Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on June 27, 1951 · Page 5
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 5

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 27, 1951
Page 5
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*• f WEDNESDAY MlhJP-J? 10"i1 BEEF DISPUTE OVER COST OF RAISING CALF .Texas Cattleman Claim* OPS * Price Rolibocks Will Ruin Them. BY DON VVIIITEIIEAO AP Staff Writer FORT WORTH, Tox., June 27. —The bitter argument between «^ cattlemen and the administration over beef price controls revolves around the issue; Mow much does it cost to raise a calf in Texas? ^ Oddly enough, it's a complex "question. Every grower has his own answer to what it costs him. And there seems to bo as many answers as there are cattle in this state which produces one-tenth of all the cattle grown in the United States. There is no shortage of beef-on- the -hoof in this country. The cattle cen.sus shows more cattle on the range, on farms and in feeder lots than a year ago. A cattleman is the producer ™and grower of beef—the rancher. He usually sells to feeders who then fatten the cattle—most in the mid-west—for future sale to the slaughterer. May Price Rollback Last January, the Office of Price Stabilization slapped a ceiling on wholesale and retail beef prices to hold the upward swing of costs. Then in May a 10 per cent rollback in live cattle prices -^went into effect. Two other roll'•backs of 4 ',2 per cent each are slated for August 1 and October 1, unless Congress stops them. These two last rollbacks are the ones which would reduce the butcher shop price for *he housewife. The OPS figures a round steak that costs $1,15 in February would cost $1.00 after the October rollback. Chuck roast costing 88 cents would drop to 78 cents. And hanihurger from 66 cents to 61 cents. ^ But these rollbacks may not come. The Senate Banking Committee has approved a bill to ban further rollbacks, including those on beef. Dispute on Costs * The dispute over price actually boils down to the cost of producing a calf and getting it fattened up for sale. Generally, the answers to the cost question falls into three categories: (1) The OPS says even with - three price rollbacks cattlemen Btill could make a nice profit on each head of cattle, enough to encourage more productior. (2) Spokesmen for tne Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers' Associatiovi—representing some 9,500 growers—contend the rollbacks woutd be ruinous. (3) Some cattlemen believe they can get along even under the rollbacks—but they want a policy definitely settled in Washington to wipe out confusion over future operations. In brief, here are the arguments of these three groups: (1) The OPS has produced figures based on Department of Agriculture studies in the cattle region designed to show the cattle grower will fare as well under OPS regulation as he normally did in the past. Last year, OPS says, the grower made a profit of $55.72 on a 700- pound animal. Ever after three price rollbacks, it is argued, the grower's Urofit this year would be $42.43 for a 700-pound animal. , (2) Spokesmen for the Cattlemen's Association deride these OPS figures as fanciful and unrealistic. H. L. Martin of DeKalb, Tex., has given the Association a sworn statement that it costs him $48.14 a hundredweight to produce the 400 pound calf. Would Lose $62 a Head Martin's figures show that even before the rollback, he stood to lose $52.48 a head on his cattle —and that after the first rollback his loss climbed to $66.58 a head. (3) There are other cattlemen who think they can live under the OPS rollbacks—if only the muddled situation is settled and a firm program is adopted But none of the cattlemen, so far as f can find, want controls. They are opposed to government regulation. But they think if beef is controlled—the controls should be put on corn and all the other things which go into the cost of raising beef cattle. 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However, his family will be with him for a spell. Not that Hope is going to stay home. Oh, no. He'll be off again shortly on a vacation, takinc; his wife and two oldest children with him. The destination is still undecided. * * * I TALKED WITH OLD SCOOP- SNOOT as he poised before taking off on a round of golf at Lakeside Country Club. In one of his rare moments of relaxation, he said that his travelling's proved valuable. "I really get a perspective on the movie industry," he reported. "In the last three months, T have talked to about .500 theater men and film distributors in all parts of the U. S. and Europe. I found out from them that the movie busi­ ness is far from being dead. 'The habit of going to the movies is still too ingrained with the public. Of course, television might be able to get people out of the habit, but I think the movies are holding their own. "But Hollywood has to have a new attitude. We've got to go back to the old circus tactics and get out and -raise a lot of hoopla. We've got td create exciting attractions. Every picture has to be a special. The 'program picture' is dead. "THAT'S WHAT I WAS TELL- IING CROSBY the other day. We've got to do unusual things, such as the bit parts Bing and I played in the DeMille Circus picture. And now Bing and I have an idea for a 'road' picture which will top all the others." Hope cited his next picture as an example of unusual attractions. It will be "Son of Paleface." starring himself, Jane Russell and Roy Rogers. The comedian was still enthusiastic about his reception in England, where he made appearances with the proceeds for charity. He also appeared in Germany and other parts of Europe, Despite his enthusiasm for the Europeans, he declared the U. S. still has the prettiest girls. 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