Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on June 9, 1998 · Page 13
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 13

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 9, 1998
Page 13
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THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL TUESDAY, JUNE 9. 1998 — B A NEWSPAPER IN EDUCATION ACTIVITY PAGE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE ©1998 Vicki Whiting, Editor, Claire Stephens Kleffel, Designer/Illustrator Vol. 14 No. 20 The sun shines in the winter and the summer, right? So why is a sunny day hot in the summer and cold, in the winter? Blame it on the earth/ It has to do with the earth's tilting back and forth as it travels around the sun. In the winter, the part of the earth where you live is tilted away from the sun and it gets indirect sunlight Indirect sunlight doesn't warm up the earth as much as the direct sunlight we get in the summer. Experiment Tells All Try this experiment to understand the difference between indirect and direct sunlight. Keep track of your work in the Scientist's Notebook. What you need: 2 metal pie tins or flat pans : a sunny day What to do: 1. Lay one pan flat on the ground in the direct sunlight. (Fig. 1) 2. Tilt the other pan on its side. Lean it against a rock or a shoe. This pan is being hit with indirect sunlight. (Fig. 2) 3. Wait 3 minutes. 4. Which pan is warmer? (Fig. 1) direct sunlight (Fig. 2) indirect sunlight Scientisfs Notebook Question >•••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Which pan do you think will feel warmer? Hypothesis ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• What do you think the answer to the question is? D pan in direct sunlight D pan in indi- rfft ciinliaht Observation ••••••••••••••••••••••••••i Which pan was warmer in three minutes? A+\ gok. D «s^ ° <7/$i8 fe^f^ik Conclusion ••••*•••••••••••••••••••••• Was your hypothesis correct? What did you learn from this experiment? start E X T R C X T R A \ Without the Sun... Without the sun, we wouldn't have newspapers because newsprint is made from trees and trees need the sun to grow. Look through the newspaper for other things that need the sun to exist. Sun Spot Mystery The sun is covered with spots! Use the spots to solve the mystery questions. /'' '} How far is the sun from the earth? 1 j *^~- million miles What is the diameter of the sun? **r miles 8 How hot is the sun? How many days does it take the sun to make one complete rotation? Between \%i & -V^*^ earth days. D 0 VI g I E WORD Find each word in the puzzle, then find it on this page! SUNNY DIRECT INDIRECT WORK EXPERIMENT QUESTION METAL FLAT LEAN MINUTES WARMER HOT COLD TREES FIREMAN TALE QELATOXPSK UNYTREES UR EXPERI MENT SFUSDNETNA TI NWLDTUYL I RTAOI ANSF OEORCRLI NU NMHMXEKMEX YAXETCERI D PNPRI TLEAN Sell that book My favorite book is The Little Mermaid Hunts tor Tre'asure. The little mermaid Ariel, is hunting for sunken treasure. Is there something behind the pink coral? It's her best friend Flounder. Let's look in this sunken ship, says Ariel. That's not treasure that's a shark! What's behind the tall seaweed? It's Sebastian and the crustacean band! There must be some treasure behind big boulder. No! It's Ursula the sea witch, with Flolsam and Jetsam! , Let's stay away from Ursula says flounder, good idea says Ariel. Let's look behind the green sea. Ariel's friends are playing turtle tag! Is there treasure behind the giant clam shell? No! It's Ariel's ; father, King Triton, ruler of the merpeople. What's '> inside cavern? Ariel's sisters all six of them! ; What's behind this blue rock? It's a treasure, at last! says Ariel! Flounder can't find Ariel can you? Ashlynne Ackerman St. Mary's School My favorite book is The Prince and the Pooch. It's f a story about wish bone that is the prince and the * pooch at the same time. The prince changes spots ^ H with the pooch, and then the pooch becomes the ,' prince for a while. And the prince becomes the : pooch for a while. * Nathaniel Andersen; St. Mary's School \ My favorite book is Pinocchio. Pinocchio is a little | boy puppet made of wood, he was made by a man j named Geppetto. Geppetto always wanted a little j boy of his own. One night Geppetto wished on a ; star that Pinocchio would become a real live boy. | A fairy turned Pinocchio into a boy but he was still : made of wood. Pinocchio had to prove he was brave and could te'll right from wrong. Pinocchio makes lots of mistakes and gets in a lot of trouble before proving he is brave and being rewarded with life. i Kristy Bates', St. Mary's School \ ! 1 My favorite book is Mary-Kate and Ashley the case ; | of the 202 clues because it is about two twins and ] 1202 missing basset hounds then named it 202 ; i clues because Mary-Kate and Ashley's dog clue ! | was a basset hound. And Mary-Kate and Ashley were clueless when they lost clue. A dog napper j had been dog napping puppies all over town Megan Cavalin St. Mary's School My favorite book is Calvin & Hobbes because they *> \ are funny. Calvin is a little boy and Hobbes is a < tiger. A stuffed toy that Calvin imagines is real and ff they do many funny adventures. I like this book I because it has short stories & I can read it myself. Casey Cupples ' St. Mary's School' My favorite chapter book is "Help! I'm trapped in my teacher's in body! It is written by Todd Strash- , er. This was the most exciting story I ever read. < j The best part is when lightning strikes the teacher's house. And Jake switches bodies with his I teacher. It's so funny because the teacher wears , glasses and he said everything is fuzzy. I can't ^ I see! If you want to laugh rad this book. Cleo Dumont; St. Mary's School ( f, } My favorite book. I like the Elves and the shoe- { maker. I like the part when the elves get the new if clothes. I like the shoes. The shoes are blue. f; They have twirly hats. I like their little hammers. <? I It's the littlest story. ' Philip Grubaugh \ St. Mary's School \ \ Hi my name is Maika Kefflefinger. My favorite book £ is Don Quixote from Wishbone by Miguel de Cer- j, vantes. Wishbone has some spots on his body. ',[ you know that dogs don't put on clothes but wish- '. bone does. Wishbone has brown eyes and he * wears hats, don quixote thinks wishbone read a lot | ] of books. Don Quixote and wishbone are best 'I friends. Wishbone likes to read books. *• Maika Hefflefinger St. Mary's School Tell a Tall Tale Create a tale about an incredible character and then exaggerate the story! Examples: He was so tall that... She was so strong that... Send your story to: Kid Scoop P.O. Box 749 „ ,,. i , * ,OQ O Ukiah, CA. 95482 Deadline: July 6, 1998 Pub: Week of Aug. 2, 1998 Please include your grade and school. fYOND tciP SCOOP Who cares about the weather? Why is the weather report important to different people? Why is it important to a 'farmer, an astronaut or a fireman? Find an article or picture in the newspaper of a person who cares about the weather. Tell why this person cares. ilt i. SUM ». ' P.O. Ion 1410 Ukiah, Cdil«mi«954»J - HOPLAND SHOKA*WAH CASINO Sharin' Stitches k Strokes 462-7397 2400 N. STATE ST., UKIAH • 462-2000 Ukloh Main Slo.o 442-9711 • Phcumocy 462-9751 Ukiah Valley Medical Center •vrVdvcnlist Health KEA tUWU* Al/10 CLNlUt runriu • IAHILUC • W.K* Oil 1U4U • MAJDA ' M»*W

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