Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on June 7, 1971 · Page 8
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 8

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 7, 1971
Page 8
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New Look, Role for Lyons Old City Hall LYONS, Km. (AP) — An old red brick city hall with a future that was questionable a year ago has taken on a new role in this central Kansas community. The exterior of the pre-world war I building remains the same, with the exception of new windows and a modem marquee over the entrance. Change starts at the front entrance. Gold caa-pet, replacing squeaiky tile and wood floors, stretches down the cooridor past remodeled city business and utility offices, past the city administrator's quarters and Atfiuifiaa HAIRG EVERYTHING YOU NEED AT ONCE A YEAR LOW PRICES! Head form and stand...two for one low price down a gentle slope toward what was a few months ago an auditorium with virtually no use. The auditorium ceiling has been lowered with, accousitical panels. Partitions are up, the floor carpeted — and the community has an air-conditioned public library three times the size of the old one. There was even enough room hi the outmoded auditorium to construct a combined city council and municipal courtroom in one corner. "Riemodelinig of the city hall was far from first choice for the library board" of trustees," recalls Dr. Joe Bowan, a longtime member. Since the mid-605 attempts have been made to get a replacement for the cramped, old Andrew Caa-negie library structure. A special bond issue to finance construction of a $150,000 structure failed five years ago. Next an effort was made to add a building levy of two mills to the community tax rolls. A third effort involved remodeling the existing library building. Trustees had about settled on that When they heard last spring that the city council was considering something. There had been talk of tearing down the city hall because the city had & new On TV Tonight Head form has facial features for easier wig styling. Styling stand on suction base holds head form. Assortment of rollers in 4 popular types Snap-on or magnetic plastic rollers. Aluminum spiral brush or foam rollers. All in assorted sizes. WEEKDAY PROGRAMS 6:45—Kansas Today, II 7:00—Today Show. U 7:lfr-Looal Film, 13 Agriculture TocV-.y, • 7:30-CBS News. 6 • Today Show, 11 Early Bird Report, IS 7:2&-Man to Woman, 11 7:46—Kansas Scene, 13 8:00—Gapt. Kangaroo. • Cap'n BUI, 13 8:25—KSN News, Weathw, 11 8:30—Today Shew. 11 9:00—Dinah's Place. U Romper Room, 13 Sesame Street, 6 9:25—Film, 13 9:30—Concentration, 11 Dennis the Menace. 13 10:00-A11 My Children, 13' Sale of the Century, 11 Family Affair, 6 10:30—Hollywood Squares, 11 Love of Life, 6 That Girl. 18 11 :(W—Jeopardy, II Where the Heart I*. 6 Bewitched, 13 11:25—OBS Newa, 6 11:30—The Who. What, or When Game. 11 Search for Tomorrow, 6 Galloping Gourment. 13 11:55—NBC News. 11 12:00—'News. Wthr.. Sots., U, 13. Southwest Kansas Today. 6 WEEKDAY AFTERNOON 12:15—'Man to Woman, 11 Fashions in Sewing. 13 13:20—Elmer Childress. 11 12:25—Community Calendar, 13 UJ:3o—Let's Make A Deal. 13 As the World Turns, 8 1:00—Days ot Our Lives, U Love Is a Many Splendored Thing, 6 Newlywed Game, 13 1:30—Doctors. U The Guiding Light, 6 Dating Game. 13 2:00—Secret Storm, 6 Another World, U General Hospital, 13 3:30—Bright Promise. 11 Edge of Night, 6 One Life to Live, 13 3:00—Dark Shadows, 13 Corner Pyle, 6 Somerset, 11 3:30—Major Astro, 11 Virginia Graham, 6 Film. 13 3:36-Cash Calls Movie, 19 4:00-Star Trek. 6 4:30—Perry Mason, 11 6:00—'Reasoner News, 13 Death Valley Days, 6 5:30—NBC Nightly News. 11 r Cronmter, 6 high school with a 1,200-seat auditorium. Howiaver, enthusiasm for razing the city hall waned after an engineering firm declared it fit—for simply standing there another 60 or 70 years, if nothing else. Stuck with an auditorium it did not need, the council decided to make ait least some use of the space by constructing the new municipal court and council room in one comer. "We knew this would not come close to reaching the main floor of the auditorium, where there still remained more than 3,000 square feet of usaible space," said Wayne Hogan, president of 'board of trustees. the library Couraciiinien reacted favorably to the suggestion that a new library anea be included in the construction and a $60,000 remodeling job got under way. it was to be fiffanoed through city utility reserves. Trustees have teams!erred. the old librairy to the city and it now is being considered for use as a county historical museum. They are renting the new space from the city on a 10-year lease, with >an added 10-year