Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 8, 1971 · Page 2
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 2

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 8, 1971
Page 2
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FANFARE By Walt Ditzei SI SOME CLOWN/ SAMS EVE If WE HAVE / Anglers Take Part In Lake McKinney Fest By BOB GREER Luck wasn't too good oven- the weekend, in the first annual Lake McKinney Fishing Contest. But a good turnout of anglers took a fling at it, and had a lot of fun trying. Sponsor of the two-day event was the Finney County Parks, Pish, and Game Commission. Forty-five anglers took part and caught probably 300-400 fish. But most were small, and most were carp. Bullheads were common catches, too. But mot many other species of fish were hauled in. Harold Shobe and Hank Robertson were in charge of the event. "We were generally ple>ased with the turnout," .ShO'be sttid, "and we hope it catches on as a yearly event." Three separate divisions were run, and various merchants donated valuable prizes, Larry Andleiison, 307 Evans, won first place in the individual division with 626 points. Of thait •total, 89 points were for bullheads, 537 for carp. Jack Huber, 601 N. 1st, Was runner-up with 349 points: 264 for channel cat, 30 points for bullheads, 55 for carp. He hauled in the biggest single fish of the two-day event: a SVfe-pound channel catfish caught Sunday. •afternoon. Third in tine individual division went to John Huber, 803 E. Chesitnuit, a brother of Jack. ' John scored 340 points: 144 for channel, 84 for white bass, and 112 for carp. In the junior division (ages 14 * * * Lake Loses a Big Catfish * It wasn't a pant of the annual fishing . contest, 'but Gems S-ulMvain of - Garden Cilby -oaughit a whopping chanmed catfish Surt : day at Lake McKinney. The lunker catch, weighed 12 pounicts, l ounce, and measured 29 inches in lengith. Sulivan bais been fdsibinig'Mc'Kininey five or six yiears, and it's the biggest channel cat he has ever hauled out there. 1502 N. 8tti, is a meter technician ait the Northern Natural Gas plaint west of Holoomb. He made tfoe; \jatcfa about 9:45 p.m., uskiig live tadpoles as bait. He caught the huge fish on a flyarod "afiter quote a struggle." The G-arden OMian was &h- 5siS wifeh Ms wife Fonda, and •sons, Jeiff and Jay. They were fishing about halfway down on the rocks near the outlet of the lake. "We fished for a couple of hours," Sullivan reported,'' "and we ailso got some bullheads, in addition to the big catfish." Sullivan also recalled the 'fish was the best channiel-cat luck he 'has 'had -ait McKinneyy since the year it went dry (1965). He and a son that year caught 15 catfish' there, that totaled 112 pounds. and under), winner with 700 points was Troy Huber, son of Jack. He had 38 points for crap-pie, 56 for bullheads, and 654 for carp. -Runner-up among the juniors was Rocky Cornelius with 314 points. He had 137 points for bullhead and 177 for carp. Third went to David Boddiser-with 164 points, all on carp. Mr. -and Mrs. Bryan Moffett, 1602 N. 9th, won the Mr. and Mrs. division, with the Henry Kellers of Johnson as runners- up. Mary Pleoger caught the biggest carp in the contest: 2 pounds, 5 ounces. Jamie Obholz had a 12-ounce bullhead: biggest in that division. "Lake McKinney has lots of channel cat," Shobe reported, "but apparently they just were not biting during the contest. Only the bullheads and carp were taking the bait." Saturday afternoon weather was good, but high winds came up Saturday evening. Most of Sunday had high winds. The event ended at 4 p.m. Sunday. Packers Are Tops In Granada Meet GRANADA, Colo.