?" Fayette Insurance Fourth Grade News Miss Stevenson Our six weeks ends today with the following people who have been neither absent or tardy: Diane Alber, Richard Ash, Pat Ashby, Bill Bitterman, David Buhman, Ronald Crawford, Curt Dumermuth, Paula Gould, Ricky Hegland, Linda Henry, Howie Hubbell, Ernie Johnson, Harriet Johnson, Eugene Lambert, Tommy LumphiiT, Rose Mary Owen, Louise Pickett, Mike Schroyer, Bill Sparkman, Bob Swehla, Lan-y Webb, Carol Wegner, Rodney Whitt, and Francis Kauten. We hope the list will be as long next six weeks. On Friday, October 4 these people had A's in spelling: Nancy Beckner, David Buhman, Tom Butters, Sandra Gray, Dennis Hendrix, Linda Henry, Howie Hubbell, Ernie Johnson, Tommy Lamphier, Diane Schneider, Bob Swehla, Larry Webb, und Francis Kauten. We hope to have more A's next Friday. We have four new boys in our room this year. Donald Blue from Waucoma and Ricky Hegland came from Waukon. Mike Schroyer moved in from Iowa Falls and Bill Sparkman came all the way from Oxford, Mississippi. The school carnival will be on October 31, starting at 5 o'clock. Our room will have the bingo stand and the dessert part of the lunch stand. We hope that everyone is making plans to come to the carnival. Seven people have brought treats for their birthdays. They are Mike Schroyer, Diane Schneider, Carol Wegner, Rita, Jellings, and Rose Mary Owen. Thanks to you people for the treats. Each Friday we have our Weekly Readers. We learn many interesting new facts from them. The science section is a special, feature of the paper. We read' about many caverns last week.. This week we read about many famous scientists. THE EDITOR ASSISTANT EDITOR CLOTHES HITS MUSIC ....... ............. SENIOR SKETCH GRADE NEWS BIRTHDAYS BOYS SPORTS FUR AND FEATHERS TYPISTS SPONSOR TATTLER STAFF ... . Barb Kauten Ruth Minis Donna Heth and Kathy Shaffer Steven Talcott and Carole Dahlquist Bill Hughes, Janis Schabacher, Jean Cue, (.'.irolyn Bright Roger Otferstein. Jan Bennington Marge Downing. Becky Maxson Kip Knight. Gene Van Huron Lowell Paul Jan Bennington Jan Schabacher. Ruth. Minis Mrs. Paul Pickett In music Mr. Faiwvll is reading the girls a book called. "My Lord. What a Morning." It i> an auto- Dotlis Van Bogart, and Alice Kauten. We are adding new members to the Book Club quite frequently, biography by Marian Anders.,11. Several people have read 5 books and have a star on our chart for Eighlh Grade News each book. Susan Evans is ahead Mrs. Stirk with the most extra credit re- The );ist sjx w ,.,.|- s | lavt , i ; ,. t , n ports. spent preparing for and taking Letter writing is our topic in s j x . wl ,,.k tests. Everyone ha> Language. We will Use our knowl- been domg t i lt ,,,. )„..,, lo u ,. t j,,,,,.| edge of business letters in writ- g rac j es ing to Chambers of Commerce in distant cities for information we can use in Social Studies. Nearly everyone in our room can now name and spell all 13 j sne( i a uni ' t ,, n t | u . n ls , original colonies of the .United col( , n j(, s in America. Thi: States. This was replly hard work for all the clusn. Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut are not short words. Mrs. Everett devised a key by which we learned the names of the colonies but we had lo learn to spell them on our own. It wasn't easy! All of us were happy about having a short vacation Wcdnc-,- day. It did us a lot of good In history we have jus l 1m- English unit as the ones before was very interesting. Now we are startnu; ., chupU'l' tin how the people lived In them- I'uUnUe*. In our spare lime we have heen racking our brains trying \n think of a good idea for a float for homecoming. We hope uin efforts will be succes.-.|'ul. _. Those who have been neithei istic designs with bright tempera ;l t, st , n t or tardy during this pas! on black construction paper. Very sjx WC , OKS ; iri '. : i>,;,il>aia Alher. Lee Burns. Gary Campbell. K»n- nhi Owi, Justin Taleott. Sharon Thyep, Richard Van Sickle. Mar- Art for October 11 was moderri- stic designs with bright I «n black construction pap< pretty! Come in and ««-»! Seventh Grade Newi Fifth Grade Ne w . ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ woodg sjgns of fau and a good collec . tion of see d s and leaves has made: our study of "Changing Seasons ' Mrs. CupeH j ( ,'j.'j t ,' Wtibi), Karen Wieninger. We have just finished a unit In Wayne Wegner. DHVIIM Dinner- Social Studies about the Central muth, Sharon Henry. Carolyn American countries. We were di- Johnson, Norvu Johnnon. Lurry vided into 6 groups. Each group Keig. Judy Langennan. Mary made a mup and a flag of one of Manson, Jim Maurer, JoAnn the countries. Quandt. and Jean Ramsey. In health Kenny Butters and * ... Randy Anderman guve a demon- HIGH SCHOOL NEWS stration on artificial respiration, ^| )(| jj cn j or cins.- had theii The following people got A's pj(. u ,,, OH taken last Tuesday. Oct. on their six week spelling test: y Nnt | on!l | Studios of Waterloo Diane Ashby, Carol Clark, Bar- _ nmc U) lne sc } 1(m | alu | phnto- bara Burget, George Van&wen, grap hod the gi^lsf In ihe morning Linda N^es, Robert Got^, Mike and th(J boys • , n lnt . ai'ternntm Gaynor, Carol Beck, Ron Tim- Tne pro0 f s O f t), t . pictures came merman, Sandra Henning, Kathy | D . lc i ( i^t Friday*! for tin.' seniors Franyen, Helen Kauten, Cleon t() , (jok ovt , r f 0 ^/ M wt .,.k Hammond, Barbara Fish, and ' Kenny Buttera. before they order. Wednesday. Oct. 9 the teachers attended the Tri-County Institute at Oelwein. Homecoming activities will start tonight (Thursday) with a big pep rally and bonfire at the school. After that, the students will have a snake dance through town, and then they will crash the second show. On Friday, at two o'clock, the parade will start at the school and travel down to the bank corner where another pep rally will be held at the intersection. Kridiiv night will see the C'oggon Rockets come to Fayette lor the foolball game at )! o'clock. The king and queen, who were elected on Thursday, will be presented at halftime. They will be crowned in the gym immediately after Ihe game. Following the crowning will be the Homecoming Dunce. Thin will bring to a climax u long week of float preparation and planning by the various classes and the Student Council. Homecoming king and queen candidates this year are: Freshmen Kiiy Campbell and Ronnie Webb; Sophomores — Gloria Aiders and Dennie Van Bogart; Juniors Barbara Nading and Hennie Rhode; Seniors • - Wanda Tope and liob Marvin. Las; but not least to mention, i, port cards were out Oct. 1G for I lie ln.^t six Week*. SENIOR SKETCH A senior who enjoys spending Ins sp.ue tune reading is Max tlror.s. IIi^ collection <>f books and reading material is his most pri.'ed possession. Besides reading Max enjoys playing basketball, and working in his laboratory. He says lie enjoys going places where he can meet a lot of people, Max'* favorites Include buked ham, Science, Math nnd History. During school Max is an active member on the basketball, track nnd baseball squads. He is a student council member, on the paper staff, and participates in vocal music. After fte graduates, Max plans on going to college and study Science, possibly majoring in Chemistry. TO THE FRESHMEN: To save the teacher's time and your own valuable time, you might try to give your excuses by number. This list covers most situations. 1. That's the way I've always done it. 2. I didn't know my homework was due today. .'). That's not how I was taught in the eighth grade. •4. I didn't know I was supposed to write it out. 5. I didn't know how to do it. 6. I copied Mary's paper and she must of had it wrong. I forgot. I didn't think we were supposed to rend that page. I had so much homework last night I just couldn't get to it. 10. The assignment was too Ion;;. make our science class our fa-, vorite at present. Our bulletin' board presents a most interesting) Fayeii* Phonr 14 on our last test were Tommy Schmidt, Donna Kuhens, and Donna Franzen. Those who received an A in our 6 weeks test in Spelling were Barbara Keig, Dane McBride, MAYNARD LOCKER SERVICE COMPLETE PROCESSING Phone — 65 CAP'N CAMP SEZ: IF you hov« O septic lank, or cesspool (Mi good news It for YOUI CARL ENGLER Maynard, Iowa (12, 14, 1C, Ui, 20) RQIOIO your cesspool ;iml sep lank to'clog-free, odor-free, (iniil'k lic-i: soi s ico, us hundred* of ihouv.Huls of users know VANDERSEE Plumbing & Heating Fpvette Iowa Fayette Theatre THURSDAY — FRIDAY — SATURDAY OCTOBER 17 — 18 — 19 WILLIAM HOLDEN — MONA FREEMAN Come In now for a peek at the '58 Chevrolet! IN 'Streets of Laredo* In Technicolor We will stop the show when the whistle blows to announce the Thank Nite Winner SAT. NITE. SUNDAY — MONDAY — TUESDAY Matinee Sunday at 2:30 OCTOBER 24 — 25 — 26 THE KETTLES ON OLD McDONALD'S FARM You've laughed before . . . but never more ... at the wonderful Kettles. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23rd In Tecrnicolor and Vistavision Special ! ONE DAY ONLY HENRY FONDA —AUDREY HEPBURN MEL FIRRER IN WAR and PEACE L«o Tabtory'* greatest J|»v«l — Magnificently AH** on the Screen — Trcawndoiu C*»t ALL SEATS 80e Matinee I2t30 — KT*HHUI 7;30 Each showing 3 Httow * mtoulo Jong It's yours for the asking. Your Chevrolet dealer will be happy to show you a booklet containing advance information about the '58 Chevrolet. Be prepared to &ec startling changes! The new Chevrolet will have spectacular new styling—lower, wider and much longer. There will not only be Fall/Coil suspension, there will be a new air rido, first in the Chevrolet field! Chevrolet will offer a totally new design • in V8's, so radically changed this engine will even look different. The line will have two all-new luxury models of magnificent distinction. These are only hints. Stop by your Chevrolet dealer's soon and take a peek. While you're there, check on an tarly order. Be a '58 Chevrolet-Firstw. '58 Chevrolet, Thursday, October 31 Aces In_the final period. Jim Davis, Fayette tackle, alont with Mike Eischeid, suf- fcrt.-il minor injuries during thi- game with the latter being held out the second half. His quarter- hack post, however was filled by Larry Maxson, chief signul caller last year, but who this season held down the left Half- Back spot. Baring unforseen obstacles the Cardinal Squad should be in good condition for their Friday night Homecoming battle with .Coggon. UPPER IOWA CONFERENCE STANDINGS 7. a. 9. FAYETTE BOWS TO SUMNER 33 0 After battling with Fayette to a scoreless first quarter, Simmer cut loose with two touchdowns in the second quarter, one in the third and two in the fourth period to ground Fayette's Cardinals 33-0. Sumner, after being held in check the first period, were started on their scoring trail in the second quarter by a 35 yard jaunt into pay dirt by Sowers, followed by Haupt's 22 yard scoring play around end, the later coming late in the period. It was Haupt again In the second half. Scoring once in the third and fourth quarters along with McCue for Sumner, who also chalked up points for the Waukon Simmer Elkader Fayette C-E Maynard HustviUu West Union W fi 4 3 3 1 1 0 0 L 0 0 '1 «> 3 3 4 4 VISIT HOLIDAY HOUSE Home of fine foods in West Union Open Tues. — Sat. 5:00 till 1:00 SUNDAYS 11:00-2:00 and 5:00-10:00 Private parties or luncheons anytime including Mondays Phone 688 or 371 for Reservations FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE! j! U,I,U, — OCT. 18 Cenl;:l There I (Evening Game) F.H.S. — OCT. 18 Coggoa I(Homecoming) ill Limealone and spreader lru*.k:> awaiting your order. Fayette Stone Co. Inc. Phone 73 Fayette, Iowa _ i8!lHi!'H;iMiiiliKii5uUi>iSSiii»:iiiUu»:»;& Now that fall House Cleaning time is at hand you will want to redecorate the Dining Room and Living Room with new and fresh paper. Now is the time as we have a very good selection to choose from at reduced prices. Also waxes and polish. SPECIAL 2pc. Living Room Set in very good condition. Priced at $37.50 at DELS ING FURNITURE Pbon« 7SU* Maynard. la. TOMORROW'S SWC/AL OCTOBER 17 — 18 — 19 1957 Folgrrs, Hills, Butternut COFFEE Ib. Dromedary GINGER BREAD MIX HyPop POP CORN Royal Arms TOILET TISSUE Northern or Navy DRY BEANS _._ 2 4 2 KffcfF £lflllwl 'K>. -. rolls t)ZC ', .' } ' ib». 25c Campbells TOMATO SOUP Jonathon APPLES A 4 Ibs. THRIFTY FOOD MART fr« Mn-jtJow jwrwxfcr now at Your Locyl Authorized Chevrolet Dealer's^

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