Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 30, 1942 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 30, 1942
Page 5
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Friday, January $0, Famous Choir to Sing Here Will Give Special Program at Methodist Church ^Tlio fmnous MorninRside College A Cappella Choir, one of the country's earliest unnccompaniecl singing or- ganiy.alions, wliieh will arrive here in Hope on Febnim-y 8 to perform under the auspices of the choir of the First Methodist Church, will bring to this city an evening of choral music long to be remembered. The reputation which proceeds them wherever they go is the result of a sincere striving for perfection. Added to this is the great appeal which sacred music of exalted character always makes. Critics invariably comment upon tin- freshness and beauty of these young voices. Trained with the highest'ideal? of choral technique as their goal, they respond as a great human organ to the demands of their director. From emotional grandeur to the faintest hush of :i delicate pianissimo the transition is always skillful and effort- loss. No admission charge . . freewill offering. Our DoilyBrea (Continued From Pnee One) men say Hope has access to the direct Tulsa wire only when Texnrkumi isn't using it. This has got to be changed. It is imperative that the Southwestern Bell Telephone company put Hope on a par with Texarkana immediately. Lack of prompt long-distance service would kill off our chance to be the seat of this new oil boom quicker than anything else one can think of. Several of the oil men already have bought homes in Hope. We extend them greetings, and the pledge that our community will do everything the oil industry can rightly expect a city to do to help promote what looks like the biggest oil strike in years. * * * By WILLIS THORNTON On the Temptation to Talk We may not have enough planes tanks, or ships, but there's one tiling we've plenty of, ba-a-by, and that'* . talk. Shortage of tin, shortage of rubber shortage nf scrap, but a tremendous surplus of verbiage. Words, words, words! Words are good things in their places, especially if they be the right words. We deal in words ourselves. But after all, that's our business and we have nothing more important to do. As much cannot be said for members of the cabinet and. the chairmen of important congressional committees. They are presumed to have foinething much more important to do. When their words, in addition tc l-eing gratuitous are definitely harmful, one wonders whether it might not be a good time to start rationing. Within 48 hours recently. Chairman Connolly of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox sounded off in speeches and statements which caused misunderstandings and ill feeling abroad. In neither case, as far as we can see, was comment absolutely required. If Secretary Knox will give us ; victorious Navy, the country will hi eternally grateful to him. It is quite enough of a job for a man's full time. General policies of grand strategy can be announced from time Ir time as required, by those who make them; speeches are a dime a dozen Senator Connally will learn, perhaps is learning now, that foreign re- lutions are not well conducted bj offhand nifties whipped up to pleasi casual interviewers. Is it not enough of a job to wii. a war? Can men charged with responsibility in the war effort spare timi tu go gadding about the country making speeches to every hall-full o' luncheon guests who send them a tele- Brain? Does every passing event call fur comment from any official who is asked for it? Is not the collective national supply of verbiage getting out HOPE STATt, ROM, ARKANSAS Mosquito Boat's Stab in the Night HVt 'Nothing But the Truth' to Bring Bob Hope Hilarity Super Comedy Returns to Rialto Theater Sunday " and Monday When Bob Hope makes a bet of $10,000 that he can tell the truth for twenty-four hours, you can bet considerably more than the price of admission to the Rialto Theatre, that what will follow will be high-speed, gag-glorious comedy. Hope makes the wager in the new Paramount force comedy, "Nothing But the Truth," which gambols into the Rialto Theater beginning Sunday, co-starring Paulette Goddard, and featuring a comedy cast packed solid with favorite names, including Edward Arnold, Leif Erickson, Helen Vinson, Catharine Doucet, Glenn Anders, Grant Mitchell, Rose Hobart and Willie Best. An added recommendation is the fact that the new laugh cpus was directed by Elliott Nugent, comedy-wise director of one of the two previous Hope-Goddard adventur- ACNE IS A PAINFUL CURSE Try the clearing-up help of Black and White Ointment's antiseptic action. Help lessen pain's ugly effect on looks. lar To remove grime, oily film, use mild superfatted Black and White Skin Soap. • NOTICE • Erie Ross is now employed by Keith's Barber Shop New Location on E. 3rd Next to Checkered Cafe DUDLEY Flour & Feed Co. ON COTTON ROW Agents for International FERTILIZER We recommend that you buy your fertilizer now. As the ingredients in fertilizer are used in the manufacture of munitions, shells and bombs. Price subject to change without notice. of proportion to the amount of action? It is true that the people need to be informed of the purposes, and as far as military necessity permits, of the plans and activities of their gov- jrmnent. 