option*. "We feel the 'arrangement is one that might be of interest to many communities," said Mayor Bob Briscoe. "We are making use of a bufiding thait was useless for the most part, but was too good to tear down. The-city is gaining some, revenue frorti it. The library has the equivalent of a facility 'that would cost wieH beyond $200,000 in new construction, and citizens are not out an extra dime in tax money." May SS Checks To Snow Increase Nylon bristle hair brushes n R«g. Ovaf, half round, professional styles; round end crimpt nylon bristles. Lucila handles: clear. Walter _ Evening 13 100 bobby pine in plastic box Iff*?, 39* Plastic finish with nylon, comfortable coated tips. Won't rust or stain hair. Black or brown* SAVE WITH THESE "RED TAG" COUPONS CLIP THIS COUPON I CLIP THIS COUPON LADIES FASHION HAIR BOWS REGULAR 39e 27c STREAMER ' BOW ON COMB . REGULAR $1.00 77c Director Pact Up for Approval A contract for a new director of elementary education w Unified School District 457 will be up for approval by itihe disttri-ct's boaird of education. Contract is for Dr. Jerry Schreiner, Tulsa, Okla. Schreiner would replace Don Vaughn, director since the position was created several yeans ago after unification of various city and county school districts. He is leaving to become a superintendent of schools in Gove County. Other items on Monday's school boaird agenda include: A recommendation for district teacher valuation; a proposed elementary school day; action on non-certificated per* sonnd salarys; and a report on the new position of elementary, counselor. The public meeting begins at 8 p.m. in the board room of the district administration building, 211 Jones. Wichitans Hope Last ROW Trip to Paris WICHITA, Kan. (AP) - Two Wichita women are heading for What they hope will be their second meeting wnith North Veitnamese officials — and the possibility of some good results out of fcir first visit last March. Mrs. Ann Howes .and MONDAY NIGHT «:00—News, 6, 11 6:30— Gunsmoke, 6 From a Birds Eye View, U I«t's Make A Deal, 13 7:00-Laugh In. 11 Newlywed Game, 13 7:30—Here's Lucy. 6 It Was a VeryGood Year, 13 8:00—May berry RFD. 6 Movie. 11 Movie, 13 8:30—Doris Day Show ,8 9:00—Carol Burnett Show. 6 10:00—News,>Wthr.. Spts.. 6, 11 Scene Tonight, 13 10:30—Merv Griffin, 6 ' Tonight Show, 11 Dick Cavett, 13 12:00—News, 11 News. 13 TUESDAY NIGHT i 6:00—News, 6, 11 £ij* To Tell the Truth. 13 *''* <:30—Beverly Hillbillies. 6 Julia, 11 Mod Squad, 13 7:00—Green Acres. 9 Don Knotts, 11 , 7:30—Hee Haw. 6 Movie, 13 8:00—First Tuesday, 11 8:30—All in the Family, 6 9:00—CBS Reports. 6 Marcus Welby, 13 . • 10:00—News, Wthr.. Spts.. 6, U Scene Tonight, .13 10:29—Local News. 13 10:30—Dick Cavett Show. 13 Tonight Show, U Merv Griffin. « Norman Ehrlich, social se-\ curity manager in .Dodge City, said, the checks covering benefit payments for the monith of May will include the general; 10 per cent increase in benefits signed into law by President Nixon on March 17. The payments are retroactive to January 1. Separate checks, scheduled to reach social security beneficiaries on June 22, will ewer the amount of the increases for the retroactive months of January through April. Average monthly benefit for a retired worker goes up fram $114 to about $126; for a retired coupJe, $ $219. A widowed mother with two children will receive an average social security benefit of about $324, up from $295. For >a disabled worker win a wile amd one or more children, the new 'average monthly payment will be about $296, increased from $269. The spe ciai monthly payments that are made to certain individuals age 72 and over who are noil insured for regular social security ciaslh benefits will be increased by 5 per cent, from $46 to $48.30 for an individual and from $69 to $72.50 for a couple. Or. M. D. Niedens Chiropractic Office 111 Mail Cardm City tours 8:30—5:30 Thun..Sat. 8:30—12 Pagt • Garden City Telegram Monday, June 7, 1971 -PAID ADVERTISEMENT- New Way Found To Stop Hair Loss, Grow More H*»«r HOUSTON, Texas — H you don't suffer from male pattern baldness, you can now stop your hair loss , . . and grow more hair. For years "they said it couldn't be done". But now a firm of laboratory consultants lias developed a treatment for both men and women, that is not only stopping haiir loss . . . but is really growing hair! They dlon't even ask you to take their word for it. They invite you to try the treatment for 32 days, at their risk, and see for yourself! Naturally, they would not offer this opportunity unless the treatment worked. However, it is impossible to help everyone. The greait majority of oases of excessive hair fall and baldness are the beginning and more fully