—Elhresiman Packing has won the team championsMp of the second annual Grainadta Invibaitiional Tourney for men slow-pitch sodtobaJlens.. The 22-team, four-day meeit wound up Sunday -nigihit. It had an all-Garden City finale. E'hresman deifealtied Weeden Aviation"''19-11 in the tMfle game of fee double-eiiminiaiM'on meet. Weeden had co -it out of the losers bracket to beat Ehiriss- rnan 12-11 the game before. That sent the tourney into an extra game. The championship contest wasn't finished unlMl 2 a.m., Garden City Sunday affitemoon, Weieden deifeaifced Einney Giaiss 21-11 in a game shortened to six innings because of the' runs- ahead rule. Kinmey w>as then eMminafed 17-15 by C&S Machine of Lamar. The Glasisiers weire wiithouit tnird baseman Wafly Bascue .and lefit fielder Jerry Rath on Sundiay. Weeden 4hen lost 154" in five' frames to Bhiresman Packers, and dropped into the losra's bracbeit. The Aviators came back, however, to take the losers ' bracket. • They eliminated Granada Mo-Par. 11-10 in their fimal -losers-bracket- contest, scoring the winning run in the bottom of the seventh frame. That. set.the stage for the final two title games against Ehresmian. Jerry Lalicker hilt 8-for-10 for Weeden Aviation in ((heir last three games. Giianiadia . Mo-Par placed - tibird in thie tourney, and Syracuse (a new team this sum- men') won founfih. A 10-memiber aU-toumey teiam wais named. Six of the 10 came from Garden 1 ' -Oiity squads. Waeden Aviatton placed Susione CrosMm, William (Butdh) Knigiiit, and Jerry Lalicker. ''. . ; ' • • ' • Named from the champion Bhresman team .were ! Alaa . Rupp ,and- Mike Bruragairdt. Aiss' picked was. Jam' Niemari of the Einai'sy Glass teaim. 2 Wz 21 27 .438 10 20 32 .'^85 13 West Division Francisco 38 19 .667 — Los Angeles 29 26 .527 8 Houston 27 28 .491 10 Atlanta 25 32 .439 13 Cincinnati 22 33 .400 15 San Diego 18 37 .327 19 Monday's Results Pittsburgh 11, Chicago 6 St. Louis 7, Atlanta 6, 10 innings Only games scheduled Women's Amateur Golf Meet June 14-17 WICHITA (AP) -. About 125 golfers are expected to enter the J1971 Women's State Amateur' Championship which will be played June 14-17 at-Rolling HiUs Country Club in Wichita. Th'e 54-hole medal play tournament is sponsored by the Kansas Women's GoJf association. Dianne Wilson of Prairie Village, Kan., the defending champion, is expected to compete. Entries close' Monday. ' Rec Slates for Two Days Listed More action is on tap the- next two days in baseball and softbalt programs sponsored by the City Recreation Dept. Slates for the next two days on the various playing field's: TODAY At Clint Lightner Field 1 — 6 p.m. Jets vs. Oilers. 7:15 p.m. Twins vs. Oilers. 9 p.m. Lions vs. Shriners. Fansler Field — 7 .p.m. Red's Gulf Service Station vs. Sublette 8 p.m. Dodge City vs. Garden By-Products. 9 p.m. Deerfield vs. Fansler Tires. At Cleaver Field — 6 p.m. Scorpio vs. Aries. 7 p.m. Hol- comto vs. Chipmunks. 3 p.m. Holcomb vs. Jupiter. 9 p.m. Whites vs. Reds. 10 p.m. Golds vs. Blacks. At Garden League Field — 6 p.m. - Morning- Glories vs. Orchids. 7:15 p.m. Holcoimb vs. Lillies. At Zoo League Field — 6 p.m. Holcomb vs. Bears. 7:15 p.m. Bengals vs. Panthers At Prep League Feild — 6 p.m. Aggies vs. Expos 7:15 p.m. Vikanigs vs. Chiefs. At Gardendale — 8 p.m. Sioux vs. Apaches. 