11 is true that discussion and criticism are proper. But the nulional morale does not depend on a continual stream of talk like a boiler with a stoker underneath. Confidence in officials and in the government will be at least as great if it is known that they are working hard and silently at their jobs as it will if they are making speeches and issuing statements. H goes right down to the most ordinary of us. The job is here to do. We know what it is and what it means. Lt won't be speeded up and it may be retarded by continually talking about it. Less talk; more action. Fewer words' more bullets. es into the laugh sphere, "The Cat and the Canary." Right now Hope is just about tops in film comedy, following sock-successes in such comedies as "Road to Singapore," "Road to Zanzibar" and "Caught in the Draft." His film following has been increasing by leaps and bounds with each new picture, until no whis emnience as a comedian is almost undisputed. As for Paulette Goddard, that young lady has been shuttling back and forth between comedy and drama the past few seasons. The beautifufstar recently was seen opposite Charles Chaplin in "The Great Dictator," as Fred Astaire's dancing partner in "Second Chorus," und then as the unscrupulous girl- of-thc-world of 'Hold Back the Dawn,' in which she appeared with Charles Boyer and Olivia cle 'Havilland: In the last mentioned film, Paillette went almost completely dramatic, in contradistinction to the many comedy roles she has played, two with Bob Hope. The.se roles with Mope were in "The Cat and the Canary" and "The Ghost Breakers." "Nothin™ But the Truth," which is adapted to the screen from u famous stage comedy, concerns itself with a bet made by Bob Movie, in the role of a stockbroker that he can tell the truth for twenty-four hours. Sounds like great fun! Boys Will Be Boys BALTIMORE—(/!')—Eighty-year-old John Hopkins was just out having fun with boys in the neighborhood— throwing snowballs in the first snowstorm of the year—when he was hit by an automobile. Patrolmen sent Hopkins to a hospital for treatment of minor injuries, and said lie should be more careful. Fines of 200 speeders arrested in a Nashville, Tenn., suburb were turned over to the infantile paralysis fund. That's coming through in a pinch. /\KK/\INb/\b BY BERT NA(H AT ARKANSAS 14,000 p£.esoi4s , ARKANSAS AND MEhp.Hl5.TENNEi.SeE pRECEDENT.5 -WERE \\IHEN erne aENAjofi •HATTiE A\\/AY WAi. flRs-f ELECJEO c5UCCE-EB£p -HcB -HUidAND, , J-HAPP£U5 CA8AWAY, \Y*O #A9 ! BEEN IN Trie SENATE poe A e f CARAWAY TALKiHT T op Bengasi Lost British Admit London Fears British Force Trapped in Libya ....CAIRO— (/P)— The sudden sweep of strong Axis columns around Bengasi and heavy frontal attacks by greatly superior forces compelled the Indian defenders of the port to withdraw after putting up a stubborn fight, Uhe British acknowledge Friday. The British Middle East command said attacks by superior forces which included tanks, necessitated the second British withdrawal from Bengasi in less than a year. The Middle East communique said British patrols in the Msus area, 70 miles southeast of Bengasi forced Axis patrols to withdraw. (In London there, was a strong possibility that some of the British forces had been cut off and trapped in Ben- gasi was seen by informed suorces studying the reports from the North African front.) This report was based on the wording of communiques which said the .stronger of two Axis assault forces hud established itself two days ago across the coast road north of the Cyrenaican capital. German and Italian communiques Thursday announced the reoccupation of Bengasi. Price Control Bill Made Law President Signs Bill but Doubted Its Wisdom WASHINGTON -(/P)- President Roosevelt in signing the price control bill Friday declared thaj. it "tioes not mean that the battle against inflation has been won" and expressed doubt as to the wisdom and adequacy of certain sections. "Amendments may become necessary later on," he added. Earlier at a press conference he praised all sections except those relating to farm prices saying the provision permitting farm prices to rise to 110 per cent parity before the ceiling could be applied was not so good are tended to raise the cost of living. In a formal statement he declared that the price control legislation alone could not successfully combat inflation. Cotton By the Associated Press NEW ORLEANS Close March 19.03 May i9. 18 July 19.27 October 19.42 December 19 45 January 19.59 NEW YORK March 13.93 Ma y 19.12 J u'y : 19.19 October 19.23 December 19.28 January 19.31 Middling spot 20.48. Utilization (Continued From Page One) Daily Drilling Report of S.Arkansas By ARK. OIL & GAS COMMISSION McKamle (160 acre spacing) P Carter: Hanes No. 2. Elev. 297. Set SVfe inch Csg. at 9378; T. D 9380- W O. C. ' Cornelius Unit No. 1. Prep to perf 7970-80. Atlantic: Bodcaw No. 9. Elev 278 Drlg. 9374. Top Smack. 