developed stages of male pattern baldness arad cannot be helped. But, if you are not already slick bald, how can you be sure what is actually causing your hair loss? Even if baldness may seem to "run in your family," this is certainly no proof of the cause of YOUR hair loss. Hair loss caused by sebum can also run in your family, and many other conditions can cause hair loss. No matter which one is causing your, hair losis, if you wait until yotiare slick bald and your hair roots are dead, you are beyond help. So, if you still have any hair on top of your head, and would like to stop your hair loss and grow more hair . . . now is the time to do something about it before it's too late. Loesch Laboratory Consultants, Inc., will supply you with treatment for 32 days, at their risk, if <ihey believe the treatment will help you. Just send them the information listed below. All inquiries are answered confidentially, by mail; without obligation. —Adv. : NO OBLIGATION COUPON. To: Loesch Laboratory Consultants, Inc. Box 66001, 3311 West Main St. Houston, Texas 77006 ^ , I am submitting the following Information with the understanding that it will be kept strictly confidential and that I am under no obligation whatsoever. I now have or have bad the following conditions: '•«* Do you have dandruff?— Is it dry? .or oily? _ Does your forehead become oily or greasy? Does your scalp itch? When?- — How long has your hair been thinning?Do you still have any weak hair on top of your'head?. How long is it?_ Is it dry? Ii it oily? Attach any other information you feel may be helpful. NAMF... . . •— : ADDRESS- CITY. .STATE. .ZIP- SATISFACTION GUARANTEED REPLACEMENT OR MONEY REFUNDED Maureen Smith, representing the Forgotten Americans Com- miititee of Kansas, Inc., left for Paris Sunday. They spent 10 days there in March, and expect to be gone 21 days this time. They are hopeful that blank film and tapes they left with the North Vietnam officials earlier this year has been used to reoord | the voices and photos of American priisonems of war, so they can bring back some tan- Igible results.. ATTENTION! High School Seniors Before you make any plans for your future, fake a moment.. The United States Army is sponsoring an all expense paid round 4. trip to Denver, Colorado, via Air Midwest jet-pro'p. Accommoda- tions and meals are furnished. Purpose of the trip is to deter- mine your qualifications and allow you your choice of over 175 i technical schools. All of this without obligation on your part. FOR FURTHER DETAILS CONTACT: Sgr. Creoger Army Recruiting Station 111 West Fulton Street Garden City, Kansas, 67846 OR CALL 276-6896 N. A*. Garnand's trains of Sand GARDEN OF THE HEART This time of year many are enjoying the products of the gardens that they have planted in their back yards or in same vacant lot. Others, are enjoying the flowers which they .have planted around the house. Some have neglected their gardens and flower beds and the weeds have taken over. This has been compared to the "Garden of the Heart". All of us have some beautiful thoughts which we can call our "flower, thoughts". These thoughts make our lives more beautiful, and if we share them with others they make life more delightful for them as well. Just as others pass our houses and admire our blooming flowers, so do others 'gain pleasure from our "flower thoughts". Just as the vegetables from our garden nourish our bodies, so do certain thought,? nourish our minds amid h e"a r t s. These are the "nourishing thoughts" in the' garden of our hearts. WE HAVE DONE IT make life moreii interesting and stimulate us to' do better andoitdr* GOTM* greater things. If we neglect the garden of our heart it too will become filled! with "weed thoughts". When we think ill of others or if we become negative in our thinking we allow the weeds to develop in our hearts. It is up to each of us to care well for «he "garden of our heart" and keep the weeds pulled out so that there will be more "flower thoughts" to brighten our day, and more "nourishing thoughts to inspire us to better and greater accomplishments. GARNAND WE HAVE REDUCED PRICES ONCE MORE ON EVERY ITEM IN THE STORE: ONLY A FEW DAYS REMAIN FINAL MARK DOWN OPEN 9 TO 9 DAILY mmmn^^mmm ALL FURNITURE FORMERLY OWNED BY: WELLS - ROBINSON PURCHASED BY B & B SALES FROM THE INSURANCE CO/ AFTER THE FIRE ON THEIR LOADING DOCK: SOME FURNITURE HAS SOME SLIGHT SMOKE — MOSTOF THE FURNITURE ON DISPLAY NOW — WAS IS SHIPPING BOXES WITH NO DAMAGE AT ALL—SOME STILL IN_BOXES. B ALL FURNITURE WE HAVE WAS FORMERLY OWNED BY WELLS - ROBINSON FURNITURE CO. B&B SALES--AT AT 5 POINTS-GARDEN CITY NO DELIVERY TERMS AVAILABLE

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