7:15 p.m. Pawnees vs. Navajos. WEDNESDAY At Clint Lightner Field—Garden City Bison vs. Ulj'sses, 8 p.m. At Fansler Field—7 p.m Area Menital Health vs. A&W Root Beer. 8 p.m. Ulysses vs. Ehresman Packing. 9 p.m. Pappas 'Concrete vs. Triple-S Steel. 10 p.m. Ulysses vs. Kin- mey Glass. At Cleaver Field—0 p.m. Virgo vs. Gemini. 7 p.m. Rabbits vs. Bunnies. 8 p.m. Falcons vs. Eagles. 9 p.m. Greens vs. Oranges. 10 p.m. Holcomb vs. Reds. At Garden League Field — 6 p.m. Roses vs. Orchids. 7:15 p.m. Carnations vs. TJllies. A'f Zoo League Field—6 p.m. Tigers vs. Longhorns. 7:15 p.m. Lobos vs. Bears. At Prep League Field—6 p.m. Spurs vs. Giamts. 7:15 p.m. Braves vs. Padres. At Jennie Wilson—6 p.m. Indians vs.'Yanks. 7:15 p.m. Pilote 'vs. Royals. " . Big Field, Big Crowd for Card Sunday A big field of emtiues aod a variety of evenlts feaitured the fourth week of 1971 summer competiitiion ait Garden • City Raceways'Sunday nigiht. Among the micro-midigeits, Cecil Maupdn III of Dodge Oiity was top winner in his Car No, 98. Roger Sterling from Clay Center won fee trophy dash for motoreylces, with competitors fsoon throughout; western Kansas. Linida Countryman; from Ozark, Mo., was trophy gM for the micro-'miidiget and motorcycle races". She is age 17. Shely McMuiin, age 8, 1511 N. lltih, served' as trophy girl 'in the.go-kart races. A big crowd of fens was on hand. Anotiher similar card of races is planned n-exit Sunday at 7 p;m. There will also be a "bonus race" in the afternoon for all classes of motorcycles. It will be at the scramble track, just east of tiliie dtot oval. •Sund'ay's resul'ts: Micro-Midgets First Hei» Pact (CSlass AA) V. —Gifo Keimper, Gard/en Catty, in ICar No. 72. Cecil Maupin.III, Dodge City, Car 96. Second Heat Race (Class AA) —Doug Hapes, Garden Qilty, Car No. 16. Bemdie Wasinger, Garden Oiby, Oar 63. Jack Crook, Gardlen 'City., Oar 171, Third Heat Race (Clas s e s A and B) — Wayne Scott, Holcomb, Oar No. 39. Gary WaOsh, Garden Cilby, Oar II, Mike Ward, Gard'en City, Car 14. First Semi-Final (Class AA) — Cecil Maupin III. 'Charley Cumiminis, Garden City. Gib Kemper. Second Semi-Final (Class AA) — Gordon Bucy, Garden Cuiby, Oar 31. Jack Crook. Ber- niie Wasiimgei-. Trophy Dash (Class AA) — Gib Kewipeu-. Doug Hapes. Beirmie Wasimgea-, Main Event (Class AA) — Cecil Maupin III, Gib Kemper, Jack Crook. Main Event (Classes A and B) — Mike Ward, Gary Walsh. .. Go-Karts First Heat (4 Horsepower) — WilMe Ookeieiy, Libeo^l, Kant *a f No. 7. Davey Ha/peis, Gar-disn Oity, Kart 16. Ted Shoemiafcer, liiberail,' Kaait 118. First Heat (6 Horsepower) -— Jerry Shoemaiker, LiberaJ, Kant 117. Billy Daaghea-by, Liberal No. 71. Gat Burkle,' Hclcomb, No. 26. Main Event (4 Horsepower) —Ted Shoemaker, Willie Cokley, Davey Haipes. Mato Event (6 Horsepower) — BUy Daugherty, JeiTy Shosmakea-, Gaol Burkle. Motorcycles (All Trophy Races) 1 For 100 cc Class — Ohiairlie Posssooi, Noirbon, on Bike No. 7. Don Nuitsch, Guymon, Ofcla., No. 62. Virgil'Lloyd, Hays, No. 67. ' For 20 cc Class — Jerry Bird, Kadnvdile, No: 3. Momt McAllister, Dodge Oiity, No. 7. Scott Bernard, Garden Oity, No. 85. For 250 CC Class — Roger Sterling, Clay Center, No. 111. Velvah Clarke, 'Jetmore, No. 28. Don Adamis, Plains, No. 90. For 500 and open cc Class — Leland Surf'tce, Lamed, No. 4. (iary MarshialE, WaKeeney, No. 9, Gary Loaimeir, Nointoin, No. 15. Page Z Garden City Telegram Tuesday, June 8, 1971 The Standi'r^s By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS American League East Division W. L. Pet. GB Baltimore 31 19 .620 — Boston 31 22 .585 1V 2 Detroit 28 25 .528 