9352 (cuttings)! Macedonia (80 aero spacing) McAlester: Brewer-Warnock No. 1 Gauge: 129 bbls/17'/ 2 hours on 8/G<! inch chk; T. P. 2000; 44.G corr. grav- ty; gas-oil ratio 2000/1. Big Creek (ICO acre spacing) J. W. Love: Stager No. 1. Fsp D P it GOOO. Midway (<IO acre spacing) Barnsdall: B. H. Dobson et al No 1 ^oc. C-SW NW, Sec. 11, 15-24 W. O -V, T. D. G40. B. H. Dobson et tal No 1. Loc C-SE'/i NE'/ 4 10-15-24 W O -.; T. D. G20. Edgar Bond No. 2. Loc Jenter SE>A of SW'/i Sec. 11-15-24 R. U. Edgar Bond No. 3 Loc. C-SWV 4 SW>/4 Sec. 11-15-24 W. O. C.; T. D 102. Wayne G. Creek No. 1. Loc. C- SE>/4 of SE'/i Sec. 10-15-24. Bldg. Drk Arkansas F. O. Co.: W. G. Creek No 1. Loc. C-NEi/4 of SE'/ 4 10-15-24 W O. C.; T. D. G20. P. R. Rutherford: Stamps Land Co , Inc. No. 1. Loc. C-SEV4 of SW'/i Sec 3-15-24. J. I. Roberts: Edgar Bond No 1 Loc. C-NE'/ 4 of SW/4 Sec. 11-15-24 Drlg. 1905. Frankel: J. H. Burns No. 1. Loc. C-NW/4 of NE'/4 Sec. 10-15-24 R. U. Magnolia: J. A. Johnston. Loc. SNE'/ 4 of NW/4 Sec. 11-15-24 R. U. Dorcheat (40 acre spacing) Atlantic: Pinewoods B-l. W. O. C.; (Squeeze job). Wildcats McAlester: Jeffus No. 1. Drlg. 5880. Edson in Washington Sudden Ceiling Best Inflation Defense WASHINGTON - Is the new price '-ill, born of four months' congres- <ional strife and strain, a dead duck before it even has a chance to try its wings and show its stuffing? Capital advocates of the Bernard Baruch theory of freezing all prices ^nstead of selected prices, fear that it is. Their reasoning is that prices have risen so much faster since Pearl Harbor than they did in the preceding 18 months that the only way inflation can be prevented now is through a much more drastic freezing of all prices than is called for by the administration's program of freezing only selected prices. Before Pearl Harbor, wholesale prices were advancing at the rate of about 1% per cent a month. In the first monht after Pearl Harbor the rise was 3 per cent and in one week it was 1 per cent. Increases on the main items—food, furniture and clothes—average about 15 per cent over the past year, but all items are up. Wholesale prices on farm products have gone up over 35 per cent and on foodstuffs over 25 per cent. This rise in wholesale prices has been faster than the rate of rise in the cost of living at the retail level —which, speaks well for the effort which the retail merchants have made to hold prices down—but that can't ••" in tHr> face of more rapidly advancing prices of whole- .'.-ie. y. Sooner, and not later, this can only mean that the consumer is going to be hit harder than ever. His reaction can be expressed in only one way—a demand for wage increases. When that comes, there you have the dizzy spiral which leads only upward to inflation. Of course it's nice fa' have everyone getting a little more jack—regardless of whether it comes in as wages 54 Jap Ships (Continued From Page One) authoritative summary made available to the official news agency Aneta. This one-a-day average, of course, does not include losses inflicted on the Japanese by American, British and Australian action which was considerable in itself. The Dutch list of sunk or damaged Japanese ships included: i One battleship, 1pn cruiresr/, 25 transports, four being troop ships and the fifth a passenger liner, seven destroyers, one seaplane tender, three tankers, one freighter, a cargo ship and five other vessels. Informed sources said the Japanese could not stand such losses in the lung run and that they apparently were willing to accept even greater casualties in an effort to consolidate strategic positions in the Indies and to knock out Singapore before the Allies could bring in reinforcements. Catherine. The McKamie Gas Cleaning corporation has let contract for erection of a desulphurization plant in the McKamie field, and it is understood that 30,000,000 cubic feet of gas daily will be marketed through existing gas company facilities for various projects in the state, including possibly the proposed REA generating plant at Camden nnd the proposed plant of the Arkansas Power and Light company. Officials of the Arkansas Natural Gas company have stated their plans are not definite enough at this time to make a statement, but it is understood the firm ii- seeking contracts from operators in the Macedonia and Dorcheat field in connection with plans for a desulphurization plant for cleaning sour gus to be .supplied to defense projects. Officials of the Arkansas Power & Light Co. said they could make no statement .at this time as to their generating plant. Nearly all of the gas from the Shulcr field is being used in the repressur- ing project there, along with some gas from the Village, Atlanta and Magnolia fields, while other gas is being used for pumping fuel in the Smackover and El Dorado fields, as plant fuel for refineries, for drilling in some fields and for gas-lift operations in the Buckner eld. Engineers saj there is no waste of gas in the Magnolia field, all of it being handlec through the Shell gasoline extraction plant and the Lion desuphuri/alio plant. Arkansas is taking the lead among oil producing states in making widi use of gas containing such large quun- tties of Hydrogen sulphide and experiments are being made whereby the gas may be further processed either for the manufacture of sulphur or various sulphur compounds. Community Singing at Spring Hill A community singing will be held at Spring Hill Sunday night, February 1. The public is invited to comf and bring song books. ••«»» . • Hotel Henry Dining Room Is Remodeled Ralph Bailey and Buck Powers announced Friday the addition of new individual tables in the Hotel Henry dining room. The dining room has been completely remodeled and can accomodate banquets and dinner pur- ties. or profits on a sale. The grief in this particular situation is that higher paychecks and bigger sales slips don't produce any more munitions—they make just the same quantity of battleships, bayonets or buttons cost more money which can come only from higher taxes and bigger debts. There is. nothing new in that statement. It is so old now that it should be public axiom number one. But it apparently can't be repeated to often to make it stick. It applies particularly to the present situation because prices now may be advancing faster than they can be controlled under the provisions of the new price administration law. It may take the Price Administration too long to swing into action, it may mean that an organization can't be whipped into shape fast enough to handle these new spirals of inflation. Easing Into Control Up to the time the price bill was passed, Price Administrator Leon Henderson's organization had issued only about 75 price schedules, nearly ail covering materials going into war production. Two-thirds of the principal commodities of general trade are still uncovered. Perhaps the Office of Price Administration has felt that it should go a little slow in plastering price ceilings on these walls of rising prices till after the new price bill was passed. Unquestionably, Henderson's ceiling on peanut oil, cottonseed ofi and other fats and oils was what roused the ire of the farm belt senators who have made the going so tough for the new price bill in the last month. There is a further advantage—a psychological advantage to the idea of freezing all prices as of some given date. When this price bill goes-into Washburn Speaks at ' Arkadelphia Rotary Alex. H. Washbum, of The Star, left for Arkadelphia Friday morning to speak before the Arkadelphia Rotary cliib on "Newspapers and tile War,", The invitation was fiorn Philip Me- Corkle, publisher of the Sittings- Herald, and program chairman of the Arkadelphia club. Twin Delight Try serving those inseparable tWing —bacon and eggs—a new way. For each egg use one slice of biead, light* ly buttered on both sides. Place on it a slice of American cheese (or substitute your favorite type). Separate the yolks fiom the whites, whipping the whites to a stiff me* ringue. Put a fluffy nng of stiff egg white completely aiound the bread, leaving a hollow centei in which to drop the egg yolk. Place a half strip of bacon over each side of egg white and broil a few minute's until bacon is as crisp as you like it. ^B^^^** _ No home is complete without a man —but every kitchen is. r effect, Leon Henderson and all his > ( thousands of Price Administration em- jr ) ployes are going to be the most un- * popular people in the country. ,They ',; will be the dictators, the commissars, , the gauleiters, the fellows who put the squeeze on big and little business^ J men who want, to make a little money,," Farm Prices Now Near Parity , If, on the other hand, 'all "prices'' 1 ? 1 were frozen as of some given date, 4 J then no one could squawk. Faritt'^a prices are now hovering around pariiy ^ and the relationship between agricul- SJ tural prices and industrial prices is -"; in general about what it was in the ''• good years, the almost normal years <' of 1926 and 1937. Wages are better fj than in those years and there is more v employment. Prices have advanced '' sufficiently to stimulate production. * With prices and wages frozen at pre- -*! sent levels, the function of the Of- J fice of Price Administration would ( 1 be to grant price increases in speci- ',. fie industries where relef was found ,1 necessary. And t would be up to the \ leaders in each line of business to prove the need for any upward re- ', vision of prices before it could be * granted, instead of t'other way a- „• round. How To Relieve Bronchitis Creomulslon relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it- quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis MOP Fixes Flat Rate on Cars of Billets LITTLE ROCK -(,!>>— The corporation commission authorized the Missouri Pacific railway Friday to estab- 1U!-1 a rate fo $39.38 per carload on handle boats and billets moving from Gould to Hope. The commission rate chief T. E. Wood said the new rates represented a substantial reduction from charges previously in effect. Coughing is dangerous—call a doctor if you give a whoop! How Low Is Your Supply of Stationery and Printed Forms? Better call us now before your supply is completely exhausted LETTERHEADS BUSINESS CARDS ENVELOPES SALES TICKETS STATEMENTS BILLING SHEETS Be Particular About Your Printing — We Are HOPE STAR Commercial Printing Department Phone 768

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