4',4 Cleveland 23 28 .451 B7z New York 23 30 .434 9>/ 2 Wash. 19 33 .365 13 West Division Oakland - 37 18 .673 — Kansas City 26 23 .531 8 Minmesoilia 27 27 .500 Wz California 26 29 .473 11 Chicago 20 28 .417 13'/2 Milwaukee 20 29 .408 14 Monday's Results No games scheduled St. Louis Pittsburgh New York Chicago Montreal PhilaiM. National League East Division W. L. Pet. G.B. 35 21 .625 — 34 21 .R18 % 30 20 .600 26 29 .473 Umps O-for-4, Pitcher Says ATLANTA (AP) - Ted Simmons, resolving aoi argument- ffiUled IGlih inmiing, got what he considered an undeserved chance to duuve home the winning run Monday nighit, enabling the St. Louis OairdinaJs to mainibaiin Dhefir half-game lead in lihe Nailionial League East. "The umpires were o-for-4," saiid .losing pibctor Bob Priddy of AitiLamtia. "As it wortoed ouit, it was best," Simmons sadd, "but my bunt was foir, no question about it." The Cardinals, who tied the game wditih a four-run ninth, tallied the wimntimig runiE on Simmons' lOith-iniming single- after his buinibed pop fly was ruled foul by Umpires Mel Steiner, who said Priddy had not touched the ball before it squirted' into foul territory. Pnididiy saliid aiflber the game he had, indeed, got his glove on the ball. Priddiy dfepuifced Stetoar's first oaH of Uhe immding that Mait- ty Alou had been hit by a pitch. Alrju stole second after the bunit atfiteimpit and then scored to give ifibe Oairdiinials a 7-6 victory wibem Simmons laced a single past first. Only one other game was played in the major leagues Monday. Willie Sbairgell belted his IQitlh home rum to spark Piiibbsburigih to am. 11-6 victory over the Chicago Cubs. Priddy claimed that Alou was oat ait second on the stolen base and that Jose Cardemal was out later in the inning on what was- ruled am inifidd single. The latter play brought a heated argument from Atlanta first baseman Orlandio Cepeda, who was ejected by umpire Bob Engel. The Braves, using four hits each by Hank Aaron, Ralph Ganir and Zodlo Versalies, coasted into the ninith wiitih a 6-2 leaid. RtighttPhandier Ron Reed, who had held the Cards to five Mts, was touched for four before Priddy replaced him. Ted Sizemore knocked Reed I out of the! game wibh a two-run double after two were out. Jerry McNeirtoey greeted.- Priddy wibli a two-run double-on an 0-2 pitch to tie it. Pittsburgh had moved into a tie willih the Oardinials in the NL East wiitih ids afternoon victory in the fee-swinginig affair at Chicago. Four homers, helped by 20- mile-per-h'OUir winds, sailed ouit of Wrigley Field. All were two run blows—>by SbargeM, Al Oliver anid Bob Robertson of the Pirates amd Billy Williams of the Cubs. . " . • Sbargel also stroked a run- scaring single, . lilting Ms leaiguerlead'inig RBI fioital to', 53. Bison 2-3 After Sunday Double Five giaumes 'have been put into the record books for Garden City's Bison youth base- bafflers—land <tihe •club has a 2-3 win-loiss record. M-amiaigair Duame Haiyis said Monday Dhait "we're bibbing thie ball wed, but not to the right places, or ait 'the right time. We haven't had too many balbters stnikMiig omit." The Bison,, foowever, have had a number of cositly. fielding errors <and mienital errors—>ait key tinnieis. "I look for ouir Mit- fciinig to improve," Hays added, "and I think uur errors Will fal off as we gieit more playing experience." Garten opemeid Wednesday of last week here with a 6-3 came- froniJbeihiinid diecdsipini over Great Bend. Thkinsday the_. Bison lost, 4-2 ait. afways-itouigfa •-. Htfofcer, Y Okla. : ••;•;.; ,••' ' ' ?.-•' 'O' Salfcurdlay nigim here, Garden blantod Hugoton 7-0. Sunday ' '•• tEmno'on, however, Garden was beaten twice by .arch-rival' Dodigie City: 6-0, Uhlan. 74 in .two ex/tea inmtogs. '. •' '• Wedinieisdiay [here, the Bison V"' faaslt Ulysses. Satureay night they are .alt 'Colby. Sunday nlighlt Gardien.pla.yis alt Grinnell. "Anioitihieir factor 'hiais been our s'Ohedtiilia," says mamage^.Hayis. "We have played some:'good ' owes already: Great' Bend, (Hooker, arid Dodge City. Colby and Grinmiefll (cominig up) are always good clubs." Saturday 'here, Garden outhit Hugctan 7-5 and. had .just one error to six for the visitor*. Garden got all singles: two each by Kevin Sterling!, and Albert Mesa. Mark Douglass (11 strikeouts and two wailks) wais the pitoh- eir. Garden got four of ibs s»vem rums in the 'second fraime on cms hilt, four Hugoton errors, and several wild pitches and passed baBsi. In Sunday's opener against Dodge here, each rival got six hits—but •tihiree of the sdx by Dodge went for exitira bases. Thiay included .a triple and two singles. : Garden hiad just one error, ™ - < I .' i - *-" - •* / r _ee Roy a Is Option Bunker to Omaha Club KANSAS CITY (AP) ->- Kansas City Royals pitcher Wally Bunker was optioned Monday, to the organizations Omaha farm club in the American Association-, j Bunker, who"bas a 2-3 record this year and an. earned run average of .506, has appeared in seven games. TJhe R.oyalB also assigned outfielder Oairl Taylor to the Omaha, club. He was totting .179. Dodge two. Pitcher Russ Boone of Garden fanneid three baittiers an'd walked four. Richard Oed- uiig amid Russ Boone each doubled and singled for the Bison. Dodge got three of ilfe six runs in the third frame on one hit, two walks, and one Bison miscuie. Ele'ven batters got on base for Gardlen in that game, and two reached third But none scored. Final Sunday clash saw Dodge wdith a huge 15-5 bitting edge and a 2-5 advantage in errors during the nine-inning mix. All Garden hits were singles: three by Tarry Brad-street, two by Kelly Hays. Bison h-urlar Bily Burrows fanned six Dodge batters and walked one, that in the ninth framie. He pliaiyed Minor League baM hea'e last/summer. ..Sbeve DoM for Dodigis City hat' two doubles' and a single; Ken Bratey got a 'tiiple and two singles. Two obhar Dodge batteiis Mt two singles each. Eleven of tine 15 Dodge hits ware singles. Garden tied Uhe score at 3-3 in'the foroflh, getobkig three'mn/s on one hit and three errors. The Bison went ahead 4-3 the next firame, and led 4-3 untliil the top of the seventh. Dodge got one ruin then .on a..-single, double, and ..error. That sient the game into extra iraniinigs-. The visitors biioke it open in *he top of the niintih wilfch > tteee runs: on three hits, and one' walk. Five different pitchiers have hurfed the five Garden games, "Our pitching staff has been dotog pretty well," Hays 'said.' "All five have gone the Ml distance each game." Fort Worth Golfer Top LPGA Winner ATLAiNTA, Ga. (AP) — Sandra Palmer of Fort Worth, Tex., leads the top 10 money winners on the Ladies Professional Golfers Association tour with $22,828, the association announced Monday. Sandra Haynie of Dallas was second with $22,284 and Kathy Whitworth, also of Dallas, was third at $18,875. . -.-,., Miss Whitworth won the 'Lady Carling Open at Baltimore, iast week, but the $3,750. money , did not change her standings among the over-all leaders. Taco John's 305 E. 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